Your BBOX Internet offer B & YOU – Bouygues Telecom mobile package, Box Bouygues Mobile Box Package: which offer to choose?

Bouygues mobile box package: which offer to choose

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Your BBOX Internet offer + B & YOU mobile package

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0 € 00 /month (4) for 12 months
Then 7 € 99/month

Package B & you
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20 MB

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of your B & YOU package

Unlimited calls to mobiles and fixeds from Metropolitan France & Dom SMS/MMS unlimited in mainland France and unlimited SMS to Internet DOM 20 MB (then 0.05 €/MB) Internet abroad: all of your internet envelope Usable every month in Europe and DOM

9 € 99 /month (4) for 12 months
Then 19 € 99/month

Package B & you
Without engagement
20 GB

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of your B & YOU package

Unlimited calls to mobiles and fixeds from Metropolitan France & unlimited SMS/MMS DOM SMS/Unlimited SMS to Internet DOM 20 GB (then 0.01 €/MB) Internet abroad: 6 GB of your usable internet envelope Every month in Europe and DOM

BOX + Mobile Bouygues package: which offer to choose ?

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Internet Bouygues

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Third French network operator arrived on the market, Bouygues Telecom markets the majority of its subscriptions on its own networks. When grouping internet and mobile offers, the operator applies a reduction. This article explains how to take advantage of this reduction and its amount.

  • The essential
  • You can subscribe to a Box + Mobile Bouygues offer to make up to 5 €/month of savings on your invoices.
  • Only the Sensation packages of the operator are eligible to the Box + Mobile Bouygues offer. Indeed, the offers without b & you are not.
  • With your Box + Mobile Bouygues offer, you can also enjoy The Smart TV offer proposed by the operator.

Presentation of Bouygues Telecom offers

Bouygues Telecom markets many subscriptions to connect to the Internet and take advantage of communications in France and internationally. THE Bouygues mobile packages There are more numerous and grouped in two distinct ranges: Sensation packages and B & You packages. For the internet connection at home, the operator offers three Bouygues Internet offers : Bbox Fit, Bbox Must, Bbox Ultym.

Bouygues Telecom Internet subscriptions

Internet and mobile subscription Bouygues Telecom

Bouygues Telecom operates many technologies For high speed and high speed Internet access. Indeed, Bouygues Telecom offers offers by ADSL, VDSL and fiber optics or FTTH fiber (fiber to the subscriber). Bouygues Telecom Internet offers are called Bboxes. Subscriptions include a 12 -month commitment.

The operator operates His own networks In order to offer its offers ADSL, VDSL and FTTH fiber, the BBOX Standard and the Bbox Miami. Regarding the Bbox Sensation, the wired network of Numericable is used. Indeed, this operator is the only one to have a wired network. Thus the fiber fiber fibers of French operators use the Numericable network. The latter are no longer marketed, however: FTTLA Bouygues subscribers are directed to the operator’s FTTH offers.

The following table details the content of each BBOX subscription by Bouygues Telecom:

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Mobile subscriptions Sensation of Bouygues Telecom

With over 99% of the population covered, Bouygues Telecom has the largest 4G network in France. All operator’s packages are compatible with 4G.

Called sensation, the mobile packages of Bouygues Telecom can be subscribed with a reduced mobile. In this case, the subscriber is linked to the operator for 24 months. Without mobile, the price of the package drops and the commitment increases to 12 months. Unlimited SMS and MMS are included in all mobile subscriptions.

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B & you from Bouygues Telecom mobile subscriptions

The operator also offers mobile plans without engagement From its low cost brand B & You. Like the sensation packages, they include unlimited SMS and MMS.

BOX + Mobile Bouygues package: what advantages?

You can currently take advantage of a discount thanks to the grouping of tenders. THE Grouping of offers at the same operator allows subscribers to save on their invoice at the end of the month. At Bouygues Telecom, a holder of a BBOX internet subscription and a sensation mobile subscription can thus save with the application of a discount, called “Box + mobile advantage”, On his monthly mobile bill. The offer is Reserved for Bbox Fit customers, Bbox Must Fiber or Bbox Ultym Fiber who subscribe a Sensation mobile package:

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