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My online bank

Your online bank is accessible at all times in your living room, your kitchen or your courtyard. You can do your daily transactions easily in a few clicks. You have control of your operations.

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What are the advantages of your online bank?

Have your bank online, you can do your daily transactions and keep an eye on your finances. You can access it at any time, no matter where you are.

Save time

Make a transfer or pay an invoice 100 % online.

Personalize the platform according to your tastes

Make one or more accounts of your assessment in order to better manage your personal finances.

Make your placements online

Contract to an RRSP or a celi. Open an investment account or set up systematic savings.

What are the available features?

Take advantage of the practical features to manage your finances with your fingertips.

Interacmd transfer

Send and receive money on your online bank or your mobile application with transfer Interacted MD .

Direct deposit of government payments

No need to manage your services, credits and other government payments. With direct deposit, they are automatically deposited in the account of your choice.

Email alerts

Be informed by email when the balance of your accounts is less than a certain amount and when the credit available on your credit card or your credit margin falls under a limit amount.

Other available features

  • Consult your accounts
  • Pay your bills
  • Send money quickly
  • Manage your mortgage
  • Use the automatic transfer deposit Interactedᴹᴰ
  • International transfers
  • Consult your accounts
  • Pay your bills
  • Send money quickly
  • Manage your mortgage
  • Use the automatic transfer deposit Interactedᴹᴰ
  • International transfers
  • Download a check specimen

Make your life easier

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National Bank Mobile Application

Manage your accounts where you want, when you want, with the National Bank Mobile Application. It’s quick and easy.

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Small details to know everything

Conditions of use of your Line Bank

For more information, see the conditions of use of your online bank.

Conditions of use of the virtual assistant

  • The virtual assistant does not provide financial advice or financial planning services.
  • The virtual assistant does not carry out any banking operation.
  • The virtual assistant may not be able to answer all your questions or give you the information you are looking for. It is up to you to judge whether the answer given responds precisely to your question. In the event of uncertainty, a customer service representative can answer you. You can call us at 514 394-5555 or at no cost at 1 888 483-5628.
  • The virtual assistant is not a complaint service. You cannot use it to file complaints. If you have complaints, call us at 514 394-5555 or free of charge at 1 888 483-5628.
  • We monitor, record and store the discussion you have with the virtual assistant to improve the quality of our interactions with our customers.
  • You agree not to communicate any personal, confidential or private information to the virtual assistant. For example, you should not give it your identification codes, your NIP or your bank identifiers.

2. Liability limit

You acknowledge that we will not be responsible for any loss or any damage that you would suffer because of your use of the virtual assistant, including if it is unavailable for any reason whatsoever.

We cannot guarantee that the results obtained by the virtual assistant will be precise and reliable, or that his answers will meet your expectations.

We decline any responsibility for the damage that you could undergo following:

  • Any delay, error, interruption or omission on our part or any event escaping our control.
  • Any deficiency or technical error or any unavailability of our wireless systems and networks.
  • Your inability to pay you one of your obligations.
  • Any modification or suspension of the virtual assistant, or any refusal or blocking concerning them.
  • Any decision or measure that you will take in response to information and data obtained through the virtual assistant.
  • Any other damage that you may suffer and which is not caused by negligence on our part.

3. Applicable right

These conditions of use are governed by the laws in force in the province or territory of your home and must be interpreted in accordance with them. If you are domiciled outside Canada, the laws in force and the competent courts are those of Quebec.

Legal notes

The Messenger logo is a trademark of Facebook, Inc.
MD Facebook is a Facebook registered trademark,.
MD Interac and Interac transfer are registered trademarks of Interac Corp. Used under license.

Mobility services, cell plans and mobile phones

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Customer area application +

Customer area application +

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National Bank Mobile Application

The National Bank Mobile Application in short

The National Bank has created its mobile application to allow you to manage your finances from any mobile device. With the National Bank Mobile Application, your bank adapts to your digital lifestyle! Now available on Android and iOS
Download the app

Ideal if you want

  • Check that your pay is back
  • Budget anywhere
  • Place your checks without having to move
  • Make your transfers and payments where and when you want

Find out what the app offers you

Get the 3 -step application

Download the app

Choose the version for Apple or for Android, for phone or tablet.

Open the application

Once the download is completed, open the app on your device.


First connection? You will need the information of one of the products of the National Bank that you have.

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Good to know

Did you know that our mobile application is compatible with dark mode? To activate it, go to the settings (iOS) or in the parameters (Android) of your device.

About connection with email address

You have already created your profile on your online bank?

If you have already subscribed to your online bank when the app updates, log in with your identification email and password.

You have not yet joined the platform?

On the connection page, click on Adhere To create your profile. Select one of the National Bank products that you have – debit card, credit card, loan, mortgage or investment account – and follow the indications.



Regularly update the national bank application to always take advantage of an optimized version. Go to the MC or Google Play MC app to update it. See the current fixes

Features to simplify your life

Take one step ahead and enjoy the best of mobility with features that improve your banking services.

Master your daily budget

Consult all your account sales in real time and plan your expenses with ease: payment of invoices, interac MD transfers, and more.

Place your vouchers without getting around

Save even more time thanks to the mobile check deposit. Photograph it with your smartphone or tablet and place it at any time of the day and night.

Pay for your phone

With Google Pay MC and Apple Pay MC, make your purchases with your phone by directly bringing them to your national bank credit card without taking out your wallet.

Connect in the blink of an eye

Save time using fingerprint identification to connect.

Report your departure

You go on a trip? Admit us from your departure directly from the National Bank application and prevent your cards from being blocked.

Download the app

Bell pictogram

Email alerts

We send you email alerts to help you keep an eye on your finances. You can manage your alert preferences at any time.

Online security, at home and everywhere else

The bank protects your finances

The National Bank has developed its mobile application while respecting the highest security standards to allow you to check your accounts serenely, wherever you are.
Find out how the bank protects your finances

You can protect yourself

At home where anywhere else, just take some good habits to protect you from fraud.
Discover the habits to take

Small details to know everything

Legal notes

MC Apple, Apple Pay, App Store, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iTunes are Apple Inc Trade Marks. recorded in the United States and other countries. Apple Inc. is not a sponsor or a participant of the mobile banking solutions of the National Bank. Mc Android, Google Pay, Google Play and the Android logo are Google LLC trade brands. The use of these trademarks is subject to Google authorizations. MD Interacted and transfer Interacted are registered trademarks of Interac Corp. Used under license.

Compatible operating systems

  • iOS 12.0 and subsequent versions (see the list of devices compatible with iOS 12.0)
  • Android 8.0 and subsequent versions

If you have to update your operating system, go to your Settings (Apple) or Settings (Android) to do it.

If your device or operating system is no longer compatible with our application, you can always connect to app.bnc.That To make your transactions with your mobile device.