Box smart TV: which offer with TV included to choose?, Internet box with TV screen included (Smart TV): which choose?

Internet box with TV screen included (Smart TV): which offer to choose

You want to buy a smart TV on Amazon ?

Box smart TV: which offer with TV included to choose ?

Box with Smart TV

A new trend arrives with operators: offer an internet offer with a smart TV. For the moment, there are only two operators who offer a smart tv box: Bouygues and SFR. Do these offers are worth it ? Discover the advantages of this type of subscription and the comparison of Smart Box TV offers, currently available on the market.

  • The essential
  • A smart TV is a television that allows connection to the Internet.
  • The offer Smart TV Box is currently available at two operators: Bouygues and SFR.
  • The two operators offer Different Smart TV sizes, All sold by Samsung.
  • You want to take out a Smart Box TV offer ? Contact Selectra at 09 71 07 91 01 For a advisor to direct you among the most competitive partner offers, according to your eligibility.

Smart TV Box with Bouygues


What does the BOUYGUE SMART TV BOX offer ?

Bouygues’ smart tv box offer, called La “Bbox Smart TV“was the first offer accessible on the market. This is a triple play offer, which includes the Internet, fixed telephony, television and a Smart TV sold by Samsung.

Regarding the Internet, this offer Smart Box TV is available only fiber, On the Bouygues FTTH network. Its downhill flow can reach up to 1gbit/s and its upright flow can go up to 500Mbit/s.

The fixed telephony service includes Unlimited calls to fixed from France/DOM and towards more than 110 international destinations. In addition, the subscriber can also take advantage of Unlimited calls to mobiles from France/Dom (excluding Mayotte), United States, Canada, China, Singapore and South Korea.

The TV service uses a fairly innovative model because it is possible to benefit from television Without TV decoder. TV is available thanks to theApplication B.TV+, integrated directly into your Smart TV. Thus, it gives access to 150 channels live and many replay channels. Other applications are directly accessible from the Smart TV: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ etc.

The offer Smart TV Box de Bouygues is completed by a smart TV sold by Samsung, available from € 49.

Which smart tv to choose with the Bbox Smart TV offer ?

The Bbox Smart TV offer allows you to choose between different 4K TV sizes, as well as between UHD and QLED technology. In addition, this purchase allows you to make up to € 1000 in savings.

Samsung Smart TV

Smart TV size Price
Samsung Smart TV UHD 43 ” (108 cm) 49 € Instead of € 449 ( 400 € savings made)
Samsung Smart TV UHD 50 ” (125 cm) 159 € Instead of € 549 ( 390 € savings made)
Samsung Smart TV UHD 55 ” (138 cm) 229 € Instead of € 699 ( 470 € savings made)
Samsung Smart TV UHD 65 ” (163 cm) 199 € Instead of € 799 ( 600 € savings made)
Samsung Smart TV Qled 43 ” (108 cm) 299 € Instead of € 899 ( 600 € savings made)
Samsung Smart TV Qled 50 ” (125 cm) 349 € Instead of € 1099 ( 750 € savings made)
Samsung Smart TV Qled 55 ” (138 cm) 399 € Instead of € 1199 ( 800 € savings made)
Samsung Smart TV Qled 65 ” (163 cm) 399 € Instead of € 1399 ( 1000 € savings made)
Samsung the freestyle video projector 399 € Instead of € 999 ( 600 € savings made)

Selection of offers referenced free of charge and classified by price.

How long engagement with the Bouygues Smart TV Box ?

Another specificity of the Bbox Smart TV offer is the commitment. The subscriber can choose between two options:

  • 24 -month commitment : the choice of the Bbox Smart TV with 24 -month commitment gives you access to the delivery on the purchase of a smart TV going up to € 700, mentioned above.
  • 12 -month commitment : this option does not allow you to access the delivery on the purchase of the Samsung smart TV and more, it is only available by phone at 3106.

You are looking for a Bouygues box ? Contact one of our selectra advisers for free so that it helps you find the offer that best suits your needs, depending on your address and eligibility.

Internet offers with TV at SFR

What does the SFR SFR TV box offer ?

SFR’s Smart TV Box offer “SFR Box + TV“(but also PS5 and PC, as desired) is also a triple play offer (Internet + Fixed telephony + TV service). The price of this offer depends on the SFR internet subscription chosen and the desired Samsung Smart TV.

SFR’s smart tv box offer is eligible for all Internet subscriptions: in ADSL, in optical fiber and in THD. Here, we offer you in detail the SFR Fiber offers.

Smart TV

The range of SFR boxes chosen determines the services included in fixed telephony (unlimited calls to fixed or mobile and destinations) and television (from 160 to 200 TV channels).

Unlike Bouygues, the SFR TV service requires a TV decoder. However, the multi TV option is available on request, as well as 300 hours of recording Thanks to the digital hard drive.

How much is the Smart Box TV with SFR ?

SFR gives its subscribers the possibility of finance the purchase of the Samsung Smart TV in two ways:

  • Purchase at once,
  • Purchase in 24 times (the total rate is made up of the price required for purchase + 24 monthly payments).

In both cases, the commitment is 24 months.

Smart TV Box: Comparison of offers

The Smart TV Box offer is undoubtedly an exceptional offer which allows, initially, to benefit from a smart TV in competitive price. However, as you may have seen, the Smart Box TV offers also offer other advantages, specific for each operator.

Let’s see together what are the common points and the differences between the Bouygues and SFR Smart Box TV offers.

Smart TV Hisense, 3 sizes:

Selection of offers referenced free of charge and classified by price.

  • Internet : the Smart Box TV offer at Bouygues is available only fiber optics. At SFR, it is possible to choose between an adsl, THD or fiber internet offer.
  • Variety of offers : at Bouygues, only one offer includes a smart TV, while at SFR, it is possible to choose between three offers from different ranges.
  • Television : Bouygues offers the Smart TV Box offer with a Application B.TV+ giving access to the 150 channels. It is directly integrated into the Smart TV which allows you to benefit from more fluidity and also to facilitate installation. In addition, the subscriber can benefit from TV on his tablet, smartphone or computer thanks to application B.TV. SFR, on the other hand, uses a TV decoder whose number of channels varies between 160 and 200 (depending on the internet offer chosen). Finally, thanks to the TV decoder, the SFR subscriber has 300 hours of recording And can therefore save his favorite programs.
  • Smart TV : A drawback of the box Smart TV box (regardless of the operator) is that the subscriber cannot choose the model of his smart tv. The same model is offered in both cases. However, it is possible to Choose TV size. The two operators offer the Smart TV in 3 different dimensions: 44 ” (108 cm), 55 ” (138 cm) and 65 ” (163 cm).
  • Commitment : The Smart TV Box offer is only available with commitment to 24 months. At Bouygues, you can choose to subscribe to the Smart Box TV offer with a commitment from 12 or 24 months. However, by choosing the 12 -month commitment, the subscriber loses the possibility of taking advantage of the delivery on the purchase of the Smart TV.
  • Payment method : The price of the Internet offer Bbox Smart TV de Bouygues is made up of the monthly subscription of € 39.99/month and the price of buying a smart TV (from € 49) that the subscriber pays in one time. Regarding SFR and its offer SFR Box + TV, The subscriber chooses his monthly subscription from the 4 fiber offers currently available on promotion From 26 €/month. He must then pay the price of a chosen smart tv. However, he can choose if he wishes to pay this amount at one time or spread payment in 24 months.
  • Available only in fiber optics
  • TV available without decoder
  • Application B.TV+ (fluidity, easy installation)
  • Application B.TV (TV on different supports)
  • Choice of the duration of engagement
  • Available with: ADSL, THD, Optical fiber
  • Access to more TV channels (160-200)
  • Promo on the Internet subscription the first year
  • Digital recorder (300 hours of recording)
  • Possibility of spreading payment in several times

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Alternatives to Smart Box TV offers

Obviously, it is also possible to take out an internet offer andBuy a separate TV Smart. Thus, the subscriber can choose from several models and sizes available. The drawback is that the Smart TV will probably not be offered at a price as advantageous as with an operator.

As an example, we will compare an offer Smart TV Box and a simple internet offer with a smart TV bought on Amazon. In both cases (Bouygues and SFR), we choose the mid -range subscription and a medium -sized Smart TV (55 ”, 138cm), currently (December 2021) available at a price of € 749.

You want to buy a smart TV on Amazon ?

So, in the case of Bouygues, we will compare:

  • Smart TV Box offer “Bbox Smart TV” + Smart TV (55 ”, 138cm) Available at a price of € 259 at Bouygues,
  • offer BBOX Must With Smart TV (55 ”, 138cm) purchased on Amazon.

Options Smart TV included Smart TV purchased apart
Offers Bbox Smart TV Bbox must + smart TV bought on Amazon
Price € 41.99/month
+ 259 €
€ 24.99/month for 12 months then € 41.99/month
+ 749 €
Total cost first year € 41.99 x 12 + € 259 = € 762.88 € 24.99 x 12 + € 749.99 = € 1049.87
Total cost second year 41.99 x 12 = € 503.88 € 41.99 x 12 = € 503.88
Total cost over 2 years € 1266.76 € 1553.75
Savings € 286.99

So, in the case of SFR, we will compare:

  • Smart TV Box offer “SFR Fiber Power 8: SFR Box 8″ + Smart TV (55 ”, 138cm) at a price of € 391 at SFR,
  • offer SFR Fiber Power 8 (SFR Box 8) With Smart TV (55 ”, 138cm) purchased on Amazon.

Options Smart TV included Smart TV purchased apart
Offers SFR Box + Premium fiber TV SFR Fiber Premium + Smart TV purchased on Amazon
Price € 43.99/month for 12 months then € 56.99/month
+ 391 €
€ 33.99/month for 12 months then € 46.99/month
+€ 699.99
Total cost first year 44 € x 12 + 391 € = 919 € € 34 x 12 + 749 € = 1157 €
Total cost second year 60 € x 12 = 720 € 50 € x 12 = 600 €
Total cost over 2 years 1639 € 1757 €
Savings 118 €

Selection of offers referenced free of charge and classified by price.

We can see that in the case of Bouygues, it is more advantageous to take out an internet offer with a Smart TV. The same goes with SFR, but the reduction is less interesting.

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Internet box with TV screen included (Smart TV): which offer to choose ?

Internet offer with Smart TV

Internet access providers Bouygues Telecom and SFR offer Internet subscriptions that include smart TV. These connected televisions are displayed at a preferential rate and the internet boxes that accompany them are offers giving access to fiber optics. By choosing to take out this type of offer, customers can therefore equip themselves with a TV connected to the Internet at a lower cost while enjoying a fiber optical subscription.

In summary, box offers with Smart TV:

  • Are available with the Bbox Must and Ultym of Bouygues Telecom.
  • Are offered at SFR, with all of its fiber optic subscriptions.
  • Allow money to buy on the purchase of a connected television.
  • Offer a fiber + telephony and TV internet subscription.

List of Internet subscriptions with TV included

Search Criteria

  • Without engagement
  • 12 -month commitment
  • 24 -month commitment
  • Bouygues Telecom
  • Free mobile
  • Northnet
  • Mobile NRJ
  • Orange
  • Red by SFR
  • SFR
  • Sosh
  • Fiber
  • ADSL
  • Satellite
  • 4G / 5G
  • Calls to fixed
  • Calls to fixed + mobile
  • TV decoder
  • Android TV
  • Multi TV
  • WiFi repeater
  • Wifi 6
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Channel+
  • Disney+
  • Netflix
  • Ocs
  • RMC Sport

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Some Internet service providers offer Internet boxes with Smart TV which allow you to subscribe to the Internet while enjoying a TV connected at a lower price. If these offers are rather advantageous, there are not many on the market. Indeed, only Bouygues Telecom and SFR offer this type of good plan. To help consumers choose the offer that suits them best, here is a comparison of the different boxes with Smart TV.

Fiber boxes with connected TV of the two Internet access providers are worth ? What offer makes the most savings ? What are the advantages of the different packs ? How to subscribe ? How to choose your connected TV ? Answer to all these questions in the rest of this comparison.

Internet box with television

What are the best Internet boxes with smart TV included ?

The best Internet boxes with Smart TV: Bouygues Telecom or SFR ?

Smart TVs can cost households dear. Subscribing a box with Smart TV is therefore a great way to reduce the price of the TV. This is particularly what some French Internet access providers offer, like mobile operators for the purchase of smartphones. For the moment, there are only two of them Marketing inexpensive smart TVs : Bouygues Telecom and SFR.

For these two suppliers, the operation of the contract is identical. Consumers subscribe to an internet offer including a box and a smart TV. The latter can be paid at once, or be the subject of a credit. In this case, customers are gradually reimbursing their connected television. Whatever their choice, they are committed for two years.

Bouygues Telecom and SFR’s Smart TV offers work with several Internet boxes. They leave the consumer The choice of subscription and the TV model. The two FAIs offer different sizes at more or less advantageous prices. Currently, they are mainly working with the manufacturer Samsung. This grants them preferential rates to design beautiful promotions Internet box with Smart TV.

How to get a cheap smart TV with Bouygues Telecom ?

Bouygues Telecom offers cheap smart TVs for any subscription to one of their internet boxes. Prices start at € 49 and the customer has nothing to pay more afterwards. The models available on the Internet service provider site are a Samsung Smart TV UHD 4K TV with Crystal Processor, and a QLED 4K TV.

At Bouygues Telecom, there are two compatible Internet subscriptions With the Smart TV: the Bbox Must and the Bbox Ultym. These are two boxes triple-play very interesting that allow you to enjoy new advantages. The following table synthesizes the services included in these internet offers.

Bouygues Telecom Bbox Must Smart TV offer at low prices

The first internet box with Bouygues Telecom Smart TV appears at around 40 €/month. This offer allows Choose between the two connected television models of the Samsung Affiliate brand: a 4K UHD TV and a QLED 4K TV.

The subscription provides sufficient flow to guarantee a Image in 4K quality. Thanks to the Smart TV, the user can also directly benefit from many applications directly on his television. It is notably possible to quote YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, or even Prime Video and Twitch.

The BBOX Must Smart TV subscription process is simple ::

  • The consumer subscribes to the online offer or in the store;
  • His home is connected to the free optical fiber if this was not yet the case;
  • Samsung sends an email to the new subscriber with a link to buy the TV;
  • The Smart TV is delivered at home by the manufacturer thanks to the partnership.

from € 41.99 per month

The Bbox Must Smart TV internet package allows you to subsidize the purchase of the TV. Thanks to this contract, subscribers take advantage of a payment in three times at no cost. Box Bouygues Telecom promotions are also an opportunity to enjoy exclusive rates. On average, the supplier offers € 400 reduction on Samsung models. They are then more easily within the reach of modest households.

Alternatives to smart TVs to connect your television to the Internet

If an individual cannot afford a smart TV but still wishes to connect his television to the Internet, he can turn to other alternatives. First, there are compatible internet boxes with Android TV. Then he can also acquire a multimedia case such as Google Chromecast, Apple TV or Amazon Fire Stick TV. Finally, the simplest solution is to connect a computer to your TV via an HDMI cable.

The best of Bouygues TV/VOD services with Bbox Ultym Smart TV

The Bbox Must has an advantageous subscription rate of around 40 €/month. However, for € 9 more, consumers can benefit from the best TV services from Bouygues Telecom. The Bbox Ultym Smart TV has some additional advantages compared to the Bbox Must. For example, it sometimes includes a free subscription for a few months to TV/VOD services.

In addition, this Bbox confers A theoretical flow of 2 GB/S, or double the previous one. With such a connection, users can fully benefit from the 4K resolution offered by their inexpensive Smart TV. In the event of a problem, Bouygues Telecom grants up to two Wi-Fi repeaters to increase the signal of its box with Smart TV. This advantage also makes it easier to use several televisions in the home.

Here are the prices of the Samsung UHD 4K with a Bbox Ultym Smart TV:

  • € 49 instead of € 449 for a 108 cm (43 ”) screen;
  • 159 € instead of € 499 for a 125 cm connected television (50 ”;
  • Only € 299 for the 55 inch model, or 138 cm, instead of € 549;
  • € 399, or € 133/month for 3 months, for the largest screen size (163 cm).

from € 50.99 per month

It should be noted that Bouygues Telecom does not differentiate prices according to the chosen Bbox. However, the Bbox Ultym with Smart TV seems to be a more reasonable solution for the acquisition of a connected television. Its superior flow and TV/VOD service advantages make it A more suitable subscription for this.

The advantage of Bouygues Telecom’s box offers with Smart TV lies in the fact thatNo credit is requested from customers. If they can facilitate their payment by adjusting their television in 3 times at no cost, they do not agree to pay for several years. In addition, customers can fully pay their connected TV in one go.

Internet offer Bouygues Télécom

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What are the Internet boxes worth with smart tv of SFR ?


SFR presents for the moment Two Smart TV models Available in three screen sizes. These are the Samsung Smart TV UHD 4K and the Hisense TV A7GQ, in 43 ”, 55” or 65 ”. Interested consumers can obtain them from € 29 for purchase at once with this FAI. However, it is better to opt for a spread of payment over the two years of commitment. The purchase rates are then much more affordable.

As shown in the table below, SFR has Three Smart TV Box offers. They grant each of the different prices on the connected televisions of Samsung. Among other things, these subscriptions have distinct characteristics. Customers can thus vary the flows, the fixed package and the TV bouquet of their contract.

Please note, some TV models are currently no longer available.

Buy a Smart TV with a SFR Box Starter Fiber at a low price

If Bouygues Telecom guarantees attractive prices on the Smart TV, SFR is more flexible in payment. Where the first authorizes a maximum spread of three months, the second leaves its customers for two years. It is therefore positioned as the best option for modest homes. Consumers who cannot pay several hundred euros at once only have to choose one of its offers.

The SFR Box Fiber allow you to obtain a inexpensive Smart TV from € 19 during the best promotions. The monthly payments are then distributed 8 €/month for two years. These Internet subscriptions are also cheaper in the first year than those of its competitor. Internet boxes with Smart TV benefit from a promotion in the first year.

The SFR Fiber Fiber Box incorporates a bouquet of 160 channels accessible from the Smart TV. In addition, it includes unlimited telephony to fixed. Optical fiber flows are 500 Mb/s for download as well as in Remote.

With the SFR Fiber Starter box, Samsung Smart TV UHD 4K television is back to ::

  • 79 € + 8 €/month for 2 years for the 43 ”screen;
  • € 229 + € 8/month for 24 months for the 55 ”connected television;
  • € 249 + € 8/month for two years for the Smart TV of 65 ”.

from € 29.99 per month

Can we benefit from a smart TV with an ADSL internet subscription ?

Unfortunately, ADSL provides still insufficient flow for many homes. It starts at 512 kb/s and reaches a maximum of 30 Mb/s in VDSL2. This speed is not enough to guarantee the quality of 4K UHD image provided by the best connected televisions. In addition, connection problems arise too often. Thus, it is necessary to carry out an eligibility test with fiber optic before subscribing a smart tv box.

The best prices on a smart tv with the SFR Box Power

The first SFR fiber box already pffre already beautiful discounts on the Smart TV. However, the Fiber Power range presents The best prices on Samsung and Hisense televisions. It allows you to offer a 108 cm screen from € 29. The rest of the investment is divided into monthly payments of € 8 during the two years of commitment.

In addition to very attractive prices on the Smart TV, the Fiber Power subscription presents many assets. It widens the authorized calls to the mobiles of France, in addition to the fixed of a hundred countries. In addition, the bouquet of TV channels is enriched with 40 additional channels, always with the Connect TV decoder. With the SFR Fiber Power box, customers take advantage of a descending speed of 2 GB/s, thus guaranteeing an experience of viewing in perfect conditions.

To get a cheap smart TV with an SFR box, you have to ::

  • Going to the SFR website, in stores or calling customer service;
  • Testing your SFR optical fiber eligibility;
  • Choose one of the ISP Internet boxes;
  • Select a Samsung TV model from the three screen sizes offered;
  • Validate the order and set activation fees of € 49;
  • Buy the connected television from Samsung thanks to the partner link.

from € 37.99 per month

With SFR, consumers benefit from a Premium delivery of their smart TV. It can be shipped to a parcel relay, or in the room of its choice. The supplier also offers the multi-TV option on request with these box offers. Customers can keep their current TV to use it in another room.

Internet offer SFR

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A box offer with high -end connected TV at SFR

Finally, SFR markets a final offer of Internet box with connected TV. This is the subscription to benefit from the best reduction on the price of Smart TV: the SFR Premium Fiber offer. Thanks to this high -end internet box, it is thus possible to get a television from € 9, Always with 24 monthly payments of € 8.

This SFR Internet box is a high -end offer at all levels. First, customers take advantage of the SFR Box 8x, which allows you to reach flows up to 8 GB/s shared for download, and up to 1 GB/s in Téléversation. In terms of TV, 200 channels are included, with the SFR Box 8 TV decoder which includes a connected speaker as well as a vocal assistant. In addition to that, calls to European mobiles add up to all the destinations mentioned above.

Here is the price of Samsung smart tv with SFR premium fiber offer:

  • 49 € + 8 €/month for 24 months for 108 cm TV;
  • 199 € + € 8/month for 24 months for the 138 cm screen;
  • € 229 + € 8/month for two years for television 63 cm.

from € 43.99 per month

How to choose your Smart TV model from the proposed televisions ?

Internet operators are currently focusing on partnerships with Samsung and Hisense. They thus grant a choice of rather limited models, but sufficient. Consumers already have something to widen their heads to Find the best Smart TV at the most attractive price. The following comparison highlights some selection criteria between these connected televisions.

Comparison of SMART TV Partners of Internet suppliers
Smart TV model name Samsung Smart TV UHD 4K Samsung Smart TV Qled 4K UHD Hisense TV A7 HQ
Display technology LED Qled Qled
Available screen sizes 108, 138 and 163 cm 138 and 163 cm 138, 127, 139 and 164 cm
Resolution 3.840 x 2,160 3.840 x 2,160 3.840 x 2,160
Processor type Crystal Processor 4K Quantum Processor Lite Quad core
Energy class and consumption F or G (70 to 135 W on the march) F or G (66 to 102 W on the march) G (130 W En Marche)
Purchase price with a Smart TV box offer € 29 at 249 € 199 € at 349 € € 1 to 379 €

When buying a smart TV, customers must be attentive ::

  • at the model acquisition rate, in the short and long term;
  • to display technology and resolution, defining image quality;
  • to sound criteria, such as sound power or diffusion technology;
  • energy class and electricity consumption;
  • to the features included, such as the voice assistant or the operating system;
  • to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplay, HDMI, USB and Ethernet connectivity.

Depending on the needs of the household, certain criteria are becoming more important. The size of the screen is notably a crucial point compared to The place available in the living room. The user profile determines the hierarchy of these different criteria. For example, the quality of the sound or the presence of a voice assistant do not have the same value for all. Each household therefore makes its choice according to indicators which are its own.

Why pay attention to the electricity consumption of your smart TV ?

The electrical consumption of devices, even in standby, is often underestimated. Consumers do not imagine what they could save while paying attention. Generally, Qled technology screens consume less than other. They allow Reduce Household electricity consumption of almost half compared to LCD screens.

The advantages of a smart TV compared to a box with TV decoder

Some Internet users may not understand the relevance of going to a smart TV. If they have an internet box with a TV decoder, they are surely satisfied with it. However, There are many television televisions compared to boxes with boxes:

  • First, the Smart TV are much more practical since they allow you to ignore the TV decoder that accompanies the triple play boxes. The fact that television is connected to the Internet provides access to all of its favorite applications, TV/VOD services and even video games from the comfort of its living room;
  • Then, Smart TVs embark on latest generation technologies that allow users to enjoy a image quality and optimal ;
  • Finally, this type of device is designed to be more eco -responsible. It means that Smart TV consume less, Especially if they are put in standby. In addition, their guarantee is often several years.

Removing Internet box for free

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