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What is the price of an electric mini ?

You plan to buy a mini Austin or Cooper Electric soon ? The first thing to do is to prepare a sufficient budget. To do this, you need to know the price of the model you are looking for. Bymycar invites you to discover how much an electric mini costs on the market.

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Hatch 3 doors one d 95 hp
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Hatch 3 doors one 102 hp
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Hatch 5 doors Cooper 136 hp
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Hatch 3 doors Cooper 136 hp
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Notice: What is the best mini electric car ?

The most supervised electric car on the market is the Mini Cooper is.

Which 100 % electric car offers the largest autonomy ?

The Mini Cooper SE of the British brand is the most interesting electric model produced by the manufacturer of the famous Austin. On paper, it has an autonomy of around 225 to 233 km in mixed WLTP. This is possible thanks to a lithium-ion battery with a power of 32.6 kWh. It should be recalled that autonomy can increase slightly or decrease depending on the driving mode of owners of this type of vehicle.

Thanks to this autonomy, this electric mini can be your everyday companion to go to work for example. In addition, you can recharge it on a public terminal. This car can also be recharged at home thanks to a type 2 connector for accelerated recharging by alternating current and the CCS combo connector for a DC recharge. Complete recharging can be completed in just 4 hours for those with a wallbox.

What is the most powerful 100 % electric mini car ?

In terms of power, the mini cooper can develop 184 hp. This electric car can make 0 to 100 km/h in 7.3 s. This power also makes it possible to reach 150 km/h on the road. For the driver, these performances result in a pleasant driving experience. This car allows you to ride quickly on the highway without excess. It remains stable at all times thanks to a quality chassis.

What is the new and second -hand price of a new electric mini Cooper from the Austin manufacturer ?

Mini mini have been called since 2001. The evolution of the market has prompted the manufacturer to offer electric models such as the mini cooper is.

How much is a new electric mini cooper ?

The Mini Cooper Electric is offered from € 33,900 excluding ecological bonus if it is new. It is also possible to rent it for a monthly rate from € 350. Conditions are to be checked in dealerships. For these prices, it is possible to acquire a mini cooper is with 4 modular places and elements like a rear view camera.

What is the price of a used electric mini cooper ?

The price of a used mini cooper is still high for the most part. Indeed, there are offers around € 29,000. They can increase to more than 43,010 €. This is explained by the fact that the vehicles offered have low mileage. Sometimes some cars are sold while they have less than 20,000 km on the counter. Also, some models already have options that the owner added at the time of purchase.

Thus, it is quite possible to find mini electric cooper already equipped on the second -hand market. Besides, this is one of the advantages to buy a used car. In addition, the price can be more attractive by calculating the cost of the car and all the options on board.

As a reminder, the purchase of a used electric car is advantageous, but it is necessary to take precautions. You must be accompanied by a connoisseur to be sure to buy a vehicle in good condition. To rule out all doubts, it is recommended to buy a used car in dealerships. Vehicles are under warranty. They are sure they are in good condition.

Are there mini Clubman and Countryman electric 5-door ?

The Mini Clubman and Countryman are larger variants of mini cars. The Mini Clubman is not yet produced in an electric version. There are in petrol version with a power of 102 to more than 300 hp and diesel from 116 to 190 hp. To buy a petrol model, you must provide a budget between € 25,900 and € 45,860. If you wish to acquire a diesel version, you will have to pay between 28,900 and € 3840, depending on the model.

As for the mini countryman, a hybrid version is developed by the British car manufacturer. Called Mini Countryman Cooper SE ALL4, this urban SUV is marketed from € 40,800. It offers a cumulative power of 220 hp: 125 hp on the mechanical side and 95 hp with the electric motor. These combined powers make it possible to reach a top speed of 196 km/h.

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Dimensions and weight of the mini cooper is


Everything about the Mini Cooper is


The mini cooper is a 100 % electric vehicle. The maximum power of the Mini Cooper is 135 kW (184 hp), it killed 0 to 100 km/h in 7.3 seconds.


The Mini Cooper was offered from € 37,151 for sale in France. This price includes VAT. This price is out of ecological bonus which is deducted when purchasing a clean new vehicle in France. In addition to the ecological bonus, you can also be eligible for conversion premium and regional aid.

Companies also benefit from advantageous taxation when buying a 100 % electric vehicle.


The Mini Cooper battery has a total capacity of 32.6 kWh. The usable capacity is 28.9 kWh. The autonomy is around 234 km with a 100 % loaded battery. The actual autonomy will however depend on several factors, including the climate, the road, the use or not of air conditioning and the driving style.

You don’t know which car model to choose ?


Roof & mirrors
Interior surfaces

  • Original 16 ″ rims in “Victory Spoke” light alloy
  • 6 other models of original mini 16 ″ and 17 ″ light alloy wheels available as an option
  • MINI 17 ″ EXCLUSE RANTS “Spoke Roulette”

Mini Electric (in addition)

  • Mini 17 ″ original rims “Power Spoke” light alloy
  • 16 ″ Design “Victory Spoke” Light Alloy Rims (on One and Cooper)
  • 17 ″ design alloy rims “Rail spoke” (on Cooper S)

Roof & mirrors

  • Roof and mirrors shells are standard in body color
  • Multitone roof and black and white mirror shells available as an option
  • Retuser shells available as an option in yellow
  • Available as standard in the color of the bodywork

Mini Electric (in addition)

  • Roof available as standard in black
  • Realvisor shells available as standard in yellow
  • Roof and mirrorship shells available as an option in white, black and the color of the bodywork
  • Mirror shells available in the color of the standard body on all models
  • Sports seats with combination imitation leather/fabric in black pearl carbon black as standard for all models
  • 6 additional seat fitting options available
  • Sports Sports Mini yourself in lounge leather/nappa leather in carbon black
  • Other upholstery available as an option
  • Sports seats in leather cross punch in standard black carbon
  • Sports seats available with 5 upholstery options
  • Similar Carbon Black

Interior surfaces

  • Standard in black piano
  • Optional interior surface available on Mini Electric

Mini Electric (in addition)

  • Mini Electric interior surfaces exclusive to the electric mini
  • Exclusive interior surfaces Cambden as standard on all models

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About Mini

The mini was created in 1959 during the fuel shortage in Great Britain due to the Suez crisis in 1959. This meant that gasoline was again rationed in the United Kingdom and that large cars became more expensive and imported cars were not very common. In order to save Great Britain from this crisis, Leonard Lord, the chief of the British Motor Company (BMC) decided to create a small economical and cheap city cable called mini mini. Throughout the lifespan of the Minis, 5,387,862 cars in total were manufactured and nearly 1.6 million were sold in Great Britain. Not only that, but the mini has kept many glorious victories in the world of motorsport. In 2000, the manufacturer was part of the German group BMW with Rolls-Royce. Under the new direction, the brand first marketed the mini original for a few years, before launching the second generation in 2001 when BMW chose to write the name of the brand in capitals, Mini, to differentiate the brand of the model. The manufacturer will then extend its range by retaining the characteristic line of the original mini with the Countryman, Clubman and Paceman. In July 2019, Mini presented the electrified version of its city car named Cooper SE, it took over the motorcycle group of the BMW i3. It is a 184 hp engine associated with a 36.2 kWh battery.