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What are the best electric SUVs

Genesis is the luxury branch of Hyundai, and launched in Europe with a series of interesting cars. The Genesis GV60 is its first dedicated electric car, and it makes an excellent first impression. The exterior style is well resolved but distinctive, while the interior is fabulous to look, well thought out and of high quality. The driving experience offers a decent performance mixture (up to 429 hp – with boost 483 hp mode) and involvement, while charging technology is faster than that of rivals. The maximum claimed WLTP autonomy is 513 km (for the variant to an engine of 226 hp); The high -end version at two engines claims 465 km. An elegant way of being different.

What electric SUVs can you buy for less than 45.Euros ?

Most automotive brands offer 100% electric SUVs in their catalog. But not all of them place themselves on affordable models. Our non -exhaustive selection of battery crossovers on the market not exceeding the 45 mark.Euros.

Posted on 08/16/2023 at 12:05 p.m

The SUV, everyone knows what it is about. Bearing the English acronym “Sport Utility Vehicle”, this vehicle continues to flood the car market and above all gain in popularity. The manufacturers found a good vein to make their business grow. Even if the sector is shaken by strict regulation in terms of ecological transition. Because if they are larger, heavier and a little more raised than our city cars and sedans, there is no reason that the SUVs do not go to the electric. Manufacturers have no other choice anyway than to convert them, like other ranges, if they want to continue selling them in Europe by 2035.

If several brands have invested this niche, others are currently perfecting their catalog and promise electric SUVs marketed in the coming months. But we still pay too much these big battery vehicles, until they see their price to moderate depending on the ceiling of the ecological bonus, this aid for the purchase of a vehicle which is triggered from 47.Euros. The prices are well above what can be known for city cars, especially. But the affordable exists as best they can with a few Asian livery or the small crossovers, which can relaunch the segment.

If your number one criterion is the price, but you still want to drive in SUV, here is a non -exhaustive list of 11 100% electric models that you can acquire less than 45.Euros (Price excluding ecological bonus, conversion, promotion and discount premium).


Upon his arrival in 2019 in France, MG has established himself as one of the most ambitious Chinese brands. And right, because it sells ! And this is its first model, the small urban SUV MG ZS EV, which derives performance. He is one of the most affordable from the top of his 33.990 euros in Comfort finish.


The 100% electric compact SUV, Seres 3, recently pointed out its grille in France to directly compete with its mg rival, but also tickle a little Peugeot and its E-2008. He was noticed for his fairly aggressive pricing positioning. Today, it is displayed from 33.990 euros for the entry -level comfort version.

Fiat 600E

Fiat (Stellantis group) has also invested the segment of small crossovers with the new 600th, the first catalog price of which starts at 35.900 euros (Red entry -level finish). On the site, it is indicated that this rate is valid until December 31, 2023. Note that if you order now, delivery will take place between April and May 2024.

Hyundai Kona

For its part, Hyundai offers a 100% electric SUV responding to the name of Kona. The entry ticket with the Electric 39 kWh finish is set at 37.100 euros.

Mazda MX-30

Marketed at the end of 2020, the MX-30 is the first electric vehicle offered by Mazda. He is still in the manufacturer’s catalog with several tariff increases to his credit. We now find it for the base price of 38.250 euros under the Prime-Line version.

Jeep Avenger

The Jeep brand has opened the 100% electric hostilities with its Avenger, only marketed in its battery version. Designed and manufactured in Europe, this compact SUV is available for purchase from 39.Euros.

Aiways U5

While its survival is currently at stake and strategic changes are underway, the Chinese manufacturer Aiways has approached the French automotive market with its U5 at the end of 2020. Always available for sale, the 100% electric SUV is accessible at a price of 39.900 euros.

Peugeot E-2008

40.150 euros: Here is the current price to acquire the entry -level (active) electric (active) PEGEOT 2008, star of SUVs in France in France. After four years of career, he was the subject of a restyling this year, which may lead to a price increase.

DS 3 e-Tense

This year, the little SUV of DS changed its name, improved and revised its electric copy. The new DS 3 e-Tense has not been spared by an increase in prices and is now stored at an entry-level ticket of 41.700 euros.

Kia e-Soul

While there is thermal, the electric version of the Kia Soul is the only one available in France. The compact crossover is a restyling in 2023 and is now displayed in the brand’s catalog at a starting price of 41.840 euros, before deduction of government aid.

Volkswagen ID.4

With his own style, the Volkswagen Id Family SUV.4 does not sell as much as expected. And the price increase will not help. The German model had a first price based at 41.500 euros in January 2022. But this summer, it is rather wedged at 44.Euros.

What are the best electric SUVs ?

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More and more car manufacturers are launching electric SUVs, as electric cars and SUVs continue to gain popularity. This has a lot of practical and commercial sense, since the increased height and the swollen dimensions of 4 × 4 and crossover vehicles mean that they can more easily accommodate batteries. But with such a choice, what are the best electric SUVs ?

The Deluc group is there to help you. We reviewed all the electric SUVs on the market and have established this list of the best 10. There are electric SUVs of all types here – surprisingly efficient economic models with luxury and high performance models.

You will also find more information on the reasons why the electric SUVs are so popular below, while our other pages devoted to electric cars contain information on the cost of recharge, on how electric cars are really lived and on the cheapest electric cars.

What are the best electric SUVs in France ?

Without particular order – because everyone’s needs are not the same – here is our list of the 10 best electric SUVs available for purchase in new in France at the moment. Our expert testers have led each car here to assess and classify them, with all their faults.

1. Tesla Model Y

Best Electric SUV - Tesla Model Y, Black, 3/4 front view

From 49,990 €

Let’s start with the latest SUV model of the electric car brand that has changed the situation for everyone. The Tesla Model is not as revolutionary or catchy as other vehicles of the brand – it is essentially an elevated version of the Model 3 – but if you want to report clearly to the whole world that you like vehicles electric in a compact SUV, there is no better way to do it. Like all Tesla, the model is of disconcerting speed, exceptionally manages its autonomy (up to 530 km) and has an intelligent and futuristic interior whose quality of construction continues to improve.

2. Jaguar I-Pace

The best electric SUVs - Jaguar I -Pace, Silver, Face View

From € 81,200

The Jaguar I-Pace is a high-end electric SUV. The first electric vehicle of the British brand is heading, stops and advances like a jaguar, and there is abundance space, thanks to effective packaging and a flat floor. The two engines deliver a powerful power of 395 hp and 696 Nm, and the all -wheel drive allows the Jaguar electric SUV to go from 0 to 100 km for just 4.8 seconds. But if you refrain from deploying your punch, you can draw 477 km from the battery, according to Jaguar. According to our experience, you will find it difficult to get much more than 320 kilometers with a single load, but it is enough for the daily needs of many drivers.

3. Kia Ev6

The best electric SUVs - Kia Ev6, gray, front view

From 47,990 €

The Kia Ev6 is one of the best electric cars for sale today, all types combined: consider it as an economic alternative to the Jag I-Pace-the two share a similar minivan silhouette, a spacious interior and precise driving. But where Hyundai-Kia really the opposition, it is in energy management and battery life. The EV6 is one of the best efficient electric vehicles of all in terms of driving in the real world. If we add to this efficiency the generous space offered, the impressive quality and the excellent driving experience, Kia has built a real winner. Highly recommended.

4. Genesis GV60

The best electric SUVs - Genesis GV60, driving, front view

From $ 71,150

Genesis is the luxury branch of Hyundai, and launched in Europe with a series of interesting cars. The Genesis GV60 is its first dedicated electric car, and it makes an excellent first impression. The exterior style is well resolved but distinctive, while the interior is fabulous to look, well thought out and of high quality. The driving experience offers a decent performance mixture (up to 429 hp – with boost 483 hp mode) and involvement, while charging technology is faster than that of rivals. The maximum claimed WLTP autonomy is 513 km (for the variant to an engine of 226 hp); The high -end version at two engines claims 465 km. An elegant way of being different.

5. Mercedes-Benz EQB

The best electric SUVs - Mercedes EQB, front view, bronze, driving

From 64,150 €

There are sexy Mercedes electric SUVs, and much more expensive. But the Mercedes-Benz EQB does a niche work with a superb balance. Despite its relatively compact dimensions, the EQB manages to find room for seven people inside. The exterior is not too eccentric, just offering a few visual clues that is not an ordinary GLB, and the interior is the usual exquisite mixture of Benz between a modern and flashy look and a good functionality. The two 4 × 4 double -engine variants have a 405 km WLTP autonomy, while the power is 225 hp or 288 hp. Driving is soft and effortless.


The best electric SUVs - MG ZS EV, Blue, front view, turn drive

From 32,990 €

If the high cost of more chic electric SUVs presented on this page you put off, don’t worry: there are still high -quality economic alternatives. Take the MG ZS EV. Yes, MG leaves a little to be desired in terms of interior design and finish, but the electric technology offered by the brand now owned by China is very efficient. It is not a slow car, with low action and impractical action: the ZS EV can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 8.2 seconds, travel 437 km on a single load (which seems to correspond to reality) and meet the needs of most families thanks to its vast trunk and its large interior. As such, the price is a real boon.

7. Skoda Enyaq

Best Electric SUVS - SKODA ENYAQ

From 48010 €

The Skoda Enyaq is a comfortable, well -appointed and spacious electric SUV, capable of browsing long distances between the charges – our experiences have proven several times that the display of the planned autonomy is precise, which is good news for Those who are afraid of autonomy. It is also elegant on the road, well finished with well spaced panels and offers a lot of presence. It is more user -friendly and more luxurious than the Kia Niro EV rival and its interior and its exterior are more beautiful than those of the Volkswagen Id.4 based on the same MeB technology. Elected car of the year by parkers in 2022, it is an exceptional versatile electric vehicle.

8. BMW IX3

The best electric SUVs - BMW IX3, white, front view

From € 69,950

Although it is certainly the least flashy in the Munich electric vehicle range, the BMW IX3 is a very competent machine that is very good. Although the relatively modest power of 285 hp means that it is not super fast, it is well handled, there is a lot of space inside, and it is effective enough to claim a range of 456 km, helped by excellent regeneration technology on a pedal. Trusted buyers could also consider the Audi e-tron and the Volvo XC40 recharging, although the nearest alternatives are probably the i-Pace and the Ev6 listed here.

9. Tesla Model X

The best electric SUVs - Tesla Model X, side view with open butterfly doors and mountain bikes loaded at the back

From € 131,990

You need space for seven people ? Luxury tesla badge ? And all the modernity and the intelligent technologies that have made the reputation of the brand ? Do like that: the Tesla Model X is a mid-cross, half monospace vehicle, but it is above all a very popular electric car. Famous for its clever hinge rear doors that open even in the narrowest car parks, the interior is spacious for five people on the first two rows, while the two seats of the third rear row are perfectly suitable for children on short journeys. The price is however high, since it takes from € 131,900 in France for a Dual Motor Model (the Plaid model with 3 engines and 1050 hp, faster, costs the vertiginous sum of € 141,900).

10. BMW IX

The best electric SUVs - BMW IX, Red, front view, driving

From 111,000 €

The BMW IX is perhaps the only tailor-made electric car that remains in the company’s range, but it is a real declaration. From its controversial external look to its carbon fiber construction, including its eccentric interior with crystal accents, the IX was designed as a showcase of the latest BMW electric vehicle technology. It is extraordinarily pleasant to drive, with amazing control thanks to the pneumatic suspension, huge performance – the M60 variant develops 611 hp – and a refinement and comfort of limousine level. A real reference in the electric SUV era, if you can bear its unusual design.

Why are there so many electric SUVs ?

Take a look at some of the best electric vehicles that you can buy currently, and you will find that a good percentage of them are SUVs or crossovers. This sector represents the ideal meeting point between the practical aspect, the packaging and the price.

Their higher body allows you to accommodate the batteries more easily, their higher price makes it easier to absorb the cost of the equipment of the FE and, finally, which does not like a more practical and more family car ? Sales data prove that these models are sold like hotcakes, hence the growing choice of electric SUV in showrooms.

Skateboarding electrical platform

Most tailor-made electric cars use a “skateboard” type construction, as above. It is essentially a battery board with wheels at each end, the objective of which is to integrate the most battery capacity as possible-and as low as possible to improve the space for passengers above and handling below.

SUVs, with their high floor and long wheelbase, offer the most space for battery cells – and therefore the biggest capacity for the greatest autonomy.

The figures are eloquent: a car like the Honda E, a small tailgate car focused on the city, can pull 220 km from its tiny 35.5 kWh battery, while the last BMW IX can draw 610 km from its large battery 105 kWh. Larger cars = larger batteries. Simple, isn’t it ?

Illustration of the Jaguar I-Pace Cup

This means that electrical vehicles tend to have larger interiors than their petrol and diesel counterparts. Heating and ventilation systems can be pushed into a vacuum where an engine would be located and there is no need for a physical transmission tree crossing the passenger compartment, which makes the interior more spacious. As a rule, electric cars tend to offer the interior space of the upper class-electric SUVs can therefore be super-scoring.

As such, a SUV or a crossover is an excellent choice for families who need space to transport the affairs of children and the detritus of family life. They are also higher than the ground, which allows you to sit in height and have a breathtaking view of the outside.

The inconvenients ? They are not cheap. And if the detractors claim that any SUV, whatever it is, is intrinsically less effective than other vehicles, all the examples mentioned above promise an impressive efficiency and remarkably agile behavior.

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Future toy electric SUV

More and more electric SUVs arrive in the exhibition halls near you, as we get closer to the imminent prohibition of the internal combustion engine during the decade. Most manufacturers develop electric SUVs, so do not miss the upcoming arrival of these models, whether they are consumer or high -end brands.

Here are some examples of future electric SUVs:

Porsche Macan The next model will only be electric.
Rivian R1S A new name for a new type of outdoor, robust and harsh outdoor electric vehicle.
Volvo Ex90 The next large Swedish SUV will have an entirely electric option.

Electric SUV

The leading VE architecture of the Lotus Elter makes it possible to obtain up to 400 km of autonomy in just 20 minutes of load, with a maximum autonomy of 600 km (WLTP).

Encrypted objectives – the detailed characteristics of the vehicle appearing on this page are target specifications based on simulations. Certain characteristics of the model, options or colors presented may not be available or only in a different specification. Fuel consumption data and specified emissions are determined in accordance with the measurement procedures prescribed by law. On January 1, 2022, the WLTP test cycle completely replaced the NEDC test cycle. No NEDC value is therefore available for new vehicles approved after this date. Autonomy can vary in practice depending on driving style, speed, load factor, outside temperature and topographic conditions. The charge time reached in practice may vary depending on external circumstances such as the type of charger, the state of the battery and the temperature. Electricity consumption combined from 21.4 kWh/100 km; Co₂ Co₂ emissions 0 g/km.