Volvo Ex30, the small electric SUV which is a lot for cheaper than a Tesla, the 10 cheapest electric SUVs in 2023

The cheapest 10 electric SUVs in 2023

Place of production: Poland

Volvo Ex30, the small electric SUV which is a lot for less than Tesla

The ex30 promises a lot for a price that remains lower than that of the Tesla Model 3. © Volvo

Volvo has just unveiled the ex30, a very small electric SUV very high -end and with attractive promises for a price contained at 35,000 euros.

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With its brand new ex30 100 % electric, Volvo has the ambition to stack as many assets as possible for an entry ticket at less than 35,000 euros. We are certainly far from the price of the Dacia Spring or even the ID concept. 2all of Volkswagen at less than 25,000 euros, but the Swedish brand is closer to that of the Tesla Model 3.

Volvo’s smallest SUV SUV technical sheet plays in the top of the range. First, side autonomy side, according to the manufacturer, the ex30 can roll 443 kilometers on a single load. Then it will take less than thirty minutes to pass your battery from 10 to 80 %. And for the most in a hurry, the car car also plays in the Dragsters courtyard, since with two engines combining 422 hp, it can go from 0 to 100 km/h in just over three seconds. The SUV will also be available in two versions for its motorization. With a single engine for more autonomy, or the two engines combined in search of power, to the detriment of the cross -distance.

We find the Volvo atmosphere inside the ex30 with a giant tablet animated by Google in the middle of the dashboard. © Volvo

We find the Volvo atmosphere inside the ex30 with a giant tablet animated by Google in the middle of the dashboard. © Volvo

On the way for a bestseller

Volvo will also offer a cross-country variant with greater ground clearance and protective equipment that is usually found on crossovers. In terms of appearance, we find the Volvo atmosphere with a Nordic touch in the headlights, whose signature recalls the hammer of Thor. As on many electric vehicles, the grille takes up the shade of the bodywork. At the front, the wheel arches flush the hood. Overall, the line is elegant while remaining in the brand’s mind. Under the body, this remains Volvo with high -level protective and security equipment. In particular, there are alert systems at the opening of doors in the event of a cyclist detecting, for example. The car is also equipped with the Park Pilot Assist, certainly to park the vehicle better than its driver could do it. The ex30 will be marketed from the summer of 2024 and Volvo is counting on her to become one of her bestsellers.

The cheapest 10 electric SUVs in 2023

Electric SUVs are more and more numerous, but not all brands have launched their models. This is the case, for example, of Fiat and Suzuki, very often present in selections of the cheapest cars, or Dacia.

While waiting for the Fiat 600, Renault 4, Suzuki EVX, it is the Chinese brands that impose their law by seizing half the ranking. The Stellantis group appears in good place with three models, a trio of SUV of segment B. The Volkswagen group offers ID.4 and Enyaq IV, who fail to enter the top 10. SUVs are missing smaller and more accessible to the catalog… Hyundai and Mazda take the opportunity to place themselves with affordable models. Expect rapid changes and each year in this ranking, given the new products scheduled by manufacturers.


1 – MG ZS EV: 2,8990 euros Catalog price – 2,3990 euros Ecological bonus of 5000 deduced

The British brand MG now under Chinese pavilion strikes hard: the MG ZS EV restyled is the cheapest electric SUV currently available in France. The first prize comfort finish is accompanied by a range of 320 km, and decent equipment which already includes the 17 ″ alloy rims, the MG Pilot driving aid, as well as the LED headlights. The power is 115 kW, or 156 hp.

Place of production: China.


2 – SERES 3: 2,9990 euros Catalog price – 24,990 euros ecological bonus of 5000 deduces

There too, the entry -level of this Chinese SUV is a finish called comfort. The power is quite close to the MG, with 120 kW, or 163 hp. With a 53.7 kWh battery, the range is announced at 320 km. Small downside against MG: a less extensive distribution network.

Place of production: China.

Jeep Avenger 1st Edition

3 – Jeep Avenger: 36,500 euros Catalog price – 31,500 euros Ecological bonus of 5000 deducted

After the Chinese, it is an American brand that arrives in 3rd place. But this American is produced in a European Stellantis factory, in Poland. This recent little SUV has a power of 115 kW, or 156 hp. Its 54 kW battery allows you to display a 408 km range, better than that of its Chinese rivals. The Basic Avenger finish has autonomous emergency braking with pedestrian detection and cyclists, automatic air conditioning, UConnect with Apple Car Play and Android Auto Sans. But this Avenger is satisfied with tole rims to display this first prize.

Place of production: Poland

4 – Hyundai Kona Electric: 37,000 euros Catalog price – 32,000 euros ecological bonus of 5000 deduced

The new generation of Hyundai Kona has been unveiled, and marketing will start with the hybrid version. In the meantime, the previous generation of Kona Electric is still in the catalog for a few months. This Korean is produced in Eastern Europe.

On the basic version, the 39.2 kWh battery allows you to hope for a range of 305 km.

Place of production: Czech Republic

5-Mazda MX-30: 3,8250 euros Catalog price-33,250 euros ecological bonus of 5000 deduced

This Japanese model is particularly atypical, especially with its small rear doors with antagonistic opening. The MX-30 E-Skyactiv EV 145ch therefore develops 145 hp, and its small battery of 35.5 kWh is accompanied by an autonomy of only 200 km. The standard endowment includes 18 ″ alloy rims, LED front headlights, projected head display, Mazda adaptive cruise control, reconnaissance of traffic signs, reversing camera, dead angles monitoring system ( BSM) with automatic trajectory correction (BSA)…

A very good choice if the limited autonomy does not put you off.

Place of production: Japan

MG Marvel R

6 – MG Marvel R: 3,9490 euros Catalog price – 3,4490 euros ecological bonus of 5000 deduced

Second MG electric SUV present in this selection, the Marvel R Aim the top of the basket with very complete equipment: 19 ″ alloy rims, electrically adjustable front seats, imitation leather upholstery, MG Pilot driving aid, key access and start -up, panoramic sunroof, heat pump, v2l system, rear tailgate electric…

The power of the comfort version is 132 kW, or 180 hp. Its 70 kWh lithium-ion battery allows it to display 400 km of autonomy.

Place of production: China

Aiways U5

7 – AIWAYS U5: 3,9900 euros – 3,4990 euros ecological bonus of 5000 deduces

Another Chinese model: Aaways U5. A spacious SUV, with 4.68 m in length. It has a power of 150 kW, 204 hp, and a 63 kWh battery which allows you to display a 410 km autonomy.

The equipment of the first level of comfort finish includes as standard: electric seats, 360º camera, 2 -zone air conditioning, 12.3 -inch touch screen, alarm, 8 speakers, alloy rims, and recoil radars.

Place of production: China

Smart #1

8 – Smart #1: 3,9990 euros – 3,4990 euros ecological bonus of 5000 deduces

The SUV Smart #1 arrives soon: the pre-order is already open. First price, the smart #1 pro+ displays a range of 420 km. The power level is high from the first price, with 200 kW, or 272 hp ! It is the most powerful of the 10 cheapest electric SUVs at present.

Place of production: China

Peugeot E-2008

9-Peugeot E-2008: 40,950 euros Catalog price-3,5950 euros ecological bonus of 5000 deduced

THE Peugeot E-2008 is the second stellantis model of this selection. It has an electric motorization of 100 kW, or 136 hp. Its restyling will take place by the end of the year, and the power will then increase to 156 hp as on the Jeep Avenger. Currently the 50 kWh battery authorizes a range of 320 km.

At the entry level Active Pack, the equipment is quite limited: 16 ″ sheet metal rims, automatic air conditioning, rear parking assistance, dear mirrors with electrical adjustment and downside, hands -free, and LED projectors.

Place of production: Spain

New DS 3

10-DS 3 e-Tense: 41,700 euros

We end this selection with the premium SUV DS 3 e-Tense. Recently restyled, this model has the 115 kW electric motor, or 156 hp. With a 54 kWh battery, the autonomy reaches 400 km.

In equipment, the entry -level Bastille version has a series of active line of involuntary line crossing, 17 ″ alloy rims, chrome flipper handles, LED projectors, rear parking aid, and hands -free start -ups.

Place of production: France