Watch TV on all your devices., Molotov: old customers will have to pay more for their subscription

Molotov Subscription

Molotov is free, whatever the device you use.
You can add channels, programs, and options at will. And if you change your mind, it’s without obligation. This is our commitment.

Molotov, TV streaming and direct TV

A radically new way of watching television, now from all over Europe.

Molotov offers you the most successful streaming experience.

Access Molotov streaming from all your connected screens. Navigate among more than 180 TV channels And tens of thousands of programs: news, films, French and US series, sport, documentaries, reality TV, children’s programs, concerts, entertainment ..
In its version free, Take advantage of 40 television channels and the Molotov service channels on demand (+3000 hours of films, series and documentaries with free access). From € 4.99 /month and without commitment, Access more than 90 channels (in its basic version) and more than 130 channels (in its extensive version). Take advantage of the best streaming experience with Molotov’s premium features: direct control, Cloud recording, 4 simultaneous screens, HD, access from all EU countries ..
Download Molotov to your connected TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, your computer, your smartphone, or tablet. You can even start on one, and continue on the other.
And settle down comfortably ! With Molotov, you will love TV.

Zapping makes its revolution.

So far, finding something interesting on TV could take the whole evening. Say goodbye to tedious zapping, old -fashioned programs. With Molotov, discover in the blink of an eye what goes on all the channels.

A radically new way of seeing what is broadcast.

Each program has its poster, a progression bar indicates where its broadcast is. Choose the program you love, look at it live, restart from the start. Or take your show exactly where you left it, even on another device.

To research

Discover a better way to discover.

Molotov’s search engine is particularly efficient. Type “Cary Grant” for example, and Molotov instantly displays the corresponding programs, whether they are live, replay or to come. Also try with the name of an actor or a director. You will discover shows, films and series which you do not even suspect the existence.


Unable to miss your favorite program.

Click, save the programs you love. Find them every time you log into, available for you as long as you want. Now it is impossible to miss an episode of your favorite series.


Keep your eye on your favorite personalities.

Enter the name of an actor or director, a TV presenter, a politician or humorist, then just click on “follow”. This smart function of Molotov alerts you as soon as they or they are on TV even if you are not in front of the screen, whatever the nature of the program. If the personality you follow is the guest of a program, the subject of a documentary, or plays in a film or a football match, you will now be the first to know.


So much action. Of comedies. And thrillers.

You have never seen the TV programs organized in this way, because they have never really been organized. Till today. Now you can instantly see what goes directly or later, by categories or by genres. You have a sudden desire for a good thriller ? Go to the Categories section to display all the police, live or replay. Or change your mind.

TV that follows you everywhere.

With Molotov, you can take your TV away from your living room walls. Sit comfortably in front of your tablet, smartphone, or the TV from another room in the house. Or at the beach. You can resume your show exactly where you left it, even on another device. Access your channels, preferences, recordings, everywhere, all the time.

Your TV on site
and to take away

It’s new ! Now you can access Molotov from the Member States of the European Union. Activate an option in your account and watch French television when traveling.

Molotov, it’s free.
You are free to add options.

Molotov is free, whatever the device you use.
You can add channels, programs, and options at will. And if you change your mind, it’s without obligation. This is our commitment.

Molotov: old customers will have to pay more for their subscription

In August 2022, Molotov announced an increase in the price of its Premium Molotov Plus formula. Only these prices only concerned new customers. This will not be the case soon. As of March 23, 2023, former clients of the platform will have to pay more their subscription.

Molotov increase price

During the summer of 2022, we had the right to several successive increases in the prices of the main streaming services on the market. This was for example the case of Amazon Prime Video, whose price went from € 49.99 per year to € 69.99 per year. Canal+ has also revised its prices up for its Canal+ and Disney+ formula, especially because of the 20% VAT imposed by Bercy.

In August 2022, the French service Molotov in turn announced an increase in its prices. Indeed, its premium Molotov Plus offer increased to € 5.99 per month instead of € 3.99. However, the platform had specified in its press release that This new pricing grid only applied to the latest arrivals. In other words, former subscribers will be able to preserve their offer at € 3.99 per month.

The old subscribers will have to go to the checkout too

Well, imagine that this is no longer the case. Indeed, Molotov is starting to prevent concerned customers from the increase in the price of their formula. “” “The prices of our subscriptions have evolved since August 4, 2022. You currently benefit from a price that is no longer marketed by Molotov (Molotov Plus, € 3.99 per month) ”, writes the service.

As you can see, Molotov therefore justifies this increase by the fact that The Molotov Plus formula is no longer offered in its catalog. For good reason, it has been replaced by the extra molotov offer, which has more or less the same advantages as Molotov Plus, But for a higher price and set at € 5.99 per month (without commitment).

Via this formula, subscribers can access more than 80 channels, record their programs in the cloud, and watch TV from all over Europe in HD and 4 screens simultaneously. As the platform specifies in this email, The subscription price will automatically increase to € 5.99 per month from March 23, 2023. She adds that the date of direct debit will not be modified, and that the subscription remains without obligation and terminable at any time from the customer area.

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