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Molotov: “Do we want a free television tomorrow that becomes paid? »»

Molotov wants to position itself as the French alternative of Netflix . The platform works in the same way as the American giant. The home page is in the form of a grid which centralizes all the programs available live and replay . With this system, finished the zapping of a channel to the other to finally realize that nothing really interests us. You have the contents under the eyes and you can choose quickly.

Molotov TV subscription: price, reviews, presentation of free streaming TV

You are looking for a solution for Watch TV for free ? Do you know Molotov TV ? This French streaming platform is ideal for viewing chains of the Tnt French without paying a penny. Find all the tips to take advantage of this service and no longer lose a single of your favorite programs.

Presentation of Molotov TV

The technique of streaming revolutionized the way of looking at the TV viewers. Now it is quite possible to do something else while our favorite show goes on the small screen and see it later. Sites and applications specially dedicated to diffusion of chains of TV have appeared for twenty years, which offer a wide range of content available online. The best known of these solutions is Netflix, but other platforms gradually compete with the American giant. Amazon Video Prime, for example, offers you the possibility of having original content. We could also quote Disney +, which recently made its way in the streaming war, Apple TV or Ocs.

In France, if you already have a Netflix subscription , Know that there are alternatives like Molotov TV. This streaming platform was created by three specialists in the world of TV and Internet, two former senior officials of TF1 and Canal+ and the creator of Allociné.

The platform offer: how Molotov works ?

A new way to zap

Molotov wants to position itself as the French alternative of Netflix . The platform works in the same way as the American giant. The home page is in the form of a grid which centralizes all the programs available live and replay . With this system, finished the zapping of a channel to the other to finally realize that nothing really interests us. You have the contents under the eyes and you can choose quickly.

Innovative functions

A emission Attracted your attention ? A progression bar, located under the vignette in the grid, tells you if the program is soon finished or if the broadcast has just started. If the film or the series you want to follow is almost finished, Molotov offers you a “restart” function. This is an essential feature for those who always find something else to do before the film of the evening begins !

The Molotov’s search bar is one of the most efficient functions on the site. You type the name of an actor or a director that you particularly appreciate, and the results of the research indicate the programs in which they appear. It can be a film, a documentary or an interview, you will have all the indications. The search engine tells you as well a emission live that replay or broadcast soon.

In the same way, the “follow” function allows you to receive a notification when a star that you follow passes on TV. Not to be missed for real groupies !

Reasonable prices subscriptions

You want to see a emission several times ? No worries, the function ” E registration “Is at your disposal with the subscription of a paid subscription, Molotov Plus.

For those who want to subscribe to a paid package to take advantage of all the features offered by the platform, you have the choice between the Molotov Plus and Molotov Extended package. Molotov Plus gives you access to 58 channels and the recording function of your 150 -hour emissions. If you travel abroad, you can view the channels offered on the platform from a computer, a Tablet or a smartphone from any European Union country. And if you travel with your family, reading your programs out of 4 devices simultaneously is very practical !

Molotov Extended is the most complete offer of the diffusion. It allows you to view programs on 96 channels, out of 4 screens At the same time, with a 4K quality. L’ registration of your favorite series or films is made on the cloud, for a session of cinema offline where and when you want.

The three packages offered by the platform are free for a month.

Molotov Plus subscription price

From Molotov Plus, serious things start ! You will have access to more than 80 channels, a recording and replay available in cloud, and the possibility of watching TV from all over Europe in HD and on 4 screens simultaneously. All this for € 3.99 / month.

Molotov Extended price

Molotov Extended, it’s all Molotov in larger. You will have access to all the channels in the version plus, but with 30 more channels including quality documentaries and youth programs to view and revision as much as you wish. Molotov Extended is available at € 9.99 per month.

Molotov Prize Grand Cinema

Moviegoers, you are going to be with angels ! Molotov Grand Cinema, it is a huge catalog of films and series for young and old.
Molotov Grand Cinema also includes exclusive series in US+24h, and the spectrum of broadcast films is wide by going from blockbuster to author cinema. Ciné+, Starzplay, Filmotv, RTL9, Paramount Channel… Enjoy the greatest modern and old films when you wish by recording them thanks to Cloud !

Molotov Grand Cinema is available at € 19.99 / month.

The channels available on Molotov TV

You have the choice between the large national channels of the Tnt , but also almost all the secondary channels of digital television. You can watch programs that pass on TF1 , the France Télévisions group or M6 , But also Arte HDR or Chérie 25.

On Molotov, you have the possibility of viewing movies , Documentary series and programs. You have the choice among 36 channels live or in replay , including those of TNT, with the free version. This figure goes up to 58 with the Molotov Plus subscription.

Molotov also gives you access to two exclusive channels, only available on this platform: Mango and Kabillion. The first offers you movies , Especially in the genre of horror or action film, and documentaries. Kabilion is a channel video on demand with children’s content. Your offspring will find their heroes such as Alpha and Omega or Sabrina the apprentice witch.

Summary of Molotov TV subscription offers

Offer Chains Replay Registration Full HD ecrans Price
➡️ Molotov basic 36 Yes No No Free
✅ Molotov Plus 80 Yes Yes 4 Full HD screens € 3.99/month
⭐️ Molotov Extended 110 Yes Yes 4 Full HD screens € 9.99/month
�� Molotov Grand Cinema 1500 films,
US exclusive series,
All cinema
Yes Yes 4 Full HD screens € 19.99/month

How to install Molotov on his TV ?

You have several screens at home and you are interested in Molotov packages ? It is true that these are ideal solutions to view programs on the computer, the Tablet or even theIpad. But how to subscribe to these offers ? Nothing’s easier ! Go to https: // www.molotov.TV/ and follow the indications on the home page. By clicking on “Download”, the site takes into account the device on which you work and download the application or the software, depending on whether you are on the computer or the ipad , For example. All you have to do is create your personal account with a password and an email address. Once you are connected to your account, you click on “Offers” in the main menu and you choose the one that suits you the most.

With or without subscription, take advantage of your favorite programs on all your devices with Molotov TV. The very efficient functions of the application will save you precious time when choosing the programs that interest you. So don’t wait any longer and go to the site !

How many free channels available on Molotov TV ?

With the free version of Molotov TV, you already have access to 31 TV channels from TNT, the best known of which: TF1, the channels of the France TV group like France 2, France 3, France 5 or the big news channels Like BFM TV or C News.

Do you have access to the replay with Molotov TV ?

Yes, you have access to the replay option even with the free version of Molotov TV. On the other hand, the recording option is only available from Molotov Plus, the paid option.

Molotov: “Do we want a free television tomorrow that becomes paid ? »»

Molotov warns against a shift in free television channels to a paid model. The service knows something, the TF1 and M6 groups obtained after a bitter legal battle that their chains are no longer disseminated for free by it.

“Some channels, whose DNA and specifications are free, are slowly switching to paying, Observe Jean-David Blanc, co-founder of Molotov, in an interview with the magazine Point. Do we want tomorrow, in France, a free television that becomes paid ? It is up to the legislator to be careful, and make sure that the channels he wishes free remain so. »»

TF1 and M6 each launched their own paid services, MyTF1 max (€ 3.99/month) and 6play max (included in the Salto offer (from € 6.99/month) in the lot of paid initiatives, even If the common platform of TF1, M6 and France Télévisions exceeds the framework of TV channels by including more content.

Molotov opposes the merger of TF1 and M6, a merger presented by the two audiovisual groups as a means of weighing against the American giants Netflix and Amazon Prime. “[This is] a local response to a global problem, which risks considerably unbalance the French audiovisual landscape and its plurality”, Estees Jean-David Blanc. The president and director of the Molotov strategy expressed his opinion to the competition authority which currently examines the file.

The withdrawal of TF1 and M6 from its free offer would not however be completely unfavorable for Molotov, since it prompted users to subscribe to one of its paid formulas. According to information from Point, Since 2019, the company has multiplied by four its turnover to reach around 12 million euros at the end of 2021. However, Molotov is still not balanced and has been acquired at the end of last year by its American counterpart Fobotv.

The Molotov and Fubotv teams will merge this year and each service will have the mission of consolidating its place on its original market before exporting in other countries. Molotov is increasingly on Mango, its free and integrated video offer on demand funded by advertising. “Advertisers are all the more delighted as they can advertise much better addressed than on television, indicates the president of Molotov. Today we have, with Mango alone, more than 3,000 hours of programs, 3 million views per month and a young audience, at 65 % under 50 and 44 % under 35 years old. »»