VW ID.2, the “people’s electric car” at less than 25,000 euros | Automobile, id2, electric car at less than 20,000 euros: the Volkswagen roadmap unveiled

ID2, electric car at less than 20,000 euros: the Volkswagen roadmap unveiled

Note that nothing is impossible in time, especially in the context where Volkswagen will erect a battery factory in Ontario, a factory that will need to supply vehicles that will be assembled nearby.

VW ID.2, the “people’s electric car” at less than 25,000 euros

Compact like a polo shirt but as spacious as a golf, the VW ID.2 will arrive in dealerships in 2025 with an autonomy of up to 450 km.

The style of the

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The German Automobile Giant Volkswagen wants to democratize the electric car and demonstrate it with the ID.2all, a concept in a style very inspired by that of a golf course which foreshadows an electric city car expected for 2025 and whose price should remain less than 25,000 euros excluding bonus, with an autonomy of up to 450 kilometers. Electric vehicles have won 12 % of the European market in a few years. But they remain confined to higher segments by their purchase price, from 35,000 or 40,000 euros for models like the VW ID.3 or the Tesla Model 3 (excluding bonuses). Manufacturers must therefore still offer vehicles to the middle classes.

Cost increase

VW ID.2 © Ingo Barenschee

The new “ID” arrives on an emerging market where the cheapest of electric cars, and one of the most popular, the Dacia Spring, revolves around 22,000 euros, without bonus, with an announced autonomy of 230 kilometers. The new “People’s Car” of Volkswagen, the first European manufacturer, will above all have to position itself in front of the Renault 5, which is to be released in 2024 with a similar price. Volkswagen had raised the suspense from the last Munich automobile show, where a model had been announced between 20,000 and 25,000 euros. But the increase in the costs of raw materials and energy, the supply problems from the Pandemic of COVID-19 and inflation have complicated this project. “It is not easy to present a vehicle for less than 25,000 euros,” said Thomas Schmall, member of the Board of Directors of Volkswagen, during the brand’s annual conference on Wednesday. But sales volumes should make it possible to achieve “economies of scale and respect this price range,” he added.

GTI performance

VW ID.2 © Volkswagen

ID.2 will be the first Volkswagen Traction on the MEB platform. Its front wheels will be driven by an electric motor of 226 hp allowing to go from 0 to 100 km/h in 7 seconds, a time worthy of a Golf GTI. Its announced autonomy of 450 km requires a battery capacity of fifty kilowatt hours, which its 11 kW on -board charger should make it possible to completely recharge in about five and a half hours. ID.2 will also be able to recover a hundred kilometers of action department in just ten minutes of connection to the ultra -fast terminal (125 kW). Only 4.05 m long, the ID.2 is shorter than a polo shirt, but spacious like a golf course, and has a huge trunk for this category with a loading volume going 490 to 1,330 liters.

Great ambitions

VW ID.2 © Ingo Barenschee

The world number two says it is targeting a share of 11 % of electric vehicles in its global sales this year and 20 % from 2025, against 7 % in 2022. The German group dominated the European electric automobile market last year but is widely preceded worldwide by the American Tesla. For the Volkswagen brand, battery cars must represent 80 % of sales in Europe by 2030, recalled its boss, Thomas Schäfer, by presenting in Hamburg a prototype ID.2 electric blue. The European automotive market will have to switch to all electric in 2035 if the European Union confirms the ban on sales of new petrol vehicles on this date. With its more affordable price, this model is the “key to entering the European and Eastern European markets” and to develop in the countries of northern Europe, where drivers are already more driving driving of electric cars, explains Matthias Schmidt, analyst in the automotive sector to AFP.

Soon an electric VW at 20,000 euros

VW ID.2 © Ingo Barenschee

Chinese brands like MG or DR is already launched with attractive models less than 30,000 euros. At MG, “many customers come from the thermal car, but did not necessarily have the means to go to electric so far,” said a brand spokesperson in France. In parallel, Volkswagen confirmed also working on a model at less than 20,000 euros. He will face the Dacia Spring but also the future models of Hyundai, Stellantis and Chinese manufacturers.

VW ID.2 © Ingo Barenschee

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ID2, electric car at less than 20,000 euros: the Volkswagen roadmap unveiled

For the Volkswagen boss, Thomas Schäfer, the future ID2 at 25,000 euros will be profitable. As for the small electric at 20,000 euros, it should see the light of day in three or four years. A period where the German brand will mainly rock in the battery car, but not in the e-fuel in which its leader does not believe.


The man is not very talkative. Thomas Schäfer would have been better to do since he reached the Volkswagen brand CEO last summer ? In any case, since he directed the first manufacturer from across the Rhine, he broke with the diktat which wants an electric car to be expensive and drawn in a divisive line. It was at the time of the presentation of his first baby, the id2, that he ended up confiding in journalists ofAutomobilwoche and D’Automotive News. And if it is not very talkative, it is not, however, a follower of the unsaid and the tongue of wood.

“ID2 at 25,000 euros will be profitable”

Of course, the question that immediately arises, discovering the ID2, allegedly at 25,000 euros, is its profitability. On this point, Shäfer is categorical. “We are not a charitable organization. We intend to make money. We cannot have rooms less than 6 %. »» That is clear. To achieve this, the boss of VW counts on his colleagues from Cupra and Skoda, who too will use the Meb Entry platform. But he also relies on his own brand, since a second electric will be made on the same basis.

Is it an even shorter car than the ID2 ? No way. Shäfer evokes an SUV, and does not hesitate to say that it will be the same with Skoda. As for the Cupra based on the same platform, this is again a crossover, the Urban Rebel already seen in the form of a concept. “But they will not be less than 25,000 euros”, which seems the minimum threshold for the man at the bar of the Volkswagen brand.

Thomas Schäfer, the boss of Vwet the dad of the

But then, what about the electric car really accessible, and likely to join the social loa program at 100 euros per month ? What about electricity at 20,000 euros ?. The VW boss thinks a lot, and not just shaving. A difficult bet ? “It’s the League champion”, the Grail that everyone wants to reach. He wishes to achieve this for 2026-2027. But the prime contractor for this joint development between VW and Skoda is the Czech brand, admits Thomas Schäfer.

Skoda in charge of the electric car at 20,000 euros

But by the way, this electric mini, and perhaps a little low cost, Skoda-VW will have a stated look like the id2 ? It’s possible. Asked about this, the boss reaches up to one of his collaborators: the director of design of VW, Andreas Mindt, who summed up his work in three words: “Stability, sympathy and enthusiasm”. It is therefore a question of stimulating sympathy and enthusiasm through stability, of an immutable style in short.

Volkswagen unveils the ID concept. 2all, his people’s electric car

Volkswagen unveils the ID concept. 2all, his people's electric car

It’s done, Volkswagen finally unveiled its electricity proposal at 25,000 euros, a kind of modern -day people’s car. The brand became known thanks to a automobile intended for the masses, the Beetle.

She seeks to reproduce the same thing when we go to the electric era. If she wants to catch Tesla, which is her mission, she needs such a model … And before Tesla arrives with her possible Model 2.

Volkswagen Id.2 All - Rear

Volkswagen ID.2 all – rear

Thus, the ID. 2 (the final name it should adopt) will be added to the range when it goes from concept version to production variant. It’s its price that makes all the difference. Converted into Canadian dollars, it gives us a car for some $ 36,000, a price which, once adjusted, could be closer to $ 30,000.

The truth, however, is that we don’t expect this car here. ID. 3, proposed in Europe, and which mainly resumes the proportions of the golf course, was considered too small for the American market; Imagine a more compact car. And to offer a price around $ 30,000, ID should. 2 be built on our continent. Otherwise, it would be closer to $ 40,000.

Note that nothing is impossible in time, especially in the context where Volkswagen will erect a battery factory in Ontario, a factory that will need to supply vehicles that will be assembled nearby.

Let time in time. Let’s say that in Quebec, at a good price, the bitter would make a hit.

The possible ID. 2 will be deposited on a reworked version of the MEB platform which welcomes other ID family products. Unlike ID. 3 and ID. 4, it will offer a traction configuration. The concept has an electric motor developing 223 horsepower, a little more than the 201 horsepower of the ID. 4 basic propulsion.

The autonomy is announced 450 kilometers on the generous European cycle WLTP, which would result in something around 350-375 km from us. It will be to be seen if the basic version will guarantee such figures or if Volkswagen will have slightly less effective solutions with the call proposal at 25,000 euros.

As for the dimensions of the model, remove 10 inches from the current Golf. However, its wheelbase is only a shorter inch, which means that the wheels are really moved to the ends. This will result in outstanding maneuverability, the mini cooper is.

Volkswagen Id.2 All - Interior

Volkswagen ID.2 All – Interior

And, due to its electric configuration, Volkswagen promises a cocoon as spacious as that of the Golf. On board, there is an ultra modern, but very simplistic environment with two screens, a refined central console and room lighting offering the most beautiful effect.

For the rest, it will be necessary to follow the history of this model, especially when the production version is presented.

And we can always live hope ..