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New Orange Decoder

Thanks to the vocal remote control of the UHD TV decoder, it will be possible very soon to interact with a vocal assistant: Djingo. This new feature is not yet available.

Orange UHD TV decoder: test and review 2023

With its livebox offers, orange provided a brand new TV decoder, soberly called UHD TV decoder. Very compact and design, it offers an unprecedented TV experience with 4K, Dolby Atmos or the voice remote control. Here is the full test of this new decoder.

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  1. Orange TV decoder: a new more compact TV decoder
  2. Orange UHD TV decoder features
  3. The interface and TV services of the UHD Orange decoder
  4. TV offer and orange bouquets
  5. Our opinion on the Orange TV decoder

Orange TV decoder: a new more compact TV decoder

Orange UHD TV decoder

There Livebox 4, Released in 2016, was accompanied by the TV 4 decoder. Of the same size and the same design as the Internet case, this decoder had latest generation features.

Orange decided 2 years later, with the Livebox 5, to review your copy, and to design a brand new TV decoder, called UHD TV decoder. It takes up the main characteristics of its predecessor, with a more powerful processor, new features and above all a whole new format.

Indeed, while the TV 4 decoder had for dimensions 215 x 215 x 50 mm, the dimensions of the new UHD decoder are 126 x 126 x 30 mm, a real slim cure. The weight was divided by 4, from 990 g for the TV 4 decoder, at 250 g for the UHD TV decoder.

Technical sheet ::

  • a USB 2 port.0 on the front,
  • HDMI output,
  • an RJ45 Ethernet port,
  • an audio output S/PDIF,
  • of a USB 3 port.0 Type C on the rear face,
  • of a TNT antenna socket,
  • a on / off button,
  • an electrical supply intake.

External hard drive

To obtain a decoder four times lighter, Orange simply removed the 240 GB hard drive that included the TV 4 decoder.

The fact that no hard drive is integrated into the decoder does not mean the no possibility of recording TV programs. Orange offers an external hard drive that is fitted below the decoder. Available for free with the Livebox Up offer, “UHD TV recorder” has a 450 GB storage capacity, which corresponds to 200 hours of HD video.


Orange UHD TV decoder is satisfied with the essentials with regard to connectivity. It has two USB ports, 1 USB 2 port.0 which is on the front side, and 1 USB C 3 port.0 on the back of the decoder. An HDMI port at the rear of the decoder provides the TV flow to your TV. Finally, an Ethernet port allows you to connect the decoder to the Livebox (even if a WiFi link is possible).


On a UHD TV decoder’s stop is located a light diode. This diode lights up in different colors, and aims to inform the subscriber of the activity of the decoder: on, in standby, non -functional ..

Orange UHD TV decoder features

UHD Orange TV decoder

4K HDR and Dolby Atmos

As indicated by his name, Orange UHD TV decoder is 4K compatible, Ultra high definition. The 4K brings 4x images clearer than with HD 1080p. Please note, to take advantage of 4K, it is essential to have a compatible TV.

4K is accompanied by technology HDR Dolby Vision.

In the same line, the UHD TV decoder supports the Dolby Atmos, A technology delivering high -dimensional sound sound. Again, it is necessary to have the equipment (speakers, bass, amplifiers, etc.) required.

If you have all of these essential elements, then this decoder transforms your living room into a real home cinema.

WiFi connection

So far, most of the market decoders have required an ethernet connection with the Internet box. If the Orange UHD TV decoder has an ethernet port provided for this purpose, it is now possible to connect it directly to WiFi, which has the advantage of not having cables to use, and therefore possibly put the decoder in a room other than its box.

New voice remote control

This new TV decoder has a very fine and ergonomic remote control. The latter looks like that of the previous TV 4 decoder, with two main novelties.

The first is the light indicator, located at the top of the remote control. It lights up when pressing a key, or by activating the voice assistant.

The second novelty is the presence of a microphone inside the remote control. Activable from the “micro” key, it activates a voice assistant, called Djingo, in order to pilot the UHD TV decoder from the voice.

The interface and TV services of the UHD Orange decoder

UHD Orange TV decoder interface

THE Orange UHD TV decoder Works with a house operating system (based on Linux). It is therefore Orange which directly makes the features and the interface of the decoder, unlike SFR which.

The TV interface consists of tiles, vignettes, gathered in several categories: TV, applications, games, mediacenter, shop … on the bottom of the interface, we find the TV flow.

Replay, VOD and recording

The Livebox 4 UHD TV decoder has all the features of a premium box. You can access a Selection of TV channels in replay. A large catalog of on -demand video is available, with many shops like mytf1 vod or vod channel. A TV guide is present in order to be informed of upcoming programs on the different channels of the bouquet.

In order to enrich your TV experience, it is possible to subscribe to new optional bouquets and channels, directly from the decoder store.

Finally, the Orange UHD TV decoder has all the features related to the recording and control of the direct. However, a storage support is required, such as the hard drive offered with the Livebox Up offer.

Applications and games

An application and game catalog is available on the UHD TV decoder. You can download “web applications” and musical applications from the dedicated section such as Netflix, Youtube, Dailymotion, Deezer but also Allociné or the weather channel.

Orange also offers a catalog of video games, streaming on the internet. You can notably play Mad Max, Asphaslt 8, Assassin’s Creed, UNO, the great Lego adventure … In total, it’s more than 200 games to play on your TV Livebox 4. The remote control can be used for controller service, as is the Orange TV controller app. But for an optimal experience, real controllers are purchased on the TV site.game.orange.Fr.


Thanks to the vocal remote control of the UHD TV decoder, it will be possible very soon to interact with a vocal assistant: Djingo. This new feature is not yet available.

In the meantime, it is possible to interact with your decoder thanks to the voice directly from the Orange TV mobile application.

TV offer and orange bouquets

Orange TV services

By subscribing to a Livebox or Livebox Up offer, you benefit from a TV bouquet of 160 channels, including a selection in HD and replay. This bouquet includes basic channels, that is to say TNT, regional channels and some thematic channels.

Optional TV bouquets

For those who are not satisfied with the basic Orange TV offer, the Operator offers many optional paid TV bouquets as an optional optional.

The TV bouquet movie series at € 13/month includes all OCS channels, as well as two additional channels. Orange offers a “max” version at € 21/month without commitment with the set of cinema in addition+.

Concerning the sport, Orange broadcasts the 3 beIN SPORTS channels and its event channels for € 15/month without commitment.

The Orange family bouquet is available at a price of € 12.99/month, without commitment. For this price, you have a selection of TV channels for the whole family such as Paris Première, RTL9, AB1, but also Boing, Boomerang, Tfou Max ..

For fiber subscribers, Orange also offers a “family by canal” bouquet, also at a price of € 12.99/month without commitment. It includes all the Canal family channels, some of which exclusively as Disney Junior, Piwi+, Serieclub, MTV, Elle Girl, Planete+, Comedie+…

By channel family with Orange UHD decoder

Other thematic TV bouquets are available, including musical chains, teenage chains, adult channels ..

Finally, the Orange UHD TV decoder is compatible with channel offers. If you have a canal subscription, you will find your channels and services from the decoder.

4K on the UHD Orange TV decoder

L’Ultra high definition 4K is an important point of this new orange decoder, which bears the name. What are contained in 4K on the operator’s decoder ?

Orange offers more than 50 content (films and series) in 4K via the VOD portal. If you have a subscription to Netflix Premium, you can also take advantage of the wide catalog of 4K series from Netflix on the Orange decoder. But also those of Amazon Prime Video and Disney+.

Canal+ has not been associated with the operator to make retransmissions of sports matches in this format, but it remains occasional.

A single linear channel is available in 4K, it is ultra nature.

Orange TV application


To watch TV on PC, mobile and tablet, the operator offers the service ” Orange TV“” . Available on the TV website.orange.fr, on the Google Play Store and the App Store, the Orange TV service gives you access to all the services of the UHD decoder on your other mobility screens.

Our opinion on the Orange TV decoder

The UHD TV decoder of the Orange operator is an interesting choice for those looking for a compact and small device. With its characteristics of 4K HDR, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, it offers image quality and its exceptional for an immersive viewing experience.

With more than 160 channels and many optional bouquets, this UHD TV decoder offers a wide variety of content for users. It is also easy to use and install, which is a major asset for novice users or those looking for a simple and easy -to -use device.

However, UHD’s UHD TV decoder does not have Android TV, which can be a drawback for those who wish to access a wide range of applications and streaming services. It is also important to note that this decoder is exclusive to Orange, which means that users must be subscribed to this Internet access provider to be able to use it.

We also regret the prices of the ORANGE ADSL and fiber offers. Count at least € 41 99 per month to enjoy the new decoder.

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Orange TV decoder exchange, how to receive Canal+ ?

Maybe you recently changed your old orange decoder For the latest black color model (TV4 or UHD TV) ?

To continue to receive Canal+ on your new orange equipment, you must:

  • Electrically plug your new equipment.
  • Connect the HDMI cable delivered to the back of the decoder and to your TV.
  • Press on button on/off at the back of your decoder.
  • Follow the process of installing the Orange TV decoder.
  • Check that you receive Orange TV.
  • Bring your Orange virtual card number.
  • Declare your change of equipment in your Canal+ customer area to receive your programs on the new decoder.

To declare your change of equipment, go to the equipment section and click on “Declare the change of TV box of my operator “.

Note : To find your Orange virtual card number, Follow these tips.

Community responses

LAMORILILLE Level 3 3372 / 5000 points
Name of the author Lamorille User published on April 13, 2023 at 3:40 am 6 months ago REPUNMENT R

@ James69
Hi and thank you for your answer !

James69 Level 4 5000 / 5000 points
Author’s name James69 User published on October 31, 2022 at 9:06 p.m. 11 months ago

Here it is a support forum by subscribers like you .

Canal +person, will not take into account your request .

For your problem, you must be called by Canal+, via customer service and explain your problem to them, for that:

Go to your clean space, then contact, then subscription, then immediate reminder by leaving your laptop number .

A canal person, will remind you .

Subscribe-1127F61Z Level 0 24 / 100 points

Author’s name SUBSIVE-1127F61Z User published on October 31, 2022 at 5:10 pm 11 months ago

Hello I have a channel plus by orange and I would like to stop my subscription to Orange to transfer it to a 4K more channel decoder

James69 Level 4 5000 / 5000 points

Author’s name James69 User published on September 21, 2022 at 1:40 p.m. approximately a year ago

“@pierrickand so you think that if on my orange decoder connected to my livebox I only receive the free TNT channels via my rake antenna I can still receive the channel channels on this decoder please ? “”

I answer your question because Pierrickand has not answered you since September 9

If you subscribe to Canal, you can receive your bouquets, on your Canal +decoder, without any problem.

You have two choices, if subscribed to Canal, to see your channel+ bouquet:

Either go through the orange portal, on your decoder.

Either go through the Canal+portal, by clicking on the Canal+icon, when you are on the orange portal

In both cases, your channels received, come from the internet, via your livebox, and you do not necessarily need to keep a TNT connection, with your roof antenna.

But it will always be useful to you, in the event of an internet cut, to review, all your TNT channels

The only thing, which can prevent you from adding your channel bouquets and channels, on your orange decoder, it is if you have already possessed, other canal+ decoders, because you should not have more than two decorators, per household .

See here the user manual:

Canal: how to access your bouquet on orange TV.