IPhone: Discover the new emojis available with iOS 16.4, here are the 31 new emojis for 2023

Here are the 31 new emojis for 2023

For the moment, iOS 16.4 is in beta version but the final public version should reach all users in March or April 2023. Last year, iOS 15.4 had been deployed in mid-March by Apple. More than a month or two to wait to use new colorful cores ! ��

iPhone: Discover the new emojis available with iOS 16.4

Discover the list of new emojis on your iPhone with the iOS 16 update.4.

Estelle Raffin / Published on February 17, 2023 at 11:19 a.m


Good news ! The iOS 16 update.4 takes care of the new emojis of Unicode 15.0. In total: 31 new emojis ! We take stock of new emojis and their meanings.

1 new smiley, 3 colorful cores, 2 new gestures

This year, only 1 new smiley: the trembling face (Shaking Face). It allows you to express an internal emotion such as shock, doubt or agitation. He can also express disruption in his environment such as annoying noises for example. Another important novelty: 3 emojis in the shape of a heart (plain pink, sky blue and gray). The Emoji Coeur Rose and Uni is the most awaited by users according to Emojpedia. Currently, there are already rose core emojis but they are accompanied by patterns ��.

The united pink emoji has been a popular demand for some time and, alongside the light blue heart and the gray heart, it fills certain notable gaps in the spectrum of colors of the Emoji Coeur, underlines Emojipedia.


In addition, two new gestures in the key: hand that pushes to the right and hand which pushes to the left. Emojipedia explains that they can “Being used individually to represent a rush gesture or a” stop “gesture, or be placed next to each other to create a new emoji” High Five “.


Other new emojis: animals, food, objects ..

As you can see in the first image of the article, other new emojis appear with iOS 16.4:

  • Animals : Élan, donkey, bird, goose, jellyfish
  • Nature and Food: hyacinth, ginger, pea pod
  • Objects : Foldable range, hair peak, maracas, flute
  • Symbols: Khanda (Sikhism), Wi-Fi

A deployment for all in March or April 2023

For the moment, iOS 16.4 is in beta version but the final public version should reach all users in March or April 2023. Last year, iOS 15.4 had been deployed in mid-March by Apple. More than a month or two to wait to use new colorful cores ! ��

Here are the 31 new emojis for 2023

The Unicode consortium announces that it has approved 31 new emojis for the UNICODE 15 update.0.

Héloïse Famié-Galtier / published on September 13, 2022 at 4:52 p.m


After an overview unveiled by Emojipedia, on the occasion of World Emojis Day, the Unicode consortium formalizes the arrival of the 31 new emojis which will incorporate the UNICOD 15 update.0.

31 new confirmed emojis for unicode 15.0

As announced by the Unicode Consortium, the UNICODE 15 UPDATE.0 will have 4489 new characters, including 20 new emojis which have just been approved by the organization.

The list established for Emoji 15.0 provides 11 additional sequences, especially for the variations of the different skin colors. Which leads to a result of 31 new emojis. “The distinction between Unicode 15.0 and emoji 15.0 is that the latter includes sequences in which two or more code points can be combined to display a single emoji, while the first only includes the list of autonomous emoji code points ”, Recalls Emojipedia.

Thus, the Emojis which will compose the update which will take place in 2023 are as follows:

  • A “face” emoji: Unicode 15.0 will only have a “face” emoji representing a trembling face,
  • “Heart” emojis: A plain pink heart, a blue heart, a gray heart,
  • “hand” emojis: A hand that grows to the right, a hand that grows to the left,
  • “animal” emojis: a momentum, a donkey, a black bird, a goose, a jellyfish, a wing,
  • non-figurative emojis: A hyacinth, a ginger root, a pea pod, a fan, a comb, maracas, a flute, a Wi-Fi symbol, a khanda (sikhism).

The 4,489 New Characters in #unicode15 include 20 new #emoji, Along with new emoji sequences, expected to show up on ��s, ��s, and other platforms sometime Next Year → https: // t.CO/92BPON11BP #絵 文字 peak.twitter.com/tK9cyV1SXO

– The Unicode Consortium (@Uunicode) September 6, 2022

The most anticipated Emoji Heart of Emoji 15.0

As Emojipedia underlines in his blogpost, the united pink emoji is very requested by users. Indeed, there is no simple pink heart, the pink hearts are always accompanied by several details. Internet users will therefore have the satisfaction of seeing it appear in the new update, accompanied by a light and gray blue version.


In addition, this is the update that contains the most limited number of new emojis in recent years. In comparison, the Emoji 14 update.0 in 2021 had 112 new emojis, against 31 new emojis for emoji 15.0. The reason: the fact that this new update does not understand emojis representing people, the “human” emojis having composed the majority of updates in the past three years.

A deployment between 2022 and 2023

Regarding the deployment of Unicode 15.0, it should take place between October and December 2022 for Google. It will be necessary to wait until January 2023 to see the update on other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or the Apple OS, according to the calendar published by Emojpedia.