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For a 4 -hour charging time, you can fully enjoy the electric assistance of your bike for 80 to 90 km !
Electric power 468 Wh

Toplife bike battery

Toplife is a range of electric bikes offered by the Large Distribution Carrefour brand. Toplife are city veeys with a very low setting allowing you to be comfortable on the saddle. Toplife batteries are equipped with lithium and exclusively in 36V.

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Wake up gently with a dawn simulator alarm clock

Sometimes incorrectly called alarm clock, dawn simulators reproduce sunrise in your room in your room.

A natural awakening, every morning, allows you to attack the day on the right foot. And the best way to wake up gradually is thanks to a light awakening.

No more stressful alarms. Discover the sweetness of the light rather.

Our range of dawn simulators allows you to benefit from all the benefits of a gentle awakening.

Blue anti -light glasses: protect your eyes from light from screens

We use screens every day, and more and more. Result ? 70% of adults have already felt visual fatigue.

There are many symptoms: eyes to the eyes, troubled view, headache. Long-term, it is cataract and DMLA that can come to ruin daily life.

This is why we have developed a range of glasses and clips against blue light harmful to screens.

By equipping yourself with protection, you will also improve the quality of your sleep. This because the blue light at the wrong time of the day disrupts the biological clock.

blue light screen

Malvied speaking speaking

A better notion of time thanks to a talking clock

70% of the information we perceive go through the eyes. When sight becomes bad, because of age for example, then many simple things become complicated.

One of them ? Know the time.

We are particularly proud of our speaking clocks and awakenings for visually impaired. It is a simple and effective answer to a painful problem. Simplify the life of a loved one with a speaking clock.

Since 2016, thousands of satisfied customers

Purchase made to offer this lamp to a depressed person following the loss of his job. Good value for money, parcel arriving very quickly very well wrapped.

SUivi very appreciable customers And even more at the moment. Happy to make a young company work to whom I wish full of success.

Maryse / Lamp 15,000 lux

I bought the speaking clock for my father 98 years old visually impaired who had plus the concept of time.

He immediately adopted the clock and prevails with him every time he moves. He now knows be located during the day and also be located in the year. The announcement is powerful and clear.

He makes our elders happy. Thanks to Top Life.

Claude / Talking clock

Really great product ! The dawn simulator system is really great and I recommend it to all those who have a difficult awakening in the morning !

Its progressive lighting as well as the sound of the sea (or other) allows you to wake up smoothly !

Thank you very much to Sylvain and Karine for this great product.

Benoît / Bright alarm clock

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Because we believe in the quality of our products, all your purchases are protected by A 30 -day guarantee satisfied or reimbursed.

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Who likes to wait ? Who likes to pay delivery costs ? This is why you receive Your order under 48-72h And we offer delivery from € 45 purchase.

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We are easily reachable, by phone or email at any time. If there is anything, We are here for you.

What you won’t find about the Top Life Luminotherapy Shop

Top Life products promote a healthy lifestyle. We seek, on our scale, to put technology at the service of health.

This is why you will not find here devices related to chromotherapy. We are not against such an idea, however the theory of chromotherapy has not been proven beyond the placebo effect. We only sell products based on studies verified by peers and reproduced in double-avenue.

As said above, you will not find here products of big brands, such as the Philips HF3520/01 Awakening Light, Somneo or even Bodyclock Shine 300 Lumie. We also do not sell lumniotherapy glasses type light.0 or PROPEAQ.

We are developing our products ourselves, and that is why we are able to offer a fair price.

Top Life-Ville electric bike E-8000-Autonomy of 90 km

City electric bike E-8000


Lithium battery Samsung 36v / 13 Ah

For a 4 -hour charging time, you can fully enjoy the electric assistance of your bike for 80 to 90 km !
Electric power 468 Wh

Aluminum frame

Light, thanks to its aluminum frame, this bike weighs only 25 kg against 30 kg on average for an electric bike. In addition, its 28 ″ wheels offer you more speed in less effort.

LCD counter with 6 assistance levels

This counter has for main functions:
– Speed ​​indication
– Indication of mileage
– Battery load level.

Anti -theft

Electric bikes can make envious, which is why this bike is directly equipped with an integrated anti -theft.


• Frame: aluminum 28 ″
• Telescopic fork
• Transmission: Shimano acera rear derailleur
• ShiMano Revo Shift RS35 touring handle
• Autonomy: 80/90 km according to use
• Engine: 250W in the front hub
• Battery: Samsung 36V/13Ah cells
• 6 assistance levels with start -up assistance up to 6km/h
• Loading time: 4 hours
• Number of load and discharge cycles: 500
• Weight: 25.2 kg