New Fiat Topolino 2023: the electric car from 14 years old, Fiat Topolino: the Italian competitor of the Citroën Ami finally has a price

Topolino Fiat

The topolino is equipped with an electric motor with a 5.5 kWh battery. This capacity offers an autonomy of around 70 km with a single load, ideal for your daily trips.

Fiat Topolino (2023): the chic and accessible electric car

Fiat is embarking on a new form of mobility with the topolino. If she will immediately think of the Citroën Friend, she is not a simple restyling and takes on her own identity. Its name, which means “little mouse” in Italian, is not new. It takes up that of a pioneer city car for urban mobility sold from 1936. Today, the Topolino embodies the renewal of urban and sustainable mobility.

New Fiat Topolino: a unique vehicle for Fiat DNA

If the Fiat Topolino is the brand’s first electric cart, it retains Fiat visual identity. The front front is largely recalling the Fiat 500 . The forms are curved, rounded, like the upper part of the hood. Exit the marked lines of the friend.

The main headlights are rounded, as are additional lights below. The bottom of the front shield has a chromed bumper.

Unlike its cousin from Citroën, the rear side is distinct from the front panel. This makes it possible to include this topolino even more in Fiat DNA, with a familiar form in the Italian manufacturer.

This small car combines a simple design with elegance and the Dolce Vita Italian spirit. Two versions of the Fiat Topolino have been announced: Topolino Sedan and Topolino Cabriolet Dolce Vita.

The Fiat Topolino Sedan is a completely closed car, with doors and a solid roof. The new Topolino Cabriolet is discoverable. It has a canvas sunroof and does not include doors. Optionally, a shower is installed for your days at the beach.

Fiat has planned several accessories to complete its optional offer: a USB fan, a Bluetooth speaker, an insulated gourd, a travel bag, and two additional seat covers for the beach

Urban mobility accessible to all

Drive Fiat Topolino at 14

This new electric fiat is not a car but a cart. Therefore, it only requires an AM permit (ex BSR) to be conducted, such as a 50 cc scooter ! From 14 years old, your child will be able to go to college behind the wheel of his topolino. This 100 % electric quadricycle is limited to 45 km/h.

Fiat Topolino: autonomy and recharge

The topolino is equipped with an electric motor with a 5.5 kWh battery. This capacity offers an autonomy of around 70 km with a single load, ideal for your daily trips.

The recharging is particularly easy since it is carried out on a domestic grip 220 V.

You can therefore easily recharge it at your home or on any public terminal equipped with standard domestic socket. Complete recharging is done in just 3 hours.

Fiat Topolino: the Italian competitor of the Citroën Ami finally has a price

Fiat Topolino

As you may know, the Citroën Friend’s commercial card has inevitably pushed some manufacturers to get started on the market for electric carts without a license. If the chevrons brand has not waste of time to decline its friend in several versions, such as friend Tonic or even friend Buggy II, the competitors quickly responded present.

Open tried experience with rocks-e, who is none other than a rebadged friend’s Citroën for the German market. Fiat, which is also part of the Stellantis group like Citroën and Opel, has not decided to adopt the same strategy. With the topolino, The Italian manufacturer wanted to pay tribute to the original Fiat 500 with an elegant and modern microfoiture that smells of dolce vita.

In July 2023, we had the right to a first official presentation of the Fiat Topolino. The opportunity to discover the few specificities of the topolino, which as a reminder is based on the same platform as the friend. To mark its difference, the Italian team made sure to give A personality specific to the topolino, In particular thanks to these unique hubcaps, this exclusive “verde vita” color or these personalized front and rear body panels.

Fiat Topolino

Here is the price of the Fiat Topolino

However, we lacked essential information: the price of this cart without a rather attractive license. Well, Fiat has just announced this September 19, 2023 Opening orders for the topolino in Italy. And if the manufacturer’s press release does not mention any amount, a quick turn on the Italian version of its official website allowed us to obtain the coveted information.

Thus, the invoice would amount to € 7544 on the Fiat site. Be careful, however, this price should be taken with tweezers, since it includes the purchase aid offered by the Italian government. By deducing the different bonuses, The price therefore increases to € 9,890. As a comparison, the Citroën Friend in its entry -level version is offered from € 7,990, without the ecological bonus of € 900.

In his press release, Fiat specifies that it will be possible to opt for A long -term rental offer like on friend. This LLD, for the moment reserved for the Italian market, will extend on 4 years and will allow you to take advantage of the topolino to 39 € per month. However, it will be necessary to pay a first deposit of € 2,582. Concerning France, Orders will be open by the end of 2023, with deliveries made directly to customers’ homes.

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