To do list – Reminder & tasks in the App Store, the 12 best apps to do list for computer and mobile 2023

The 10 best to do list apps (computer & mobile)

Todoist allows easy management of personal and professional tasks. The tasks lists are created in a few seconds, and can be equipped with limits. You can configure push, email and SMS notifications so as not to miss any task. It is possible to categorize your tasks thanks to colored labels and the creation of subtches. You can define priority levels to prioritize the importance of tasks compared to other.

To do list – Reminder & tasks 4+

I recommend this app for people who like me, want to organize themselves better in work, studies and daily tasks. A very easy to use application and both interactive. The colors and types of lists with icons allow a daily reading (daily thanks to the Widjet) fast and efficient. Sorting allows you to put the list of our choice in mind. We can obviously check the tasks performed without what disappear but also delete these. If you want to start or if you like simplicity and efficiency this app is different from others that offer number of sub-parts, with calendar, timetables, places etc, which personally takes me too much time daily, in the end I abandoned.

Developer response ,

Thank you for taking the time to write a very precise criticism ��
We will continue to keep it simple and improve it to make it even easier to use.
Continue to support us ��

I adore

This is great for shopping things to do during the week and the only drawback is that you have to pay to have other colors and other things .

My opinion :

This application is literally part of my life it is incredible you can make your shopping lists, your to do list and notes related to your work I recommend it 100% ��

Developer response ,

Thank you for your comment, I am delighted that you appreciated it !
We are very happy to be part of your life ��
We will continue to improve the application.

The 10 best to do list apps (computer & mobile)

The to do lists have more or less always existed, even if they did not always say their name. To manage your daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly tasks, finished post-notes, flying leaves and other agendas that you will constant ! Today there are many to do list apps that make your life easier and help you manage your projects. These applications are more or less sophisticated and meet fairly varied needs.

From the simple checklist, to the management of task of task by team, there is necessarily a solution made for you. We will present our top 12 of the best todolist apps. But here is to start our 5 favorites.

Asana Avis


  • Available in free and paid version from € 6.99 / month.

#1 Asana, to do list software for teamwork

Asana Homepage

Asana is one of the best task management tools to organize teamwork. You can create all kinds of tasks, manage priority levels, and categorize your tasks thanks to labels and a color code. All tasks can be assigned a deadline, and you can classify your tasks according to their progress. You are thus guaranteed to meet the deadlines for all types of projects.

For teams, ASANA offers the possibility of providing tasks to different members, while sharing the overall display of the calendar. And to save time, repetitive tasks can be automated.


  • Efficient collaborative tool
  • Has a free version
  • Many integration possibilities
  • Different display modes
  • “Comments” function to dialogue instantly
  • Mobile application available


  • Management of individual tasks, impossible to allocate the same task to several team members
  • Requires an adaptation time during the first use

Offers and prices

  • Basic: a free version, ideal for basic project management
  • Premium: $ 10.99/month/per user (annual billing) for more elaborate plans and team
  • Business: $ 24.99/month/per user (annual invoicing) for advanced activity management between a team and employees

Discover AsanaAsana allows a well -organized teamwork, and an overview of the progress of each project.

#2 Trello, the most visual to do list application

Trello apps to do list

In the same spirit as Asana, Trello is a to do list app that allows teamwork organized on the basis of tasks. Trello allows a Kanban Table -style display, which allows you to view all the tasks, and to classify them according to their level of advancement. Cards can be awarded to 1 individual, or several people. You can use filters to customize the task display. The main view of the todolist can also be modified to follow your tasks on a calendar, or a chronological frieze.

The cards can be detailed using a description, attached pieces, and with checklist so that nothing. You can define deadlines, in order to meet the imposed deadlines.


  • Collaborative to do list software
  • Very practical and visual Kanban display
  • Categorization of tasks by colored labels
  • Priority level management
  • Available in free version
  • Mobile application available


  • Requires an adaptation time to understand all the features
  • Offers only a Kanban view (no view of the list or chronological view)
  • Not possible to define dependencies between tasks
  • Free: Perfect for teams or people who are just looking to organize
  • Standard: $ 5/month/per user (annual billing) for teams who want to manage tasks and boost their collaboration
  • Premium: $ 10/month/per user (annual billing) to unlock projects visualization functions in different forms and more
  • Enterprise: from $ 17.5/month/per user (Annual invoicing) for companies who want to connect 50 users minimum to Trello while benefiting from sharp options

Discover TrelloTrello allows perfect teamwork or individual work organization, and offers a very practical and visual Kanban table display option.

#3 Concept, the full list app


Concept offers many features to plan and organize your working time. It is also a tool for collaborative work, which allows you to assign tasks delimited over time to each member of your team.

Concept also allows you to centralize an countless number of information sources for you and your teammates. You only have a few clicks to create a database containing useful documents, important notes and relevant web pages for your business. Among the best to do list apps, this is the one we have chosen to collaborate in the Net Factory.


  • Centralization of useful tasks and sources of information
  • Existence of ready -to -use templates to quickly start organizing your work
  • Wide range of organization and planning features
  • Highly customizable layout
  • Available in free version
  • Mobile application available


  • Difficult to take charge at first
  • Unreliable notifications, you must always check your own tasks yourself
  • Free: Freemium offer for individuals or small teams who need to organize by the week
  • Plus: $ 8/month/per user (annual invoicing) for small groups who want to organize over a month and benefit from unlimited blocks
  • Business: $ 15/month/per user (annual invoicing) ideal for companies that need to bring together several teams and tools
  • Company: a price on request, allows advanced control and assistance in the management and organization of project
  • Concept ia: an additional and optional module at $ 8/month/per user (annual invoicing) to work faster, write better and launch new projects with artificial intelligence

Discover notionConcept is a very rich to do list app, capable of meeting almost all organizational needs.

You want an overview of the templates available on concept ? We have selected the 12 best free concept templates.

#4, the clear and easy to use app

Any do apps to do list is a refined to do list application, easy to take in hand, and multi -support. It is indeed compatible with your smartphones, tablets and your web browsers. It synchronizes with other popular applications such as Trello, Google Agenda or Whatsapp.

You can organize your tasks in chronological order, and indicate deadlines. You also have the possibility of creating reminders as often as necessary, or posting a task of a simple “drag-drop” on your calendar.


  • Easy to handle todolist app
  • Effective synchronization of all your tasks on all your usual applications
  • Use from all your work media


  • Absence of reporting function
  • Paid professional functions
  • Free: Perfect for personal use and management of his weeks
  • Premium: $ 8/month/per user (annual billing) to manage their professional and personal life
  • Teams: $ 5/month/per user (annual invoicing) in order to collaborate and exchange as a team

Discover is one of the to do list applications that are easier to use, and effective for teams and independents.

#5 Evernote, the app to quickly record your notes and checkls


Evernote is above all an application for taking up notes, but it also allows you to manage lists of tasks to be performed. Available on your web browser and from a mobile application, Evernote is quickly loaded from any medium.

The strong point of Evernote is that you can instantly record and keep all types of notes (handwritten, vocal, or in text format). Your notes can be accompanied by attachments. Evernote also extracts data from certain documents such as business cards for example.


  • Integrations with third -party applications
  • Quick recording of notes and tasks
  • Adding attachments to notes


  • Fairly expensive premium version
  • Little bulky attachments
  • Free: a freemium plan for individuals who use Evernote on a small scale to manage their life
  • Staff: $ 10.83/month for a user (or $ 129.99/year). Designed to manage personal and professional tasks on the same interface
  • Professional: $ 14.17/month for a user (or $ 169.99/year). Advised to individuals who want to use Evernote with all pro features
  • Teams: $ 19.99/month/per user for companies wishing to collaborate and share on a unique space

Discover EvernoteEvernote is a perfect application to take notes and record tasks quickly and at any time.

#6 Google Tasks, Google’s simple task management solution

Google Tasks

Google Tasks is an application dedicated to task management automatically supplied with your Google tools. Your tasks have descriptions and dates, and subtacions. This allows you to prioritize your work and cut it into progressive steps. They can also be created from a simple “drag and editing” from an email received on your Gmail box.

Google Tasks is TO Do List software that finds its utility with tool users developed by Google. Your tasks will be automatically reported in your Google Agenda calendar, which allows you an overview of all the events of your day and weeks to come.


  • Easy tool to take in hand
  • Automatic connection with other Google tools
  • Completely free
  • Has a mobile application


  • Lack of visual markers to categorize tasks
  • Absence of priority
  • Limited recurring tasks (without subtaches for example)
  • Free: the free Google Tasks version is enough for most uses
  • Premium plan: plan with additional features such as unlimited shared lists, customizable tables, tags, etc.

Discover Google TasksIf you are looking for to do list software without frills and simple to use, and which fits perfectly with your Google tools, it is Google Tasks that you have to choose.

Manage your projects in a simple way

Sendinblue logo

Reference project management software for VSEs/SMEs





Material management




Material management




#7 Google Keep, the Google note and check list tool

Google Keep

Google Keep is a note taking tool. In the same vein as Evernot, Google Keep allows you to record written, handwritten and vocal notes. It allows unlimited storage of notes and fits Google Workspace.

Google Keep is a very good supplement to Google Tasks, since this application allows you to record useful information very easily. It also allows you to create checklists to manage simple tasks.


  • Allows you to quickly manage checkls
  • Integrates with other Google tools
  • Allows different notes formats
  • Sober and intuitive interface
  • Free tool


  • Do not alone plan to plan tasks, it must be used with Google Tasks and/or Google Agenda

Offers and prices

  • Free: Google Keep is 100% free

Discover Google KeepTo take notes, create checkls, and automatically link them to Google Agenda, Gmail, or Google Tasks, Google Keep is a free and efficient solution.

#8 Todoist, the flexible application for the self -employed and the work teams

todoist apps to do list

Todoist allows easy management of personal and professional tasks. The tasks lists are created in a few seconds, and can be equipped with limits. You can configure push, email and SMS notifications so as not to miss any task. It is possible to categorize your tasks thanks to colored labels and the creation of subtches. You can define priority levels to prioritize the importance of tasks compared to other.

Todoist is also one of these collaborative to do lists apps. It allows you to share your tasks with other users. You can also delegate tasks to your employees. Todoist also provides productivity reports in the form of graphics.


  • Collaborative to do app
  • Allows productivity reporting
  • Has templates to start quickly
  • Many possible integrations, especially with Google Agenda, Gmail, Slack and Dropbox
  • Available in free version


  • Relatively complex view to set up
  • Fairly limited free version, rather reserved for personal use
  • Free: a version for beginners with few projects to manage and a weekly organization
  • Pro: $ 4/month for a user. Designed for large -scale and long -term project management
  • Business: $ 6/month/per user, for teams and advanced monitoring and management features

Discover TodoistTodoist is a versatile and flexible planning tool that you can use alone or with your team.

#9 ticktick, the to do list app which calculates the time devoted to each task


Ticktick has a simple interface and all the features offered by the best to do list apps. Your tasks can be equipped with tags to better filter them, and priority levels. Not only can you schedule a due date for each task, but also an hour limit. You organize in detail each working day.

A timer function allows you to timer the time spent on each task, in order to better manage working time. This eventually allows you to charge the time spent on certain production stages.


  • Reminders management
  • Management of working time
  • Collaborative application


  • Does not integrate with other planning tools
  • Paid advanced functions
  • Free: this to do list app offers a free time -limited trial version in time
  • Premium: Annual plan at $ 27.99/month which opens access to all the functionality of the calendar and the history, to customize the filters and to follow the progress

Discover Tick TickTicktick is very useful for calculating the working time devoted to each task. It allows you to assess your productivity in detail, and to rationalize your working time.

#10 Microsoft to do, the user tool for the Microsoft 365 suite

Microsoft to do list apps

Microsoft to do is the to do list application of the Microsoft suite. It is used for free online from your web browser and your Apple or Android smartphone. Like its competitors, to do allows you to create tasks with priority or not, and deadlines.

You can opt for the display called “my day” to select the tasks you want to perform during your day. You will see the tasks pending in order of priority appear, on dates, by date of creation or in alphabetical order, according to your choice.


  • Free application
  • Fully integrates into the Microsoft environment
  • Easy to use


  • No integration with solutions other than Microsoft
  • Unflexible display
  • Free: most of the features of the to do list app are accessible for free
  • Microsoft 365: A paid version that overall improves the experience on Microsoft and all these software (including TO DO). Variable price depending on the profile and needs.

Discover Microsoft To DoMicrosoft to do is easy to use, and rather recommended for assiduous users of the Microsoft office suite.

#11 Clickup, all-in-one digital workplace

Top app to do list clickup

This Californian productivity platform, created in 2017, can boast of being one of the most complete on the market. Clickup offers an elegant interface to create, organize and follow simple or complex tasks. Mission lists and views are highly customizable.

The application also promotes collaboration and automation such as assignment of tasks, notifications and updates. Time optimization also involves a Time Tracking of Task Service.

In addition, you can view the statistics, reports and progress of your projects. Finally, the Clickup application is integrated with many other popular applications and tools.


  • Effective and stripped ergonomics
  • Time Tracking
  • Revolves with different applications
  • Integrated calendar
  • Automation of repetitive tasks
  • Efficient customer support


  • Stiff learning curve due to the many features
  • Heavy and sometimes slow software
  • No possible export of dashboards
  • Free: ideal for personal use that has little storage space
  • Unlimited: $ 7/month/by user, this plan meets the needs of small businesses
  • Business: $ 12/month/by user, this plan meets the needs of medium -sized businesses
  • Company: a price on request, for large companies

Discover ClickupAmong the most complete and extensive to do list apps on the market

#12 Things, the app for freelance and individuals on Mac and iOS

Top app to do list Things

This application Apple Friendly offers a multitude of features while remaining easy to use. Add and organize the skeleton of the tasks is done quickly and clearly. You can notably structure your missions to the means of header, beacons and keywords. All, with a simple “drag-drop” system

In addition, Things fits into your calendar, offers reminders in the form of notifications and works with intuitive keyboard shortcuts. The Apple App can integrate into popular tools like Slack.

However, Things is one of the rare to do list apps not intended for collaboration, analysis, visualization of tasks and project management in team teams. This is an application that responds above all – and perfectly – to individuals or freelancers who do not want a complex tool.


  • Elegant and fluid design
  • Mobile and web version
  • Unique purchase
  • Widgets available on devices of devices
  • Displacement of tasks not performed the next day
  • Reminders in the form of clearly visible notifications


  • Absence of version for Windows and Android
  • No free version
  • No collaboration possible on tasks or centers
  • Day -to -day visibility only
  • For Mac: $ 49.99
  • For iPhone and Apple Watch: $ 9.99
  • For iPad: $ 19.99

Discover ThingsYou are an Apple user ? You need to simply organize yourself in your personal tasks or a project of which you are the only master ? Things is undoubtedly the solution.

That’s it, you are ready to throw your calendar in favor of one of the best apps to do list accessible everywhere from your computer or your smartphone ? Choose the one that will cover your needs in terms of organization and work habits, and avoid using several at the same time so as not to get lost in your notes and forget about tasks.

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