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Best free to do list apps in 2021

At this point, you probably understand why you procrastine Sometimes on your tasks: You have too many tasks. A day not being expandable, you cannot do everything. And stop guilty, it’s not your fault.

TOP 14 TO-DO LIST applications in 2022

One of the keys to success is to stimulate productivity and accomplish more tasks in a given time. You may already use a paper list to Create your to-do list ? Or even an application, but it does not completely suit you ?

One of the fundamental characteristics of any productivity tool is the list of tasks to be accomplished. This is a list of things you need to do in order to achieve a goal. The list will group all your tasks in one place. A Effective to-do list can help you establish priorities, follow your progress, refresh your memory, easily do tasks in due time. ��

For that, you don’t need a to-do list application high -end with complicated features. Best Task List Applications must be simple enough to make your life easier, but powerful enough to allow you to accomplish your tasks.

In this article, I will present to you and review the 14 best free and paid to-do list applications. Let’s take a look at the best software for the task lists and find the one that suits you best to stimulate productivity at work. Let’s go !

to do list

1) Quire

Quire is one of Planning applications and the best rated tasks for personal use and professional teams. The elegant and intuitive interface is one of the aspects that quire users appreciate the most.

A good to-do list application must have the simplest and most direct flow to allow users to rationalize their work. With Quire, you can configure different lists for different projects. For example, a list of daily tasks such as “shopping list” and another list for more complicated tasks, such as “writing a book”. ✍️

Quire brings your to-do list to another level and introduces a list of endlessly nested tasks, unlimited tasks and subtaches that help you break down large ideas into smaller and achievable tasks.

  • List of nested tasks: break down the important tasks and organize them using structured lists.
  • Kanban table: focus on crucial tasks selected in a short time.
  • Sub legistes: for a task list, Create as many subsists as you wish To focus on what matters most to you.
  • Time line: a magnificent Gantt diagram which allows the schedules to be planned in the most intuitive way that is.
  • Planning: Define the start date, the start time, the due date, the recurring date for a task in order to follow the process.
  • Lack of various theme options
  • No integrated team integrated team

Price: a very complete free plan.

quire app

2) Microsoft to-do

Microsoft TO-DO is an application of TO-DO PERSONAL LISTS With all basic features. You can easily integrate it into outlook tasks.

However, this application has some drawbacks since it does not have subtaches or collaboration tools. In addition, the maximum size of the attached files is very limited. If you work with a dynamic team, it is likely that you had to find better alternatives. ��

  • Personalized daily planner with suggested tasks.
  • Operation on several devices.
  • Recurring dates and due dates.
  • User -friendly interface. ��
  • Completely free.
  • Lack of advanced task management capacity
  • Lack of collaboration tools

Microsoft to do

3) Ticktick

It’s about a collaborative application Well known that can be implemented with the Getting Things Done method. The ticktick reception box allows you to note all your ideas. Ticktick’s interface is very similar to that of any other productivity application. You can add a due date, recipients, labels and priorities to better manage a task. ��

  • Rich tasks management functions.
  • Customizable calendar.
  • Priority level and tasks labels.
  • Drag functionality.
  • User -friendly interface.
  • Advanced features and characteristics are only available with the paid version
  • Lack of integration with other applications

Price: from € 28.99 per year.

Tick ​​Tick

4) Google Keep

The following candidate in this list of the best to-do-list apps is Google Keep. Without the robust features, Google Keep is intended for personal use only. If you are familiar with a simple to do list Who can be used anywhere to put your thoughts to the clear, Google Keep will be perfect for you. ��

One of the best features of Google Keep is the possibility of dictating notes with your smartphone and the software can transcribe them. In addition, this app can be imported directly into Google Docs, which offers more formatting options.

  • Excellent mobile reminders.
  • Flexible drawing and typing features.
  • Operation on several devices.
  • User -friendly interface.
  • Easy notes.
  • Lack of collaboration tools.
  • No dates of maturity or recurring dates.
  • Impossible to share a group of notes.

Google Keep

5) Omnifocus

If you manage your tasks using the Getting Things Done method, Omnifocus could interest you. It has many rich features which are personalized for practitioners of the GTD method only.

The Omnifocus interface is very colorful, like any other Popular task management application cloud -based. You have a three -stea window to use Omnifocus. You can create a large number of projects and group them in files. ��

  • Reception box to note the tasks immediately.
  • Sorting and organization of tasks.
  • Dates of maturity and recurring dates.
  • Personalized perspectives.
  • Edition by lots to modify several elements.
  • No collaboration, personal use only.
  • Only works with macOS and iOS.
  • Relatively high price.

Price: from € 49.99 per month.


6) Things

Things has always been one of the best alternatives to Wunderlist or the best to-do list applications to date. However, Things is only available for iOS users. If you have a MacBook and an iPhone, Things may be worth trying.

This app has most of the features required for an application rich in functionalities. The essential value of THINGS is its ability to task management and in the way it can help you shape your task list in a very effective way and manage your time . ✌️

  • Control lists.
  • Charts and performance reports.
  • Personalized fields to centralize information.
  • Ability to manage complex tasks.
  • Clear interface.
  • Available only for Mac and iOS platforms.
  • No time monitoring function.
  • Can be complicated for beginners.

Price: from € 49.99 per month.

Things App

7) Remember The Milk

If you are looking for a task list application that can be used in collaboration with other team members, Remember The Milk may be the one you need. With a free account, you can note tasks, the Plan and share The entire to-do list with other members.

Remember The Milk also has an extensive recall function which can be very practical for those working on a long list. Their function of smart list is also another asset. It supports natural language so that you can write all the details on a single line without going from the mouse to the keyboard. ��

  • Intelligent reminders on several devices.
  • Share your lists.
  • Plan a task.
  • Location tasks.
  • Smart lists to follow your projects.
  • Multiple integrations with third parties.
  • No advanced team collaboration.
  • No geolocated reminders.

Price: from € 39 per year.

Remember The Milk

8) notion

It’s about a All-in-one platform that you can use to manage your daily tasks or use as a workbook. This task list application allows you to take notes, create a task list, manage and follow your data. ��

You can write, plan, collaborate and organize yourself with this simple app. One of the main concept characteristics is its clean space that allows you to note your ideas and build your own task list.

  • Customizable dashboard.
  • Flexible kanban task list and table.
  • Offline access.
  • Calendar view.
  • File cabinet.
  • Limited functions in the free version.
  • No time monitoring function.
  • No cat function.

Price: from € 4 per month.

notion app

9) Workflowy

Workflowy is a cloud-based tool that allows users to manage their to-do lists. The minimalist interface perfectly imitates a notepad on which users can note ideas and distribute them in different nodes. Workflowy works better to organize scattered ideas in a list of things to do. ��

Workflowy allows team collaborations. Users can also mask and archive the elements that are not important or already made.

  • Unlimited lists.
  • Backup on Dropbox.
  • Collaboration protected by a password.
  • Theme and fonts.
  • Research, extension and narrowing features.
  • No recent updates.
  • Mobile applications worse than on PC.

Price: from € 5 per month.


10) Evernote

With Evernote, you can take notes wherever you want, on your phone or on your computer, then synchronize them as soon as you are connected to the Internet. You can access your notes and to-do lists at any time. ��

Beyond a simple list of tasks and a Screening application, Evernote allows users to take advantage of high -tech features such as optical character recognition (OCR) to search for your text in written notes. You can also add labels, cross links, control lists and tables to your notes.

  • Operation on several devices.
  • Sharing.
  • Take notes with your handwriting.
  • Management of projects and tasks.
  • Integrated notes models.
  • Synchronization with emails.
  • Lack of complex to-do lists management functions.
  • Insufficient storage space for pros.

Price: from € 7.99 per month.


11) Todoist

The Todoist interface is simple, wrapped in a Minimalist design. However, Todoist is more suitable for a small team or personal use, rather than a large creative team with complex projects.

Todoist’s list of tasks reproduces the yellow notepad that everyone has known from college. You can define due dates, recurring dates and priorities for each task. ��

  • Creation of tasks directly from an email.
  • Back and comments on tasks.
  • Define priority levels.
  • Integrated Library of Project models.
  • Customizable filters.
  • Real -time synchronization.
  • Bad view of the calendar for tasks.
  • Lack of advanced tasks monitoring features.

Price: from € 3 per month.

to do ist app

12) Google Tasks

With Google Tasks, you can add tasks directly from your Gmail account thanks to its extension. It is a perfect app for personal use. You can easily drag and drop to Classify your tasks in order of priority and make changes to your to-do list. ��

  • Easy management of to-do lists.
  • Synchronization with Gmail and Google Agenda.
  • Drag-drop features.
  • Adding notes on tasks.
  • Easy to use.
  • No time monitoring capacity.
  • No team collaboration functions.

Google Tasks


The Any app.Do is perfect for Manage your tasks and subtasions with an easy drag and drop function. One of the main sales arguments of Any.Do is his ability to create tasks with your voice. If you are familiar with Google Assistant or Siri, you already know how it works. Just talk to your smartphone and any.Do will create a to-do list for you. ��

Any.Do also wins the heart of many of its users thanks to its simple and refined design.

  • Simple management of to-do lists.
  • Adding tasks by voice command.
  • Management of recurring tasks.
  • Unlimited number of joint files.
  • Notes in tasks.
  • Personalized theme options.
  • The free version provides few features.
  • Absence of advanced report option.

Price: from € 2.99 per month.

Any do App

14) Teuxdeaux

In case you do not know how to say Teuxdeaux, it is pronounced as “to do”. This application allows you to create a list of things to do and organize them all together. Could you do Slide and move the tasks To create different lists. You can also plan everything to do or define a task to repeat in the calendar. ��

  • Personalized task lists.
  • Easy drag and drop function.
  • Synchronization with the calendar.
  • Markdown care.
  • Operation on several devices.
  • Too simple for a complete task list application.
  • Absence of integrated time monitoring module.
  • No free version.

Price: from € 3 per month.


What is the best to-do list app ?

The key to keeping your work organized is to have a to-do well ordered. In the list above, I have provided you a large number of interesting options that you can test by yourself ! I always say that with the right application of to-do list, you can realize all your dreams ! It’s up to you to find the one that suits you.

What would you say if I offered you A list of things to do detailed to mount an online business generating 10,000 euros in turnover After only 4 months ? �� This is what I offer you in my program called Challenge SEO . The to-do list is already done, you just have to take action ! Discover the challenge by clicking on the image below.

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For more than 4 years, I have helped dropshippers to make more online sales with their shop. I hope this article has answered your questions and that it will allow you to develop your activity ! ��

Best free to do list apps in 2021

You are tired of doing your todo list on post-notes ?

You are looking for theTodo List application which will suit you best, depending on the use you want to make of it ?

So, you are in the right place, if you are looking for an application, and want to guide yourself on a digital version, and not paper. I will then give you tips for writing your task list.

I will introduce you 4 Todo List applications, By presenting their qualities to you, and sharpening a maximum for your choice.

Of course, they are all free If you are satisfied with the basic functions, you can test them as you want !

How to make a to-do list

The 4 Todo List applications that I recommend

I preferred to stay on a limited number of applications, and especially that I tested. There are hundreds of applications, but the idea is to Advise you to choose a.

Here are the 4 Todo List applications I’m going to tell you about.

Which todo list application to use ?

  1. Notion The most complete note block application, which also allows you to create task lists.
  2. Todoist A safe bet, with a superb design, which does the job really well.
  3. Any.Do Superb very refined application, which has a very interesting agenda function.
  4. Habitica If you like the world of video games, it will necessarily suit you.

I explain everything to you on these 4 applications, in detail, just below.

Stay well until the end, because I do not leave you alone with these applications, I give you my advice then ! And don’t forget to leave with my guide below !

1] Concept: A giant note block

What does notion look like

Once your account Notion Created (iOS, Android, Web), you will probably be somewhat disconcerted.

The possibilities are so endless, that the first steps in concept are quite frightening ! Especially since, once registered, to show you all the possibilities, it is automatically added examples of everything that can be achieved !

Application Concept Bloc Notes

On the left, are all the pages you have created in concept.

For each page created, you will be able to add a title, an icon, and a blanket, to personalize it.

Then, in each page, you will be able to create all kinds of blocks, in different forms:

  • text,
  • titles,
  • another page,
  • To-do lilst (by checking the box, the task is striped),
  • Bulleted List,
  • Toggle Llist: You add information under a title, and you can display this information or not, by clicking on the arrow.

What you can do with concept

Concept can serve as gigantic database. You can note everything in: your to-do, your shopping list, the list of gifts you want to offer at Christmas, everything you take in your suitcase when you go on a trip, the list of your favorite movies, your outings Bike, etc

And function that I love in particular, just like Evernote, you can Save web pages of a click, from a chrome extension for example.

What’s the point ? Well to easily find information you want to keep, to create an information database on a particular subject, like your passion for example.

With Notion, You can therefore create task list, but also create pages that you can share with your colleagues, or even on the web !

Finally, know that there are hundreds of templates proposed by concept or other users, which will allow you not to leave 0.

You will like notion if ..

  • You like to be able to configure everything, and put your hands in the cump,
  • You want an application all in 1,
  • You need a giant note block to save everything,
  • You want to create pages and share them in the world.

2] Todoist: the most complete

To what Todoist looks like

Todoist is an application, available on iOS, Android, on a browser or on their software, which allows you to organize yourself and above all to plan.

Todoist application

What you can do with Todoist

You can Create a task, Fill in your level of importance, assign it to someone, and define a deadline, or a recurring due date.

You have the possibility of adding a comment for the task, practical to give additional explanations.

Know that if you like todo in the form of Kanban paintings, You can do it with Todoist Boards. Yes, they take up the principle of Trello !

There are also additional functions to “push” you to perform your tasks.

Indeed, Your productivity is measured !

You can impose yourself a goal of a number of tasks to be performed every day. By default, 5 tasks. And the safeguard app and shows you the number of days you have held this goal.

Another element, depending on your use, your level of karma evolves. The more tasks you do, the more you go up. Like a kind of level, as in a video game for example.

Finally, know that as in concept, there are models that will allow you for example to use the Eisenhower matrix simply or even the David Allen GTD method.

You will like Todoist if ..

  • You need an ultra-complete to-do list,
  • You work in a team, and need to delegate tasks.
  • You want to work with Kanban paintings

3] Any Do: For those who like to visualize an agenda

What does any do

Any do is an application to the minimalist design, which allows you to create lists in a very simple way.

It is available on all platforms, Android and iOS, Fixfox and Chrome with an extension, or simply from any browser.

What you can do with Any.Do

Any Do can be used solo or collaboratively if you work in a team for example.

With the Todo List management application, you can:

  • Create task lists,
  • use a calendar To plan them and put reminders,
  • See the list of tasks of the day, and confirm if you will perform the task today or later, if it is done, or if you delete it.

What I like in particular about this application is the display of your task list in your agenda. Indeed, this visualization allows you to check if your day is well balanced.

And if you are a follower of batching, that is to say that you work in prizes, well it is perfect. Because you will be able to create time blocks, and display them directly in Any Do.

You will like Any Do if ..

  • You are looking for a todo list application that really makes the essentials, without superfluous,
  • You use the batching method.

4] Habitica: For all geek

What Habitica looks like

The promise ofHabitica is simple, and makes you smile: Gamify your life. In good French, transform your life into video games.

You are therefore the hero of your day, with as in a game, quests (your tasks) and treasures (when you perform them), with levels to pass if you real.

It is therefore an application on Android and iOS, or on a browser, which may not please everyone, because it presents itself as a video game ! She will speak more to geek and gamers.


What you can do with Habitica

Habitica allows you to note, in the form of 3 tables with lists:

  • The new habits you want to take,
  • Your daily tasks,
  • the tasks you have to do.

As soon as you register, Habitica asks you what you want to work on, it can be sport, health, your studies, your work, your sleep, etc.

Once this selection is made, the app makes tasks, which you can keep, modify or delete.

I advise you to go to this page to start well.

You can of course activate notifications, so that Habitica reminds you of everything you want to accomplish.

Its advantage is that you are rewarded when you do a task, getting items.

You will like Habitica if ..

  • You like geek universe and video games,
  • You want to set up a new habit,
  • You are tired of todo lists with sleek design !

How to make a 6 -step todo list ?

1] Note whatever you go through your head

If you do not have a current list, it’s time to choose one of the applications I have offered you above, and Note everything that goes through your head !

The idea is to empty your brain in your application.

For the moment, do not try to classify the tasks, simply note everything you wanted, or had to do.

This first step should not be done lightly, you have to take at least 15 minutes so as not to forget anything.

Once you have exhausted all your ideas, go to the next step.

2] Classify your tasks

To help you Structure your ideas, it’s time to Gather your tasks in the way that suits you, according to your own logic. You will realize that this ranking will also condition when and where you perform these tasks.

You can for example classify your tasks as follows:

  • professional : If you are an employee like me, you know that all these tasks will be carried out at your workplace and during your working hours. You can also refine by distributing your tasks by project.
  • staff : consequently, they will be made in the morning (early !), evening or weekend. For example, tinkering, cleaning, storing, etc
  • Side Project : If like me, you have a side project, that is to say a project on which you work outside your job, you can note your tasks here.
  • sporty : you may be part of a sports club, and have to train, note it here !
  • etc

You will see that at this stage, everything will already be clearer in your mind !

In the applications that I have offered you, it is often possible to add tag, or create different projects, to precisely classify your tasks.

Tips for Todo List

3] Eliminate the useless

So what is your score ?

10 tasks, 50, or 100 ?

Tell me in comments !

At this point, you probably understand why you procrastine Sometimes on your tasks: You have too many tasks. A day not being expandable, you cannot do everything. And stop guilty, it’s not your fault.

So you have to ask the right questions. If you haven’t been advancing on a project for a long time, then it may be that you are not so motivated.

In my case, every year, I noticed the goal of learning to speak English. And every end of the year, I realized that I was far away, very far from getting there, because I did not invest enough time.

I ended up realizing that this wish was not really a priority, so I decided to put this project again until later. So I stop feeling guilty, and I move on.

Do the same, pass your tasks again as a review. Now that you have classified them, make sure that everything is balanced and achievable.

4] Cut into small daily tasks

Here we touch one of the fundamental advice of the productivity !

And as an example is always more speaking than a long speech, here is a.

If you want to write a book, then you may have noted in your to-do list: write a book.

But, say like this, it is a frightening task !

When you are faced with a major project, which spreads over several months, it is better to cut it into small pieces. And if possible, in tasks that can be carried out in one day.

To write a 300 -page book, you can add the following task to your Todo List: Write a page of my book.

Much less frightening no ? You maximize your chances of succeeding.

If you tend to procrastinate, you can read my article that presents methods to stop procrastine !

5] The most important first

When you start a working day, you must be clear about what you need absolutely.

A simple idea to remember is to plan to perform 3 important tasks during the day.

And above all, you must start with one of these important tasks.

So do not open your mailbox in the morning, at the risk of making you get caught up in another task, less important.

If you have difficulty determining what your important tasks are, you can use the Eisenhower matrix : a 4 -entry matrix, which allows you to classify your tasks according to their degree ofimportant and emergency.

6] Work by lot

The last key for good Structure your day, it’s from work out, This is called the patch.

The idea is that we are much more effective by working on a succession of similar tasks, rather than changing.

To work in batching, you must focus on a similar task group, for a period of time, fixed in advance, and without interruption.

To fully understand how to organize yourself with this method, I refer you to this article about batching.

Up to you !

Choose the application that talks to you the most, test for a week, and if it does not suit you, change.

Then remember well:

How to make a 6 -step to list ?

1] Note whatever you go through your head.
2] Classify your tasks.
3] Eliminate the useless.
4] Cut into small daily tasks.
5] The most important first.
6] Work by lot.

So what is your choice of to-do list applications ?

If you are wondering, for my part, I use notion in my job, and for my blog.

I had more than that I am noted in a notebook, because I couldn’t find anything. Now, all my reports of site meetings are in concept, including my internal meeting notes.

To read also:

  1. How to define a Smart objective in 5 steps ? (PDF table and examples)
  2. Act and succeed in Olivier Roland’s newspaper: 30 productivity tips
  3. Telework: 18 experts share their best advice !

The best “to do list” applications to organize your tasks

Whether for studies, work or at home, it is necessary to know how to organize. Here are some “to do list” applications that will allow you to best manage your many tasks to do, whether it is to think of shopping, to finish your dissertation or to complete this project whose rendering was planned for the day before yesterday.

The fat mornings are good, procrastination too, but to know how to best manage your time in order to benefit more leisure, it is still necessary to know how to organize. Whether at work, in studies, in high school or even for house chores, you can find very effective applications to best manage the tasks to come. Here are the best applications to help you manage your to do lists. Bonus: it also works for shopping lists.

Google Tasks

Google offers several different services to manage its lists and tasks. For example, Google Keep is counted to manage the note taking, but also Gmail reminders or the Google Home race list. The most relevant service is nevertheless Google Tasks.

This Google application is dedicated only to the management of your tasks. You can add as much as you wish. Once a task has been created, you just have to add a description if necessary, note a deadline and even add secondary, practical tasks if you want to detail a list of shopping for example). The list can then be organized in several ways, with a personalized system or depending on the date scheduled for each task. Too bad, however, that it is not possible to add color bookmarks depending on the category of each task or to give a level of priority for each entry.

Google Tasks is available on Android, but also on iOS and in Google Agenda on the web.

Google Tasks: overcome all your tasks

Google Tasks: overcome all your tasks


Very popular, the Todoist application is especially very complete and particularly effective. Free in its basic version – Premium adds labels, comments or unlimited reminders – it allows you to create tasks, plan their due date, display all the tasks to do on days or weeks to come, but also to create sub-projects and priority levels. All this can be shared with possible employees.

We will also appreciate the possibility of postponing a task at later a simple shift to the left and the different themes available, including the dark mode. Note Todoist’s compatibility with the excellent IFTTT, with Wear OS watches.

Todoist a simple and rather intuitive functioning based on a chronological order of the tasks. So you can add elements for today, tomorrow, to come and one day. To move a task, just drag it into the calendar, a swipe allows us to indicate that it has been carried out, and to shake up the phone means that the activity must be erased.

We particularly appreciate the suggestion of tasks by categories. By creating a new element, Any.Do offers us if we want to call, get, buy, check or clean something. We only have to finish the sentence with the element. We also appreciate the possibility of automatically adding tasks to its Google calendar and the integration of a reminder system that can be repeated regularly.

If you agree to pay the premium version available by subscription, you can then access certain functions in addition such as recurring tasks, personalized themes, unlimited daily planner, colored labels or Focus mode.

Microsoft To-Do

Not content with having bought the Wunderlist application, Microsoft also offers its own application of to do list With Microsoft TO-DO. This stands out from competitors with pretty photos in the background.

When creating a new list (many can be managed), you can simply add tasks associated with a due date and with the possibility of incorporating reminders and a repetition. For each task, it is possible to add a star to put it among the priorities. A very practical function with the sorting function by importance. It is also possible to sort the tasks by due date or simply in alphabetical order or date of creation. We can also define a task as part of “my day” to of course be added to his tod of the day.

Overall, Microsoft To-Do is in simplicity. The application is simple to understand and take control. However, we can regret the absence of certain functions such as the subsists. A gap which is nevertheless filled by the management of apart racing lists.

Microsoft to do: lists, tasks and reminders

Microsoft to do: lists, tasks and reminders


In six years, Ticktick has established itself as one of the best applications of to do list. It must be said that it offers a very refined interface, but particularly complete.

When adding a new task, you can easily add tags that will be supported by the entire application. It is also possible to add a priority on four levels. Finally, you can easily add a date and an hour of maturity for each task if you need it.

Once your tasks have been added, a “today” tab allows you to have at a glance all the elements you have to do for the same day. Practical not to feel too cornered under the actions to do. Above all, the application is also available in a web version, practical to access your tasks also from a computer, with efficient synchronization.

Ticktick also offers a premium version, at 30 euros per year, which allows you to add a calendar view, add a duration estimate for each task or personalize the options of swipe on each task.

Ticktick - List of tasks

Ticktick – List of tasks

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