Tinder meets & appointment in the App Store, the new Tinder logo is no longer typographic! We decrypt.

Decryption of the Tinder logo: the flame eclipses the brand name

This flame symbolizes the promise of the brand: passionate relationships. Regarding its design, it has been reworked. The flame is thicker, more rounded and the Orange color of the old logo was replaced by a Pink degraded from orange. This new association is more dynamic and refreshes the image of Tinder. It more reflects the spirit of the application and its “avant-garde”.

Tinder meeting & meeting 17+

I was very satisfied with this application for having used it for a while with a premium subscription. Of course, we find any profile as I imagine on other sites. But I was able to have pretty meetings with very serious people. Unfortunately, like other users, I was struck off without any reason, without having been warned, and without justification, with moreover no possibility of being able to appeal this decision or to contact Tinder. When I read other similar comments left unanswered by Tinder, I think you should review the policy of your application and take into account the opinions of your users and that you can consider them more. We are your customers, we operate your app, we pay subscriptions, you cannot close or let closer accounts so random and leave your users unanswered. A minimum of communication, respect for your customers. It is urgent to review your operating policy. I will come back with pleasure to this app because I repeat I met people very well here. Please take the time to read the comments that your users leave and act accordingly.

Mademoiselle Mars, 08/18/2023

Improvements to target profiles with more details

Good morning. Too bad the sous so dear. You should offer a free week with all the options to test, it would be more convincing to subscribe, as for the profile, sorry but many very “ordinary” men with photos that do not highlight them. All look alike. And above all we should be able to have more parameters to target the profiles: physics (brown blonde chauve barbe mustache etc..) Studies, business, single ’, married. Etc … OK could target and avoid wasting infinite time looking. Improvements are missing to choose and target your Y as on adopt a guy who has research criteria. I have been a follower of sites for 15 years, I have a real experience, your app that is the best known deserves to evolve in this direction . I retain a profile sometimes after 80 profiles! It’s not precise enough as a search. Thank you for reading me to the end.

Inactive cemetery ..

Very disappointed with Tinder, this application is only able to shade itself. I have a certified profile, a well written organic, photos of me from near, from afar etc … In short, a neat profile. And I had no match after having liked hundreds and hundreds of profiles .. We cannot please everyone of course, but hey, after a while you must have matched with someone. I saw after research on the internet that the not subscribed profiles are “shadow”, that is to say that they are not offered or really very little and not at all put forward. So I decided to test a 1 month subscription and in the end no change, no match nothing … In reality the profiles offered have been inactive for a long time … How I know it ? I came across the profile of a friend to me when she hasn’t used Tinder for 2 years ! So Tinder offers you inactive profiles for ages and therefore you have no luck with these people, why offers inactive profiles ? What is the point ?! So between the inactive and the grazing of Côte d’Ivoire there is much to do here especially that icing on the cake, geolocation does anything by offering profiles in Marseille which is “15km” from me uh … I live 800km from Marseille……. In short, if you are looking for an app that does not push for consumption I advise you Fruitz ! I made several meetings without speech 1 cent.

Confidentiality of the app

The developer Tinder Inc. indicated that the processing of data as described below could be among the practices of the app in terms of confidentiality. To find out more, consult the developer’s privacy policy.

Data establishing a link with you

  • Purchases
  • Location
  • Contact details
  • Contacts
  • User contents
  • Identifiers
  • Use data
  • Sensitive information
  • Diagnostic

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Decryption of the Tinder logo: the flame eclipses the brand name !

The dating and dating application created in 2012 changes its look ! We owe this new design to The agency desigstudio. Indeed, it has been a few months since Tinder is working on the task to refresh its brand image as well as User experience. On this occasion, Creads Decrypt for you the new application design as well as the minimalist flame which symbolizes the New Tinder logo !

The new Tinder logo relies on its fame by abandoning its brand name

Indeed, on the new Tinder logo, the name of the brand has disappeared. The flame icon, which formerly occupied the place of the point on the letter “I”, was taken up to form the new Tinder logo. This gives the application a second look for users who have forgotten it.

This flame symbolizes the promise of the brand: passionate relationships. Regarding its design, it has been reworked. The flame is thicker, more rounded and the Orange color of the old logo was replaced by a Pink degraded from orange. This new association is more dynamic and refreshes the image of Tinder. It more reflects the spirit of the application and its “avant-garde”.

It somewhat reminds the Revelation of the Instagram logo in 2015, Who saw the social network replace its vintage camera symbol with a minimalist icon and a pink, orange and purple gradient. Also, as for Instagram, Tinder’s fame allows him to No longer mention his name in his logo. The application is recognizable by its flame and this is where all the strength of this new logo resides.

These logo developments suggest that the flat design trend continues but incorporates subtle variations, such as degraded or shadows.

A new Tinder more intuitive user experience

Now you can explore the profiles much more easily by pressing the corner of a photo to go to the next photo and return to the one before. When you press the bottom of a person’s profile, it is in an ultra fluid transition that you will access their full profile. It’s intuitive, it’s fast. Tinder also gave pride of place: they are now taking almost the whole screen.

“With these changes, we wanted our app to be as fun and beautiful as its community. »» Explain the brand.

New Tinder logo

And you, what do you think of the new Tinder look ?

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Tinder: Dating, Chat & Friends 17+

More Than Just A Dating App, Tinder has been updated to become one of the Most Engaging, Fun and Social Apps Around. Of Race, Finding Matches is Still a Huge Hightlight—But With Smart Group Chats, An Awesome Apple Tv App and Super Likes To Go Around, We’re Swiping right on this one.

Vivelavie1977, 09/22/2020

it was good but .

Good morning,
It’s been a week since I don’t have access to Tinder.
I enter my laptop number but I do not have an activation code in return.
I challenged the site but no news.

Developer Response ,

I’m sorry to learn this. There are a few things you could try, including:

– Make sure you be in an area with a solid coverage for SMS
– Put the latest version of Tinder.
– Try reinstalling the application.
– Consult your telephony supplier to make sure there are no restrictions in place that could cause this problem.

If you still do not receive a code after all these steps, please contact us at [email protected] from the email address associated with your Tinder account so that we can take a look at it.

Categories . Search Criteria

Why not create categories: those who seek love, those who seek a sex plan, those who seek a friendship? And that an algorithm automatically erases profiles that do not correspond to the category criteria according to the text data

Privacy app

The Developer, Tinder Inc. , Indicated that app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. For more information, see the development’s privacy policy.

Data Linked to You

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  • Rental
  • Contact info
  • Contacts
  • User happy
  • Identifiers
  • Data use
  • Sensitive info
  • Diagnostics

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