The Multisurf SFR option, Multi Sim Red SFR: Is there a double SIM option at Red?

Multi Sim Red SFR: Is there a double SIM option at Red

With Multisurf, I share the MO/GO of my mobile package with my tablet, my pocket box or any other 4G or 5G compatible equipment.

SFR’s multisurf option, to share my package on another device

With Multisurf, I share the MO/GO of my mobile package with my tablet, my pocket box or any other 4G or 5G compatible equipment.

Who can benefit ?

To benefit from the multisurf offer, you must:

  • Have a 3G/4G/4G Mobile SFR package+ or 5G except The 2h 100MB offers, and the 5GB 4G+ and 5GB 4G+ Pro voice packages,
  • Have one or more 3G/4G/5G compatible equipment in addition to your smartphone (tablet, pocket box or other).

Note: To benefit from 5G, you must have a 5G mobile plan, and 5G compatible equipment for the multisurf card.

What are the advantages ?

The Multisurf offer allows you to access 3G/4G/4G+ and 5G networks with your compatible equipment, via a SIM card that will be sent to you or restart.

To know. You can order 1 multisurf card. Reserved for the mobile internet, they do not make it possible to make calls or to receive them. You can use your multisurf card abroad, under the conditions of your SFR Mobile package.


How much does it cost ?

The Multisurf SIM card costs 10 €.

The counting and sharing of MO/GO is included in your compatible mobile package. You can use your multisurf card abroad, under the conditions of your SFR Mobile package.

How to benefit from it ?

You can benefit from this 3 single steps service.


1. Order your additional multisurf SIM card

  • From your SFR customer area
  • Or In an SFR store.

You can use your Multisurf SIM card Upon receipt because it will be already activated (In the event of a problem of starting the multisurf card on your device, contact customer service at 1023 Or 09 70 83 1023).

2. Introduce your Multisurf SIM card into your equipment

Your Multisurf SIM card has a triple cutout (nano-Sim, micro-Sim and Sim standard formats) to adapt to all the equipment allowing access to 3G/4G/4G+ and 5G networks (tablets, pocket boxes, etc.)).

To know. Carefully check the SIM card format used by your equipment before cutting it, and be sure to keep all the pre -cut parts to return to the upper format if necessary.

3. Perform the settings on your equipment, if these settings are requested in the device (In most cases, the configuration is not requested)

A configuration is sometimes requested in certain equipment, in the network settings of your equipment: it may be necessary to configure your “access point (APN)” to the SFR Mobile Network. To use your offer, the latter is: “SL2SFR”.

I order
A multisurf SIM card

For further

And if I change my offer ?

If you change offers for a multisurf compatible package, your multisurf SIM card will continue to operate as before.

Conversely, if you change your offer for a multisurf compatible package, your multisurf service will be automatically terminated and your multisurf SIM card will be unusable and will not be reactivated.

And in case of loss or theft of my multisurf SIM card ?

Your Multisurf line may be suspended without causing the suspension of your mobile line to which it is attached.

Where to find the PUK code of my multisurf SIM card ?

The PUK code is on the plastic support of your multisurf SIM card.

If you have not kept this support:

  • You will find your PUK code on your SFR customer area, section “Emergencies & troubleshooting”. You will then have to identify with the SFR mobile number associated with your Multisurf SIM card. This number is available on your SFR Mobile invoice,
  • Or You can contact an SFR customer service advisor who will communicate the PUK code of your SIM Multisurf card to you.

Multi Sim Red SFR: Is there a double SIM option at Red ?

You are a Red by SFR customer and you want to benefit from a second SIM card to use your package ? What is the Multi SIM service exactly ? Is there a multi SIM Red SFR option ? What are the solutions to enjoy a double SIM RED SFR ? What are the other operators who offer this option ? We take stock together.

  • The essential
  • The Multi SIM service is an option that allows you to benefit from a Second SIM card in order to take advantage of its current mobile plan from another device.
  • there is no Multi Sim Red SFR. On the other hand, you can change your Red by SFR offer for an SFR package in order to take advantage of the option Multi Surf SFR.
  • The Multi Surf SFR option is offered at a price of € 10 to be paid at once when ordering.
  • Other operators offer a service double sim. This is particularly the case with orange and its Sosh subsidiary, and Bouygues Telecom.

What is a multi SIM option for and what are its advantages ?

Smartphone sim card

Take out a Multi SIM option Allows you to benefit, in addition to your current SIM card linked to your mobile plan, from a Second SIM card. This second SIM card is also connected to your mobile offer.

Therefore, it allows you to take advantage of the same services included in your mobile package, From another device that your current smartphone. You can connect two devices simultaneously, with a single mobile package.

A multi -sim option thus has the advantage of being easy to use, And in particular prevents you from having to activate your service sharing the line In order to connect to the Internet from another phone or from a tablet, without subscribing to another mobile package .

Indeed, if the connection sharing is very practical, it requires that you are near of the second device to be able to use the mobile data of your package. Multi SIM allows a connection and use of the package independently.

You can use your second SIM card since:

  • A second smartphone, dedicated to your professional activity, for example.
  • A tablet.
  • A connected watch.
  • A 4G key.
  • Any other compatible equipment that has a SIM port.

Thanks to Multi SIM, So you don’t need to have your smartphone nearby or activate anything to use your package. You can indeed make calls, send SMS, access the Internet or pay without contact with a independent.

When you connect to the Internet from this other equipment, you consume the mobile data of your mobile plan. In fact, if you have a mobile offer with 20 GB of mobile internet per month and use 3 GB from your tablet for example, you will only have a 17 GB envelope.

Is it possible to benefit from a Multi SIM RED option ?

Unfortunately, theMulti SIM SFR Red Option is currently not available from the operator. On the other hand, SFR offers an option entitled Multi Surf.

This service is available for SFR customers holding a 4G or 5G mobile plan, from the 80 GB offer, and which have a compatible device, in addition to the smartphone in which the main SIM card is located. Therefore, the 2 h 100 MB and 5 GB packages are therefore not compatible with the option Double SIM Red SFR card.

The Multi Surf SFR SIM card is invoiced the sum of 10 €. To benefit from it, simply place an order on the SFR website or in SFR store.

Activation of the multi SIM card is automatic. Upon receipt of your Double Sim Red SFR, You can therefore use the services of your mobile offer. The second SIM SFR card that you receive has the triple cutting, so you can choose the format you need according to the device you want to use.

To order, follow these few steps:

  1. Visit the SFR website.
  2. Click on the tab Packages and phones.
  3. Select the section Multi surf: additional SIM.
  4. Click on the button Order From your SFR customer area.
  5. After reception (usually within 72 hours), insert your card Multi Sim Red SFR already activated in your device.

Your Multi Sim Red SFR does not work or is not activated ? You can contact SFR customer service at 1023 in order to be linked to an advisor and thus understand the dysfunction.

How to take advantage of a double SIM Red SFR card ?

Go from Red by SFR to SFR to benefit from the Multi Surf option

You want to compare SFR offers ?

You are interested in theMulti surf option of SFR But you are part of the Red by SFR subscribers ? You have the possibility of Change your Red by SFR mobile offer To take advantage of an SFR offer with the Multi Surf option.

To go from a Red by SFR offer to an SFR package, do as follows:

  1. Go to your Client area Red by SFR from the website or from the Red and I application.
  2. Connect using your Red by SFR mobile identifiers.
  3. Click on the section Offer and mobile.
  4. Select the option Change.
  5. Choose an SFR mobile package then validate your change of offer.

A change of offer Red by SFR to SFR is free. Indeed, the Red by SFR mobile offers are all Without a commitment of duration, You have no termination costs to pay. You also keep your current mobile phone number thanks to the number portability between operators.

On the other hand, you do not have to apply for your Rio code as is the case for a classic subscription. The change of offer with number transfer is automatic. In the event of a change of offer, you cannot obtain a new mobile number.

You can also change your mobile offer for an SFR package by directly calling the SFR customer service at 1023. The advisor will take care of the change with you by phone and take care of all Change of offer procedures.

You don’t know which SFR mobile plan to choose ? here is a summary table Offers currently available, compatible with the Multi Surf option.

Subscribe to another RED by SFR package with call transfer

You want to take out a Red by SFR offer ?

A woman receives two calls

You want to stay at Red by SFR ? To enjoy a Double Sim Red SFR, Just subscribe to another RED by SFR package, in addition to your current mobile offer.

You will receive a New Red Sim card, that you can use from another device (smartphone, tablet, connected watch, etc.)).

To receive your calls from this new SIM card and this new RED mobile number, you must make a request for call transfer.

This allows you to receive and respond to the calls you receive on this new RED package, directly on your current number . Thus, all your communications will be redirected to a single number.

If call transfer is an alternative to the option Red SFR Multi SIM which allows you to receive all your calls on the same number and therefore on the same device, this does not concern SMS, which will only be sent to the number via which your recipient tries to reach you.

You are looking for another Red by SFR mobile package for your second device ? Here are the currently available offers.

Multi SIM options from other mobile operators

Here are the different multi SIM offers offered by operators.

Multi SIM options referenced free of charge and classified by price.

Four operators offer a Multi SIM option With their mobile packages:

  1. The offer Multi Sim InternetBouygues Telecom is offered at € 2/month without obligation and allows you to benefit from a second 4G SIM card, in order to use the mobile data envelope of your current package on another mobile device. This option is available with all the mobile sensation packages and with the B & YOU packages from 20 GB .
  2. Orange offers two Multi SIM offers: the offer 1 GB Internet and the offer Calls and internet. The two options are offered at a price of € 5/month without obligation . The 1 GB Internet option allows you to use the entire mobile data envelope of your package, and adds 1 GB of mobile internet to this data envelope. It is included for free for any subscription to an Orange 5G mobile package. The second option allows you to enjoy your internet envelope, but also calls.
  3. Sosh, which is the orange subsidiary, offers the same multi SIM options, namely the option 1 GB Internet which allows the use of the original package + 1 GB of mobile internet and the option Calls and 1 GB Internet. The two options are offered at € 5/month without obligation . The Multi SIM SOSH 1 GB Internet option is available with 20 GB and Plus packages and the Multi Sim calls and Internet option is available with all Sosh mobile plans.
  4. Finally, theMulti Surf option from SFR, available from the SFR 80 GB package, is offered at a price of € 10 but it is not a monthly rate. Indeed, this price applies a single time, at the time of your order.

Here is a quick comparison of the price of each option over 12 months, with a view to where you are not eligible for the free option of one of these operators.

Price of each multi SIM option over 12 months – valid on February 06, 2023

Operator Option price Price for 12 months
Bouygues Telecom 2 €/month 24 €
Orange 5 €/month 60 €
Sosh 5 €/month 60 €
SFR € 10 when ordering 10 €

You are looking for a mobile offer adapted to your needs ?

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