How to benefit from the Multi TV service?, Free what choices of multi-TV with your Freebox Pop subscription

Free what choices of multi-TV with your Freebox Pop subscription

Let us first define the term multi TV. This is the possibility of View two different television programs simultaneously On two televisions of the same home. However, this term is to be differentiated from multi-screen which designates the possibility of accessing a TV service on several screens (computer, tablet or smartphone).

How to benefit from the Multi TV service ?

Quarrels within the same home on the choice of TV program are commonplace. A solution to avoid them ? Multi TV service. Offered as an option or included in your Internet + TV offer, it allows you to view two different programs on two televisions. Discover in this article how to benefit from it.

You want to take out an internet offer with the Multi TV option ?

Free Selectra Service

  • The essential
  • The Multi TV option allows you to look Two different programs simultaneously in two television stations. The arguments on the choice of the TV program are then completed !
  • With the Multi TV service, you can watch your programs in two different rooms while benefiting from All TV services, Initially included in your Internet box.
  • It is necessary toInstall a second TV decoder and connect this one to your second TV to activate the multi TV.
  • The Multi TV option is proposed by all major operators, Most often in addition to the subscription of an internet box + TV.

What is multi TV ?

Let us first define the term multi TV. This is the possibility of View two different television programs simultaneously On two televisions of the same home. However, this term is to be differentiated from multi-screen which designates the possibility of accessing a TV service on several screens (computer, tablet or smartphone).

This service then remains an asset in a world where the multiplication of screens in homes grows. According to the Higher Audiovisual Council, The French have an average of 5 screens per household, A figure that testifies to the need to be connected and highlights the diversity of the screens consumed. If computers, smartphones and tablets are increasingly used, television remains themost widespread object to view its TV programs.

Why use the Multi TV service ?

No more arguments on the choice of program with multi TV

Stop disputes about choosing the TV program

You want to watch a movie but your partner prefers to follow his show ? Your children ask you for a cartoon when you try to follow your favorite news ? You want to watch the new season of your favorite series, but your roommates are playing video games ? So many situations that bring you to Small arguments on the choice of TV program.

All these conflict situations between relatives concerning the television program have certainly arrived at you. To end the disputes on the choice of the TV program, the solution is all found: Opt for the multi-TV service. With the Multi TV offer, you can watch two different TV programs simultaneously (including the replay function). So you will not have No need to agree on the same program.

Quietly look at your favorite program

Thanks to the multi-TV, one of your loved ones can watch his favorite program from the television station, present in your living room. While you can watch your series of the moment quietly in your room. Thus, the second advantage of the multi-TV service (after the end of the arguments on the program to choose) is to allow you to benefit from television channels in at least two different rooms. This is the reason why the term multi-TV can also be designated Multi room.

Benefit from all the TV services offered

Multi-TV options are part of a box offer including theAccess to the operator’s TV service. Therefore, several features of the TV service you have on your different televisions.

For each of the televisions subject to the multi-TV option, You will benefit from all the channels of the TV offer, but also paid channels that you have taken out. To this is added the possibility ofSave your favorite programs, use it VOD catalog To rent or buy a program, Access your SVOD subscriptions (Netflix, OCS Go, Video Prime. ), or benefit from your replay TV channels.

Finally, you can also watch your HD or UHD programs On your second TV, provided of course that several conditions are met: that the program or TV channel are broadcast in this definition, that the decoder is compatible and that the TV is also compatible to display this image quality.

You want to take out an internet box with Multi TV option ? We advise you to perform an eligibility test to find out which offer you can subscribe.

How does multi TV work ?

TV decoder connection to operate the multi TV

To benefit from the multi-TV option, it is first of all essential toInstall a second TV decoder in your home. It will be Connected to your Internet box And will allow you to take advantage of all TV channels on your various television stations.

To install the multi-TV option, several steps are essential:

  1. Receive your TV decoder, remote control and connection cables sent by your ISP (Internet access provider).
  2. Connect your decoder to a electrical outlet.
  3. Connect the decoder to a coaxial socket (for people receiving internet in THD by cable at SFR), or Connect it to your Internet box in Wi-Fi or with an Ethernet cable.
  4. Connect the TV decoder on your television via a HDMI cable.
  5. Activate The Multi TV option.

Advice to carry out these steps, it may be useful to Call on a technician. Most operators offer a service for theInstallation of your second TV decoder.

Use all your double services with the MULTI TV SFR

What includes the multi -TV service of the SFR operator ?

By subscribing to the Multi-TV option at SFR, A second TV decoder will be sent to you so that you can connect it to your second television. These are then two different TV or VOD programs that you can view simultaneously On your two television stations, both connected to the same SFR box.

The Multi TV option is a SFR bonus that must be taken out in addition to its Internet and TV offer. It is therefore necessary to take into account the fact that it is not understood in the offers. This option will allow you to benefit from the same services associated with the SFR TV. Therefore, you can:

  • view all Channels initially present in your main bouquet
  • benefit from any options to which you have subscribed
  • Use them Restart and replay Start functions

Activation of SFR multi-TV may require several hours.

How to benefit from the SFR Multi TV option ?

Subscribe an internet box for multi TV

Depending on whether you are a customer or not at SFR, the steps to benefit from the MULT TV of SFR will be different.

If you are Customer Box Fiber, ADSL or THD (very high speed) of SFR, You can subscribe to the SFR Multi TV option via your customer area, your TV decoder or customer service.

If, conversely, you are not a SFR customer but want to become it, you can Request the Multi TV option at the time of your subscription via the SFR site, by phone at 1099 or in point of sale.

What is the cost of the option ?

As soon as you subscribe to an SFR box, you will have to Add an additional € 3 per month to your invoice. Note that one SFR multi-TV service can be subscribed by subscription.

There is no need to make a security deposit since August 2017, however, the installation of a second coaxial socket by an SFR technician is invoiced 60 €

You want to take out an SFR offer with Multi-TV ?

A Warranty deposit of € 49 However, will be requested during your subscription. Finally, if necessary, you will have to take into account the installation of your second TV decoder by an SFR technician for a value of € 60.

Note with SFR, you can only benefit fromOnly one multi -TV option per subscription.

Take advantage of the Orange Multi TV option

What is the Multi TV service of Orange ?

By subscribing to the Multi-TV option of Orange, You will benefit from all orange TV On your second TV. More specifically, you can:

Second decoder for Multi TV

  • view up to 400 television channels (According to the TV bouquet and the paid channels that you have subscribed)
  • use it Orange replay function
  • resort to video on demand
  • take advantage of the wholeSVOD offer (20,000 programs

How to benefit from the Orange Multi TV option?

To benefit from Orange TV on your two televisions, you will have to Bring a livebox, of two decoders, of two access cards (a standard and a multi-TV card) as well as a Extension TV (Depending on the connection you want to make).

When applying for subscription, you will then receive a Second UHD 4K UHD TV decoder as well as an access card. It will then be necessary to connect your Orange TV decoder on the second TV in your home.

How much is a subscription to the Multi TV service ?

With The second TV decoder option, You benefit from Orange TV on your second TV. The offer is Available from € 8.99 without obligation. For Livebox Up Fiber and ADSL offers, the Multi TV option is offered (on request), activation costs of 10 € will however be requested.

Please note you cannot benefit from the Orange Multi-TV option on more than two televisions.

Subscribe the Bouygues Multi TV option

Multi TV services Bouygues Telecom

With the Multi TV option Bouygues (Miami or VDSL), attached to your bbox, You will find on all your screens:

Multi TV option Bouygues Telecom

  • all of your Bbox channels (those included and optional)
  • there video on demand
  • there TV on demand
  • THE parental control
  • THE live control
  • there Digital recording function

How to benefit from the Multi TV Bouygues option ?

The option is available for subscribers of a Bbox fiber offer (FTTH) or Bbox with technology VDSL. You can subscribe to theMuti-TV option without obligation With Bouygues Bbox Must and Bbox Ultym offers.

By subscribing to the Multi-TV option Bouygues Telecom, you will get a Second TV decoder with her remote as well as a Pair of CPL adapters that you will connect to your second television.

How much is a subscription to the Multi TV service ?

Bouygues’ multi-TV offer is at the cost of € 7.99/month without obligation, Whether you have a fiber or adsl internet box.

You want to take out a Bouygues offer with Multi-TV ?

Note with the multi-TV option, you can add up to two TV decoders to your basic offer, allowing you to watch your programs simultaneously on three televisions.

Watch the Freebox TV service channels with its multi -TV option

All Freebox TV services

By making the subscription request for the multi TV option at Free, you will have access to All Freebox TV services. You will be able :

  • view all Bouquet channels from the Freebox TV universe (including those paying) or 220 channels (or even 280 with freebox revolution offers with TV by channel Panorama and Freebox Delta)
  • Save your favorite programs Using a digital video recorder
  • access the Free TV in replay

How to benefit from the multi -TV free ?

Following your subscription request for the Multi TV option, you will receive a you Second Player Freebox case And can then connect your TV decoder to your other TV. Like SFR and Orange operators, the Free TV option is Available on only 2 maximum televisions.

Internet box subscription for Multi TV option

Prices for a free TV Multi TV service

If you wish to benefit from the Multi TV Free service, you will have to take out one of the following offers: Freebox Revolution, Freebox Delta, And Freebox Pop.

For (future) Freebox Revolution subscribers, The Multi TV option is Available at € 4.99/month. This offer gives access to television on a second television position via a Freebox Player Pop case. If you opt for a Freebox Player Revolution case (Blu-ray), the offer will go to € 9.99/month.

Updated on 03/13/2023

Virginie Fauré is a freelance editor who supports the Selectra team on TV subjects in particular.

Free what choices of multi-TV with your Freebox Pop subscription

Free what choices of multi-TV with your Freebox Pop subscription

Free, from your Freebox subscriber area offers several choices to benefit from the Freebox TV service on a second TV. It is possible to subscribe a multi-TV with a Rental Devialet Player, a 2nd POP Player or to acquire an Apple TV.

How to take advantage of all the Freebox TV services on 2 TVs and watch television simultaneously (or a video via one of the video on demand) on a position and watch a program on another position, it’s easy just to subscribe to the multi-TV option.


My freebox subscription TV section Manage my multi-TV option

It is from the Freebox subscriber account, television section:

Manage my Multi-TV option

that you will be able to take out a multi-TV

Manage my multi-TV option, what are my choices .

The list of town covered by free on the RIP Tarn Fiber

  • Player Devialet for rental for € 9.99/Multi-TV subscription month
  • PLOP Player for € 4.99/Multi-TV subscription month
  • Buy an Apple TV box either in cash or by monthly payments of € 6.99 per month for 24 months. It is a purchase this case in the end belongs to you. There are no other subscription fees here to pay (no multi-TV to pay)
  • In all cases, access to the multi-TV is subject to the eligibility of the line, the necessary flow and the agreement of the channels diffused in multi-TV

Purchase of the Apple TV The special conditions

Purchase of L

It’s up to you to choose which option is best for you to subscribe to a multi-TV Freebox.

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