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BMW IX3 Autonomy

At 130 km/h:

The BMW IX3 restyled at the trial: our autonomy and consumption measures of the electric SUV

The electric car, above all adapted to the city and the journeys of everyday life, sees increasingly increase the capacities of the batteries it embeds. Enough to offer greater autonomies and gain in versatility. Thus, alongside urban models limiting the size of their accumulators, larger vehicles, more or less family and always 100 % electric, are emerging. These must be able to do everything, small urban courses of the week with long motorway journeys from vacation departures, in order to be able to fulfill the home vehicle function of the home. They often announce comfortable maximum autonomies but necessarily superior to the reality of a full journey on a fast track. In our “Polyvalent electric electric” section, we measure their autonomies in real conditions with today the restyled BMW IX3.

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From the entire current electric range of BMW, it represents the oldest model but has no more than two years. The BMW IX3 released in March 2021 very quickly received a restyling in order to follow the aesthetic evolution of the X3 thermal and hybrid rechargeable hybrids. Technically on the page vis-à-vis the most recent i4 and IX, the family SUV had the first to be equipped with the latest generation of electric machine, the fifth in the German manufacturer, a more compact engine with optimized integration power and reducer electronics. On the IX3, it is positioned at the rear to make a propulsion of 286 horsepower.

For its facelift, the interior and external elements signed Motorsport are included automatically, its front headlights are refined and its rear lights adopt a very expressive light signature in pinched hooks, oriented inward. Its dimensions are maintained 4.73 m in length by 1.89 m wide and 1.67 m high. The battery is housed under the floor, for a useful capacity of 74 kWh (80 kWh gross). The maximum autonomy announced according to the WLTP approval cycle is 461 km.

The BMW IX3 is marketed from € 69,950 in “Inspiring” finish. The main thing is included at this price, whose panoramic glass roof opening, the Full LED adaptive lighting, the rear back camera with automatic reverse depending on the front running route, the adaptive cruise control, the tailgate and the seats electric, tri-zone air conditioning, heat pump, metallic paint, 19 “rims, customizable room lighting and backlit door thresholds or even the imitation leather upholstery which adds to this restyling the choice of Color (black or light brown), as well as the possibility of modifying the material of the dressing inserts (wood, metal, shiny black).

The “impressive” upper finish, from € 78,050, adds most other catalog equipment, including leather upholstery (beige, dark or black brown), 20 “rims, Handshade, Harman Audio System Kardon, induction telephone recharge, up-and-on-up display, 360 ° camera, heated front seats, double glazing, gestural control for certain functions of the multimedia system or front seats with extensive settings including that the width of the driver’s backrest.

Our test model was an impressive IX3 with trailer coupling, tasty rear windows and interior aluminum aluminum inserts dark, currently sold at a price of € 79,900.

During our measurements, the outside temperature displayed between 34 ° C and 36 ° C and the air conditioning was adjusted on 21 ° C. The normal driving mode was engaged.


On quick ways:

  • Average consumption between the first leg and the return journey for a total of approximately 45 km at 110 km/h and 130 km/h on the A4 motorway.

In the city :

  • Average consumption on a crossing of Paris of around 16 km between the door of Bercy and Issy-les-Moulineaux (Île Saint-Germain) via the Luxembourg Garden.

Life on board

BMW IX3 restyled

BMW IX3 restyled Credit Photo – Autoews

The German SUV did not receive the large curved tactile surface of the other electric models released after him but he still reviews his dashboard during this restyling. The central screen goes from 10.25 “to 12.3”, the same size as digital instrumentation. The air conditioning block now incorporates central aerators whose design is modernized. The central console reorganizes its commands, the key button keys blend in the surface that welcomes it, the box lever becomes more compact and the start button (blue) migrates from the dashboard from the dashboard.

What does not change at all is the level of finish and assembly, flattering. Quality plastics share the furniture with leather elements, shiny surfaces and many metal touches to the window opening buttons. In detail, only the lower edge of the central insert, under the screen, is relatively sharp but hidden. It shelters a bag of the room lighting.

The cubic shape of the body offers an important living space at the rear, with a large roof guard, the place for the legs and a fractionable folder that bows to adapt to the preferences of everyone’s postures. On the other hand, the headrest lacks height and it is rather firm. The design of the IX3, resting on the CLAR platform which also serves the X3 thermal and hybrid, leads to the presence of a central tunnel in the floor. Despite the comfortable volume in height, length and width, the middle passenger will not really be at ease. The seat has an annoying angle in the rear and it is very firm and narrow, like the backrest.

The loading area also benefits from straight walls to properly exploit its 510 liters of capacity, with a tank under the trunk floor, against the rear shield, in particular provided to store the removable separation net which is fixed at the level of files to the roof, authorizing loading to the top of the pavilion.

The crossing of Paris

BMW IX3 restyled

BMW IX3 restyled Credit Photo – Autoews

The high and wide profile of the IX3 is not ideal in town in the narrow streets but it is very comfortable and helps with a light direction to compensate for its template which prefers the broad outlines. Its consumption on our background from one end of the capital is not to its advantage, with 22.5 kWh/100 km on average. Autonomy under these conditions would then be 329 km.

Several management of the regenerative brake are offered by the central screen menus. The adaptive mode continues continuously the strength of slowdown at the foot rise of the right pedal, ranging from the absence of restraint to a frank braking depending on the preceding vehicles, turns or relief. The other three modes are fixed and range from a light reservoir to a powerful level, the intermediate position being closer to the latter. They keep a constant pedal race, unlike the adaptive mode which changes the feeling from one braking to the other. A driving mode almost “to a pedal” is extended by shifting the lever from the central console to the left, in position “B”. Whatever the force configured on the “D” position, recovery then increases to its maximum level and adds the ability to stop completely without touching the brake but sometimes implies a certain anticipation.

Comfort in town is sensitive outside of urban areas also, going hand in hand with some cash movements on small changes in direction. The darkest curves in dynamic driving do not result in amplification of these movements, which highlights the lowered center of gravity and turns without taking major rolls for this family vehicle. Despite its propulsion architecture, the IX3 is rather a sub-orner even when it is abrupt. Its 2,260 kg with driver is felt and the direction, specifies, nevertheless lacks feeling as well as on an incisive side, especially around the medium point. It is not particularly handy in town, with 12.1 m in robbery diameter, despite its rear engine which could have released a higher angle of rotation of the front wheels.

City data

  • Average consumption: 22.5 kWh/100 km
  • Average speed: 19.9 km/h
  • Estimate of autonomy in the city: 329 km


BMW IX3 restyled

BMW IX3 restyled Credit Photo – Autoews

Its welcoming interior space and its suspension filtration make it more attractive on the highway, where it can let hope of long steps without recharging. According to our averages reported, 420 kilometers are possible on a go provided that they do not exceed 110 km/h. The result of a very reasonable consumption of 17.6 kWh/100 km. At 130 km/h, the increase is substantial, 23.7 kWh/100 km, but would still make it possible to travel 312 kilometers.

In addition, our model with puff pastry windows effectively soundproof external noises while two soundtracks related to the stress of the electric motor can be chosen in order to animate the driving. More or less present depending on the selected level (“balanced” or “sports”), mainly at acceleration, evoking a flying and deactivable saucer, they were developed by the German composer Hans Zimmer. These are the “BMW Iconicsounds Electric”, in addition to the equipment of the high “impressive” finish.

In all cases, the mechanics responds reactively, as evidenced by 80 to 120 km/h in 2.5 sec. The 286 hp and 400 Nm of torque of the block propel the IX3 from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.8 sec, electronically limited to 180 km/h.

Fast track data

At 110 km/h:

  • Average consumption: 17.6 kWh/100 km
  • Estimate of autonomy at 110 km/h: 420 km

At 130 km/h:

  • Average consumption: 23.7 kWh/100 km
  • Estimate of autonomy at 130 km/h: 312 km

Question Refills

BMW IX3 restyled

BMW IX3 restyled Credit Photo – Autoews

The IX3 presents its charging hatch on its right rear wing, containing a type 2 + combo cccs. The on -board charger limits the power by alternating current to 11 kW while the fast current load load can go up to 150 kW. The two charging cables (mode 2 for domestic and mode 3 for wallbox and public terminals) are delivered in series. BMW also offers a year of subscription to its “active” offer to take advantage of preferential rates on compatible public terminals “BMW Charging” in Europe (€ 4.99/month then). Added to this is a year of free unlimited recharges on the quick load terminals of the ionity network for French customers who have ordered their IX3 (or another electric BMW) in 2022.

  • With 74 kWh of net capacity, it will take around 40 hours* for a load of 0 to 100 % on a domestic socket.
  • On 3.7 kW and 7.4 kW single -shaped wallboxes, you will need approximately 10 p.m. and 11 a.m.
  • On a three -phase Wallbox (three -phase electrical installation) 11 kW, you will need about 7:30 am*.
  • On a 150 kW fast load terminal, you will need 32 minutes* to go from 10 % to 80 %.

No need to count on a terminal with a power of less than 7.4 kW at home to enjoy the versatility of the IX3. Below this power, the refills must be almost daily, so as not to let the battery level fall too low. This would reduce the ability to cope with the unexpected, for example, a need for maximum autonomy the day after a day that consumed most of the reserves.

On a highway, with a power of 150 kW, the waiting time to go from 10 % to 80 % is in the low average. By respecting this range of load levels and according to our consumption noted, after the first stop, we should stop every 294 km (110 km/h) and 219 km (130 km/h) respectively respectively).

Balance sheet

BMW IX3 restyled

BMW IX3 restyled Credit Photo – Autoews

Both the first and one of the last BMWs to derive from a model that had to adapt to electrification, without having been developed to receive a 100 % electric motorization originally, the IX3 succeeds in effectively hide this aspect of its design. Only its central tunnel at the feet of the rear passengers and the loss of 40 liters of storage under the floor of the trunk testifies. Its raised SUV raised body participates in this good integration, facilitating the addition of the battery under the chassis. And this allows at the same time to offer an electric vehicle which is capable of many uses by its large interior volume.

In exchange, this adds dynamic constraints when obtaining the greatest possible autonomy. The X3 and its high and rectangular profile complicates air flow while its size involves a significant weight originally. In order to offer autonomy related to the expected versatility of a family SUV, the on -board battery must take these elements into account and have sufficient minimum capacity. Here, she has 74 kWh nets, 80 kWh gross, which increases the 518 kg car.

Exceeding 2.2 tonnes with driver and wearing large tires on 20 rims “, it only has to improve as much as it can aerodynamics. Full grille, reworked base, diffuser, roofing spout … It also counts a lot on its engine to display the best possible efficiency.

If the resulting consumption are not exceptional, except for the very good value at 110 km/h, the compromise found on the size of its accumulator leads to honorable rays of action up to 420 km then 200 km jumps at almost 300 km between each stop following the first of a long course. Associated with very pleasant services in terms of approval, that makes the IX3 restyled a realistic proposal as the main vehicle of the home.

A fairly powerful terminal at home must be part of the equation for comfortable daily use. A coherent investment with regard to the price requested for this premium model. Its generous endowment and the number of options limited for a German places the IX3 at a good price price/equipment within the Global X3 range but is aimed at a customer in search of an over -equipped vehicle and distinguished, seeing electricity as an additional contribution to driving approval before finding any financial gain in it.

BMW IX3 Autonomy

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