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2023 BMW IX M60: A New Dimension of M

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Announced at CES 2022, the BMW IX M60 vehicle is an electric SUV which has an efficient engine with all -wheel drive combining a power of 455 kW (619 hp), a maximum torque of 1100 Nm, slaughtered a 0 to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds and a maximum speed of 250 km/h. On the autonomy side, a battery of 111.5 kWh gives it up to 566 km according to the WLTP cycle, and is compatible fast charging (DC) of 200 kW, which allows in particular to recover 150 km WLTP in 10 minutes of load.

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Tested by the editorial staff, the BMX IX had seduced us in more ways than one thanks to honorable comfort, a delightful soundproofing, the originality of the passenger compartment and above all, the performances. And for those who are looking for even stronger sensations aboard an electric SUV, the BMX IX M60 seems to be made for you.

This trendy vehicle was officially presented by the firm across the Rhine as part of CES 2022. And the least we can say is that the engineers did not go there dead hand to boost their power. Already, the presence of the letter “M” classifies this automobile in the category of powerful cars.

BMW releases the big game

Then BMW designates it as ” most powerful and quickest electric vehicle By the group. More concretely, this BMX IX M60 (all -wheel drive) accumulates a power of 455 kW (619 hp), as well as a torque of 1015 Nm in sport mode and 1100 Nm with the Launch Control – Electronic aid for departures arrested.

This SUV claims a maximum speed of 250 km/h for a striking acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds. Even the Tesla Model X (all -wheel drive) does not do better with its 3.9 seconds. On the other hand, the performance version outpatches it with an even lower time of 2.6 seconds.

To guarantee a decent autonomy, the company’s teams have joined a 111.5 kWh battery, which gives it a 566 -kilometer WLTP action department, six kilometers more than the most enduring Tesla Model X. Its accumulator also benefits from a quick load (DC) of 200 kW, which allows to recover 150 km in 10 minutes.

Adaptive shock absorbers

On the comfort side, this IX M60 opts for pneumatic suspensions on the two axles with adaptive shock absorbers, as well as an anti -ROULIS bar on the rear axle. Add to this 21 -inch rims available in standard.

According to the press release sent to the editorial staff, the interior of the vehicle gives pride of place to recycled materials (secondary aluminum, plastic, FSC certified wood, tanned leather with olive leaves extract, fishing nets for fillings and floor mats) and on -board technologies.

The cabin welcomes a BMW Curved Display, a head-up display, a Hi-Fi Bowers and Wilkins Diamond Sound system and a heated pack for the front and the rear. There is also talk of BMW laser projectors, remote software updates and 5G compatibility.

BMW IX M60: release date and price in France

The sound signature of the IX M60 was finally carried out by the famous composer Hans Zimmer, who developed different sounds according to the driving mode used.

The BMW IX M60 will be produced in Germany, in the Dingolfing factory. Already available at the order in France at a spice price of 132,000 euros including tax, the vehicle will then land on our roads from June 2022.

2023 BMW IX M60: A New Dimension of M

BMW’s transition to fully electric vehicles is a highly calculated one. I mean, when you’ve built your reputation on fantastic gasolines engines such as the twinpower turbo inline six-cylinder, it’s not easy to please EV enthusiasts and traditional gearheads at the same time.

For BMW M, The 50-Year-Old Motorsport Division that represents the pinnacle of performance for the German Automaker, the challenge is Even Greater. I FLEW TO BERLIN IN EARLY MAY TO DISCOVER The All-New BMW IX M60, A Midsize SUV That TOPS THE IX RAGE IN TERMS OF TECHNOLOGY, POWER AND SPORTINESS.

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Like x5 m Competition

Look no further Than the x5 for a Gasoline-Powred Equivalent. In M Competition Trim, A Twin-Turbocharged 4.4-Litre V8 Engine Delivers 617 Horsepower and 553 Pound-Feet of Torque. Now, when it comes to the ix m60, output is nearly identical at 610 HorsePower, but peak torque is a phenomenal 811 Pound-feet. Both Models can sprint from 0-100 km/h in 3.8 seconds Despite The Later Carrying An Extra 300 Kilograms.

Performance is only half the story, mind you. The BMW IX M60 Features A 111.5kwh Battery (105.2kwh usable capacity) that provids a Manufacturer-Estimated Range of 450 kilometers. The exact number for canada has yet to be announced. DC Fast Charging is possible at up to 195 kw, giving you about 150 kilometers in just 10 minutes, or you can load the battery from 10-80 pierce in 35 minutes.

The Dual-Motor Setup Results in All-Wheel Drive, But Unlike Porsche and Audi Which have a Two-Speed ​​Transmission, BMW Opted for a Convention Single-Speed ​​Unit for the Sake of Simplicity. On the other hand, the thermal management system is readyty sophisticated. Coolant used for the Battery Goes Through Dedicated Lines that regulate Motor Templar, While Heat Generated by the Motors Warms Up the Battery in Cold WEATHER. The Most Surprising Solution is an oil Bath for the rear Motor That Prevents Overheating in High-Demand Situations.

Refine and Technology

Inside, The IX M60 Makes A Big Stament – Literally—With the Bmw Curved Display That Runs Over Half The Length of the Dashboard. Build Quality is remarkable, and the Materials Look and Feel Superb. Various Add Cachet textures to the interior. WOOD TRIM AROUND THE DRIVE MODE SELECTOR IS ALSO REALLY NICE, but some people probably won’t like the precious stone-like inserts for the Seat Controls and Idrive Knob.

Ergonomics are different from bmw’s gas-power models. Some of the Buttons and Controls Require A Bit of Getting Used To, Like the Ones that replaces the traditional door handles. The Flat-Bottom, Hexagonal Steering Wheel is a tad thicker Than Most, but it’s no big deal. Finding a proper driving position is easy Thanks to the multiple seating adds and ample space up front. The Rear Quarters Comptobly Accommodate Two Adults.

The Cargo Area has a volume of 500-1,750 liters Depending on How the Rear Seats Are Folded. Given the OUTER DIMENSS OF THE IX M60, I’m not impressed by Those Numbers. Planning a trip with three of your friends? You’ll have to pack light.

Electrifying the Autobahn

I had the opportunity to test drive the bmw ix m60 on the pristine roads surrounding berlin, germany, so it’s not really a surprise that the ride feel very comfortable. I have a feeling the story will be different in canada especially in parts of the country where bumps, cracks and potholes are commonplace.

The Adaptive Regenerative Braking System Works Like A Charm, Adjusting to the Driving Conditions in Real Time. It’s so good that I Didn’t Even Bother Activating One-Pedal Driving Mode.

The BMW representatives on hand insisted on the fact the ix m60 is a genuine m vehicle. As far as performance is concerned, they’re right. It’s an Electrifying SUV With Explosive Acceleration, Even More So When Using Launch Control.

The Supremely Quiet Cabin Adds to the Experience. Wind and Road Noise is Wonderfully Neutralized—No Easy Task When the Growl of A Combustion Engine is missing. BMW Even Teamed Up with Renowned Composer Hanz Zimmer to Develop the Soundtrack for the IX. You can barely hear anything with light throttle input, but there’s a beautiful crescendo when you floor the pedal. If you’re not a fan, Don’t WORRY: You can turnry €.

On Smaller, Slower Roads, Steering Proved Highly Precise and Satisfying in Typical BMW Fashion, With Great Feedback in and Out of Corners. Despite Tipping the Scales at More than 2,600 kilograms, the IX M60 Changes direction Rather Quickly, Resulting in Surprisingly Good Handling. HAVING SAID THAT, you can definitely feel the Heavy Weight through Twists and Turns. The Tires Start Screaming The Second You Push the Vehicle Too Energetically.

Exhaustive? It depends

As you can imagine, the 2023 BMW IX M60 is not made for Everybody and Comes with a hefty price starting at $ 124.552 (Including Freight and PDI). On the other hand, a bmw x5 m competition will cost you at least $ 136.852 at the dealership, plus all the premium fuel that is required to get similar acceleration to the ix m60. I can understand if you’re hesitating long and hard between the Two.

  • Impressive Acceleration
  • Good handling
  • Quiet interior
  • Generous Space
  • Massive Price Tag
  • Heavy Weight Affecting Cornering Performance
  • Brake Pedal is hard to modulate at Super-Low Speeds

BMW IX M60: 620 hp and 1,000 nm of torque in an electric SUV, what does that give ?

  • 1/39The BM IX M60
  • 2/39The BMW IX M60 is the most upscale version of the IX
  • 3/39The BMW IX M60 develops 619 hp in peak
  • 4/39The BMW IX routs with a huge vertical grille
  • 5/39The BMW IX is 4.96 m long
  • 6/39The BMW IX only embarks 5 passengers
  • 7/39The BMW IX takes over a minimalist light signature on the back
  • 8/39The BMW IX M60 is to stand out to stand out
  • 9/39The BMW IX M60 recognizes its finish
  • 10/39The BMW IX M60 is 1.97 m wide
  • 11/39The BMW IX M60 has very worked shields
  • 12/39The BMW IX M60 is based on tires of 275
  • 13/39The BMW IX M60 in blue-gray color
  • 14/39The BMW IX M60 is not so high
  • 15/39The BMW IX M60
  • 16/39Optional 22 inch rims for BMW IX M60
  • 17/39BMW IX's flush door handles
  • 18/39Interior of the BMW IX M60
  • 19/39The BMW IX M60 seats are very comfortable
  • 20/39The floating console brings a touch of new in the BMW IX M60
  • 21/39Dashboard of the BMW IX M60
  • 22/39Steering wheel and bmw IX M60 BMW
  • 23/39The display is programmed on the BMW IX M60 BMW meter screen
  • 24/39From the space preserved at the foot and the central and very practical console
  • 25/39Very fluid touchscreen multimedia screen for the BMW IX M60
  • 26/39Curved, the digital double slab is a beautiful object
  • 27/39Configurable light atmosphere in the BMW IX M60
  • 28/39Vegetable leather for this BMW IX M60
  • 29/39BMW remained faithful to its wheel in addition to the touch screen
  • 30/39Like Mercedes, the seats settings are deported to the door in the BMW IX M60
  • 31/39The quality of finish does not suffer criticism in the BMW IX M60
  • 32/39Full LED lightning for the BMW IX M60
  • 33/39BMW IX M60 badge m
  • 34/39The rear space is huge aboard the BMW IX M60
  • 35/39The cozy bench invites you to relax
  • 36/39USB-C connectors for rear passengers of the BMW IX M60
  • 37/39The rear passengers have their temperature settings in the BMW IX M60
  • 38/39The BMW IX M60 trunk. is not so tall
  • 39/39Practice Storage hatch for BMW IX M60 SUV cables
  • 39/39The BM IX M60

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