The best VPNs for Netflix, free VPN on Netflix: what is the best software? (2023)

Free VPN on Netflix: what is the best software ? (2023)


Watch Netflix with a VPN on your computer is good. Taking advantage of this on all of these devices is even better. Hence the interest in choosing a VPN which has good multiplatform coverage and an application, which is the case for all suppliers who offer paid solutions.

The best VPNs for Netflix

Having a VPN is almost essential to protect your privacy or establish a fully secure connection. But, it is also very useful for watching movies or streaming series on Netflix. Equiping with a VPN for Netflix has many advantages. You can indeed stream in full and limitless. Provided, however, to choose a paid solution.

  • Why a VPN is useful for watching Netflix ?
  • The comparison of the best VPNs for Netflix
  • Northern
  • Expressvpn
  • Cyberghost
  • Surfhark
  • Purevpn
  • What are the criteria for choosing a Netflix VPN ?
  • How to use a VPN to watch Netflix ?
  • Are free VPNs effective to unlock Netflix ?
  • Is it legal to use a VPN to watch Netflix ?

Why a VPN is useful for watching Netflix ?

For streaming fans and Netflix fans, having a VPN (virtual private network), is a must -have. Indeed, a VPN makes it possible to Full and limitless streaming, provided of course you are subscribed to the service of which you want to have access through a VPN.

You should know that films and series on Netflix are subject to dissemination rules. When a program is available on the platform, it is because Netflix bought the diffusion rights. All the films and series available by Netflix, except those produced by the platform, have copyright. However, these distribution rights, Netflix can have them in some countries and not in other. This is why the streaming video services set up geo-restrictions. Thus, the Netflix catalog is not the same in all countries.

For example, a French subscriber in Netflix does not have access to the American catalog of Netflix. In the same way, a French subscriber to Netflix does not have access to the French catalog of Netflix when it travels to the United States, and vice versa. This is due to the IP address, this identification number that determines your geographic location when you connect to the Internet. For have access to more Netflix content, A VPN is the essential solution.

That’s not all. Some Netflix content is available in the United States before being in Europe. Using a VPN to watch Netflix and modifying your location, so you can have access to content in advance, without having to wait for their exit in your country.

Finally, and you may not know, some internet access providers bridge the bandwidth of their customers as soon as they launch a streaming video on Netflix or another SVOD platform. That is to say that they voluntarily reduce your flows when you consume a large amount of bandwidth. Result: buffer memory storm, which consists in downloading a certain amount of data before you can read a video, can spoil your streaming experience.

However by using a VPN, your ISP does not know that you are tending to streaming. It cannot therefore slow down your connection and therefore spoil your binge-watch session. Using a VPN to watch Netflix is ​​therefore a way of put an end to the limitations of your FAI When you consume a lot of bandwidth.

The comparison of the best VPNs for Netflix


On its website, NordVPN claims that it is “the best choice for streaming”. Impossible to check. But it is clear that in the streaming, NordVPN perfectly meets expectations.

The supplier does not have servers dedicated to streaming, but with more than 5,500 servers present in 60 countries, it is a safe bet to access geo-period content, as in the American catalog of Netflix. Just select the fastest server in the country of your choice to unlock the Netflix catalog in this country.

If NordVPN is also effective for streaming, it is also because they offer advanced features like Kill Switch and Split Tunneling and especially because it has developed its own Protocol, Nordlynx, optimized for speed, And which allows you to look at Netflix without interruption wherever you are in the world, with excellent quality in HD or 4K.

Finally, the height of refinement, Nord VPN is Compatible with the Amazon Fire TV Stick, Which is not the case for all VPN suppliers. And all this at a price that remains very attractive.


Like NordVPN, ExpressVPN assures that it is “the best for streaming”. Again, it’s impossible to check it. But, it is also impossible to claim the opposite.

Because yes, with ExpressVPN, which has thousands of servers in 94 countries, you have Quick access and without restriction to the most popular SVOD services, including Netflix. Express VPN manages to bypass geo-restrictions set up by Netflix without difficulty.

That’s not all. ExpressVPN has also developed its own protocol, Lightway to offer you a faster VPN experience, more secure and more reliable. Whatever the selected server, ExpressVPN displays impressive speeds and minimal latency. Finally, ExpressVPN is available on all your iOS or Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, and even Smart TV, Wi-Fi, game consoles or the Amazon Fire TV Stick Stick. To date, no VPN supplier offers multiplatform coverage as extensive as that of ExpressVPN.

Only shade on the board: of all VPN suppliers that we have selected, Expressvpn is the most expensive.


Cyberghost ticks all boxes to watch Netflix. It is cheap, easy and pleasant to use, it is compatible with the best protocols and has theOne of the largest network network infrastructure, with more than 7000 servers present in more than 90 countries. But above all, it has the reputation of being particularly efficient to bypass geo-restrictions set up streaming video services like Netflix, even the most tough.

Finally, and it is to believe that Cyberghost was designed for SVOD lovers, he offers Servers dedicated to streaming, rowed in a section entitled “For streaming”. Cyberghost even indicates streaming video services which can bypass geographic restrictions. Cyberghost streaming servers are regularly tested. So you are sure they are working to watch Netflix. Like that, no bad surprise.

And no safety problem either because Cyberghost is compatible with the best protocols and have advanced features such as the Kill Switch function.


If you want a VPN to watch Netflix, the solution may be at Surfshark. It is the youngest of all VPN suppliers that we have selected, and it is To believe that it was designed to watch Netflix. Because at Surfshark, “(we have) closer to Netflix”.

On its site, in fact, the supplier has listed countries with the largest catalog in Netflix or those with the most rated and award -winning films and series in their Netflix library. A little extra that can be very useful if you are looking for a VPN to access the most popular of all video platforms streaming.

So, yes, with Surfshark, you have a VPN supplier that manages to bypass the geo-restrictions set up by Netflix, thanks to its network of more than 3,200 servers in 100 countries. But of course, you can also watch videos safely on Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and many other SVOD services. And all this without any speed problems. Because Surfshark offers a higher server bandwidth by user for popular locations, in the United States for example, where he has Servers optimized for speed.

It is also compatible with the best protocols and has the Kill Switch function.


Purevpn is not the best known of VPN suppliers who appear in our selection. And yet, he too turns out formidable to watch Netflix. Besides, on its website, Purevpn lists the best catalogs in Netflix around the world. Better than that, he tells you how you can access Netflix films and series of your favorite genre (Comedy, Action & Adventure, Documentary, Animation, Horror). And to facilitate the task a little more, it offers a dedicated extension for Netflix To install on your Chrome browser.

If purevpn can bypass Netflix geographic restrictions around the world, it is also able to do so for other SVOD services. Available on almost all your favorite devices, PureVPN has more than 6,500 servers in 71 countries, one of the best network infrastructure. That’s not all.

Compatible with the best security protocols, Pure VPN also has additional features to guarantee you maximum security when you look at Netflix: Split Tunneling and Kill Switch to name just. In terms of speed, Pure VPN has nothing to envy others since it also offers an unlimited bandwidth.

What are the criteria for choosing a Netflix VPN ?

When you choose a VPN to watch Netflix, there are several criteria to review:

Compatible devices

Watch Netflix with a VPN on your computer is good. Taking advantage of this on all of these devices is even better. Hence the interest in choosing a VPN which has good multiplatform coverage and an application, which is the case for all suppliers who offer paid solutions.

Indeed, the main VPN suppliers have developed an iOS or Android compatible application. Just download it from the AppStore or Google Play Store to watch Netflix with a VPN on its smartphone or tablet, or its Apple TV or Google Chromecast Multimedia Player. You can also very well download the application on your smart TV or a game console. Like that, no need to use an HDMI cable to watch Netflix on your television via your VPN. Note that some VPN suppliers have also developed an app compatible with the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

The other solution is to have a latest generation Wi-Fi router, on which just download the VPN app from your supplier. The advantage is that all devices connected to your Wi-Fi network are protected by your VPN and you do not have to connect each device to your VPN to take advantage of its services.

The number of countries and servers

The more a VPN is present in a large number of countries, the more the number of Netflix catalogs to which you will have access will be important. And even if it goes without saying it should be remembered: you must choose a VPN that has servers in the country for which you want to unlock geo-restrictions. That is to say that if you want to access the US catalog of Netflix, you must choose a VPN that has servers in the United States.

It is also common sense, but you also have to choose a VPN that has servers in France. Like that, even when you travel abroad, you have access to the French catalog of Netflix.

The number of servers is also important. The more there are, the better to watch Netflix. This will make it all the more difficult to hunt VPN by Netflix which will find it difficult to detect them all . In addition, if Netflix blocks the IP address of a server, you will be all the more likely to find a new one that works.

In addition, the more there are a large number of servers, the less risk of congestion and therefore slowdowns or buffer memory.

Dedicated servers

Having many servers in many countries is good. Having servers dedicated to streaming is even better. This is the case of several VPN suppliers. These servers dedicated to Netflix or other streaming video platforms can change IP addresses once they have been detected. That’s not all, servers dedicated to streaming are optimized to transmit a bandwidth comfortable for 4K streaming.

These servers are tested regularly to guarantee subscribers to stable and continuous access to the SVOD services of the services which have set up geographic restrictions.


The first advantage of a VPN is to ensure a secure connection. But, to watch Netflix with VPN, speed is also important. As such, the choice of protocol should not be left to chance.

If you use the openvpn protocol, a standard, choose the UDP protocol rather than the TCP protocol. The latter has the advantage of controlling all the data that enter and out. But it slows down your connection. With the TCP protocol, you will therefore have faster connection. There is also the IKEV2 protocol, renowned for its speed. But it also has the reputation of being more easily crackable.

There remains a solution, which will make everyone agree: the Wireguard protocol. It is also very secure, but as it is lighter in lines of code, it is faster. It’s the perfect consensus.

Important preicion: Express VPN and Nord VPN have developed their own protocol: Lightway for the first and Nordlynx for the second. Like Wireguard, the two are not too greedy in line of code and are therefore very fast.

Unlimited bandwidth

If you use a VPN to watch Netflix, it is to be able to stream fully and limitless, but also to bypass bandwidth restrictions sometimes set up by Internet Access providers. So, it goes without saying, if you choose a VPN for Netflix, choose a supplier that allows you to have an unlimited bandwidth. Which is the case for all paying VPNs that appear on this page.

Advanced features

Most paid VPNs offer advanced features that are far from useless for streaming, starting with the “Split Tunneling “. This function makes it possible to define the applications and sites which require VPN protection and those which will not benefit from encryption. You can thus use the VPN to watch Netflix and do not use it for other applications, which has the advantage of not overloading your connection, with a key gain in the key.

The other essential option for streaming is the function “Kill Switch “. If your VPN can be stored, which can sometimes happen, the Internet connection is automatically blocked until the VPN resumes service. Without this emergency stop, it is your IP address and no longer that of the VPN that would appear and you could then be blocked by Netflix. Hence the interest in having a VPN with this function.

How to use a VPN to watch Netflix ?

With a VPN, you can access all your favorite Netflix series in complete safety and wherever you are. To do this, it’s very simple. Simply :

  • Subscribe a subscription to a VPN supplier;
  • launch your VPN;
  • Choosing a VPN server in a country where the Netflix content you want to watch is available;
  • Start a Netflix session.

So, if you want to access the US catalog of Netflix, nothing could be simpler: you just have to activate your VPN and choose a server in the United States. Once this is done, you will have access to the American catalog of Netflix without any additional handling.

Are free VPNs effective to unlock Netflix ?

The temptation is great to take a VPN to watch Netflix. It is all the more so when free VPN suppliers promise you to be able to unlock Netflix catalogs abroad. But what about really ? Are free VPNs effective to unlock Netflix ? From a technological point of view, all VPNs, free and paid, are able to open the doors to foreign catalogs from Netflix. But the reality is quite different.

Specialists have taken the time to test many free VPN suppliers. And each time the observation is the same: They fail to unlock Netflix. Either it is this error message that appears: “It seems that you connect via a VPN, a proxy or a unlocker. To watch Netflix, please deactivate these services and try again “, you have only access to series and films produced by Netflix and which are therefore available on all catalogs.

That things are clear: free VPNs are not effective in watching Netflix. and this for many reasons. First of all, they have a limited number of locations, with very few covered countries. There is indeed little chance that a free VPN has servers in Canada or Japan for example. It is therefore impossible to access the Netflix catalog in these countries.

Then free VPNs have a limited server, making their identification far too simple and fast. In short, free VPNs do not have sufficient weapons to win the war between them to streaming video platforms.

And even if they would succeed in bypassing the geo-restrictions implemented by SVOD’s services, your experience would not be conclusive. Because during critical hours, in the evening or on weekends, when most people watch Netflix, the few servers that free VPNs have would be saturated.

Without forgetting that with free VPNs, The bandwidth is limited, the speeds are restrained. As they do not have the means to have a large server infrastructure, free VPNs are forced to limit the consumption of data from their subscribers.

Consequently, a conclusion is essential: no free VPN is effective for watching Netflix.

Is it legal to use a VPN to watch Netflix ?

The use of a VPN to watch Netflix is ​​not illegal. What is, on the other hand, is to bypass the geo-restrictions set up by SVOD services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Disney+ to access the catalogs to which you are usually not access in your country. Moreover, VPN suppliers recall that this practice is likely to break the conditions of use of the services of streaming video platforms and that The use of a VPN is not intended for use aimed at infringing copyright.

Nevertheless, one of the main advantages of VPNs is precisely to unlock websites by bypassing geo-blockages and suppliers do not fail to put it forward. Some even go more and make it a commercial argument. In their FAQ, articles on the use of a VPN to watch Netflix are not lacking.

Between the SVOD platforms and the VPN suppliers, it is Cat and mouse game. Netflix, like other streaming video services, hoves VPN. And when he detects the IP address of a VPN server, he systematically blocks it. In this case, an error message is displayed on the user screen which is good for finding a new.

As for VPN suppliers, they do not like error messages and strive to bypass the problem by offering new servers and new IP addresses. As we have seen, some VPN suppliers even have servers dedicated to streaming.

Questions on Netflix VPNs

Netflix can detect VPN ? Netflix is ​​perfectly able to detect VPNs and their network of servers worldwide. But, there are so many that Netflix cannot block them all. Nevertheless, Netflix, like the other streaming video services, brought a battle against VPN. And he regularly detects VPN servers, in which case he blocks them. In addition, on its website, the platform indicates: “If you use Netflix through a VPN, we will only show you the films and series whose international rights we have, thus making useless the use of A VPN. So, if you choose a VPN to watch Netflix, choose a supplier that still manages to bypass the geographic blockages set up by the SVOD service.

Can we be banished from Netflix if we use a VPN ? It’s not very clear. But to believe its conditions of use, the platform reserves the right to block the account of a subscriber in the event of the use of a VPN to access a catalog of Netflix to which it does not have access from its region. But, to date, according to our information, no subscriber to Netflix has been suspended for having used a VPN. In general, when Netflix detects the use of a VPN, this error message is displayed on your screen: “It seems that you use a VPN or a proxy. Please deactivate these services and try again “.

What if your VPN no longer works with Netflix ? All VPN suppliers that are presented on this page work with Netflix. Afterwards, even in the best VPNs, Netflix can identify the use of a VPN and decides to block the IP address of a VPN server. In this case, before opening a new session on Netflix, choose another server present in the country where you were connected, empty the cookies of your web browser to delete your IP address and your previous location of the database platform. If necessary, you can also contact your VPN supplier. Technical support can orient you towards the best servers to access the Netflix catalog to which you wish to access.

What are the Netflix catalogs accessible with a VPN ? Normally, with a VPN, it is possible to have more or less access to all the foreign catalogs of Netflix to which you cannot access from your region. This is simply necessary that your VPN supplier has servers in the desired country. For example, if you want to access the Netflix US catalog, your VPN supplier must have servers in the United States. Nevertheless, all the catalogs of Netflix are not equal. For information, the catalogs of Netflix in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, India, Australia, Ireland, Japan, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary are those richest in content.

Can a Netflix VPN work with other SVOD services ? If a VPN works for Netflix, it can work very well with other SVOD services like Amazon Prime Video or Disney+. All VPN suppliers presented on this page allow you to watch Netflix like the other streaming video services.

Does VPN include a Netflix account ? No, in no case. A VPN does not include an account or a subscription to Netflix. The interest of a VPN is to allow you to access the Netflix catalogs to which you do not have access to your region because of geo-restrictions. The interest of a VPN is also to allow you to have access all over the world in the Netflix catalog in your region. But, whatever it is, to look at Netflix with a VPN, you must have subscribed to Netflix.

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Free VPN on Netflix: what is the best software ? (2023)

Using a VPN on Netflix can allow you to look at exclusive content in certain foreign catalogs of the streaming platform. It is still necessary to find the service capable of unlocking the American, French, Canadian, or Japanese catalog. Following we will dwell on the case of free VPNs: are they able to operate on Netflix ? Will they offer you good streaming conditions ? And above all, what is the best free VPN service usable on Netflix in 2023 ?

We will cover all of these questions and much more. So stay with us until the end. You will not regret it.


No free VPN works on Netflix US, Japan, France (tests carried out in 2023)

It was difficult to make a more speaking title. We have spent many hours testing several dozen free VPNs among the best on the market. The result is clear: none has been able to give us access to exclusive content on Netflix. This applies to the American, Canadian, Japanese, or French catalog of the streaming platform.

We have distinguished two types of behavior on Netflix using a free VPN:

  • VPN services that are completely blocked. Therefore, to viewing a film or a series, an error message will appear and will only prohibit you from looking at the content in question (see screenshot below).
  • Free VPNs that seem to work on Netflix US, UK, FR … but which are actually detected since you will only have the opportunity to look at the original Netflix programs (which are already available in your country anyway) and No exclusivity specific to a catalog.

In both cases, the observation is the same: you are not going to be able to trust any VPN 100% free in order to take advantage of the American, French, Canadian, or Japanese catalog of Netflix (this list is obviously non-exhaustive). It was predictable because we still talk about a free service.

However, we have seen a lot of sites claim the opposite and we therefore wanted to restore the truth. Because yes, being able to access the Stranger Things series by being connected to the US via your free VPN absolutely means that you are able to unlock the American catalog. The series being available everywhere !

If you plan to use a free VPN on Netflix, we leave you the list of all the services we have had the opportunity to test in real conditions (and that, with all the servers they offer free of charge):

  • Windscribe
  • Protonvpn
  • Tunnelbear
  • Hola VPN
  • Hotspot Shield
  • Opera VPN
  • Betternet

As a reminder, all of the services mentioned are not functional on the most famous streaming platforms.

But then to who exactly turn to access exclusive content on foreign catalogs from Netflix ? Towards some paid VPNs, which in addition to guaranteeing you access to a large number of catalogs (US, UK, FR, Australia, Canada, etc.), will allow you to try their service for a given period. All, without any condition.

VPNs to use to watch Netflix catalogs

Since no free VPN is able to operate properly on Netflix without being detected or blocked, we will present you two of the best paid VPN solutions for Netflix that it will be possible to use for several weeks.

Expressvpn (free for 30 days)

Currently, ExpressVPN is without doubt the most efficient VPN to change countries on Netflix. With its 3000 servers in 94 countries, you will have no trouble unlocking the catalog and the film or the series that makes you eye.

In addition to being ultra-performance with the American streaming platform, ExpressVPN will be able to guarantee you excellent flows. What does this mean to you ? Well, after Active VPN protection, you can watch any high definition content on Netflix. All without cuts, drop in quality, or infinite loading.

We really appreciate expressVPN because it offers a quality solution, coupled with a simple to use application. The latter is very successful and will allow anyone to understand it and use it. In a few clicks you will be connected to a server in the United States, in France, or in any other country which has a catalog and content that interests you.


The ExpressVPN application also has the advantage of being compatible with a lot of platforms. It goes from the computer, to the Smart TV … through smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android).

We will not be able to present your service to you in the smallest detail but know that you will also have access to: a no-log policy, the possibility of downloading in P2P, maximum security, as well as 5 simultaneous connections to protect all devices at your place.

How to benefit from the ExpressVPN service for free on Netflix ?

For any new subscription (1 month, 6 months, or 1 year), ExpressVPN offers a repayment guarantee valid 30 days. It is thanks to her that you will be able to use her VPN for free on Netflix. To benefit from it, and as weird as it may seem, we will have to pay a subscription (opt for 1 month in order to advance only a few euros).

Following this, you will have the possibility of using ExpressVPN on the streaming platform, all in an unlimited way. As soon as you approach the end of the guarantee satisfied or refunded, you will only have it to assert it by contacting customer support. The agent you will have in front of you will not ask you for justification and access your request. Obviously, if you want to continue with ExpressVPN, you will only have to resume a subscription. There are currently -49% and 3 months offered on its plan 1 year.

Cyberghost (free for 45 days)

Cyberghost is another very good VPN that works on Netflix and that it is possible to use for free for a given period.

It will give you access to more than 9,000 servers in 90 countries, and especially to many specialized and optimized servers for use on Netflix USA, France, United Kingdom, and others. Thanks to these identified servers, it will be very easy to find the one you need.

Cyberghost is not just that. It is also: a multiplatform application available on iOS, smart TV, windows, mac, Android, up to 7 authorized simultaneous connections so that your loved ones can take advantage of it, guaranteed security, as well as reactive customer support.

The latter is also available in French and can guide you to the right protocol (Ikev2, Wireguard, OpenVPN …) and a server capable of unlocking the Netflix catalog that makes you eye.

The other advantage that has Cyberghost is that it turns out to be a really cheap VPN. We are not far from the free VPN … Except that he is able to give you access to exclusive content on Netflix. Starting on his 3 -year subscription, for example you will only have to pay € 2 per month.

How to take advantage of Cyberghost VPN for free on Netflix ?

To access the 45 days of “free trial”, you will have to go on its subscription 1 year or more. Once subscribed (yes, just like with ExpressVPN, you will have to advance money), you will have the right to 45 days of guarantee satisfied or reimbursed – against only 14 days if you subscribe for 1 month.

After that, you can connect to the server of your choice to watch the content offered on Netflix France, Canada, United States, Japan, and much more. As soon as you arrive at the end of the warranty period (do not wait on the last day however), make a refund request to the Cyberghost support. You will thus recover your money in full. If you have been won over, you can very well continue your subscription. You choose.

Why avoid free VPNs on Netflix and favor a paid offer ?

The most obvious reason is that no free VPN in 2023 is capable of effectively unlocking foreign catalogs from Netflix so that you can watch films, series, or exclusive documentaries. This observation is obviously valid even if you came to opt for one of the best free VPNs on iPhone.

Now, if you still want to try it, nothing prevents you. After all, it won’t cost you anything if it’s not time.

Yes but here, by opting for a virtual private network at no cost, you are not going to face this one constraint. It is a type of solution that has much more drawbacks than advantages.

To prove it to you, here is a quick summary of all the disadvantages you will face by trying to look at Netflix with a free VPN:

  • Really weak flows which will prevent you from seeing content in high definition and without the slightest cut.
  • Quota imposed on your data consumption (every month or week, you can only consume x gigas/mega). After that, your VPN application will be unusable. Very often, the applied quotas only allow you to watch a film, or a few episodes of a series.
  • Failive security (Kill Switch nonexistent or not functional, regular leaks of your IP and DNS requests, etc.).
  • Privacy not always respected (your navigation history can be recorded, exploited, or even sold to third -party companies).
  • Application available on few platforms.

As you can see, the examples that speak against the use of a free VPN (on Netflix or to ensure your safety, download in P2P) are numerous.

For all these reasons, we strongly advise you to make use of the satisfied or reimbursed guarantees offered by ExpressVPN (30 days of free test) and cyberghost (45 days if you take a 1 or more subscription).

You will thus have the possibility of really taking advantage of the American, Canadian, or Japanese catalog of Netflix, all without cuts, drop in quality … Above all, you will not have to worry about possible limits. Their services are unlimited.

If you still have doubts, do not hesitate to read our reviews on ExpressVPN and Cyberghost. This will allow you to learn more about them, their application, and their service in general. In addition, we can advise you our comparison of free and paid VPNs. In this article, we review all the strengths and weaknesses of each type of service.

frequently asked Questions

Which free VPN to use to access Netflix France ?

After having tested a lot of free VPNs, it turns out that none is able to effectively unlock the French catalog of Netflix. If you want to have a chance to access it, you will have to turn to a paid VPN. That being said, know that you can very well get out of it without paying anything. Indeed the best VPN to unlock Netflix France, ExpressVPN, offers a satisfied or reimbursed warranty of 30 days. She is without any condition.

Does a free VPN unlock Netflix Us ?

Unfortunately no, it is not for lack of having tried but we did not find a free VPN able to give us access to the American catalog of Netflix. Yet we have tested several dozen different services. But then what solution to favor in order to unlock Netflix Us without paying too much or even nothing at all ? If you have 2-3 € to put each month in a VPN, we strongly advise you to opt for Cyberghost. It unlocks a lot of Netflix catalogs, including the famous American catalog.

How to change countries on Netflix with a free VPN ?

To change countries on Netflix and therefore access exclusive content, you just have to connect to a VPN server located in the country of your choice. This can be the United States, Canada, Japan, France … now know that using a free VPN you are unlikely to achieve your ends … and especially to find a server in the country you covet.

What is the point of using a VPN on Netflix ?

A VPN allows you to change IP address, and therefore potentially location, all without moving from home. By using such a service on Netflix, you will give yourself the opportunity to access foreign catalogs of the streaming service. Since the catalogs are different from one country to another, changing location with a VPN will allow you to view exclusive content.

Can I watch Netflix for free ?

No, it is not possible to watch Netflix for free. And that even using a VPN. In any case, it will be necessary that you have a valid subscription on the streaming platform. Without that, you will not be able to watch your favorite movies, series and documentaries. As a reminder, the streaming service offers 3 subscriptions: essential, standard and premium.

Best Free VPN for Netflix (2023): which works ?

Free Netflix VPN

You are looking for a free VPN that works on Netflix but you do not want to have to test several dozen different services in order to find the one that will bring you satisfaction ? You couldn’t get better. We have taken the time to test the most popular free VPNs in order to know who allows (or not) to unlock Netflix catalogs.

Free VPN on Netflix: Results and observation

As mentioned in the introduction, our teams took the time to test more than a dozen free VPNs in order to see how they behave on Netflix.

Have some services were able to unlock the American, French, Canadian, or Japanese catalog of the streaming platform ? The answer is no.

Regardless of the supplier tested, The observation was each time the same: it does not work. The Netflix streaming platform has tightened its game in recent months and it can be seen. All free VPNs are detected and blocked as soon as you try to navigate with Netflix.

You will face the error code F7037-1111 and the message “It seems that you connect via a VPN, a proxy or a unlocker (geographic unlocking program). To watch Netflix, please deactivate these services and try again ”.

Otherwise, you will sometimes have the impression that your free VPN works on Netflix (no error message encountered during navigation on the streaming service) … except that in reality it is not the case.

How it materializes ? You will only have access to the content produced by Netflix (and available on all catalogs) and will not find the exclusive content of a specific catalog (for example the American catalog if you are connected to a VPN server in the USA).

Free VPN Windscribe Netflix

What are the services concerned by this assertion ?

We invite you to discover the list of the main free VPNs that do not allow you to look at content on Netflix:

  • Protonvpn
  • Windscribe
  • Hotspot Shield
  • Hola VPN
  • Tunnelbear
  • Betternet
  • Opera
  • Kaspersky VPN

This list is non-exhaustive and will be brought to evolve in the event that there are changes or new discoveries (concerning services absent from the list). So do not hesitate to iron from time to time to see if something has changed.

Free VPN: limits linked to their use

You will understand when reading the previous section of this article, no free VPN works on Netflix in 2023.

Worse, all these services, even if they were to work on Netflix, come with their share of limitations.

As we have mentioned in our comparison of free VPNs, this type of service comes with a limited number of servers. In addition, they very often cover 1 to 5 countries, maximum maximum.

The effects that it will have for you user is a congestion of service at key hours (evening, weekend) but also the impossibility of finding a server in the country that interests you. For example, very little or even no free VPN offers a server in France, or even in Canada, in Japan. If you were aimed at accessing the Netflix catalog of one of these countries, you will have to make a cross on it.

The other important limitation concerns the clamping of the bandwidth consumed and the flows offered. Because these are services that cost nothing, suppliers cannot maintain a substantial infrastructure. It would be far too expensive and they would lose a lot of money. They must therefore restrict the use that everyone can have of their service.

This is why many free VPNs limit data consumption to 500 MB, 1 GB, or 2 GB over a period of one month. With such quotas, you will not even have the opportunity to watch several films or a complete series. As stipulated previously, this remark also applies to the flows. Do not expect to be able to enjoy a video flow in high definition and without the slightest cut.

Using a free VPN on Netflix, you will have to deal with incessant cuts as well as regular image quality drops.

But then what to do ? Is there a solution to this problem ? We offer you following an alternative that is likely to interest you.

How to enjoy a free VPN that works on Netflix ? (Tutorial)

To take advantage of a VPN capable of working on Netflix, all for free, we advise you to opt for a paid service.

This statement may seem surprising to you. However, she is quite serious. Indeed, some suppliers offer a guarantee satisfied or reimbursed for any subscription to their service.

Thanks to the latter, it is possible to obtain a full refund within 30 days of a new subscription, and thus to take advantage of their VPN free of charge. The question that arises now is what service to favor in this context ? We are going to tell you about them longer, but know that our recommendations are: ExpressVPN and NordVPN.

Expressvpn Test without risk

Here is the approach to follow to enjoy their VPN for free in order to unlock Netflix catalogs:

  • Subscribe to one of their paid offers (to advance as little funds as possible, favor their subscription 1 month)
  • Download and install the application on the device of your choice
  • Open the application and connect to a server in the country that interests you (if you want to enjoy an exclusive film in the US catalog in Netflix, you will have to log into a Located VPN server in the United States)
  • Refresh the Netflix page and then search for the content that interests you
  • Before the end of the 30 days of guarantee satisfied or refunded, remember to contact the customer support of your VPN supplier. Without having to give the slightest justification, a full refund will be granted to you.

Find more details on this subject in our guide on the free trial of a VPN.

The best free VPNs usable on Netflix in 2023

After presenting you with a tip to use a VPN (which works) on Netflix for free, we will tell you more about the two suppliers that we consider interesting in this case.

1. Expressvpn

Expressvpn Netflix VPN

Expressvpn is the best VPN for Netflix. By attaching your services, you will be guaranteed to be able to use it to access more than a dozen catalogs in the streaming platform.

In total you will have access to 3000 servers in 94 countries. Suffice to say that there is really not a photo between ExpressVPN and a free virtual network.

This remark is also valid for the proposed flows. Your Internet connection will only be very slightly impacted by using this service. Therefore, you will have no problem watching movies and series in high definition. All, without cuts of course.

The ExpressVPN application has the advantage of being simple to use. It is available on a large number of platforms: iOS, macOS, Windows, Android, and even some connected TVs.

Here is some additional information about it:

  • Possibility to unlock a lot of other streaming platforms
  • P2P download support
  • Total anonymity with its home non-conservation policy
  • Customer support available 24/7 via online chat
  • 30 days of guarantee satisfied or reimbursed

As a reminder, to take advantage of this VPN for free on Netflix, you will need to contact its support before the end of the 30 days of warranty.

2. Northern

NordVPN Streaming

After being able to test many of his servers, we were able to realize that he was working on fewer Netflix catalogs. Now it’s more than correct. You will be able to benefit from content available in the USA, Canada, or even in Japan.

Like ExpressVPN, NordVPN relies on a substantial network of servers (more than 5800). However, a little fewer countries are covered by the latter (60).

What about speed ? Are the flows satisfactory once active protection ? The answer is yes. This is especially true if you opt for the use of the Nordlynx protocol. This is the option that will guarantee you the best speeds … and therefore the best streaming experience on Netflix.

To take advantage of the 30 days of guarantee satisfied or refunded, you can very well opt for the 1 month subscription of NordVPN.

A few days before the end of this period, it will be necessary to contact the support. Remember to leave a little room to avoid any unpleasant surprises and really take advantage of a free VPN on Netflix. And if you ever come to be convinced by the service offered, you will always have the opportunity to continue your subscription.

In this regard, be aware that the more duration you agree with NordVPN, the more the monthly price of its subscription will drop. Find more details following:

Tips for operating a free VPN on Netflix

You certainly know, Netflix waged war on VPN and Proxys. As a result, the streaming platform is led to block the IP addresses shared by dozens or even hundreds of Internet users.

And unfortunately, free VPNs do not have the necessary means to effectively fight the measures put in place. We are thinking in particular of the provision of dark servers (obfuscated in English) allowing to hide the fact that you use a VPN.

By dint of being faced with an error message when looking at content, many Netflix users abandon the idea of ​​using a free VPN.

This is your case ? Try the few tips that follow before giving up:

  • Connect to another VPN server: The easiest way is to try to connect to another server of your VPN supplier. The problem ? Free VPNs generally do not give the possibility of choosing a particular server. This is the case with yours ? So just try to log out and then reconnect to the location that interests you. If the IP address granted is different, it is proof that you are connected to another server.
  • Change the VPN protocol used: If you have the possibility through your application, try to use another VPN protocol. This could indeed solve your problem.
  • Remove the cache and cookies from your browser: If the two tips presented above did not allow you to use your free VPN on Netflix, you can try to empty the cover of your browser and delete cookies. Data can indeed allow the streaming platform to know your real location (and thus prove that you use a VPN).
  • Go see customer support side: It remains very rare, but maybe you will find help on the customer service side. Some free services offer tutorials and resources that can allow you to solve the problem you encounter (and in particular to find the server that works best on Netflix).

All that said, the best solution is to use the tip presented above. That is to say to enjoy a paying VPN capable of operating on Netflix. So yes, you can only enjoy it for free between 30 and 45 days, but it’s better than not at all, no ?


We hope that this article will have allowed you to see more clearly with regard to the use of free VPNs on Netflix.

As we have had the opportunity to point out, 100% free offers are not viable in this case. They are too limited, ineffective, and unable to go under the radar from the measures implemented by the American streaming platform.

To overcome this without paying anything, we therefore advise you to trust ExpressVPN or NordVPN. With their satisfied or refunded warranty, you can take advantage of their service for free for 30 days to use it on Netflix.

You have found a free VPN that works on Netflix ? Do not hesitate to share your feedback.