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“Hide.Me is a vpn provider that keeps no logs and aims to put Safety and Security at the Top of its priorities.””

The best free VPNs for Switzerland: ranking 2023

You are looking for a free VPN for Switzerland ? So you may be overwhelmed in front of all the offers available on the net. Indeed, there are many VPN suppliers, and free solutions sometimes hide traps. To make the best possible choice, you must take into account some important criteria.

We can for example note security, but also the authorized bandwidth or even the infrastructure of the service provider (number of locations and number of servers). Here, we will present 3 quality offers, without traps and completely free so that you can enjoy a VPN in Switzerland and offering servers on site.

VPN for Switzerland: free vs paid services

There is a debate that reacts in the world of VPNs: free services live up to paid services ? You surely suspect it, free publishers are often not as qualitative as their premium counterparts, which is easily understood.

In terms of security first of all, it is not uncommon to find free VPNs for Switzerland which only assure your online safety (if not). Some even go so far as to resell your personal data to finance themselves. Fortunately this is not the case for all free VPNs for Switzerland, but it is advisable to be vigilant.

But the advantages of premium VPNs in Switzerland are also seen in other areas. Indeed, in general, performance differences are noted: free VPNs are slower (no high-end servers), which can impact your internet connection negatively.

This is explained, among other things, by more limited infrastructure, with fewer servers around the world. Thus, free VPNs usable in Switzerland also offer you fewer locations, which can play tricks on you to overcome geo-restrictions.

Besides, No free VPN has – to our knowledge – servers in Switzerland to offer you to have an IP address in this country. Fortunately, we still have software accessible for free to present you (and with servers on site).

Take advantage of a premium VPN in Switzerland without paying: our tip

As we have just said, it is possible to have a free VPN with servers in Switzerland which is still of good quality. How is it possible ? You just need to operate the refund guarantee offered by certain premium providers.

Thus, you can subscribe to their offer, use them for the time of their warranty, then be fully reimbursed.

ExpressVPN: 30 days of free trial (without commitment)

The first software that we can recommend to you is ExpressVPN. This software is paying, it is a fact, but as we have just seen, you can enjoy it for a given period: that of its refund guarantee, which is 30 days. Expressvpn being our favorite VPN, so it is a boon to be able to use it for a month.

If you do not know ExpressVPN, know that this supplier ensures your safety as best as possible, including in Switzerland. With its service, your data is encrypted and your IP address camouflaged, which allows you to navigate anonymously in all circumstances. This will be particularly useful in Switzerland, but also in France, where no one can know what you are doing online.

Free expressvpn application for Switzerland

Your activity will even be protected on public networks, sources of a lot of dangers. Note that ExpressVPN is a “no-log” VPN. This means that he does not keep any information about what you do online, for total confidentiality. In addition, ExpressVPN is located in many countries of the world: 94.

Switzerland being one of the countries where the publisher has servers, so it is perfectly able to provide you with a Swiss IP address. Therefore, you can watch Swiss television abroad, even if you are in France (or elsewhere in the world). This advantage is also reversible thanks to servers in France from ExpressVPN. These will be useful to you if you are in Switzerland to access French content and services via a French IP.

Expressvpn goes even further. This supplier offers in particular an unlimited bandwidth, senior servers for maximum speeds, as well as a support accessible 24/7. The most beginners will also be delighted to learn that the ExpressVPN application is easy to use, and adapts to as many devices as possible.

It is actually available on the main operating systems (Windows, Android, iOS, MacOS, Linux) and also adapts to Smart TV and connected case, for example. So, as free VPN for Switzerland, it is quite obvious that ExpressVPN is an essential option, even if it is only for a month.

Cyberghost: up to 45 days of subscription offered

At the end of your free period at ExpressVPN, you may want to extend the experience with another premium VPN which offers a similar reimbursement guarantee.

In this case, think of Cyberghost (you can read our full review on Cyberghost here). This service is also completely optimal for Switzerland, and its “satisfied or refunded” warranty allows you to use it for free for 45 days (if you opt for a commitment period greater than 1 month).

So, how Cyberghost is an option to consider if you are looking for a free VPN in Switzerland ? First, know that on the security side, it is equal to ExpressVPN. It allows anonymous and safe navigation regardless of your connection, at home or outside. Cyberghost also appears in our top 3 of the best vpn no-log. He therefore ensures your confidentiality at best.

In terms of infrastructure and performance, this supplier is also excellent. It has servers in more than 90 countries. Switzerland appears in this list, and Cyberghost therefore allows you to have an IP address in this country easily. The same goes for France, a territory where Cyberghost has a number of servers.

Free cyberghost application for Switzerland

If you are looking for an efficient VPN, Cyberghost has something to seduce you, although it is slightly behind compared to ExpressVPN. Its high-end servers allow it to defend itself very well at this level. And this fluid navigation, you can take advantage of it on as many devices as possible. Cyberghost moves on computer, tablet, smartphone, but also on television or connected housing.

The application of this supplier is also pleasant and intuitive, and a quality customer service is accessible 24/7 via a live cat for useless use. In addition, know that like ExpressVPN, Cyberghost does not impose any bandwidth restriction. Thus, even if it is only for a limited period (from 14 to 45 days), Cyberghost is an excellent choice of free VPN in Switzerland.

Finally, if following the free use of these tools you want to continue, know that ExpressVPN and Cyberghost are accessible for only a few euros per month.

Protonvpn: a 100% free VPN for Switzerland

To continue our top of the best free VPNs for Switzerland, we want to tell you about a service provider that offers a 100% free and unlimited offer over time. This is Protonvpn.

So that this service provider has to offer you in general ? First, know that Protonvpn is one of the best free VPNs of the moment. Its safety is good and its speeds are acceptable (they are however much lower compared to those of ExpressVPN or Cyberghost).

Also, Protonvpn offers a pleasant and easy -to -hand application, even for people still uncomfortable with new technologies.

You can install Protonvpn on computer, tablet and smartphone. And since we are talking about what Protonvpn can offer you, know that it is one of the very rare free VPNs which offer an unlimited bandwidth.

Free VPN Proton application for Switzerland

You will therefore not be restricted in your navigation with this software. These advantages will be accessible both in France and in Switzerland, which is why this VPN appears in this comparison. Unfortunately, for the rest, Protonvpn is behind compared to premium premium VPNs.

For example, it only offers 3 countries in its 100% free version. These are the United States, the Netherlands and Japan. You will understand, Protonvpn will unfortunately not allow you to obtain an IP address in Switzerland or in France to overcome the geo-blockages which are used in these two countries.

Likewise, Protonvpn customer service can only be reached by email. However, if these limitations should be noted, they are not dramatic for all.

Protonvpn can still correspond to the needs of certain Internet users of which you may be part, especially in terms of security and confidentiality in Switzerland (where the VPN is also based, which is a good point concerning the processing of your data )).

A free VPN for Switzerland: what is the interest ?

Our presentation of the 3 best free VPNs usable in Switzerland is over. However, we quickly want to recall the advantages of such a tool, because we have not taken the time to do it earlier. Do you really know all the advantages of a VPN for Switzerland, what is more free ?

Such a tool will allow you to navigate more securely on all networks, and that does not matter where you are. This asset will be particularly appreciable on your domestic network, but also on public WiFi in the event of a trip in particular. You will be completely anonymous online, which makes your activity untraceable (even by your internet access provider or your employer, for example).

Another advantage of free VPNs for Switzerland is the fact that they can offer you an IP address in this country. By doing this, you go beyond the geo-restrictions that exist, and you can access Swiss content even if you are not in the country.

Therefore, to you streaming programs, sporting events on television, websites or even game servers in this country, all without having to move from home. If you are already in Switzerland, know that this advantage also works in the other direction. The VPN can provide you with an IP address in dozens of other countries to get around any restriction.

Finally, even if it goes without saying, it is important to specify that a free VPN in Switzerland will cost you nothing, which is also a significant advantage.


Our article on free VPNs for Switzerland is now over. We hope it was useful to you. To summarize, we can say that such a tool will open many doors to you on the net. You can notably surf sure and anonymously. You will also be able to modify your IP address to overcome geo-blockages and access Swiss content without being in this country.

Conversely, if you are in Switzerland, you can locate yourself elsewhere to access other web content. And to do all this completely free, without time limit, the best software is Protonvpn.

If however you wish to access a higher service, be aware that optimal premium VPNs for Switzerland offer reimbursement guarantees that can allow you to use them for free over a given period. We advise you in this ExpressVPN area, whose “satisfied or reimbursed” warranty extends over 30 days.

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Why do you need a VPN in Switzerland?

The VPN for Switzerland keeps surveillance and censorship at a distance to allow you to benefit from total freedom on the Internet, at any time.

Swiss Hide VPN.comes with a variety of tools to protect your important data and your identity. Our custom VPN software allows you to easily access all options with the support of a wide range of protocols. With in place a 256-bit armored cost, we protect your internet connection and guarantee that your data is transmitted to secure channels.

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Nowadays more than ever, our privacy is threatened. Internet users’ online activities are controlled and collected every second of each day. Governments are constantly conducting surveillance programs to listen to your calls, read your conversations and as if that were not enough, even companies follow our behavior on the Internet. In such a situation, it becomes critical of taking the necessary measures to protect our privacy. hide.Me VPN offers you the best opportunity to hide behind its dynamic IP addresses in more than 83 locations. Be anonymous and avoid third party intrusions.

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Choose from more than 83 locations and 2,300 servers across Asia, Europe and the Americas. Thanks to our highly optimized network, you will always connect to the server The fastest VPN available. Take advantage of an uninterrupted download and streaming experience.

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Refund guarantee for 30 days

All amounts are in EUR. VAT can apply.

What are the features included in all our packages?

2,300 servers around the world
Protection against IP leaks
Powerful encryption AES-256 Bits
Strictly without journalization
Applications for all devices
The best protection of privacy
Secure VPN Protocols

Frequently asked questions


What are the different payment methods?

Credit card (visa, mastercard, Amex, Diners Club), Paypal, SEPA, Sfort, bank transfer

What cryptocurrencies do you accept as means of payment ?

Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Horizen, Zcash

Can I cancel my subscription at any time ?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time, without conditions.

Do you have a refund guarantee ?

Absolutely, you have 30 days, to obtain a refund without having to justify yourself.

Is my payment information recorded in your system?

No. All payments are managed by external suppliers and we do not record your personal information when you pay. There is no way to connect your payment information to your use of VPN. You will always remain anonymous with, even if you use a credit card.

Can I benefit from discounts if I pay for a long time ?

Absolutely ! We offer advantageous discounts for those who pay for a long period in advance.

Can I extend my existing subscription with the reduction?

Yes, to make sure we credit the plan to your account, you have the possibility of logging into during the payment process. If you buy a new package, your existing package will be extended and the next adjusted billing date.


Can VPN influence my internet speed ?

No, an uningenined connection is generally as fast as a quantified VPN connection. There may be cases where a specific VPN protocol limits your speed, but this scenario is most often linked to insufficient performance of your computer or a bad routing towards our location. We do our best to provide enough resources.

Does your VPN work with Bittorrent customers ?

Yes, we do not reduce or limit your torrent speed. You can enjoy the best speed if you activate the dynamic port transfer and link your VPN customer with our Socks proxy to the VPN connection.

Is the use of VPNs legal ?

Yes, using a VPN is completely legal. You have the right to protect and encrypt your internet connection and not to leave traces around the web. You use an envelope for your letters, so why should everyone be able to follow your traffic on the net ?

Limit Premium accounts ? Do you have a fair use policy ?

In any case, we do not limit our premium users. They can use as much bandwidth as they want. There is no fair use policy: you always have it for your money !

Can I use your service to get around the FAI data transfer cap ?

Our VPN service does not work in addition to your current internet connection, so we demand that you have a sufficient internet quota when you use our service to avoid any speed reduction or interruption of the service caused by your FAI.

“Hide.Me Offers A UNDERSTANCE VPN Product with No Logging, Strong Encryption, and Robust Protection Against DNS . “”

“Hide.Me is a vpn provider that keeps no logs and aims to put Safety and Security at the Top of its priorities.””

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