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Another excellent French -speaking generalist DDL site formerly known as Lybertyland.

The 6 best Direct Download Sites of Films and Series in French for 2023 #DDL #Warez [MAJ September 2023��]

You want to download films, documentaries, series, animés, ebook, MP3 and other Flac for free? So I must above all tell you that this practice is totally illegal in France and in most countries of the world. Everything I will offer you here is only for educational purposes and know that I do not encourage illegal download.

I offer you in this article The list of 6 best direct download sites films and series in French currently available on the web. Direct download, or DDL, is not at all controlled by the Hadopi Commission, there is therefore no risk of downloading, which is why this method is very popular and accessible to everyone to download content. However, it is illegal and by doing so you do not pay the content authors.

A big thank you to those who write me regularly to tell me about the changes of links.

Before discovering the best direct download sites of the moment I invite you to watch this little video which reports a return in force of piracy currently, undoubtedly an effect of inflation which leads a lot to reduce the Netflix, Spotify subscription , Disney and Company to download for free.

Enremes judicial setbacks, blocking by ISPs, non -referencing in Google, download zone (ZT for regulars) is always good of this world.

Download area is currently the major reference of direct download (DDL) and you will find 90% of the contents of the moment.

2- Extreme Download

  • Link : https: // www.extreme-down.Al/

One of the best French -speaking generalist DDL sites comparable to Download Directory.

3- Libertyvf

Link : https: // www.libertyland.Al/

Another excellent French -speaking generalist DDL site formerly known as Lybertyland.

4- Emule-Island

  • Link : https: // emule-island.EU/

Emule Island is part of the elders and it is still as interesting. This site references direct download links, streaming, but also torrents (for torrents using a VPN to download a torrent film allows you not to get caught by Hadopi).


  • Link : https: // www.wawacity.HOMES/

Wawacity is another big headliner of direct and streaming download sites. Unfortunately the site is full of pubs and pop-ups of all kinds, a good advertising blocker is therefore essential. In terms of content you will find lots of new products with many content in HD 720 and 1080.

6- Darkino

  • Link : https: // www2.Darkino.IO/FR

If you know Palixi Tirexo or Papaflix and you regret that they are closed, and well you will be happy to know that these sites have just been reborn under the name of Darkino ! This legendary Direct Download and Streaming site offers films, series, manga, software, games, music or even free download ebooks. With more than 10,000 films available, the Darkino catalog is quite impressive

How to download a movie for direct download ?

To download a movie from a direct download site, it’s both very simple and completely free.

1- First you are looking for the content that suits you on one of the sites I presented to you previously. You generally have a search engine for this one, but many filters allow you to search by category or by date if you prefer.

2- Once you have selected content, you must find the download link on the page in question. It is not always easy to identify at first glance if you are not used to it but because there are often lots of advertising that appear. The site does not host any content, it only displays download links to accommodation platforms such as 1Fichier, Uptobox, Turbobit, so you sometimes have several links for the same content.

3- Once you have found the link click on it and you will be redirected to the content host. You can then download your film or your series without problem. Hosts are paid but They all offer a free offer which allows you to download content with some restrictions on the flow or the number of possible downloads per day. Generally there is no need to register that anything.

Rather than a long speech, even if downloading a film for direct download is ultra simple, I invite you to consult this tutorial:

Down sites ..

[Down] WAWA-MANIA : this is a forum or registration (free) is compulsory. The advantage of the forum is that it is users who enrich it with content and replace the dead links with valid links. Wawa-Mania is a reference of the genre and you will most certainly find your happiness in films, music and ebooks. It perfectly replaces Down Paradise and is most certainly the best current download site.

News from 10/10/2016: Technical breakdown since early October, hope that it is not something else ..

[Down] Planet Series : This site specializes in series. Registration, not compulsory, offers some more options such as selecting several links at the same time.

News from 01/06/2016: the administrator of Planet Series was arrested in Marseille. When he left he immediately arrested the site hoping for the leniency of the judge during his future trial. Note that it risks 5 years in prison and 500,000 EUR fines. Not to mention the damages of the majors who will load him as they charge the price of the daubes that they sell us in the trade..

[Down] Down Paradise : This is a forum where registration is compulsory. Moderation being rigorous quality is there! The forum system makes it possible to significantly reduce the number of dead links and to increase the dynamism of the content. When content is appreciated, leaving a comment allows you to go up in mind. The different sections are thus constantly in motion to offer only the best. Only downside, the forum, victim of its success is sometimes broken down … wait a few hours and retry your luck you will not regret it.

News of 12/29/2014: Down Paradise is currently unavailable. It would seem that one of the animators encounters some problems with justice to the point that the company owner of domain name has preferred to make unavailable access to the site. It smells like the tree for Down Paradise who already knew a lot of financial problems. I leave it in the ranking … for now because if it comes back it remains an excellent direct download site.

Reminder on download methods

There are 3 major methods to download films, series, MP3.

1- The peer to peer (p2p / torrent)

This protocol is based on the principle of sharing called peer to peer or p2p.

Bittorrent is a P2P solution.

This download method is monitored in France by the government via the Hadopi Commission. The hacker is punished in the event of downloading content protected by several letters and then a cut of its ADSL access.

But this surveillance does not stop the pirates who have a very simple tip to download in P2P without any risk: The use of a VPN.

The VPN is a small paid, but very affordable service, which allows you to download completely anonymously. There are many VPN services but not all of them are equal and among the best VPNs there are services like NordVPN, ExpressVPN or PureVPN, all are recommended by Torrent Freak and optimize for download.

2- Newsgroups

Download content by newsgroups is a bit outdated. Nevertheless this very popular method ago 1 ten years ago was rather effective and secure. To download in Newsgroup, you need a paid subscription to a newsgroup server. The principle is to download desired content fragments to your computer by looking in the different groups offered. Then software allows you to re-draw the pieces and voila is played.

3- Direct download [Method presented in this article]

This last method is to download directly from a host specializing in data storage. Direct download is made in HTTPS, the same protocol as to consult Internet pages. It is not controlled by Hadopi when downloads are made on servers abroad. Because Hadopi does not have authority over these servers. Hadopi cannot therefore recover the IP address associated with the downloaded content. This method is thus used a lot by budding hackers because it is both simple and perfectly safe.

Data hosts, although many and paid, allow almost all to download for free with a few limitations (download number, data volume downloaded daily and download speed). The most popular are 1ficher, uploaded or uptobox because all their servers are located outside of France and there are almost everything.

Hosts are content to host. They do not reference what they host. To search for media to download from hosts, just find a referencing links to these hosts, This is the item object how to download a film with Download / Directory Download / Directory Directory or I offer you a demonstration so that you can understand. I remind you that all of this is illegal, it’s just informative.

Non-liability clause !

This article offered as an educational basis refers to platforms offering the download of legal content but also content protected by copyright. Note that downloading content protected by copyright is prohibited by law, even for private copying if the source is not lawful. We therefore decline any responsibility for the use you may make of the techniques presented here. You must always make sure that the work you download is free from right, otherwise you must turn to the legal offer available to you.


Vidmasta is good software translated into French and easy to handle. Among its appreciable features, its powerful search engine and ease to download films and TV series. Software to discover !

Vidmasta is software for looking, watching and downloading movies and TV series episodes. To do this, he uses a client and many Bittorrent search engines.

Advanced research functions offer the possibility of finding the best download sources and filtering results according to a host of criteria: by name, by size, gender, language or note. Categories also bring together the most popular TV films and TV series.

Moreover, Vidmasta Allows the download of subtitles according to several languages ​​and videos in high definition quality up to 720p or 1080p resolutions. The software also offers bands -Annonces and various information on each movie or TV series episode.

On the security side, the software supports the integration of Peerblock, the management of proxys as well as the encryption of your downloads.
Finally, note that we strongly advise you to use this tool to view and download rights -free works.