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Tinder is a meeting application that is an absolute reference in the world. Launched in 2012 by several American entrepreneurs, it belongs to the Match Group group which itself has several dating sites like Meetic. As early as 2015, the app has made its own stock market.

To date, Tinder is one of the most used dating applications in the world. During 2018, it had more than 57 million users in 190 countries around the world. Download Tinder is simple, its general operation is easy to understand and it is what makes its success with so many users over the years. A recent study published in July 2023 claims that 60 % of people registered on the service are however in a relationship.

Tinder operation

Tinder revolutionized the way of meeting people online thanks to a simple concept. Indeed, the founders of the service focused on a mobile application only by based its use on a single gesture, or almost: the “swipe”.

If you download Tinder, you will have to register by entering your phone number and then validating it using a code received by SMS. Then just create your profile. You can add several photos and modify the order as well as a description. In this one, you can add text, but also your favorite centers of interest or musical pieces. The number of characters is limited, but you have a large space enough to talk about you. This forces creativity to distinguish itself from other profiles.

From Tinder settings, you can very easily define several elements. The main criteria are the kind of the person you are looking for (man, woman, etc.), age or the area. Based on geolocation, the mobile application presents people who are located in an area close to you depending on the distance you have determined. If you use the service in Paris and then in Marseille, you will not see the same people and vice versa. The advantage of Tinder is that the dating service is used all over the world: even on vacation, you can meet people.

As soon as your profile and your settings are in place, all you have to do is meet Tinder. Let’s go back to the famous swipe. More concretely, the application will allow you to scroll different profiles supposed to meet your criteria, so that you can slide the profile to the right of the screen please and on the left of the screen if it does not you don’t like.

On Tinder, two users Swive to the right must be seen on the application so that they match and that they can get in touch. When this is the case, you have a mention that appears on the screen, then you can use private messaging to discuss with the person, both in writing and by video call, provided that the two people are Both agreement. You can also see if the other is online, if your messages have been read and when the recipient is writing. At any time, it is possible to block a user, report it or delete it from the list of matches.

For a few years, Tinder has been betting on several paid versions that have given access to other features, this allows you to have likes unlimited, great likes to stand out or see who has you matché. A large majority of users do not pay for the service. Tinder is available in 40 languages, including French.


Tinder is first of all a mobile application, which means that you can install it on your smartphone from Android or iOS operating systems. For a few years, you have not been forced to download Tinder to your mobile. Indeed, it is also possible to access the dating application directly from your web browser. You can therefore use the service on your mac or windows computer.


Download Tinder is free in the same way as registration on the dating application. However, it also offers paid subscriptions that allow unlimited access to all features. You have the choice between three subscriptions, here is the detail of the features included.

Tinder Plus

  • Likes unlimited
  • No advertising
  • Unlimited back
  • Meetings all over the world with research by city

Tinder Gold

  • Likes unlimited
  • No advertising
  • Unlimited back
  • Meetings all over the world with research by city
  • See who liked your profile
  • 5 Superlikes per week
  • 1 free boost per month
  • New favorites every day

Tinder Platinum

  • Likes unlimited
  • No advertising
  • Unlimited back
  • Meetings all over the world with research by city
  • See who liked your profile
  • 5 Superlikes per week
  • 1 free boost per month
  • New favorites every day
  • Sending a message before matching
  • Priority likes
  • See the likes you have sent in the last 7 days

What is very particular in the functioning of Tinder is that the price of these three subscriptions is not public and that it is not fixed. Indeed, it evolves significantly according to your gender and your age, but also other criteria which remain as secret. The duration of the subscription also changes the price, you can choose between 1 month, 6 months and 12 months.

Alternatives to Tinder

Tinder is one of the most popular dating applications in the world, it is very acclaimed by millennials aged 18 to 35, but there are also older people there. If it is popular, there are still other similar dating services online, such as adopte (ex adopteunmec).

If you do not want to download Tinder, adopts is the alternative par excellence online. Intended for an audience located in the same age group, it is based on a concept of free for women and subscription for men, in order to reach a parity. In detail, the features remain quite similar with the possibility of creating a profile to add a description and centers of interest. Then you can also discuss easily with other members provided they obviously agree. The dating site is accessible via the application on iOS and Android, but also from a web browser.

Difficult to talk about Tinder without talking about Meetic that belongs to the same group. Meetic arrived on the market many years ago, he is one of the sites that massively favored online meetings in France, which makes him a must. The age group is higher than that of its counterparts for similar features, but no swipe. Again, it is a site accompanied by paid formulas, both for women and men.

Tinder for Android

Thanks to a simple interface, Tinder manages to remain one of the undisputed leaders in the field of dating applications. We will however regret the paid side of the application: you will have to get your hands on the wallet to enjoy the full capacities and the real Tinder potential.

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  • Why use Tinder on Android ?
  • An always impressive popularity
  • How does the application work ?
  • Limited free content
  • The best alternatives to Tinder

Tinder is one of these applications that benefited from one of the biggest launches when it was put into service in 2012. Responsible for terms since become common as “swipe” or “superlike”, it remains today one of the references in the field of free online meetings, despite a very expensive but almost necessary subscription system.

Why use Tinder on Android ?

Tinder is the most popular application of the moment in the field of online meetings (love or not). The service is one of the first to have popularized this kind of applications since its launch in 2012. In other words, Tinder is a social network dedicated to the meeting between people.

It enjoys a principle of simple use, which has also made it possible to make your fame and inspired most of the competing applications: that of the “Swipe”. In other words, the user has a profile displayed according to him according to his preferences (woman, man, etc.). If the profile suits him, he can “swipe” (be a gesture with his finger) to the right. If he does not correspond to him, he will slide the profile to the left.

If the person we “like” liked our profile, then a connection is set up between the two users: they can therefore start to communicate via private messages. It is then to the two users now linked to break the ice.

An always impressive popularity

Tinder is undoubtedly the queen application of online dating services. Launched in May 2012, it quickly benefits from a new craze, in particular thanks to its simplicity and the addictive aspect of the swipe: the user can thus tip the profile of a person to the right or the left with his fingers, To decide whether a person interests him or not.

Strengthened by its success, the application, originally freely free, launched a major update in 2015: Tinder Plus. From now on, the application remains free but limits the features available to ordinary users. To enjoy the full potential of Tinder, you must now subscribe to the Tinder Plus service.

Today, Tinder is one of the most profitable applications of the Apple App Store, with revenues estimated at more than $ 810 million in 2018. The same year, the number of Tinder users was estimated at 57 million in 190 countries. In addition, in 2020 was estimated at around 6.6 million subscribers to Tinder paid services. This is still one of the leading applications of the field on Google Play Store, with more than 100 million downloads.

How does the application work ?

To benefit from Tinder on Android, simply go to the Google Play Store, then register Tinder in the search bar. Once downloaded, the application requests the creation of an account (which can be done via Facebook, Gmail or its phone number). During this process, two photos are requested from the user, to highlight their profile. It is also at this time that we choose our interests, just to find common points with other users.

Then arrives the swipe system: the user chooses the profiles that most like him by making a “swipe” on the right or on the left depending on his affinities. Once a connection is established, that is to say that a person has brought reciprocal interest, then the discussion between the two individuals can start.

Unfortunately, the free Tinder content is very limited, and some sometimes crucial features for the proper functioning of the application are only accessible to users who have decided to pay a subscription.

Limited free content

Indeed, if using Tinder is free at first, it should still be noted that to take advantage of all the features offered by the application, one or more subscriptions are required. Because unlike the vast majority of gender dating apps, it is indeed necessary to succumb to several subscriptions to be entitled to all the features proposed by Tinder.

On the one hand, the Tinder Plus subscription offers unlimited likes, a free boost every month (to increase the visibility of your account) or even 5 free superlikes per day. A subscription billed at € 9.99 per month if you decide to commit for 6 months (and € 19.99 for a month alone).

There is also the Tinder Gold subscription, which offers all the features of the Tinder Plus subscription, with a crucial addition: the possibility of discovering the people who sent a like to our profile directly, without having to match them. A subscription billed € 14.99 per month for a 6 -month commitment (or € 30.99 for a month alone).

Finally, the Tinder Platinum subscription is the most advantageous in terms of features, but also the most expensive: it takes € 19.99 per month for six months (or € 40.99 for a single month). It offers everything the Tinder Gold promises, in addition to the possibility of sending a message directly by Superlike sent, just to break the ice, to automatically match with people who liked its profile, or to highlight its profile.

The best alternatives to Tinder

There was a time when Tinder acted alone in the field of online dating applications. Today, lots of competitors have been able to impose their paw thanks to innovative concepts: we think in particular of, the application which is based on meetings made in real life. But there are many other examples of applications that have received great success such as adopteunmec, Meetic or Badoo.


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