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Download Tiktok Waterproof Tiktok with Savefrom

We now offer an application to download Tiktok videos. It’s fast, easy, waterproof and HD quality.

Ssstiktok Download Video Tiktok

We now offer an application to download Tiktok videos. It’s fast, easy, waterproof and HD quality.

How to use Ssstiktok – Tiktok Downloader?

  • Get the tiktok video link you want to download (if you don’t know how to get your download link, read the instructions here).
  • Access Tikmate.Online and stick your download link.
  • Click the Download button.
  • Download the Tiktok video to your device


  • Tiktok Downloader to download the Tiktok wireless tiktok video.
  • Download the tiktok video using your browser only. No other necessary tool.
  • Download Tiktok Tiktok without watermark with Full HD quality.
  • Support Tiktok Downloader, Musically Downloader and Douyin (Chinese Tiktok) Downloader.

Download Tiktok videos with the PWA Ssstiktok app

PWA (Progressive web apps) is an application that can provide additional features based on supported devices, provides offline features, push notifications and has the same interface and the same speed. Tikmate develops a PWA application to provide exceptional utilities and experience to chrome users, such as:

  • Practical and will help you download Tiktok videos faster
  • Much better speed and performance than the website
  • Good safety
  • Add to the home screen
  • It looks like an application

Instructions for the installation of Ssstiktok PWA for Android:

  • Step1: Visit the Tikmate website.Online in the Google Chrome browser.
  • Step2: Click the Add Ssstiktok button on the home screen at the bottom of the screen
  • Step3: Click the Installer button and the PWA Ssstiktok will be installed and displayed on the screen of your phone.


Why does this Tiktok downloader indicate that I cannot download this video?

  • Videos are private, deleted or limited to a single country
  • Your download links are not tiktok video links. Example of link:
    • https: //
    • https: //
    • https: //
    • https: //

    How to get your Tiktok download link?

    • Access the Tiktok application
    • Choose the video you want to download
    • Find the Share button in the lower right corner of the application
    • Find and click on the Copy link . Your download link is in the clipboard and ready to be stuck.

    How to record tiktok videos with iPhone / iPad?

    • In the past, you could not record any video on your iPhone or iPad due to Apple policies. But now, with the operating system 13 or higher, Safari helps you download files on your device. Please follow instructions to download Tiktok videos with your iPhone / iPad with OS 13.
    • If your operating system is less than 13, you can update your software or follow the instructions to use our Tiktok downloader.

    How to save Tiktok videos with my Android phone?

    • Download our Snapx applications on Playstore.
    • Use your mobile browser, access Tikmate.Online and follow the instructions to use Tiktok Download without watermark.

    Where Tiktok videos are saved after download?

    Downloaded videos are generally saved in the folder you have defined by default, normally your gallery. After using our Tiktok downloader, you can access the gallery to see your videos.

    Download Tiktok Waterproof Tiktok with Savefrom

    The Tiktok downfrance downloader: Download Tiktok videos in Full HD, HD and SD without watermark.

    Our downloader allows you to choose the file format before download, to enjoy offline tiktok videos on PC, Mac or Mobile device, wherever you are.

    With the Savefrom tiktok video downloader, download quickly and simply, without installing water deletion software on phone or PC. You just have to link to the tiktok video you want, our downloader takes care of the rest.

    We have created a PC browser extension and a Tiktok download application for Android users, to simplify the download of Tiktok videos from any modern device.

    Supported resources

    Note: Click on the name of a web resource to download it

    All Resources

    Download Tiktok videos with helper

    Savefrom offers a free browser extension for PC that allows you to download Tiktok videos directly from the social network web page. Our tiktok download extension for browser appears in the form of a small “saving” button when you fly over a tiktok video. Just click on the “Download” button to save the video. You can choose from several file formats available, including MP4, Webm and 3GP.

    Our Tiktok videos download extension works with office browsers on Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Ubuntu. It is an excellent extension for browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and all browsers based on Chromium.

    tik tok music downloader

    Add the “Savefrom extension.Net Helper “to your browser: install

    Download Tiktok videos on Android with the Savefrom

    Savefrom.Net is a shiny application that makes Tiktok video download on any mobile phone or Android tablet. With our application, you can download waterproof tiktok videos and watch them offline at any time, anywhere anywhere. tiktok video download application for Android

    • Download Tiktok Wallow Tiktok with one click.
    • Watch short offline videos. Never get bored.
    • Use a media gallery to collect music and videos.
    • Manage your files. Get rid of the disorder.
    • Listen to music. Listen to your favorite songs on the go.
    • Share videos with friends. On Whatsapp, Instagram.

    How to start downloading tiktok wireless tiktok via ?

    To record waterproof tiktok videos using, follow these three simple steps:

    How to download Tiktok videos from the address bar: Step by step guide

    Learn to easily download tiktok videos and photos from your browser’s address bar. Just add a short domain like “”or” savefrom.Net/”Before the video of the video or the photo. For example: //

    Once you have pressed Entrance, you will be redirected to a page with several download options. The default option is the best quality available, but if you prefer a different quality, simply select it and start the download process.

    Questions and answers on downloading Tiktok videos

    How to download tiktok videos on iPhone ?

    To download Tiktok Wired Tiktok videos on any Apple device, simply copy the URL of the video, photo or music from Tiktok to your iPhone or iPad, then go to the Savefrom site.Net on your Safari browser. Paste the link in the entry field and press the button on the right side of the field to launch the download process in just a few seconds. It works of course iOS 13 and subsequent versions.

    How to download Tiktok videos on Mac OS ?

    Download Tiktok videos to Mac OS using one of the three methods: Install the browser extension, use the SFROM SFROM”or use the online tiktok downloader. The downloaded video is saved in the default download folder of your Mac or MacBook computer.

    Where can I find the downloaded tiktok files ?

    After downloading videos, music or Tiktok photos, all files can be found in the default download folder of your device, which is configured to save all the content from the Internet. If you have not changed your settings, then the default folder is called “Downloads”.

    Where can I download files from ?

    All files are directly downloaded from the service. does not store any photo, music or video on its servers.

    Keep a history of my downloads ?

    No, we do not keep a history of your downloads. We respect the privacy of our users and do not collect any personal information.

    Is the Tiktok video download application free ?

    Yes, our tiktok application is completely free to use, and there is no limit to the number of videos you can download.

    What video quality is available for download ?

    Savefrom shows all the available video quality options, which means that you can download the highest quality of the source file. If the required quality is not available for a particular video, this means that the file is only available in this quality and that there are no other options. By default, video quality is generally in MP4 format and 720p resolution.

    How to use Tiktok downloader on Android ?

    There are several ways to download Tiktok videos for free on Android. The most user -friendly method is to download the SAVEFROM application.Net for Android by simply downloading the APK file. The second method is to use the Savefrom, and the third is to use the short “sffrom”.


    Download files from more than 40 websites, including YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo, with one click with helper !