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How to download Disney videos on Windows

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Disney+ is an SVOD platform in paid license. It contains many films, series, cartoons and has prestigious licenses (Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, National Geographic).

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Launched in 2019, Disney+ is one of the giants on the SVOD market. This platform offers a family catalog to find the original Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic classics and national creations. There are also original creations (The Mandalorian, Andor, etc.)). The service has all the classic streaming features.

  • Why use Disney+ ?
  • Disney features+
  • How to use Disney+ ?
  • How to subscribe to Disney+ ?
  • Disney alternatives + ?

Why use Disney+ ?

Created in 2019 by the famous firm with big ears and launched in 2020 in France, Disney+ is a video platform on demand in paid license with its share of original or not (films and series) available in streaming. Competent of giants such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, it has more than 137 million subscribers despite a rather complicated year 2022 .

The main strength of the Disney+ streaming service is to bring together exclusive licenses: in addition to Disney works, there are big names such as Marvel, Starwars, National Geographic or Pixar. The platform also has the programs of 20th Century Studios, ABC Signature, Touchstone Pictures, Hollywood Pictures or Searchlight Pictures.

Disney+ content is rather family oriented. However, this SVOD platform has been offering content for some time for adult public, via the Star offer (which has increased the price of the overall subscription by 2 euros). When it was launched, Disney+ had 500 films and more than 300 series. Its content has since grown considerably.

Disney’s catalog+

On the Disney+streaming service, spectators not only have access to classics but also to exclusives and original creations. There are films, series, cartoons and documentaries. Among them, let us mention in particular:

  • THE Disney contents : Spectators can watch the brand’s classic films and cartoons (the Snow Queen, the Lion King, Mulan and many others). In recent years, the firm has also created live-action from its biggest success: they are, of course, visible on the Disney platform+.
  • THE Marvel contents : The vast majority of films in the Marvel universe are available on service (Avengers, Thor, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, X-Men, etc.)). There are also the series from the franchise (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Loki, Moon Knight, Wandavision, Jessica Jones, The Punisher, Mrs Marvel, She Hulk….) as well as animations (What If?, My name is GROOT, etc.)).
  • THE drawings-animated and short films Pixar (Toy Story, Ratatouille, Cars, Monsters & Cie, etc.)).
  • THE Star Wars content : Films I to IX, Rogue One, Solo but also derived works (Andor, Obi-Wan Kenobi, The Mandalorian, Boba Fett’s book, etc.) as well as entertainment (Lego Star Wars, The Bad Batch, Star Wars Rebel, Clone Wars, etc.)).
  • THE Geographic National Contents : They include films on nature, history, geography as well as documentaries such as the world according to Jeff Goldblum and without limits with Chris Hemsworth.

In addition to these licenses, we find on the Disney+ streaming service many other videos, more or less recent. The genres are varied:

  • Comic: Simpsons, Malcolm, Modern Family, HPI….
  • Dramatic: The Bear, The Dropout, Dopesick, Homeland….
  • Thriller / horror: American Horror Story, the hill has eyes, the fly….

The use of a VPN to locate you in another country can possibly return an enriched catalog, but This goes against the policy of using the service.

Personalization of results

Unlike the Netflix streaming service, which studies our smallest actions, the Disney+ application is more discreet in its recommendations and rather highlights its greatest successes as well as its novelties. A “Selection for you” section is still present.

The user can highlight certain content on the Disney+ service by configuring his profile to indicate in particular what classification of films and series he wishes to see. This feature is particularly useful if you have children or adolescents at home.

Note also that, if Disney+ software allows us to add content to a list of favorites, we cannot, however, not indicate whether we loved them or not. This greatly restricts the field of possibilities in terms of customization of the results.

Disney features+

Disney+ is, after all, a platform quite similar to what we are used to meeting in streaming. She has a relevant categorization And highlights its new features as well as its main licenses (Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and Star). The other contents are thematic (in music, comic series, trends, inevitable, etc.)). We also note the two sections: “Continue reading” and “Selection for you”.

In the upper banner, Disney+ allows sort content by type :: Original, Films and series. A search mode is also available: you can type titles, character names or genres. Disney+ offers thematic collections in this part: Caribbean pirates, ice age, Lucasfilm, etc.

By clicking on the file of a film, there is a summary as well as a certain number of details (classification, duration, release date, gender, distribution). Here there are two useful features: a Adding button to a favorite list as well as a button to launch a groupwatch (a streaming session with family or friends). For some content, a Bonus subsection offers making-of and bloopers.

Once the reader is launched, we find all the classic features (resumed at the beginning, break, reading, advance or back up 10 seconds, audio volume, full screen and subtitling options). On mobile and tablet, it is possible to Download content. Among the options present, we can ask that the download is only done when a WiFi connection is detected. You can also choose to download the videos in more or less good quality, so, for example, not to saturate your storage space.

Disney+ streaming service defaults its videos in the best possible quality. You can go from SD to 4K UHD. Other features exist: automatic reading of episodes, video in the background and the essential parental control.

On the accessibility side, the service offers in particular to people with a hearing disabilities of Customize subtitles (size, color, background opacity, police outline). This feature can also be useful for all Disney spectators+.

How to use Disney+ ?

Disney+ is a streaming platform compatible with many devices. We can notably access it:

  • From an iOS or Android smartphone.
  • From a tablet (iPados, Android).
  • From a Windows 10 and 11 computer (with an application to download on the Microsoft Store).
  • From a mac.
  • From a web browser.
  • From a console (PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Series X or S).
  • From a connected television (SmartTV Samsung, Panasonic, etc.)).
  • From Amazon Firetv or Google Chromecast.
  • From Apple TV, Canal +, SFR and many other devices.

The creation of an account is essential to use this service. Once registered, the platform can be used on 4 simultaneous devices and it is possible to create up to 7 profiles.

How to subscribe to Disney+ ?

Disney+ is a paid license platform. A free 7 -day trial version allows you to test all the platform features. The service offers a single subscription, terminated at any time, and payable in two ways:

  • You can pay 8.99 euros monthly.
  • You can pay 89.90 euros annually.

To subscribe, you just have to go online on the official Disney+application website, ask to register and provide your email address. Then just advance step by step in:

  • Accepting the general conditions.
  • Defining a password.
  • Choosing the desired type of subscription (monthly or annual) and adding its banking information or its PayPal account.

The service as well as all its features are then available unlimited on your main device as well as 3 other devices.

Disney alternatives + ?

The streaming sector being in full boom, many alternatives to Disney+ exist today. Among its best known competitors, we can notably cite Netflix . Founded in 1997, this mastodon was involved in the streaming sector in 2007 . Launched in France in 2014, its platform has more than 230 million subscribers and has more than 4,000 content, including exclusive works produced internally. In an ever more competitive market, Netflix is ​​the world leader in streaming.

Among the SVOD giants, we can also count on Amazon Prime Video . Launched in 2016, this attractive price service has a vast catalog of films, series and cartoons. He also has prestigious partners like MGM, whose content requires a special subscription. Even if its interface is not the most ergonomic, Amazon Prime Video has interesting features such as the X-Ray function which allows you to find out about the casting of a project without having to get your laptop out of your pocket.

Finally, let us also quote the French MyCanal platform whose exhaustive offer has convinced many subscribers. Admittedly a bit expensive, this SVOD service launched in 2013 offers recent content, live programs and replay.

You can find other applications to test by consulting our comparison of the best streaming platforms .

How to download Disney+ videos on Windows ?

Disney launched its own video streaming service. They call it Disney+. It contains thousands of films and series. It can be used almost anywhere and has dedicated iPhone, Android, Fire TV, Xbox One and Roku applications. But you Do not find the Disney application more specifically for Windows, You can only find the Xbox One application in the Microsoft Store. It means you need to watch Disney videos+ via a Windows browser.

Two methods widely used on the internet, progressive web applications (Pwas) and Chromium -based browsers (like the new Microsoft Edge), allow users to save Disney+ Applications on the computer on the computer to obtain similar applications the program experience, but They cannot download the Disney+ videos to watch them offline As they do on iOS and Android devices.

Disney+ on Windows

How can you download your offline favorite movies or series on Windows before starting the DisneyPlus application for Windows ? Below, we give you a detailed introduction to a very effective method.

Tool required – Tunepat DisneyPlus Video Downloader

Since there is no official application to download Disney+ videos from Windows, we need to use third -party tools to achieve our goal. Here we recommend Tunepat DisneyPlus Video Downloader.

As long as you have a Disney+subscription, you can use it to connect to the Disney+web player, search for your favorite movies or series and download them to your computer in format MP4 or MKV . In addition to the videos, Tunepat DisneyPlus Video Downloader also supports the download of subtitles and audio tracks (including 5.1 dolby) In different languages. If your computer supports hardware acceleration, the download speed will be greatly improved. It can help you save a lot of time.

Characteristics of Tunepat Disneyplus Video Downloader

Tunepat DisneyPlus Video Downloader

Tunepat DisneyPlus Video Downloader

  • OKSave Disney films & shows+.
  • OKDownload Disney+ high quality videos.
  • OKMP4 and MKV as output format.
  • OKKeep the subtitles and audio tracks (including 5.1 dolby).
  • OK100% without viruses and plugins.

How to download Disney+ videos on Windows ?

We will show you how to use Tunepat DisneyPlus Video Downloader to download Disney+ videos on Windows. First, download and install the latest version of the DisneyPlus Video Downloader installation package, then run the program on your computer.

Step 1 Connect to the DisneyPlus account

Launch Tunepat DisneyPlus Video Downloader and enter any word in the search zone, then a window will appear asking you to connect to DisneyPlus. And no problem, Your account is only used to access the DisneyPlus library and the personal information you have entered will not be recorded by Tunepat.

Connect to DisneyPlus on Tunepat

STEP 2 Copy and glue the URL in TUNEPAT

Look for a video by copying & paste the DisneyPlus reader’s URL in Tunepat DisneyPlus Video Downloader.

Look for Disney+ videos

STEP 3 Customize the output settings

Click on the button Settings In the upper right corner to choose the output quality (Raised, average, low), the video format (MP4, MKV), the audio track and the language of the subtitles . You can choose MP4 as an exit format and French as a subtitles language.


If you want to define the file size and the subtitles language more precisely, you can find the window Advanced download and define it. When downloading a film, you will find a button for the window Advanced download next to the download icon. Click on the series download icon, then you will see the button Advanced download Bottom left of the Contextual Window.

Advanced download

Step 4 Start downloading Disney videos+

Click on the button Download To launch the download of videos.

Download Disney+ videos

Step 5 Check the download history

Once the download process is completed, click on Library To find well downloaded videos.



If you are always looking for a way to download DisneyPlus movies and episodes on Windows, the method described in this article (Download videos with DisneyPlus Video Downloader tunepat) is your best choice. You no longer need to use a web application (PWA) to get a similar application experience, you can get a download function similar to that available only on iOS or Android devices. What could be better than the Disney + Download Functionality itself is that the downloaded videos using DisneyPlus Video Downloader are not subject to any expiration restriction on the subscription and once downloaded can be stored on the computer forever. Of course, you can also transfer them to your device like iPad, PS4, etc. Try it now!

Noticed: The free trial version of Tunepat DisneyPlus Video Downloader has the same features as the full version, but it allows you to download only the first 5 minutes of each video. To unlock the limitation, you are suggested to buy the full version.