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Suunto 9 Peak Pro Assistance

Find the steps to follow for troubleshooting and answers to the frequently asked questions. We have prepared detailed assistance information to help you use your Suunto 9 Peak Pro.

Software updates – SUUNTO 9 PEAK PRO

When an update is available and your watch is connected to the Suunto app, the software update will be downloaded from the watch automatically.

Once the software has been downloaded on your watch, it will update during the night as long as the battery level is at least 50 %.

If you want to install the update manually before it is done automatically overnight, go to Settings > General and select Software update.

Version notes


Progressive broadcasting from June 28, 2023

This update provides new features, improvements and bug corrections.

New features :

  • Strava segments directly on the watch
  • Support of two SUUNTOPLUS sports applications during sessions
  • Suuntoplus sports applications stored from one session to another
  • Supporting SUUNTOPlus sports application parameters
  • New weather widget for daily weather forecasts
  • Pocket lamp function in the menu
  • Voice guidance in the Suunto application
  • Thai and traditional Chinese are activated in the world version


  • Improvements of backlight parameters

Suunto 9 Peak Pro Assistance


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Find the steps to follow for troubleshooting and answers to the frequently asked questions. We have prepared detailed assistance information to help you use your Suunto 9 Peak Pro.

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Suunto Expands Award-Winning Suunto 9 Peak Collection With A New Premium Model

SUUNTO, The Global Leader In Sports Watches, Dive Computers and Compass Announces The Release of the Suunto 9 Peak Full Titanium Black. This Bolsters The Brand’s Flagship Collection by Adding a Premium Model, which Which features A Diamond-Like Carbon Coued Titanium Bracelet. The Elegant Design and Classy Aesthetic of the Suunto 9 Peak Full Titanium Black Makes the Sports Watch Sophisticated Enough to More Formal Settings, and the include Flexible Silicone Strap Allows for A Seamless Transition and Adventure.


The ENTIRE SUUNTO 9 PEAK Collection, Including the All-New Suunto 9 Peak Full Titanium Black, is made in Finland Using 100% Renewable, Carbon Neutral Energy. The New Sports Watch is Packed With Every Feature That Made The Suunto 9 Peak An Industry Leader, include long-la-la-la-la-la-lashing life rowing from 25 hours with best gps and up to seven days in ‘Tour’ Mode, Over 80 Sports Modes With Customizable Display Display Display Display Options, Blood Oxygen Measurements and a full battery load in One Hour.

“With this new Premium Suunto Peak Model, users have an all-in-one watch for chasing peak experiences in Nature, and simultaneously providing a stylish and elevated look offer the trail,” Says Heikki Norta, Suunto President. “The Suunto 9 Peak Full Titanium Black Truly Speaks to Our Design Ethos of Building Uncomingly Sustainable and High-Quality Sports Watches with a minimalism Nordic Aesthetic, and we are excited to Bring this offering to market.»


The Suunto 9 Peak Full Titanium Black Connects To Sunuto App Enabling Users to Analyze In-Depth Training Metrics, as well as plan routes with sport-supercific Heatmaps and popular starting points. Over 200 Partner apps are available to analyze training, find new roads, access to coaching and 3D videos of users adventures. Additionally, full on-watch music controls are available for providing that extra boost of energy when exercised.

The Suunto 9 Peak Full Titanium Black Comes With An Additional Silicone Strap For Sport Use and is available to Pre-Order for € 979/$ 1099 at

The Suunto 9 Peak Full Titanium Black Will Be Available for Pre-Orders at Selected Markets on April 5, and for purchase through selected European retailer partners and markets on April 12. GLOBALLY THE SUUNTO 9 PEAK FULL TITANIUM Black will be available in May 2022.