SFR Box 8 Test customer reviews: is she up to expectations?, The new SFR box, its characteristics, its price and the services it includes

The new SFR box, its characteristics, its price and the services it includes

Regarding the SFR Box 8, users judged box tests as insufficient. Technical bugs, unwarmed promises … have disappointed certain SFR customers.

8 SFR boxes, what users think

SFR promised an unprecedented experience when launching, what these new users think after a few months of trial ?

Asked about the release of the SFR Box 8, Gregory Rabuel (SFR Executive President) explains: “First we listen to our customers and listen to the market. From there we define our products ”. So supposed to be at the heart of the creation process, what these customers say a few months after the release of this SFR 8 box ?

What are the customer reviews on the SFR Box 8 ?

In general, we must consult customer reviews with a certain decline. This is not a question here of questioning negative opinions but of being vigilant about the sources of said opinions. At Jechange, your internet comparator, we are attentive to our sources and provide you with a summary of reviews on the SFR 8 box.

Price, subscription time, design, flow. What is the evaluation of the box 8 by its subscribers ?

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Positive opinions

For this new SFR 8 box, opinions are rather positive with regard to the famous product experience. Image and sound are really more pleasant when you have the equipment adapted to new technologies according to customers.

Another important argument was the possibility of accessing the Wifi 6 To meet connectivity needs. For the SFR Box 8, consumer opinion goes back a certain satisfaction as to the Internet access fluidity. This also includes the simultaneous use of several connected elements within the same home.

Another rather positive notice concerns the accessibility of the offer to SFR Box ADSL customers or SFR Fiber users.

It is also necessary to note thevisual aspect Already much appreciated before the release of the SFR 8 box which delights users increasingly concerned about the appearance and modernity of internet accessories.

Good to know if we are the customer of the SFR operator, it is not necessary to go through the Box SFR termination process to benefit from the advantages of this new offer. No need to subscribe to SFR again, just follow step by step the video explanations set up on the site ofSFR assistance To find out how to enjoy the box 8.

Finally, subscribers do not judge the price of the SFR 8 box as excessive.

Negative opinions

First of all, we must remember that all households are not compatible with fiber or adsl. Although measures are taken to solve this problem. It is therefore relevant to carry out an SFR eligibility test before any subscription to an SFR offer.

This approach is also valid of course in the event of a change of address. Consult the SFR operator’s website: information relating to a SFR move is generally easily accessible. SFR customer service has notably set up a space for the questions, returns or technical issues Box 8.

Regarding the SFR Box 8, users judged box tests as insufficient. Technical bugs, unwarmed promises … have disappointed certain SFR customers.

Today, several supply updates have taken place. These last missing services have been added or addressed (the arrival of Alexa scheduled for early 2020).

In addition, with regard to helping SFR Box 8 customers, opinions regularly question the technical aspect of telephone customer service. Customers with technical needs express a certain frustration.

Another reproach of more experienced SFR customers is the presence of only two LAN ports on the SFR Box 8 (and not the SFR Box TV).

New WiFi SFR box 3 times more powerful, image and its cinema, and an integrated voice assistant. A concentrate of technology to make you live a more intense experience in high speed with the ADSL, or at the speed of the fiber.

Good to know : What are the LAN ports for ? There are two ways to have internet access with a box: by wifi and by cable (Ethernet). Although wifi is practical and allows mobile use, the connection remains faster using an ethernet cable. The connection is therefore carried out between the box on the port (the socket) LAN and the device.

Several devices allow better use of use when it is connected directly to the box. Among them we can cite: fixed computers, game consoles and of course the decoders for television.

Finally, many customers have criticized the absence of a manual or an explanatory notice in the package of the last box SFR 8. This forces them to contact SFR for manipulation issues.

Box 8 SFR: opinion of the expert JeChange

The SFR 8 box obviously presents many assets for the French consumer.

It provides access to Wifi 6 latest generation allowing greater speed of flow. Also, it allows a more fluid use of the Internet, even in the so -called “congestioned” places. We are talking about crowded places here. These are often stadiums, airports but also more simply its home with a number of devices using WiFi, connected simultaneously.

However, it is important to specify that any use of WiFi 6 must be done with a suitable device. Otherwise, we would not see any particular improvement in the flow.

In the same logic, the promise of a video quality and of her close to a cinema experience are sine qua none of the use of equipment designed for 4K HDR, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos standards.

For a consumer wishing to update their devices to have all these advantages it will be necessary to plan a certain investment. Indeed, these latest generation devices are quite expensive.

In view of this information, the SFR 8 box is completely suitable consumers already equipped with compatible devices at WiFi 6, 4K HDR and Dolby Vision video quality and in Dolby Atmos. The box will provide the necessary services for an optimal experience. In addition, his Monthly cost of 5 euros makes it more accessible. And this compared to the prices charged on the same market. A price that does not leave indifferent ..

Finally, it may be that among the choice of SFR box offered today there is a better option for customers who do not wish to invest in new equipment. Do not hesitate to make an online comparison between all the SFR boxes using our guides.

Good to know : Why have we never heard of WiFi 5 ? Simply because one of the new features related to the arrival of WiFi 6 is the simplification of its name. So far the WiFi standards have for appellation a name made up of letters and figures. Thus WiFi 6 also exists under the name of WiFi 802.11AX and WiFi 5 used under the term 802 standard.11ac.

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The new SFR box, its characteristics, its price and the services it includes

The brand new SFR box, which is the box 8, wants to be at the cutting edge of Internet modems technology. What are its specificities and what moreover it offers compared to the previous box SFR model and always marketed, the box more ? Throughout this article, we present in detail the new generation box SFR and the operator’s offers that include it.

  • The essential
  • There New SFR box Bring WiFi 6 and compatibility with 4K, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos standards.
  • It is available within Two SFR offers : 8 and box 8 power boxes, available in ADSL, fiber or THD.
  • Subscribers to a plus box can have the last SFR box for € 7/additional month.
  • An improved version of the box 8, called SFR Box 8x, was launched in February 2022 and offers a flow of 8 Gbit/s.
  • For the moment, no ad or rumors hovering on a possible future SFR box (a box 9 ?)).

New SFR box: the 8 -detail box

General presentation of the new SFR box

New SFR 8 box

The new SFR box, baptized Box 8, was launched by the operator in 2019 to expand the range ofoperator’s internet offers. It completes the box 7 (or box plus), the latter already included in the majority of the operator’s internet offers.

It takes the fairly classic form of a black box, relatively sober design and designed to be positioned vertically. Six LED witnesses are on the front to indicate the different operating states of the box, and 2 buttons allow you to activate WiFi and WPS function.

The Box 8 brings several major news, such as:

  • Compatibility with the latest WiFi 6 standard. SFR announces a wireless signal until 3 times more efficient, in terms of flows, thanks to the WiFi of the box 8
  • The possibility of taking out a HDR 4K display and Dolby Vision thanks to the provided decoder (the 8 TV box), in order to display a detailed image rendering compatible with 4K TVs.
  • THE Voice assistants OK SFR and Alexa : Thanks to these, you can control your TV directly to the sound of the voice for all types of tasks: control of TV programs, launch of music, navigation in menus, news display and many others.
  • Audio format support Dolby Atmos, which allows to have a 3 -dimensional sound of much better quality than in standard stereo.

The characteristics of the 8 SFR box

The new SFR box has conventional connectors, with two RJ45 ports To come and connect its various equipment. A RJ11 port is present to connect a VoIP fixed phone.

You wish Test your SFR fiber eligibility ? Discover our eligibility test and check in less than a minute if your accommodation is well compatible with the SFR fiber Before taking out a box offer.

Small differences exist depending on the type of subscribed Internet access (ADSL, end -to -end optical fiber or coaxial ending fiber (called THD at SFR)). The Modem Box 8 for THD offers has a coaxial (with round tip) for its connection to the operator’s network.

  • 2 Ethernet gigabit ports
  • 1 optical fiber or ADSL port
  • 1 USB-C port
  • 1 RJ11 compatible VoIP port
  • 1 coaxial socket (THD box only)
  • Jack 12V 3A feeding
  • 1 GB of RAM memory (fiber/THD) or 512MB (ADSL)
  • Wifi 6 2.4 and 5 GHJZ
  • 8 GB of storage E-MMC
  • Dimensions: 35 x 244 x 202mm

The new SFR box, which corresponds to the box 8 and which is the modem part of an internet offer, is also accompanied by its decoder, called SFR Box 8 TV, he too a novelty at the operator. This small case is connected to the main modem and your TV to benefit from the SFR TV channels (160 or 200 depending on the subscribed offer) and all the VOD services offered by the operator. He is piloted via a remote control provided.

It is this decoder that allows you to release a 4K image and supporting the Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision formats. It is naturally WiFi compatible (but only of 5th generation unlike the modem) and Bluetooth.

SFR Box 8X: an improved version of the box 8

In February 2022, the operator made his power fiber offer by equipping it with a new SFR modem, the 8x box. It is actually a survivinated box 8 in terms of network capacity, since it theoretically allows to reach fiber in 10 Gbit/s.

Via its 8 power box offer, the operator announces a maximum descending speed of 8 Gbit/s, the same as the Freebox Delta, which was previously the fastest box on the market. The amount amount is 1 Gbit/s. The 8x box adds 2 additional RJ45 ports and one Port 10 Gigabits, Connectable to a SFP module

Services available with box 8

Thanks to the new SFR box, you have access to several services directly included in your offer:

SFR Box 8 TV

  • A digital storage corresponding to 8 hours of recording (basic offer) or 100 hours (Power offer).
  • SFR Cloud: you have 10 GB (basic offer) or 100 GB (Power offer).
  • The SFR+ answering machine (to receive all your fixed messages on a mobile line) is included in each offer.
  • The SFR Webmail messaging box and the parental control function are also included.
  • THE unlimited calls towards the fixed France and 100 other destinations in the world.

Discover below the paid options that you can subscribe in addition to your basic subscription:

Options available for New Box SFR subscribers – Valubles on February 07, 2023

Option Rate
Multi-TV option 3 €/month
SFR HOMESound 5 €/month (+€ 10 activation fees)
Smart wifi repeater 3 €/month
Option 2 hours of calls to fixed and mobiles from Algeria 7 €/month
SFR cybersecurity 5 equipment 5 €/month
SFR Family – Parental control 5 €/month
SFR Home connected pack 69 €
Youboox One Subscription 10 €/month
Amazon Prime subscription € 5.99/month
Cafeyn press subscription 10 €/month

You are looking for an SFR offer ? Discover the available offers and let yourself be guided in order to take advantage of the partner offer most suited to your needs.

What subscriptions include the last SFR box ?

Prices for offers and subscription

3 offers now include boxes 8 and 8x: Power box offers And Premiumr box. They are added to the Box Starter offer including the box 7 (also called Box more), which has been available from SFR for several years already.

  1. L’Basic 8 box offer, Available in ADSL, end -to -end optical fiber (FTTH) or coaxial termination fiber (FTTLA, called THD by SFR). This offer includes a Internet access up to 1 Gbit/s, unlimited calls to the fixed France and 100 destinations and 160 TV channels.
  2. L’8 Power box offer, also available in ADSL, fiber or THD. With this offer, you benefit from a faster internet access (up to 8 Gbit/s in fiber via the new 8X SFR box), Unlimited calls to the mobiles of France and of 200 TV channels in total.

It is possible, being already a SFR fixed subscriber, to change equipment and migrate to the new SFR 8 box. This option, called SFR Box 8 Xperience, costs € 7/additional month. However, you will have to make your modem current to receive the box 8 via this option.

If you are currently in ADSL and wish fiber And thus take advantage of the new SFR fiber box, you must first perform an eligibility test in order to know if your accommodation can receive fiber. It’s completely free and it only takes a few minutes. SFR has two very high speed types of access: the Bout (majority in France) and the Coaxial ending fiber.

Of the Offers with Smart TV and PS5 are also available with SFR boxes. Discover them to take advantage of interesting discounts on the whole !

An option Smart wifi repeater is available for subscribers. For 3 €/month Additional, you can benefit from this case to amplify the WiFi of the new SFR box within your accommodation.

Adsl or fiber installation of the new SFR box

After subscribing to an internet offer including the last SFR box, you will receive your equipment at home. If you have subscribed a fiber, Note that a technician must come to your home to install the modem and connect it to the SFR fiber line. It takes as much 3 hours.

If it is your very first subscription to fiber optics, know that connection costs will be covered. They amount to € 149 for an underground connection and € 299 for an aerial connection.

In the case of an ADSL SFR subscription, the arrival of a technician is not planned because theInstallation of the new SFR box is very simple:

  1. Tie them Box supports and put it vertically.
  2. Connect the box to the sector via its plug hole.
  3. Connect the DSL cable (gray plug) of RJ11 format to your wall telephone socket.
  4. If you have a fixed phone, connect it to the new SFR box via the Telle taken (green).
  5. Connect any devices you want to connect via Ethernet cable modem.
  6. Turn on the box via the ON/OFF button And wait for all the lights to be lit.

The new 8X SFR box facing the box 8

SFR offers the same adsl or fiber offers Whether for the box plus or its last box. As indicated previously, a fixed SFR subscription with Box 8 costs 7 €/month more that the same subscription with the more standard box.

The choice ofopt for the new generation SFR box is therefore based on these aspects:

  • Do you need 1-8 gbit/s or 500 Mbit/s-1 Gbit/s are sufficient ?
  • Is it to benefit from WiFi 6 important for you ?
  • Compatibility with HDR, Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision audio and HDR videos formats crucial ?
  • Do you use a voice assistant ?

If these needs are not essential in the context of your use of the Internet and TV, it can be more judicious to opt for an SFR offer with Box Plus, saving you more than € 80 a year. Find the detailed comparison of the two boxes below:

New SFR box Opinion: What do subscribers think ?

Internet box question

Reviews on the new SFR box are overall positive But many users are unsatisfied with the low additions that it brings daily compared to the previous model and that the additional cost of the subscription is not worth the candle. Some also complain about frequent use of use.

The site Trustpilot lists hundreds of opinions during the months. Here are some recent user reviews about the new SFR 8 box:

Almost perfect. Apart from the fact that the technician did not give any news despite a expectation of 4 hours, it’s almost perfect. I went to almost 1 GB at SFR. For the moment, everything is going very well and the SFR box 8 equipment is at the top.

FSX44 December 22, 2021

I surprised the speed. SFR 8 box order + Power TV + SAMSUNG 4K TV, all operational very quickly. One less star because of the Power TV because I find the interface a little too basic. But improvement, bravo !

Dylan Btté January 7, 2021

Mediocre TV services on the 8 Premium box. Bugs in abundance [. ] The replay often plants and no more content is available, it is necessary to reset the decoder. The vocal assistant sets out without being asked and cuts a program [. ] The box 8 does not work and it is expensive !

JM January 14, 2022

You are looking for a box offer from another operator ?

Frequently asked questions

What is the price of the new SFR box ?

The 8x box, which is the latest box released by the operator in early 2022, is available within the SFR Premium offer, only in optical fiber, for 34 €/month for 1 year then 50 €/month. The box 8, on the other hand, is available in ADSL, THD or fiber, from € 26/month for 1 year, then 40 €/month (ADSL) or 45 €/month (THD/fiber).

What are the flows of the new SFR box ?

In ADSL, descending and uprights flows cap at 20 Mbit/s and 1 Mbit/s, while in optical fiber, via the 8 Power box offer, you can reach up to 8 Gbit/s (in Download) and 1 Gbit/s (in upload) via the new 8x box. The box 8, equipping the SFR 8 fiber offer, has 1 Gbit/s speeds in reception and 500 Mbit/s in broadcast. In THD, the maximum speed amount is limited to 100 Mbit/s.

How to take advantage of the 8 or 8x box by already being SFR subscriber ?

Contact the operator to request a change of equipment, from your current box to the new box 8. Please note, a box replacement implies a change in the subscription and the price. On the other hand, if your current equipment has a technical breakdown and the SFR after -sales service supports the box replacement, you can benefit from a more recent model (but it is not guaranteed to have the latest modem of the operator).

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