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Know all: Mac OS’s latest update in 2023

There are third -party solutions to ‘make it accepted’ a recent mac os on an older mac natively incompatible. The open core solution is a.

OS list (operating system) for Mac

What bone for my mac ? We often look for what is the highest eligible system to install on your Mac in order to benefit from the latest version of the operating system. This information is difficult to find because it depends on the age of your iMac or MacBook and the processor installed on the motherboard. In principle, the Mac should offer the major update in the apple menu preview software update but it is not perfect, and it happens that it is necessary to ‘force the update by a suitable solution.

The list below indicates the succession of Mac OS (Operating System or Operating System) from Snow Leopard. Mac OS operating systems are free from Mavericks

10.6 Snow Leopard

10.8 Mountain Lion

10.11 El Capitan

Please note, before updating your OS, which still constitutes a heavy operation, be careful to save your disk with for example a time machine on Time Capsule, external disk or server, and to check that your software survives because it can be Indeed that they are not compatible with the new operating system.

You should know indeed, that an update is a trying operation for internal storage, and it has arrived, especially for Macs equipped with mechanical hard drive, that the update ‘completes a low disc.

To install a Mac OS operating system see the tutorial below:

Update: 09/19/23

Install a recent mac os on an old mac

There are third -party solutions to ‘make it accepted’ a recent mac os on an older mac natively incompatible. The open core solution is a.

The limitations are then purely hardware, especially in terms of processor and graphics card:

Determine the Mac OS version without starting the system

It can sometimes be useful to know the version of the operating system, even if the disk or the system no longer starts. This information is indicated in a specific file. For more information on this procedure:

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Know all: Mac OS’s latest update in 2023

You have the impression that your device becomes slow ? So, is that you have to update your macOS to the last macOS update to keep your device up to date !

Recovery rate: 99.7% recovery in 3 steps

Update by Nathalie on 07/24/2023

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Sometimes obsolete software can be a real problem because it can be bogged or present a risk for security. For this reason, it is essential to maintain your Mac software up to date.

On the other hand, how to make sure your computer is always updated ? So let’s examine the most recent macOS update and how to activate updates for your Mac. And as there is no unique maintenance option, let’s examine the different macOS updates and what suits you best.

What is the latest version of MacOS ?

On October 25, 2021, Apple published MacOS 12.0 Monterey, the most recent version of the operating system. While MacOS 13 should arrive in October 2022. About once a year, Apple publishes a new major version. The Mac App Store offers these updates for free. Known as MacOS Monterey, the latest version of Apple’s Mac operating system is MacOS 12.0. OS X 10.8 is the eighteenth major version of Mac.

Here are some of the new features offered by the new macOS update:

There universal order Allows you to use a single mouse, a single trackpad and a single keyboard to move information between Mac and iPad. The Mac can be used as a speaker for multi-pieces music and can air for movies, games, photos and much more from an iPhone or iPad.

Safari offers A new style of optional tab bar that fades in the background and groups of tabs to combine active tabs to facilitate the passage from one task to the other. Groups of tabs can be shared between devices.

FaceTime offers a its space, so that the voices seem to come from the screen, while the vocal insulation eliminates the bottom noises. Several participants in the call can use Wide Spectrum sound mode. Portrait mode blurs your background like iPhone images.

With Shareplay, Users can watch movies and television episodes, listen to music and share their screens via FaceTime and third party applications. Shared with you in messages saves equipment in photos, safari, podcasts, news and Apple TV.

All the iPhone shortcut (and more) will be accessible on the Mac with MacOS Monterey. Apple Shortcut software is integrated into MacOS to launch shortcuts from the menu bar, Finder, Spotlight, Siri, etc.

See more: History of macOS versions

People love macs and hate them. You can criticize their operating system, expensive equipment and elegant and elitist style. Let’s compare these Macs to find the one that suits you best.

Sierra (MacOS 10.12)

Apple renames Sierra “macOS” the Apple Watch unlocks a mac, among other advantages of iOS. A new storage optimization function offers a complete storage overview and advice to gain space. Siri !

High Sierra (MacOS 10.13)

MacOS High Sierra introduces Heic and Apple File System (APFS), an improved HFS replacement+. Minor improvements have been made to Safari, Mail and Photo.

Mojave (MacOS 10.14)

This update allows Mac users to modify the colors of the screen according to their schedule day and night. iOS has additional applications such as stocks, news and home.

Catalina (MacOS 10.15)

MacOS Catalina divides iTunes in music, podcasts and films. SideCar allows you to connect an iPad screen to your Mac, and developers can convert iOS programs to macOS.

Monterey (MacOS 12.0)

MacOS Monterey adds shortcuts to automate your workflow using applications. Universal control, a fluid transition between Mac and iOS devices (you can transfer your pointer between the Mac and the iPad), an update of safari with groups of tabs, and frontime functionalities.

Do you want to upgrade your macOS to Monterey ? What are the main differences between MacOS Big Sur and Monterey ? Discover all the new features and advances of Monterey compared to Big on.

MacOS Monterey vs Big on

Why update your macOS to the latest version ?

Apple publishes a new version of its macOS operating system each year, and these upgrades are free to download and install. There are many good reasons to upgrade your macOS to the latest version. Whether you are looking for better performance, new features or compatibility with more recent devices and software, upgrading is often a good idea.

  • First of all, the new versions of macOS generally include performance improvements and bug corrections. Upgrading your macOS to the latest version can help your Mac to operate more fluid and more efficiently.
  • In addition, the new versions of macOS often introduce new features who can make your life easier or help you be more productive. So, if you are looking for a reason to upgrade, the performance and the new features are two good.
  • Finally, the upgrade to the latest version of macOS ensures that your Mac will be Compatible with the latest software and peripherals. If you use an old version of macOS, you can see that some more recent applications and peripherals do not work properly. The upgrade to the latest version can help solve this problem.

How to go to the latest version of MacOS ?

Update or update macOS and integrated programs as a safari using the software update function. Save your Mac before you start. Follow these instructions to install software updates.

Step 1 : Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu.

2nd step : Select software update in system preferences.

Step 3: Click Update/Update now:

Macos update update

If you want to know other solutions to upgrade macOS, please read the following article.

Will the macOS update lead to data loss ?

In general, the macOS update does not destroy user data. Preinstalled programs and parameters are preserved. When a new major version of MacOS is introduced, many people are upgraded.

However, macOS upgrade leads to data loss can also occur if you have third -party software or an incompatible device connected to your computer during the upgrade process.

If unexpected circumstances occur during the upgrade process: for example, the computer has no current and suddenly falls down, which leads to the unexpected interruption of the system upgrade. And if the upgrade takes too long, it can also cause data loss.

How to recover data lost after the macOS update ?

If you are losing data after upgrading your macOS, the first thing to do is check the backups. If you do not have backups, you may be able to use data recovery software to recover lost files.

Easeus Data Recovery Wizard is a powerful file recovery tool that is simple. It has many features, its appearance is excellent and it does not require any work. Easeus Data Recovery Wizard is an amazing alternative of data recovery on Mac with an aesthetically beautiful and friendly user interface. Not just appearances. The software can recover data from Time Machine backups.

It also has a file filter that helps you limit the results, a moving DVD option that allows you to recover data even if your operating system does not start, and a “recover to tool Cloud “which saves files recovered directly on cloud storage.

Recovery rate: 99.7% recovery in 3 steps

Step 1. Where the data were lost after updating the operating system ? Choose the location and click Analyze.

Select L

2nd step. Easeus Data Recovery Wizard for Mac immediately analyzes the selected disk volume and displays the results of the analysis in the left pane.

Analyze the selected disk to find the deleted files on your Mac

Step 3. After the analysis, select the target files that have been lost without your knowledge during or after the update and click on the Recover button to recover them all.

Click the button to recover deleted files on your Mac


This article presents the latest version of the macOS system and explains in detail how to upgrade to the latest system and how to recover lost data. We strongly advise you to use the Easeus data recovery assistant to recover the lost data when upgrading macOS. Even if you want to recover data from a formatted hard drive, the Easeus data recovery assistant can also help you do it.

Recovery rate: 99.7% recovery in 3 steps

FAQS on the update to the last macOS

Why my Mac does not offer me the update ?

If you are looking for an update from the Apple> Mac menu> software update and you see that no update is available, it is possible that there is not any For the version of MacOS you use, even if there is one for the latest version of the operating system.

What if you see the message “no update available”

Like most of the problems you may encounter when using your Mac, the best way to remedy it is to eliminate the most likely causes. Here’s how to proceed.

  • Try again later
  • Check your Wi-Fi and your Internet connection
  • Consult the Apple Systems State page
  • Make sure there is an update available
  • Restart your Mac
  • Set the problems of your Mac
  • Try a manual update

How to force the macOS update ?

The interface of the update software integrated into your Mac allows you to search and install the latest macOS updates. Follow the above steps:

  • Choose the Apple menu> System settings. Click General to the left of the System setting window, then click on the right software update.
  • Or choose the Apple> System Preferences, then click Software Update.

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