SAMSUNG S20 and S20 FE comparison: how to choose?, Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 and S20 ultra official: technical sheet, price, release date, test and new products, everything you need to know – Cnet France

Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 and S20 ultra official: technical sheet, price, release date, test and new features, everything you need to know


The solidity of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra was put to the test during a crash test carried out by the Cnet Spoiler, buy a shell !

SAMSUNG S20 and S20 FE comparison: how to choose ?

Let’s go for the Samsung Galaxy S20 VS S20fe match . What differences between these two smartphones ? Here is a great comparison to help you choose.

But what is it, a Samsung Fe (Fan Edition) ?

THE Samsung S20 Fe is a pop and rock’n’roll concept. This is the smartphone of those who want a recent and not too expensive Samsung. This refreshing version of the S20 is intended for personal and daily use. “” Back to basic “ . In everyday life, everyone does not need a big artillery or an ultra-Slim format to strut before colleagues at work.

From a grumpy and pessimistic point of view, we can consider the Samsung S20 Fan Edition as the version cheap and really inexpensive of S20 . But from an enthusiastic and positive angle, it is simply the cool smartphone that does neither too little, nor not enough. The right balance. We will see that the Samsung Fan Edition even has some features to its advantage. Come on, let’s compare all the Differences between the Galaxy S20 and the S20 FE . The great Samsung challenge was to succeed in reproducing the same smartphone as the S20 … in cheaper. Like that, you can buy a new phone and go on vacation. It is above all the characteristics of the camera that will help you choose between the two.

The rear camera: a much better quality for the Galaxy S20

THE Samsung Galaxy S20 And the S20 FE are both taking advantage of a triple back goal: great angle, ultra-angle and telephoto lens. They share the same X30 zoom, which allows you to play paparazzi without pointing out. The “night mode” initiated by the Samsung S10 (and available on the S9 after update) is still there, so beautiful and so practical. The rendering of the photos with low light is really very beautiful, thanks to artificial intelligence. In fact, your Samsung takes several photos, then he superimposes them to form only one. This makes the unsightly effects of basic flash disappear, which makes you look like a mummy more than anything else. AI also acts as an integrated photo assistant. With the “Single Talk mode”, also present on the two devices, your Samsung takes several photos on its own for 15 seconds, to then offer you a selection of photos with zooms and different formats. You just have to choose. The amateur photo is so easy with a recent Samsung.

The important point to grasp in the Comparison between S20 and Galaxy S20 FE , This is the difference in quality photo and video. The S20 offers from its triple back goal of beautiful photos of 64 Mp, where the Galaxy S20 Fe has only 12 Mp under the hood. It’s a very big difference. The S20 also has the advantage of being able to film in 8k, when the S20 Fan Edition remains on a basic 4K.

All this does samsung s20 fe a Economic version of the S20 . But we will see that the S20 FE catches up very well at the goal before.

Do more pretty selfies with friends with the Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe

There front camera of the S20FE offers a Better quality of selfies (32 MP) that the S20, which has a ridiculous little 10 mp. This is the detail that allows us to look at the fan edition with optimism and enthusiasm. From a marketing point of view, the S20 FE is a smartphone which is aimed first for young people. The S20 fe is positioned as a Smartphone ideal for teens and young adults. But at the editorial staff of what a good plan, we prefer to say that he has more social use. After all, you have the right to like to take selfies in your retirement home. We know that youth are above all in the head !

To summarize the photo part:

  • Lovers of selfies, belfies, celfies, Helfies, Drelifies, Welfies will be delighted by the fan edition.
  • If you prefer to photograph landscapes or your friends, choose a Samsung S20 .

Performance: the big highlight of the Samsung Galaxy S20

On this, the Samsung S20 Fe has nothing to defend itself. The S20 wins all the points of comparison around the performance. Something justifies its higher price. The two smartphones have almost the processor at the CPU frequency of 2.7 GHz. But the Samsung Galaxy S20 doubles the S20 Fan Edition with 8 GB of RAM to support it (instead of 6 GB). You will feel the difference if you use heavy applications (video games, augmented reality, etc.).

We could have hoped that the S20 FE would offer better autonomy, since it displays a 4,500 mAh battery against 4000 mAh for the S20. But ultimately no, their time of use is similar. It must be said that the autonomy of a battery depends on a large number of factors. The S20 FE presents for example a slightly 6.5 inch larger screen . The screen technology is also different: Super Amoled for the S20 Fe, Dynamic Amoled X2 for the Galaxy S20 (the number of images displayed per second automatically rocks according to your use). Anyway, let’s not fall into these too technical details. What to remember here is just that it is not the size that matters. The Galaxy S20 is smaller and has a smaller battery, but it is more powerful.

Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 ultra official: technical sheet, price, release date, test and new features, everything you need to know

Update on 04/10/2020 – The Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra were formalized on February 11 at the same time as the second foldable smartphone of the South Korean firm, the Galaxy Z Flip. Find in this summary folder the tests, comparisons, technical characteristics, price and release date of these high -end phones.

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Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 ultra official: technical sheet, price, release date, test and new features, everything you need to know

Last update on April 10, 2020 with the special photo versus of our colleagues from between the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and the Google Pixel 4. This great summary on the phones of the South Korean brand will be updated according to the new elements, tests or comparatives.

Samsung began the year on the wheels by lifting the veil on the Galaxy Note 10 Lite, S10 Lite, A51 and A71. The South Korean brand does not intend to stop there since it presented this Tuesday, February 11, its Galaxy S20, S20 Plus on Tuesday, February 11 and S20 Ultra. Beyond their technical configuration which has been updated, the Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 ultra incorporate notable improvements in their screen and their photo part. 120 Hz screen, 108 megapixel sensor, X100 zoom, 8K video recording, up to 16 GB of RAM, we tell you everything.

Handling, tests and comparisons



  • Test of the Samsung Galaxy S20: the “little” who has everything of a large
  • Samsung Galaxy S20+ test: the reason for the strongest ?
  • Test of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: the ultimate ?


We compared the most accessible flagships of Apple and Samsung. Screen, performance, photos, autonomy, software, we take stock of each of their characteristics and we tell you which one to choose.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra plays the excess card with a quadruple sensor composed in particular of a module of 108 megapixels. The Google Pixel 4 stands in front of it with a double camera articulated around a 12 module.2 megapixels. Is it enough to cope with the flagship of the South Korean giant ? Verdict.

Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra: the characteristics

And to compare with the previous generation:

Galaxy S20 vs Galaxy S10

Price and release date

Pre -orders are already open And deliveries will start March 13. For the pre -order of a S20+ or ​​an Ultra S20, Samsung offers you a pair of wireless Galaxy Buds+ headphones worth 169 euros (see our test). Here is the price of each version:

Samsung Galaxy S20

  • 4g 8 + 128 GB version: 909 euros
  • 5G version 12 + 128 GB: 1009 euros
  • Color: Cloud Blue, Cosmic Gray and Cosmic Pink

Samsung Galaxy S20+

  • 4g 8 + 128 GB version: 1009 euros
  • 5G version 12 + 128 GB: 1109 euros
  • Color: Cosmic Blue, Cosmic Gray and Cosmic Black

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

  • 5G version 12 + 128 GB: 1359 euros
  • 5G version 16 + 512 GB: no price for the moment, this version will be available later
  • Color: Cosmic Gray and Cosmic Black

Our latest info

CNET was interested in Pixel Binning and the way this technique was used by Samsung on its Galaxy S20 Ultra. Definition, functioning, advantages and disadvantages, we tell you everything.

The solidity of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra was put to the test during a crash test carried out by the Cnet Spoiler, buy a shell !

Our colleagues from were able to test the photo part of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and in particular its 108 megapixel sensor as well as its 100x space zoom.

The your phone app is expanding and will allow Galaxy S20 or Z Flip owners to access new features.

For posterity, we leave you the many rumors they have been the subject. They are classified in antechronological order (from the most recent to the oldest).

Samsung Galaxy S20: what is already official

  • Presentation on February 11, 2020 at 8 p.m. (French time)

The official Samsung Mobile Twitter account has formalized the date of presentation of its next Galaxy S. The event will therefore take place on February 11, 2020 in San Francisco (California, United States) at the Palace of Fine Arts. To follow the event and do not miss any ad, you can go to the Samsung website or go through YouTube:

  • Galaxy S20 rather than Galaxy S11

At the beginning of February, Samsung Germany made online by mistake the page of a shell for the Samsung Galaxy S20.

Samsung Galaxy S20: the most credible rumors

  • An Exynos 990 chip or Qualcomm Snapdragon 865: Credibility index: 99.9999%
  • Android 10 and one UI 2: Credibility index: 99.9999%
  • Three smartphones – Credibility index: 95%
  • A 108 MP sensor on the ultra galaxy s20 – Credibility index: 95%
  • 5G compatible in France – Credibility index: 90%

Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra: the summary of rumors

A quick charge of 45W and not Port-Jack on the Galaxy S20 Ultra

Max Weinbach spoke about it several weeks ago, Roland when adding a layer. According to its information, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra will benefit from a 45W fast load for 25W for S20 and S20 Plus. We also learn that Samsung’s new S will not integrate a mini-jack port. You will have to be content with a pair of AKG COMPATIBLE USB-C.

The 100x zoom of the Galaxy S20 Uitra confirmed by a stolen photo

Blogger Ice Universe shared on Twitter a new image of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra on which we can see again a quadruple photo sensor and the mention “Space Zoom 100x”.

An outing scheduled for March 6, 2020

The blogger Max Weinbach would know the release date of the Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra. According to him, the South Korean firm would have chosen on March 6. This date again appeared a few days later directly on the official Samsung website. An accident that was quickly corrected by the manufacturer.

Galaxy Buds+ offered for any pre -order of a Galaxy S20+ or ​​a Galaxy S20 Ultra

A new promotional image leaked on the web. In addition to confirming the design of the rear side of S20+ and S20 Ultra, she tells us that Samsung will offer a launch offer with Galaxy Buds headphones+.

Supposedly official photos and flight prices

Blogger Ishan Agarwal and the 91mobile site have published new images of the Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra. These would be official renderings that would confirm many rumors such as the presence of a 100x digital zoom on the Ultra S20. These photos are accompanied by the colors and prices of each model.

A 100x digital zoom for the Ultra S20

On a rendering of the ultra s20 shared by the Leaker Ben Geskin, we note the mention of a 100x zoom near the dorsal photo module. We are of course talking about a digital zoom here. Currently, the Huawei P30 Pro and the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 go the furthest with a 50X zoom.

From 900 euros, up to 1300 euros

Blogger Max Weinbach published on Twitter the supposed prices of Samsung Galaxy S20 5G. The auctions would start at 900 euros with the standard S20 5G and reach 1300 euros with the Ultra 5G S20. Weinbach also evokes the price of the Galaxy Z Flip.

A new name for a new decade

To illustrate as it should be the idea of ​​a break with the years 2010 but also to simply stick with the current year, Samsung would go from the Galaxy S10 to the Galaxy S20. We take stock of this potential change in strategy.

16 GB of RAM and 108 megapixels for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Several elements of the Galaxy S20 Ultra technical sheet would have been revealed by blogger Max Weinbach. Samsung’s most premium smartphone could offer up to 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB of internal memory. We also expect a photo part made up of a main 108 megapixel sensor, an ultra-angle of 12 megapixels, an X10 optical zoom and a TOF sensor. Finally, the blogger claims that the Ultra S20 will be equipped with a 45W fast charge compatible battery compatible.

Stolen photos confirm the name Galaxy S20 and the rectangular photo module

The shots of a supposed Samsung Galaxy S20+ were shared by the XDA Developers site. There is a curved screen with thin borders and the name “Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G” when it is turned on. The back of this smartphone displays a rectangular photo module composed of four sensors.

A 120 Hz screen on the three versions

After mentioning the presence of a 120 Hz screen on the Galaxy S11, blogger Ice Universe says that the three variants will propose this cooling rate.

Galaxy S20 rather than Galaxy S11

To celebrate as it should be the year 2020, Samsung would offer a new nomenclature for its Galaxy S. According to our colleagues from Winfuture, the three Galaxy S11 would be released under the names of Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus and Galaxy S20 Uitra.

The new champion of the chassis / screen ratio

Ice Universe struck with this time two photos of what could be the front of the Samsung Galaxy S11. At the top and bottom, the borders are particularly fine and the bubble welcoming the front camera also seems very small.

An X5 optical zoom on a 48 megapixel sensor

According to Ice Universe, the Samsung Galaxy S11, S11E and S11+ are equipped with a 48 megapixel sensor with an X5 optical zoom. As a reminder, the Samsung Galaxy S10+ is satisfied with a 12 megapixel sensor.

Samsung tells us more about its 108 megapixel sensor

The South Korean firm has published a video giving us several information about the 108 megapixel Isocell Bright HMX HMX. This is a large 1/1 sensor.3 inch and Samsung will go through the pixel binning to merge four pixels into one in order to offer an image of 27 megapixels brighter.

Three cameras and a TOF sensor for the Samsung Galaxy S11+

A rendering of Ice Universe shows the Samsung Galaxy S11+ with three cameras aligned vertically on its back. A main 108 megapixel sensor, an ultra-angle objective and a telephoto would compose this module. The S11+ would also offer a TOF sensor and a flash.

A presentation on February 18 alongside the Galaxy Fold 2

According to Ice Universe, Samsung would have chosen the date of February 18 to present his Galaxy S11 at a unpacked conference in San Francisco. The South Korean firm could take the opportunity to also reveal a Galaxy Fold 2.

Up to 108 megapixels, an X5 optical zoom and from the 8K to 30fps

The photo part of the Samsung Galaxy S11 would be impressive on paper. We are already expecting to find a 108 megapixel sensor since the Exynos 990 chip is able to take care of it. In addition, Samsung presented a sensor of this definition last August, the Isocell Bright GM1, which notably equips the Xiaomi Mi Note 10. According to the latest rumors, this sensor would be associated with a telephoto lens with Optique X5 zoom. On the video side, the S11 would also put the package since it would be able to film 8K ​​at 30fps according to our colleagues from Sammobile.

An on the run benchmark and 3D renderings

The Sammobile specialized site has spotted a model on Geekbench with the SM-G986B serial number. This smartphone with an exynos 9830 chip (another name for exynos 990) and 12 GB of RAM could well be a Galaxy S11. For his part, onleaks shared several rendering of this new generation which would be visually close to the Galaxy A51 and A71 freshly presented.

A 120 Hz display option mentioned in the one UI 2 beta

The Serial Leaker Ice Universe shared the discovery of a surfer on Twitter. The latter noticed in the Beta of One UI 2 that it was possible to increase the refreshment rate up to 120 Hz, more than on the OnePlus 7 Pro, 7T and 7T Pro or even the Google Pixel 4.

An Exynos 990 chip for new Galaxy S

Samsung presented in October its latest high -end Soc. Successor of the exynos 9825, the exynos 990 benefits from an EUV 7NM engraving and is accompanied by an exynos 5123 modem compatible from 2G to 5G. This new chip capable of supporting 120 Hz screens as well as 108 megapixel sensors should most certainly be integrated into the Galaxy S11, S11E and S11+.

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