Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 test: Do you really have to put a tablet in your pocket?, 7 months with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4: a real slap, but a big problem

7 months with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4: a real slap, but a big problem

The Z Fold 4 blows hot and cold. He dazzled us, often, and disappointed, sometimes. Samsung mastered its subject, but not yet to the point of providing an impeccable user experience, which is entitled to expect when we spend 1800 euros in a smartphone which, of course, is also a small tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 test: Do you really have to put a tablet in your pocket ?

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

The iPhone 14, from Apple

The Galaxy Fold range is already in its fourth version. This smartphone, which turns into a tablet, has changed well since the first model launched in 2019. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 does not intend to revolutionize the formula, but refine it by sending certain faults of its predecessor. So, is it the ultimate folding smartphone ? The answer in our full test.


Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4

  • + Design and manufacturing quality
  • + Very beautiful screens
  • + Unpublished software features
  • + A powerful smartphone
  • + Versatile camera block
  • + Good autonomy
  • – All applications do not exploit the big screen
  • – The ultra-large-angle camera module
  • – Load 25W always too slow
  • – Still no location for the S-PEN
  • – Little devolutions compared to Z Fold 3

Writing note

Note published on 09/18/2022

Technical sheet

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4

System Android 12
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1
Size (diagonal) 7.6 “
Screen resolution 373 pp

See the full file

Unlike the Galaxy Z Flip 4 which with its recommended price of 1109 euros can be compared to other high -end smartphones, the Z Fold 4 seems to be boxing in its own category. Sold 1799 euros, Samsung’s most expensive phone is aimed above all for wealthy technophiles.

Samsung clearly sells its Galaxy Z Fold 4 as an entertainment tool, but also productivity. To achieve this, the Korean manufacturer has put all its know-how in terms of high-end equipment design.

It is clear that with two OLED 120 Hz screens, including a folding, a snapdragon 8+ Gen1 chip accompanied by 12 GB of RAM, three camera modules on the back and an unprecedented software experience, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is solidly equipped. But does its unique format really transform our way of using a smartphone ? We see that right away together.

A very successful design

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Design Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 handling

Returning to the lines of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 for line, the Fold 4 is content to refine an already well -established formula. The changes are to be found on the hinge side and the borders around the screen that have been slightly refined. “Plans” allow the Galaxy Z Fold 4 to lose 8 g compared to the model of last year.

But let’s not be mistaken, with 263 g on the scale, the phone remains heavy when it is folded. The weight is logically better distributed once the phone has been deployed and provided you hold it with two hands.

Galaxy Z Fold4 at the best price basic price: € 1,799

We particularly appreciated the 23.1: 9 format of the product when used in smartphone mode. The screen is in height, which allows it to be used more easily with a hand. It still requires a little adaptation time when you write on the digital keyboard which is less comfortable than on a wider screen.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 folds Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Size Screen

Samsung announces that its hinge is guaranteed to be able to comply and unfold up to 200,000 times. This represents about five years of use if you open and close the phone a hundred times a day. During our tests, we have unfolded the Z Flip 4 much more to access the main screen than the Z Fold 4 which is already equipped with a comfortable screen when closed.

Very rigid during the first days of use, the hinge softens a little afterwards, without ever giving the impression of weakening. The “small” screen of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and the back of the phone are protected by Gorilla Glass Victus glass+. This is not the case with the internal screen, which, on the other hand, benefits from an already applied screen protection that should not be removed. Once closed and folded, it becomes almost impossible to damage the screen.

We salute the feat of the manufacturer to offer an IPX8 certified folding smartphone for protection against immersion in fresh water up to a deep meter for 30 minutes.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 USB-CSamsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 DeverrouillageSamsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Double Sim Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 Charniere

The aluminum frame exudes quality. When closed, we end up with the hinge on the left and the two superimposed slices on the right. The thickness of the phone does not play in its favor in the pocket, but allows it to hold it firmly, that’s already it. We were surprised not to have a little finger under the screen so that the phone does not slip when used in one hand.

The Mate finish gives it a very “premium” design and the “ivory” color that we tested has the merit of not marking the fingerprints. Before we take a closer look at the screens, we can already say that Samsung perfectly controls its score by once again showing all its know-how in the design of high-end folding smartphones.

Two quality screens

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Resolution

All the salt of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is based on the fact that it is equipped with two screens:

  • A “small” 6.2 inch external screen in 23.1: 9 format with an HD+ definition of 2316 x 904 pixels and a variable refresh rate that goes from 48 to 120 Hz.
  • A large 7.6 -inch external screen in 21.6: 18 format with a QXGA+ definition of 2176 x 1812 pixels and a variable cooling rate that goes from 1 to 120 Hz.

Let’s start with the point that still encrypted potential users of this type of device: folding in the middle of the second screen. Yes, it is visible, but only when you look at the screen, which almost never happens. Once in front of the slab, it is almost imperceptible. On the other hand, you will feel it well by passing your finger on it. It could indeed be more discreet, but that has never embarrassed us in our use of the daily product.

The observation is similar for the camera module hidden under the slab and which is deported to the right part of the screen. It is visible when you pay attention, but does not interfere with the consultation of content on the big screen. Regarding the image quality produced, we will come back to this in the photo part of this test.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Giant Screen Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Camera Selfie

OLED technology is used for both screens, which allows them to display an infinite contrast. As often at Samsung, screens are very bright. On this point, the first three smartphones in our ranking are those of the Korean manufacturer. With more than 1000 cd/m2 on the two screens of the Fold 4, the readability is exemplary in all the conditions. There is a light peak in HDR at 1388 cd/m2 for the outdoor screen and 1257 cd/m2 for the external screen.

Luminosite Scran Galaxy Z Fold 4

As for color fidelity, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 makes the big gap. The phone favors the coverage of the different colorimetric spaces by default, but this is done at the cost of the accuracy of colors. When the phone is lighting for the first time, the “live” mode is activity. The latter flats the eye, but offers a delta e far from the number 3 sought.

Delta e Optimal Galaxy Z Fold 4 screen 4

Indeed, a Delta E of 6.62 is measured for the small screen and 6.03 for the large screen. Fortunately, go to “natural” display mode in the parameters solves the problem. We fall back to 2.1 and 2.57, which is excellent. A correctness that will result in duller colors. You can obviously manually adjust the white balance to get a personalized display.

Power to resell

The Z Fold 4 is equipped with the latest high -end chip from Qualcomm, which already equips certain Android smartphones from the second half of 2022: the Snapdragon 8+ Gen1. As you can see on the Antutu benchmark, the phone is very powerful. Once folded, it exceeds a million points, which is excellent. Some non -folding smartphones do better, such as Asus Zenfone 9, but the results remain comparable.

Antutu 9 global performances Galaxy Z Fold 4

As you can see, performance drops when the screen is unfolded. This is explained in particular by the greater resolution of the screen. On a daily basis, the phone performs with perfect fluidity all that is asked. The 12 GB of RAM allow you to run as many applications you want without ever having to restart them when you come back on it.

Playing a game like Fortnite on the big screen is also a pleasure. We have easily run the title of Epic Games with a maximum graphics (epic quality), all at 60 i/s. Under these conditions, we encountered very little slowdowns. For perfect stability, you can always go back in 30 i/s to lower graphic quality from a notch.

3dmark score stabilite galaxy z fold 4

On the other hand, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 has an annoying trend in throtlling. On the 3DMARK stability test, we see that the product sees its performance drop by 60.5 % when the phone is folded. It is a little better once unfolded with a drop in “only” 43.3 %.

Yes, it’s better than on the Galaxy Z Flip 4 which has even less room to let its components breathe. But we are even less the level of performance that is capable of maintaining an iPhone 13 pro Max or a Galaxy S22 Ultra.

The good news is that Samsung does not restrict its smartphone for nothing. Indeed, it never heats up excess and its temperature amplitude never exceeds 20 degrees, which is excellent. Remember that he will make everything go comfortably, but that he may not intend the most fierce gamers.

A clever, but imperfect interface

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 comes with Android 12 and the Samsung One UI interface in its version 4.1.1. We still like the interface of the Korean manufacturer for its design, its simplicity, its personalization, but also the small number of preinstalled applications.

One UI Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 interface

But the Z Fold 4 is not a Samsung smartphone like the others. Its giant screen has indeed asked the interface to adapt. As you can see below, one UI intelligently uses the available space by dividing the display in two when you are in the interface. What change menu quickly without having to go back as is the case on a classic screen.

Once deployed, the big screen offers real comfort, whether to look at photos, browse the web or edit an Excel file that extends in width.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 screen adjustment

And productivity side ?

This year, the “novelty” of Z Fold 4 comes from its taskbar. She was already present in the experimental functions of Labs Last year, but Samsung refined it to offer a more successful version on its new folding tablet.

Concretely, this taskbar is displayed as soon as you open an application. It looks like the one you can find on a PC, with an application drawer on the left to add applications that would not already be present.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Menu

It offers real flexibility that we do not always find on more classic multitasking systems. This taskbar is the perfect complement to the different multifencing options offered by one ui.

So you can open up to three applications at the same time. One over the entire height (right or left) and two others in smaller. Thanks to the three small points at the intersection, it is possible to save this arrangement to restart it quickly or simply change the layout of open applications.

This can be very practical when you want to consult your social networks while watching a YouTube video with an eye or to edit a text document by carrying out a search on the browser. Not everything is perfect. For example, we would have liked to have the opportunity to move from a simple drag and drop an image of the gallery or a web page directly in Google Docs.

Also note that the Fold 4 is compatible with the S-PEN. Unfortunately, no location allows you to store it directly in the phone, as was the case with the note range. It will be necessary to buy the stylus in addition as well as a suitable shell to be able to transport it everywhere with you. Damage. Hopefully the Z Fold 5 rules this defect.

If you want to transform this small tablet into a computer, you can always use the DEX mode in order to have a desktop interface on an external screen. A real productivity tool, which is mainly limited by its application ecosystem, which remains far enough for office tasks.

Flex mode

Some applications benefit from a dedicated display when used horizontally with the folded screen. This is for example the case of YouTube, Netflix, Disney+ or Google Meet. The content to be viewed is then displayed at the top, and the navigation interface below.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Stand

To make an aside on the use of Fold 4 as an entertainment device, note that its format is not ideal for video consultation or to play. The screen display is certainly comfortable, but it will be done at the price of large black bands at the top and bottom when he is kept horizontally.

To use applications not compatible with the purified viewing mode horizontal, you have to go to the advanced functions of the phone. More specifically in the famous Flex mode that we have already told you about in our test of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4.

Once in the options, all you have to do is select the applications you want to see working with the Flex mode pane. Once activated, do not expect a personalized provision for each application.

Labs Flex Flex Galaxy Z Fold 4

As you can see below, the applications will appear on the upper screen when the phone is folded horizontally. On the lower part of the large screen, four buttons are available.

The first makes it possible to lower the notifications panel, the second to take a screenshot and the third to adjust the level of brightness. The fourth is dedicated to sound adjustment. Finally, the last will transform the lower part of the screen into a touchpad to control a pointer like a computer. We are always looking for a case of relevant use for this last option.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Flex Mode

There are still technical concerns: we have seen some applications stand up despite the activation of the Flex mode and a video shooting. Others are not displayed at all correctly. This is the case of Instagram whose vertical format is glued to the right side of the big screen. It is then necessary to “play” with arrows located on each side to center the display.

Photo and video: a versatile camera block

The Galaxy Fold 4 is equipped with three camera modules on the back, one at the front on the first screen, and a second under the second screen:

  • A large angle of 50 Mpx, opening f/1.8, focal 23 mm, ois.
  • An ultra-angle of 12 Mpx, f/2.2 opening, 12 mm focal length.
  • A 10 MP telephoto lens, f/2.4 opening, 66mm focal.
  • A 10 Mpx front camera module, f/2.2 opening, 24 mm focal length.
  • A 4 Mpx front (under the screen) module, f/1.8 opening, 26 mm focal length.

A copy very close to that of the Samsung Galaxy S22+.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Application Photo

Special mention to the photo application, which takes part of the big screen once it was unpleasant. What to capture your photos while keeping an eye on the latest you have taken. Practical.

Great angle and ultra-large angle

Photo wide angle 6 Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Ultra Grand-Angle 1 photoSamsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Photo Grand-Angle 9Photo wide angle 9 samsung galaxy z fold 4Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Photo Grand-Angle 8Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Photo Grand-Angle 7Photo wide angle 3 Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Photo Grand-Angle 1Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Photo Grand-Angle 10 Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Photo Grand-Angle 2

Let’s start with the Grand-Angle module which uses its definition of 50 Mpx and the Pixel Binning process to capture brighter clichés of 12.5 mpx. The result is very convincing in the middle of the day.

As always with Samsung, the colors are super saturated. A rendering that flats the eye and will have its effect on social networks, but which will find it difficult to convince people in search of a natural rendering. The bitter is excellent and the dynamic range perfectly managed.

The ultra-angle ensures good colorimetric continuity compared to the Grand Angle. Dynamic management is also very good and deformation in mastered angles.

On the other hand, we lose in detail what we gain in the field of vision. The bitter is correct in the center, but the level of details drops significantly on the sides of the image. If this is not dramatic, we expected better on a phone at this price.

X3 optical zoom

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Photo Grand-Angle 13Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Photo Zoom X3Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Photo Zoom X10Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Photo Zoom X30Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Photo Grand-Angle 14Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Photo Zoom X3Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Photo Zoom X10 Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Photo Zoom X30

The Z Fold 4 goes to an X3 zoom, against an X2 on the previous model. It does not allow you to go as far as that of S22 Ultra, but it remains convincing. The details are well preserved and the colorimetry remains consistent.

Beyond the X3, we go to digital zoom. The Z Fold 4 manages to keep a level of correct quality up to X10. Beyond that, the result is more like a paint than a photo with a very important smoothing to compensate for the loss of details, as you can see on the zoom x30 (the maximum).

By night

Ultra wide angle night photoUltra wide angle Night mode photoNight super angle photoNight -fashioning wide angle photoPhoto zoom x3 night Photo zoom x3 night mode

For night photos, we advise you to use the main angle module with activated night mode. The break time forces you not to move for several seconds, but the result is very convincing.

The night mode completely saves the ultra-large-angle which would be completely immersed in the dark. If you want to zoom in on a bat hanging in the air, the X3 zoom is perfectly usable with night mode, provided that capturing static subjects.

Portraits and selfies

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Portrait photoSamsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Photo Camera under screenSamsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Photo camera before without portrait mode Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Photo Camera Before with Portrait mode

The portrait mode used with the main angle module is very convincing. The background blur is successful and the outline of the subject is mastered. As you can see in the doll photo, the Samsung smartphone manages to delimit the rebel locks relatively well.

For selfies, the 10 megapixel module from the smallest screen is done with honors. The same cannot be said of the 4 megapixel module which is under the big screen. As you can see below, the photo is less bright and seems slightly veiled. In addition, the portrait mode is not available with this camera module.

Note that you can take selfies with the 50 megapixel main module using the video return option. Then you have to deploy the phone to see your trombine on the small screen.


The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 can film up to 8K to 24 I/S. In this configuration, the super stability mode is not available. You will not be able to activate the video return either on the small screen either if you want to make a vlog with the 50 megapixel camera module.

These two options can be activated from the 4K definition at 60 frames per second. The super stability mode works well, but did not impress us in relation to conventional stabilization.

Autonomy and load

The Z Fold 4 is a hybrid folding smartphone equipped with a 4400 mAh battery. Autonomy is a bit “à la carte” insofar as it depends on the use you make or not on the big screen.

As you can see below on the 01LAB tests, the Z Fold 4 has excellent autonomy once folded (without reaching that of the iPhone 13 Pro Max), but much less convincing if you are permanently on the big screen.

versatile Galaxy Z Fold 4 autonomy

After 10 days of use to juggle between the two screens, we have always finished the day serenely. It was not uncommon to go up to a day and a half of autonomy. The advantage is that if you are far from a charger, you can always stay on the smallest screen to save a few percentages of the batteries before finding a charger.

Video autonomy Galaxy Z Fold 4

Because yes, no charger is provided in the box. The phone is compatible with 25W recharging. It was very little in 2022, all the safer a premium smartphone at almost 1800 euros. Allow 1h18 to recharge it completely, 14 minutes more than the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Finally, the Z Fold 4 is compatible with wireless recharging 15W and inverted 4.5W.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 load time

Technical sheet

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4

System Android 12
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1
Size (diagonal) 7.6 “
Screen resolution 373 pp

See the full file

  • + Design and manufacturing quality
  • + Very beautiful screens
  • + Unpublished software features
  • + A powerful smartphone
  • + Versatile camera block
  • + Good autonomy
  • – All applications do not exploit the big screen
  • – The ultra-large-angle camera module
  • – Load 25W always too slow
  • – Still no location for the S-PEN
  • – Little devolutions compared to Z Fold 3

The verdict of the test

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is undoubtedly the best folding tablet (or unfolding smartphone) with this format. It is also the only one available in France. Far from us the idea of ​​minimizing its qualities, but the little evolution compared to the Z Fold 3 reminds us how good the competition has to move the lines.

The design is really premium, but the fold and the camera under the screen are still visible. The performances are excellent, but do not exploit the full potential of the Qualcomm chip. The screens are superb, but require an adjustment to be perfect. The interface is very clever, but some popular applications do not allow you to fully enjoy it. The autonomy is very solid, but the load very slow.

The Z Fold 4 blows hot and cold. He dazzled us, often, and disappointed, sometimes. Samsung mastered its subject, but not yet to the point of providing an impeccable user experience, which is entitled to expect when we spend 1800 euros in a smartphone which, of course, is also a small tablet.

If you have a Z fold 3, this new version will seem superfluous. If you want an uncompromising product, it will not be this one. This giant phone is not to be put in all pockets. Above all, it is aimed at wealthy technophiles who want to taste a unique experience and have an overview of the future of smartphones, according to Samsung.


7 months with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4: a real slap, but a big problem

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 was my daily companion for seven months during. What to remember from this experience like no other ? What positive and negative points stand out ? Answer in this long -term test.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 (7)

At the house of Frandroid, Long -term tests allow you to get a much more concrete idea of ​​the tested phones. This in -depth experience offers a generally interesting decline on a technology, in order to identify the positive and negative points over a prolonged time of use.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 was thus tested for seven months. I want to clarify that this was my very first foldable smartphone in book format. At the time, I was able to test the Galaxy Z Flip 3 for a few weeks, but that’s it. This trial was therefore an opportunity to discover a brand new category of phones.

Spoiler : a bad surprise has spoiled this beautiful idyll after a few months.

The King of Productivity

Once is not customary, let’s start this feedback not with design, but by screens. As a reminder, the external slab claims a diagonal of 6.2 inches, against 7.6 inches for the large internal screen. And let’s say it straight away: despite the excitement of the start, I never had fun unfolding the screen 40 times during the day.

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 pushed me to open it naturally, when I especially needed it. In the end, consult your messages on Messenger or WhatsApp, call a loved one or surf the internet for a quick search, can be done on the external screen.

On the other hand, the internal screen makes sense in certain specific situations: to look and show photos to your loved ones on such a large area is for example a treat. My Galaxy Z Fold 4 quickly became the official device to view memories with friends and family, whether for photos or videos.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

The viewing comfort brought by this large slab also propels you into another dimension: watching youtube videos, football matches, series, films, or reading articles, whether at home or in the metro, M ‘provided an unconted pleasure. The experience is changing and refreshing. There is a real plus impossible to hide.

Productivity also takes on a completely different scale. The software experience goes in this direction and makes it a point of honor to make your life practical when you use the double screen. Here, we are obviously talking about the multi -fate, capable of opening and displaying between 2 and 3 applications simultaneously.

I would not risk saying that this functionality has turned my daily life upset, but it is clear that it has sometimes improved it in certain data. Example: Read an article Frandroid In transport, raise a fault and report it to the editorial staff, all with all the interfaces before my eyes.

One ui

One ui

One ui

One ui

Another practical case naturally imposed itself on me: on the one hand, search for a restaurant on the Uber Eats application, and on the other, consult the notes and comments of the restaurant on Google Maps. Practical, fast, simple and efficient. Do not change application each time facilitated my task.

Where the Galaxy Z Fold 4 goes further, it is in its ability to record these application groups in a single app icon, directly accessible from your interface. The only downside to report concerns the small slowness to which the double application opens. It is necessary to wait between 2 to 3 seconds each time.

To be completely frank, I have rarely used the triple window, which I have not considered very useful during my test. By sawing your screen in three, this view greatly reduces the size of at least two applications – even if you can manage their dimensions. This is almost counterproductive.

The large internal screen finally offers double native views specific to certain applications, such as WhatsApp, Outlook, Contact or Messages. On the latter for example, you will find on the left the list of conversations and on the right the selected conversation. This ergonomics are very appreciable and practical to navigate between a conversation on one side, and the list of your contacts on the other for example.

Small inquirious weaknesses

We will not be rave about the software experience of this Galaxy Z Fold 4. Several black dots have come to tarnish our long -term test, which we must highlight here. First, all applications are not compatible with the multifenêtre. Among the few examples raised, let us mention Instagram (absolutely not suitable for Z Fold 4), Météo or the team.

On several occasions, the taskbar ô so practical to launch another application or activate the multifenêtre has simply disappeared. It was then necessary to go to the settings, deactivate it manually, then reactivate it.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

The internal screen is a nameless dust nest. From its opening after a short stay in your pocket, a heap of dust was showing up before your eyes. It is in the long disturbing, and above all tedious to remove. In the absence of certification against dust, there are also questions about its long -term resistance.

On Facebook, the passage from the small external screen to the big internal screen is poorly managed: if you start navigating on the first, the internal screen is unable to resume navigation where it was. It somehow updates the app and displays its main interface to you. This is behavior that we have encountered many times, without it being systematic either.




If the relatively narrow keyboard of the external screen did not disturb me too much -I have fine fingers and we got used to time -, his ratio of 23.1: 9 on the other hand frustrated me multiple times. To view YouTube Shorts or Reels in particular, the content is generally cut on the sides.

Consequently, pieces of text or part of the image did not appear on the screen at certain times of the video. More generally, I felt that the video before my eyes was not fully exploited in its full format. There was also no question of opening the Z Fold 4 to watch shorts or reals, which I had fun contemplating in the evening, in my bed, before falling into the arms of Morpheus.

The big problem of our Galaxy Z Fold 4

Let’s come to the annoying subject: the folding system. After about four months, a unpleasant surprise clearly made us fall naked. The screen of our Galaxy Z Fold 4 was no longer fully unfolding. Evidenced by the few photos below.

Consequences: the fold was extremely felt under my fingers. More generally, and logically, I appreciated the use of the double screen much less. So much so to ask me: is it really useful to use it, as the open screen is bent ? The disappointment was real.

Especially since another colleague from the middle lived the same misadventure with his Galaxy Z Fold 4. Far from us the idea of ​​generalizing this anomaly. We have also searched on several forums and Facebook groups to try to raise similar situations. In vain.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

Source: Chloé Pertuis – Frandroid

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

Source: Chloé Pertuis – Frandroid

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

Source: Chloé Pertuis – Frandroid

Frandroid So called Samsung’s after -sales service to try to understand the ins and outs. Our interlocutor invited us to contact an approved repair center, of which only certified technicians are able to solve the problem.

As for the cause of this complication, the official explanation was somewhat lunar: ” This concern appears when the phone was misused », We were explained on the phone. Difficult to know what improper use of a phone, knowing that we consider having taken care of it.

We have naturally contacted an authorized service center. Unfortunately, without the bill – our model is provided by Samsung, for the press -, difficult to go to the end of the process. In any case, you have to go to the store with the broken phone and have your bill to start the repair process.

As for the cost of repair, our interlocutor told us that the legal guarantee could take care of everything. It was impossible for us to generate a quote: if the model is guaranteed, there is then no need. The repair time has not been communicated to us: only the technician, on site, is able to send it to you.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

Finally, we contacted Samsung to get an official response. In reality, the brand needs to dissect the phone in depth to understand the origin of the problem. We will therefore update this article once Samsung has analyzed it.

Due to a few traces of stripes on the hinge, the Korean brand suggested that the anomaly was perhaps due to a fall. We have certainly dropped our model several times, but from there to say that is the cause, there is still a long way to go. Above all, this would translate a very worrying problem of fragility: a phone must be able to fall without fear too much for its integrity in 2023.

A stylus always so useless

Like the Galaxy Z Fold 3, his successor has once again turned his back at the slightest location for the S Pen stylus. Frankly, I have never used it. I wonder, by writing these lines, where can it be.

The absence of storage integrated into the phone makes it somewhat outdated. This small accessory is certainly easy to transport … but also easy to lose. His case finally stayed in the closet without great regret. It would be interesting for Samsung to think about a more concrete solution.

For the rest, an exemplary phone in many ways

Despite these few small flaws – except a large – aforementioned, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 remains an excellent smartphone. We have much to blame him for, whether on the ground of performance, photos, autonomy or the quality of the screens.

Admittedly, its weight of 263 grams and its thickness of 158 mm make it a small brick during the first handling, but believe me, we get used to it in just a few weeks. Feeling it well stalling in my pockets is also reassuring, unlike a galaxy S22 that I sometimes forgot, causing some scares at times.

Premium and very beautiful finishes, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is always a little gem in hand after seven months, and a technological demonstration always as impressive to handle on a daily basis. The external screen, OLED, in adaptive and ultra -bright 120 Hz is necessarily a treat to use.

Powerful and efficient in photo

Not being an inveterate gamer, I never pushed the Galaxy Z Fold 4 in his entrenchments. What I can assure you is that after seven months, the performance and the fluidity of the model have never flanked. I have absolutely nothing to blame him on this ground. Thank you the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 and the 12 GB of Ram.

Our protagonist of the day was also an excellent companion to immortalize my best moments in photo and video. As a reminder, it identifies the identical the photo module of the Galaxy S22, which had convinced us in more than one title during our long -term test.

Below, here are some handpicked shots. The only small remarks that could be made concern the images taken in low light, with the selfie sensor or the X3 Optique. The whole sometimes lacked a little bit of sharpness and sharpness. For the rest, it is only pleasure and fun thanks to dapper colors and interesting versatility. Perhaps it misses an optical X10 at this price.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 long term (23)

Galaxy Z Fold 4 Long Term (2)

Galaxy Z Fold 4 Long Term (3)

Galaxy Z Fold 4 long term (4)

Galaxy Z Fold 4 Long Term (6)

Galaxy Z Fold 4 Long Term (7)

Galaxy Z Fold 4 long term (8)

Galaxy Z Fold 4 Long Term (10)

Galaxy Z Fold 4 long term (11)

Galaxy Z Fold 4 long term (12)

Galaxy Z Fold 4 long term (13)

Galaxy Z Fold 4 long term (14)

Galaxy Z Fold 4 long term (16)

Galaxy Z Fold 4 long term (17)

Galaxy Z Fold 4 Long Term (18)

Galaxy Z Fold 4 Long Term (19)

Galaxy Z Fold 4 long term (20)

Galaxy Z Fold 4 Long Term (21)

Galaxy Z Fold 4 Long Term (22)

Galaxy Z Fold 4 long term (1)

The camera hidden under the double internal screen deserves its little word. If it is obviously not practical for selfies – who wants to keep an open phone for egoportraits ? -, She remains a very good ally for video calls. Above all, the internal screen is extremely satisfactory to chat with your loved ones by admiring them on such a large area.

A satisfactory autonomy, a top software monitoring

The autonomy of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 has never been a source of frustration during my seven months of use. I was generally satisfied with his endurance and never ended up in battery harbor one evening at 9 p.m. The remaining autonomy before falling asleep very often sails around 30 or even 40 %, despite a sometimes intensive use during the day.

The only little fright to report took place in the middle of the night, around 5 am, returning from nightclub. I had not passed through the recharge box of the day: a small 10 % remaining allowed me to order a VTC. This shows in passing that the Z Fold 4 will please night birds likely to return to dawn.

The fold of the Galaxy Z Fold 4, for illustration

The load power of 25 W is perhaps the only downside of this beautiful score. Fold 4 is clearly not a war lightning to recharge. In an emergency, he is not the ideal candidate.

Finally, Samsung proves once again that he is one of the most serious manufacturers in terms of software monitoring. Each month, my model has indeed received a software update (security, functionality), all this combined with four major updates from Android. In short, a good work that must be undeniably greeting.

A smartphone that makes you think

What to remember from these 7 months spent with the Galaxy Z Fold 4 ? That his FORM FACTOR deeply seduced me -as a foldable neophyte in book format -bringing me a breath of fresh air and a whole new way of using a smartphone.

Finally, it has been about 15 years that we buy the “same phones”. By that hear smartphones with a single touch screen, a few buttons and notable technical improvements. But ultimately, The way we use them remains the same.

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 turns all this by redefining our report to the phone. Productivity, multi -purpose, comfort of use, all provided by a technological object capable of holding in your pocket, then transforming into a tablet in 1 second. The experience remains quite unique and attractive.

Add to that all Samsung’s know -how in screen and photos, as well as a nice global optimization -but perfectible at the double -screen interface -, and you are dealing with a hell of a little gem … very expensive we admit it. The fact remains that the folding system was lacking during our test: this is the big black point of this experience.

Let us stay on our hunger ? Slightly. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 will I miss ? Obviously.

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Test Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4: discreet touch-ups, but without false-pli

Writing note: 4 out of 5

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, folding smartphone in “Book” format, takes up the formula of the Galaxy Z Fold 3, whose performance and photo service intends to improve. Welcome retouching, but leaving a lock too little.


New folding screen for Samsung, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 succeeds the Galaxy Z Fold 3 launched in the summer of 2021. The smartphone keeps the sound of a predecessor, with a 7.6 -inch folding slab inside and another 6.2 inch outside, a footprint reader on the side and a hinge designed to limit the ‘Dust intrusion. The device is updated at the technical level, notably winning a snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chip, 12 GB of RAM and, for its best lotie version, up to 1 to storage. But Samsung still opts for a 4400 mAh battery and for a load limited to 25 W. In short, does this discreet evolution manage to improve the weaknesses of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 ? This is the question trying to answer this test.

Available from 1799 €, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 did not come up against any direct competition on the current smartphone market. It nevertheless competes with all the high -end smartphones of the moment, such as the Oppo Find X5 Pro, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, but also its folding brother, the Galaxy Z Flip 4, or the Galaxy Z Fold 3 of 2021.

Writing note: 5 out of 5

Ergonomics and design

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 looks almost line for the Fold 3 released last year, itself more or less the appearance of its predecessor. In short, the Korean considers that his folding smartphone in book format is simply accomplished, and is content to refine it in small touches.

The Z Fold 4 therefore overall keeps the features of the Z Fold 3, the diagonal of its exterior (6.2 inch) and interior (7.6 inch) screens and its flat slices, without housing for S-PEN stylus. This remains to be acquired as an option, and may be stored in a case or in a shell provided for this purpose.

In the radius of the menus changes, there is a slightly finer hinge, a reduced weight of a few grams (263 g instead of 271 g) and the protection of the exterior screen and the back of the device by a Gorilla Glass Victus+ window , promising the best resistance of the moment to shock and scratches. The dimensions of the device are very slightly reduced: the Z Fold 4 measures 155.1 x 67.1 x 15.8 mm when closed, and 155.1 x 130.1 x 6.3 mm open open. To win 2 mm in width (open smartphone) and 2.9 mm in height compared to Z Fold 3, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 has refined screen borders. Its internal slab also occupies more than 90 % of the available surface. A photo sensor is always hidden under this screen, with some menus changes to note: we have devoted an article to this element.

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Lab – Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4: Zoom on the screen covering its sensor for selfies

Samsung claims to have increased the pixel density of the slab covering the “under screen” photo sensor of its Galaxy Z Fold 4. Before the.

The space between the two parts of the screen, visible when it is folded, has not disappeared, any more than the perceptible bulge under the finger at this fold. Note that IPX8 certification, dedicated to the resistance of the smartphone to water – but not to dust – rest of the game.

What we not have of the comfort of use – and the weight of the device in hand – about the Z Fold 3 remains logically topical on the Z Fold 4. It remains intended for those that such an imposing device does not scare, but wins slightly in ergonomics thanks to the slightly less stretched ratio of its two screens: the Cover Display keyboard is a little more handy, even without stylus.

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Writing note: 5 out of 5


The Galaxy Z Fold 4 benefits from an interior screen that Samsung promises more solid than that of Z Fold 3. If it is difficult to check this point during a test of a few weeks, it must be noted that the slab installed by the Korean inside his smartphone is of good quality.

First of all, remember that if the Z Fold 4 displays the same screen diagonal as its elder, it is a little wider and lower; Its definition switch logically from 1768 x 2208 pixels to 1812 x 2176 pixels, for an equivalent resolution (373 ppi). This is an LTPO slab, the adaptive refresh rate of which is designed to vary from 1 to 120 Hz according to uses.

Under our probes, the slab has proven its good quality. It is very bright (we measured 1111 cd/m², just that) and capable of going down the threshold of the CD/m² in the darkness. At least, its brightness is 0.95 cd/m². In the dark as in great sun, this slab is therefore very readable, and its high light compensates for its slightly high reflectance (51 %). Always in the comfort department, there is a touch delay limited to 83 ms and a nonexistent persistence, thanks to the choice of the amoled.

Samsung masters this type of slabs and this is felt the radius of colorimetry. As always, the Korean manufacturer opts by default for a “lively” display mode, which results in a color temperature of 7274 k, a little cold, and a 4.2 delta e; The reds, green and yellows undergo some drifts. But by tilting towards the “natural” mode, we fall back to a much fairer temperature (6787 k), and above all, the drifts are imperceptible (Delta E of 1.5). In short, overall, this screen is a pleasure to use, even if it must be agreed that the fold in its center is always perceptible to the eye as with a finger.

The quality of the cover display, that is to say the external screen of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is at the endorsement. It is also wider (904 x 2316 pixels on a diagonal of 6.2 inches), and just as bright (1102 cd/m²) or not very bright (minimum of 0.96 cd/m²) depending on the circumstances, and Even the luxury of being not very subject to reflections: we measured its reflectance at 41 %. Like the interior screen of the smartphone, this slab benefits from a much better calibration when you opt for its natural mode: a Delta E of 1.4 and a temperature of 6758 k are then observable. In short, this outdoor screen is as good as well as the interior screen. It allows the wish to use it as if it were the main slab of the device.

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Writing note: 4 out of 5


The Galaxy Z Fold 4 benefits from a technical update without surprise. The Fold 3 being equipped with a Snapdragon 888 chip, the last available on the date of its release, the Fold 4 is based on the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, newly carried on the smartphone market. The one that can be observed in an increasing number of smartphones, on the Z Flip 4 of Samsung as on the Zenfone 9 of Asus, is here accompanied by 12 GB of RAM.

The chip hit the skipper in the smartphone. In the multitasking department, it is content to be as efficient as its predecessor, being very slightly slower on the least demanding multitasking, but taking the advantage when it is very busy.

There is nevertheless a real leap in the field of graphic performance, provided by the Adreno 730 of Qualcomm. Our tests gaming highlight an ability to display up to 111 frames per second, for a minimum of 73 I/S during our test sessions, and especially an average flirting with the 94 I/S. This excellent score, higher than that of the Galaxy Z Fold 3, still hides a reality: the framerate, greater than 100 i/s at the very beginning of the session, fall after 5 minutes of play around 80 I/S, the fault of a light heating which forces the smartphone to reduce the rate. However, this is more than enough to play very comfortably.

Our performance tests are carried out with aim, the application developed by the company Smartvis.

Writing note: 4 out of 5


Unlike Z Flip 4, which keeps the photo block of its predecessor on paper, the Z Fold 4 breaks with its elder. It is inspired to do this Galaxy S22 and S22+, offering a main module to the 50 megapixel sensor, not 12 megapixels. It is accompanied by an ultra-angle module with the 12 Mpx sensor, and another with telephoto lens and 10 megapixel sensor. A versatile set.

Grand-angle module: 50 megapixels, f/1.8, éq. 24 mm

Who says very defined sensor also says pixel-binning. Small subtlety: a turn in the details of the shots obtained makes it possible that in place of clichés of 12.5 MP, Samsung reduces the size of its images to 12 million points. We compared the results obtained with those of a Find X5 Pro of Oppo, a little less expensive than the Fold 4, but also with a main module of 50 mpx.

If the exhibition is fair and the natural rendering, we regret a smoothing of certain textures, such as that of the cover of the book or the cartography; The effect was quite comparable on the Galaxy S22. The Oppo model offers a higher dive. Let us add that the photos of the Fold 4 lack sharpness on the outskirts, which we noticed during all our tests. Nevertheless, the image flats the eye by its intense colorimetry and by a software treatment treating the contours of the small elements.

Same night observation, where however the gap with the Oppo model is much less. Where the Galaxy S22 made the choice of the accentuation of contrasts, for a lack of naturalness, the Z Fold 4 favors the softness of the treatment, but at the price of a visible smoothing. It is still much better than the Galaxy Z Fold 3 last year.

50 megapixel mode

The situation changes very little in 50 megapixel mode. The textures remain smoothed and the contours of the blurred image. If by day, this mode is justified in the event of a need for cropping, it is not relevant in low light.

Ultra Grand-Angle Module: 12 megapixels, F/2.2, eq. 12 mm

The difference in treatment is visible between the Galaxy S22 Ultra and the Galaxy Z Fold 4, the two sharing an ultra-wide-angle module of 12 megapixels. The pictures of the folding smartphone are less rough, but by limiting noise, the smartphone chooses a larger smoothing. We also notice a little distortion and blur in the angles of the image.

At night, the exhibition chosen by the Z Fold 4 is more convincing, and the resulting colorimetry is accurately wins. But the bitter is not enough for the image to really convince.

Telephone module: 10 megapixels, f/2.4, éq. 67 mm

The third and last photo module included at the Galaxy Z Fold 3 consists of a 10 megapixel sensor associated with a telephoto lens offering the equivalent of a zoom close to 3x (2.8x). The Galaxy Z Flip was based on a 12 -megapixel sensor (2x zoom). If the newcomer has a less defined sensor, its optics offer higher magnification.

Rather convincing by day, this module has the merit of capturing a clear image even on the outskirts, with a high level of details and bright colors. Nevertheless, the drop in definition which separates the Z Fold 3 and the Z Fold 4 is visible as soon as the image is refrained: the Pique is less on the Z Fold 4, with an identical area identical.

At night, the smartphone is content to crop a captured image with its main sensor. Difficult under these conditions to compensate by a simple software processing the lack of captured elements. The images, the details of which are sorely lacking in precision, are unfortunately unusable.

Front module, portrait and video mode

More than the 4 megapixel module located inside the Fold 4, under its screen, and whose results are too little detailed to be really usable, it is better to use the 10 megapixel sensor housed in the exterior screen of the smartphone for make selfies. These are a little too smoothed, but well exposed and attractive to the eye. The most demanding will also be able to use the option offered when the screen is folded, namely to open the Fold and use, always for selfies, the main module, while the Cover Display displays an image preview. If the grip is then less easy for a self -portrait, the quality is only better ! Let us specify in passing that the smartphone offers an effective portrait mode, as often at Samsung, with a rather precise cutting. The 3x portrait capture mode is also the most detailed and the most natural; Difficult to handle in selfie mode – unless you place the Fold 4 on a pole ! -, it allows you to obtain pretty images from your loved ones.

On the video side, the Z Fold 4 allows you to film up to 8K to 24 I/S. Remember that the internal storage of the smartphone is not expandable, it is not necessarily useful to systematically call on this definition, which is not compatible with electronic stabilization added by Samsung. It remains reserved for Full HD (at 30 or 60 I/S) and is effective. As often in Korean, it is possible to successfully switch from the great angle to the ultra grande-angle or the telephoto lens during capture, and by visualizing in the form of a vignette the area of ​​view of other modules (in “Director’s view” mode). In short, Samsung offers here a complete video experience.

Writing note: 3 out of 5


Samsung keeps, on his Z fold 4 the 4400 mAh battery which animated his predecessor. Like last year, we measured the autonomy ensured by the smartphone when only its main screen is used: it then settled at 12 h 49 min, about twenty minutes more than that of Z Fold 3. The device gains more in endurance when only its outdoor screen is used: it then holds 16 h 03 min before extinction. Its real autonomy being somewhere between these two data, we have chosen to mean these two data, which allow us to determine an autonomy of 14 h 26 min. It’s a little better than the Z Fold 3, and in the average high -end smartphones.

On the load side, Samsung delivers its smartphone without suitable charger. It took us 1 h 50 min to fill it full.

Our battery tests are automated by target, the application developed by the company Smartvis.

The results obtained with target come from measurements made in real conditions of use (calls, SMS, videos, application launch, web navigation, etc.).

Writing note: 4 out of 5


Our sustainability score makes it possible to determine the lasting aspect of the smartphone as much for the consumer as for the environment. It is based on the repairability index, sustainability criteria (protection index, standard connectors, warranty duration and updates. ) and an assessment of CSR policies (corporate social responsibility). You will find all the details of the analysis in our article presenting the sustainability score.

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 is running Android 12, and if Samsung spoke of Android 12L when presenting its device, it is not mentioned for this version for large screens in the smartphone settings. The operating system is accompanied by the Onei 4 interface.1, which gives pride of place to multifestillating and multitasking. The most remarkable novelty here is the appearance of a breadpot bar at the opening of each application, to more easily switch from one app to another without clicking the dedicated button.

This bar also allows you to open several windows easily, to use the 7.6 inch of the main smartphone screen. Some applications are better adapted to it, such as Meet for Visio lovers. For the rest, Onei 4 is well known, and this version 4.1 is almost like a line for the version described below:

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All about one UI 4, the Samsung mobile interface

One UI 4 is the 13th version of the Samsung smartphones software interface. A version improving the services of one UI 3.0, and q.