Review Red by SFR: What do customers of offers, network and Red customer service think?, Review Red by SFR: What to know before subscribing to a RED package? Clubic

Review Red by SFR (2023): what should be known about RED packages? Clubic


Regular boxes 3 weeks without TV more from a time. Since yesterday, August 9, 2022, several 5 minutes of TV and cuts have been fed up and impossible to reach a person my new no of such not recorded new email address ditto on the site however I asked. On the other hand I receive invoices at the right email address

Reviews Red by SFR 2023: What do Red Services customers think ?

I come to tell you about the hell in which your business has been putting me away for almost 1 month. I am approached by your business to settle the fiber; What I accept. The technician comes, I show him our office as well as the room or is the sheaths. And this installs the box upstairs above. upstairs . I tell him that it is not our offices and that we cannot install it with the neighbors. But nothing helps, he tells me that he has no choice but we will have to pay 150 € and he offers to spend in the weekend. When I remind you, he threatens me and offers to go to our premises “to break my mouth”. I’ve been telling my misadventure to customer service for 3 weeks now and each time my requests are refused (when they are taken into account; out of ten calls, only 2 are really transmitted. )). What should I conclude ? 1- that it is normal to be threatened by a subcontractor from you 2- SFR considers that installing a box in neighbors is a good installation. Nicolas respectfully

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Low cost, we understand why

I took a Red subscriber for my partner house) for personal reasons, I could not go there for 14 months but when I was able to go there, 15 days ago, everything was cut ! Red explains to me that after 6 months of inactivity, they cut everything, everything except the samples. It is almost impossible to reach a person in their home when you have a problem. And when I could have one on the phone, he sent me .ch. Don’t let yourself be seduced by their pubs: SFR is “letting it” and red is the sea. A good understanding

A catamal twice of subscriptions which fail via their site and 2x the payment CB they go well while the order is never existing ! A galley to recover the 2x 10th of SIM. To flee because no one knows anything !

Horrible ! Modify the prices and the packages and lie like teeth for months by making believe that they have rectified the error when it is completely false. I spent 23 calls from them to hear myself say each time to wait a bit because they had done the necessary. What dishonesty. To flee !

Rouyer Baquet Patricia

Regular boxes 3 weeks without TV more from a time. Since yesterday, August 9, 2022, several 5 minutes of TV and cuts have been fed up and impossible to reach a person my new no of such not recorded new email address ditto on the site however I asked. On the other hand I receive invoices at the right email address

My telephone line has been on the ground, in the middle of my court for more than a month, I waited several times the passage of a technician for nothing because no one came despite my many calls to Red the advisers are not effective and often lie to get rid of users faster

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Red by SFR is a subsidiary belonging to SFR which offers internet offers in ADSL, Fiber and THD, as well as a unique mobile package that you can customize in order to adapt it to your needs. Red is a low-cost brand. The operator’s offers are therefore at attractive prices, but what about services ? What is RED customer opinion on the operator ? Discover it in this article.

  • The essential :
  • Red by SFR is a Low-Cost brand from SFR.
  • Red SFR reviews are positive overall, even if the operator is poorly noted On sites like Trustpilot.
  • Indeed, Red has changed its offers in early 2021 and many customers saw their offers increase by a few euros. Unhappy, they posted en masse negative opinion.

Opinion Red SFR: What do operator customers think ?

Since its launch in 2011, the Low-Cost Red by SFR brand has attracted many customers. His low prices and his non -binding offers quickly enjoyed great success and the low-cost brand today has nearly 14 million customers. But are they all satisfied ?

Reading Red SFR reviews, we see that many customers are unhappy with their operator. There average awarded by Red by SFR customers on Trustpilot is therefore very low: 1.3/5 (note collected in November 2022). However, it should not be forgotten that dissatisfied customers are much more likely to post negative opinion that customers satisfied with positive opinions. The average RED SFR reviews is therefore to be taken with tweezers and it is important to also take into account the positive.

The positive opinions of Red by SFR customers

On the Trustpilot site, Red by SFR does not collect fewer 4% positive opinion (figure collected in November 2022). Customers satisfied there are therefore few to post internet opinions, but they still exist.

Positive opinions highlight in particular:

  • THE low prices Offered by the operator.
  • The system of Red sponsorship which allows customers to save money on their offers.
  • The large number of Gigas offered in the RED package.
  • There speed subscription.
  • The option connected watch.
  • There stability Internet connection.

Some problems with them. But finally.

We did not have some problems with them. But ultimately they ensure fairly well, we made the difference with another operator. They are much better it’s at Red, technicians are effective and serious, and it is much cheaper. We will remain sfr

Trustpilot review signed Helene D – November 2022

Top fiber but.

I took the fiber at home, everything works very well and everything was simple (taking an appointment, instain. ) on the other hand telephone harassment is really painful. I believe that this is the fifth time that I have been called by making believe that it is to know my customer ressent on the fiber but that in fact behind I want to sell me a mobile package.

Trustpilot review signed Christophe B – October 2022

In the top

In the top! Unbeatable offers on the market compared to competition. Customer for years, I have never had any problems with them. Even if I had a few breakdowns sometimes, contact with the technical service via the application was fast and they have always solved my problems. 5 out of 5 stars.

Trustpilot review signed Adama – October 2022

Reactive chat customer service.

Reactive and efficient Cat Customer Service during several exchanges. The transition to fiber went well. I am also happy with my mobile plan. Correct price. I like that the offers are without promo, so fixed price. Only downside: from time to time they offer paid options that must be actively refused. Once an increase was compulsory.

Trustpilot review signed Pi314 – September 2022

The negative opinions of Red by SFR customers

Red by SFR harvest Many negative opinions on the Internet. Unhappy customers want to make it known and many to post opinions on sites like Trustpilot where the operator has 95% negative reviews (figure collected in November 2022).

This impressive percentage of negative red sfr reviews is however to be put into perspective. First, as said before, dissatisfied customers are more likely to post internet opinions than satisfied customers. Then, most negative opinions focus on the same point: the customer service. This is the specificity of the operator, RED customer service is fully dematerialized, there are no advisers reachable by phone (or in the case of certain exceptions) or shops.

Note that some customers also complain about Red customer service that they do not find up to their expectations.

Problem to contact Customer Service

Currently subscribed to them, there are many untimely cuts that prevent TV working. Unable to attach customer service except a virtual advisor which includes nothing. In the end we manage. I think I change operator quickly

Trustpilot review signed Jerome J – November 2022

The worst operator.

Useless and unpleasant customer service that does not even respond in the cat. Almost daily network cuts, subscriptions to unnqured and never seen options and of course reimbursed, you tell them that their antenna does not work and they tell you after a month and 60 emails that the problem does not does not come from your new iPhone but from them. So it’s not expensive but it doesn’t work

Trustpilot review signed Arthur – November 2022

Deplorable after -sales service.

Regular internet clippings, and especially incompetent and deplorable customer service. Impossible to remove easily. We explain the problem, nobody understands. No internet for more than 3 months, I am advised to make a connection sharing with my smartphone, very professional as a solution. To flee.

Trustpilot review signed Adrien K – October 2022

What are the RED SFR reviews concerning the network ?

Red is a low-cost brand that belongs to SFR. The operator is therefore not the owner of any network antenna or internet infrastructure: Red by SFR borrows The SFR network For its Red Mobile and Red Box offers.

Side mobile, In November 2022, the SFR network covered:

  • More than 16,595 sites in 5G (3500 MHz and 2100 MHz bands).
  • 99.7% of the population in 4G.
  • 77 253 4G antennas.
  • 3,700 municipalities covered by 5G

Side Internet, In February 2022, the SFR network had:

  • More than 22 million households eligible for FTTH fiber and very high speed fttla.
  • About 3.2 million ADSL/VDSL subscribers.

Red by SFR reviews posted by customers on the operator’s network are mixed. It all ultimately depends on the quality of SFR installations close to the customer.

To flee

We have subscribed to an ADSL subscription has € 10 “for life” but after a few months, it increased. Unreachable customer service, quality of deplorable line. In short, I do not recommend.

Trustpilot review signed Chloé – August 2022

Most zero network.

Numer network in the space of 1 month 3 cuts no assistance all online person listening to you network really rotten to flee

Trustpilot review signed Azddine S – August 2022

Catastrophic telephone network

Catastrophic telephone network. After -sales service below everything that leads us by boat. To flee ! It is better to pay a little more expensive at any other operator !

Trustpilot review signed Breizh – January 2022

Red customer service: what do customers think ?

Red Customer Service

Red by SFR offers several services In order to answer customer questions:

  • The Red & Me app (“Help” section, then “contact us”).
  • The customer area (section “contact us”).
  • An online cat available from the Red website.
  • A FAQ (Frequently Questions).
  • A support forum.
  • Advisers available from Twitter and Facebook social networks.

From its website, Red highlights the availability of its 500 advisers. The operator sets a target of 3 minutes maximum to meet customers. Red customer service has a satisfaction rate of 87% according to the Epsilon 2020 survey.

On sites like Trustpilot, the Red Division Customer Service a bit more. Some dissatisfied customers highlight their difficulties in reaching the operator, especially by phone, and for good reason: Red does not offer customer service by phone. The majority of opinions are still positive and highlights the responsiveness of RED advisers.

Very correct price.

Very correct price, the best placed on the market for fiber ! Small defects on the network, but easy reachable after -sales service !

Trustpilot review signed Benjamin F – January 2022


I do not understand all these negative opinions. I have been at Red for 3 years and frankly nothing to say. The offers are tops and the after -sales service is very pros. Thank you very much to the after -sales service which has just changed my offer with + go and for cheaper. They made me benefit from the Black Friday offer

Trustpilot review signed Marianne B – November 2021

Customer care

Pending since 18/01 of my connect TV paid, they are very bad on all points, service, followed. Not to mention the platforms . After 3 other operators is the gold medal.

Trustpilot review signed Thierry A – February 2022

What are the RED SFR reviews on the operator’s prices ?

Red by SFR is a low-cost brand. She therefore offers offers with attractive prices and without commitment (valid on November 29, 2022). Excluding promo, the operator offers:

  • A mobile plan whose price varies Between 5 €/month and 20 €/month.
  • Fiber and THD from € 19/month for 12 months then € 29/month.
  • ADSL from € 19/month.

To find out more about the Red Mobile and Red Box offers, go to the end of this article.

Overall, RED opinions congratulate the prices charged by Red by SFR. However, there are disgruntled customers Following theprice increase occurred in early 2021.

Perfect experience

Perfect after -sales service via Twitter. Very responsive ! Very good quality networks and unbeatable prices for the service offered. I recommend after several years of experience with their mobile networks. IOS application very well done too. In short, nothing to complain about.

Trustpilot review signed Axel – June 2020

Change of package without consent of the customer

Huge price increase ! (. ) Many customers use less than 10GB and we put 60GB, nothing to wax. And of course, they increase the 30% subscription. (. ))

Trustpilot review signed Dan – March 2021

Reviews Red SFR: customer reviews on offers

Box Red SFR Notice: What do customers think of Internet offers ?

Apart from theIncrease in the price of Red Box offers which occurred in early 2021 which led to many negative opinions, a majority of Red Box customers seems happy with the operator’s internet services.

Satisfied customers highlight the efficiency of Red Box equipment and flows. Unhappy customers, fewer, regret the instability of their internet connection.

Superb experience with Red by Sfr !

Superb experience with Red by SFR, fiber connection (carried out by SFR, as if you were SFR customer), materials identical to those of the parent company (box). Two differences: the price (super cheap), customer service only by cat (for me not a drawback because very responsive) and allows to have written evidence when a thing is promised !. Thank you Red by Sfr .

Trustpilot review signed Julliand – September 2020

Almost perfect

ADSL SFR Red works very well as planned. 12Mbps in my area with low latency. Quick activation in a few days and pleasant staff on the phone + low price without increase, unlike competition. Only downside, the TV box is not compatible with the internet box in WPS and we cannot manually configure. But why this choice ? So I’m going to have to buy CPL.

Trustpilot review signed Greg – November 2020

Red Opinion Package: What do customers think of mobile plans ?

As with internet offers, many customers are unhappy with the price increase Red Mobile offers in early 2021. Apart from this item, most Red Mobile customers are satisfied with their package, and especially the number of gigas included in the offers.

Surprised by all negative opinions !

(. ) Red may not be perfect, but everything rolls for me. I have subscribed fiber and mobile at home for more than 18 months approximately. Never had a mobile level problem (suddenly, I have subscribed a mobile package at home too for my son). (. ))

Trustpilot review signed Michette – April 2021


Red changed my mobile package without my agreement without the possibility of going back. say reimburse the termination costs when changing boxes but impossible to have the coupon to send the document. No customer service

Trustpilot review signed Bonnardel – March 2021

How Red by SFR is positioned in relation to competition and SFR ?

Red by SFR is a low-cost brand launched by SFR. One of the operator’s objectives is therefore to differentiate yourself from your parent company. To do this, Red highlights the low prices of his offers and the lack of commitment. Compared to competition, RED also offers very substantial mobile data envelopes.

Another asset of the operator is his sponsorship system. Each Red Mobile or Red Box client can sponsor a new RED customer. It can save up to € 15 €. The godson can also in parallel win up to € 15 when subscribing.

Finally, Red by SFR benefits from the SFR network quality and an efficient mobile application: the Red & Me application.

Summary table for Red SFR box and mobile offers

Red Box offers

Find below the summary table Red Box offers.

Red Mobile offers

Find below the summary table Possible options with the RED package.

Review Red by SFR (2023): what should be known about RED packages ? Clubic

Subsidiary company low cost From the SFR operator, RED has been created to compete more effectively Free Mobile on the Mobile Planson Market without commitment. And he succeeds easily thanks to his flexible and highly customizable offers, whether on the side of Red Packages or its internet red box. Without forgetting its attractive prices, with regular and life promotions, without price increase after a year !

  • 4G packages without commitment and without price which doubles after a year
  • The possibility of adding to many options at will
  • Offers without duration of duration
  • Excellent network coverage in France
  • Always € 10 SIM card costs
  • The cost of exceeding data: € 2 for 1 GB (four maximum recharging per month)
  • Red by SFR: Clubic opinion
  • What to think of Red by SFR mobile offers ?
  • What is the RED by SFR mobile network is worth ?
  • Box and fiber: What to think of Red by SFR boxes and fiber ?
  • Customer service: can we trust the Red by Sfr after-sales service ?
  • Reviews Red by SFR: Answers to all your questions

Red by SFR: Clubic opinion

By offering a single package with modular options, Red by SFR puts a big blow in the anthill of mobile operators.

The second operator of France thus stands out from the competition in place, even Damant the pawn with free mobile yet considered for a long time as the most aggressive of the lot. Combining “digital” and excessive customization, Red by SFR does not forget the essentials: to offer quality service to its users. The subsidiary low cost From FAI to the Red Carré thus benefits from excellent network coverage and high 4G speeds throughout the national territory, as well as abroad.

One might think that the lack of offer for less than ten euros would be a brake on the expansion of Red by SFR. It is not so. If the operator no longer offers a price as low as before, its marketing strategy is formidable with, in particular, regular promotions focusing on unlimited data packages.

Red by SFR is therefore a serious competitor for other operators low cost. His very aggressive approach on data envelopes and his prices allow him to attract more people in his fold. Not to mention that the operator also has a solid network to its credit, classified as the second in France just behind Orange.

If for you a package must be adaptable while remaining affordable, then there is no doubt that Red by SFR is the mobile operator you need !

What to think of Red by SFR mobile offers ?

Difficult to deny it, Red by SFR is a very attractive brand with its concept of à la carte package and its broken prices almost all year round. But in the war which rages between the four major French operators, it takes other arguments to stand out. Here are some of the strengths highlighted by the subsidiary low cost from SFR.

An offer without commitment and very modular

Nowadays, who wishes to engage for 12 or 24 months with the same operator ? Not grandmother. Red by SFR understood this and therefore does not offer a package with commitment. You are free to go to another operator as soon as you wish, whether two weeks after your subscription or several years after.

We also find this feeling of freedom in the modularity offered by the RED package. No competitor offers options as provided as at SFR. Thanks to simplified access via theRed & Me Application, It only takes a few seconds to choose a new option or change your data envelope. It is by focusing on this modularity that the brand attracts more and more customers to its fold.

What to think of 5G Red by SFR offers ?

5G is still deployed in France, and is available in just over 2,000 municipalities. Red by SFR made the choice to position itself on this band to offer a maximum theoretical speed of 1 GB/s in the heart of the agglomerations of Bordeaux, Marseille, Aix-en-Provence, Montpellier, Nantes, Nice or Paris. Note that certain municipalities delay the commercial opening of their municipality, although the network is in place and covered by Red by SFR.

Faced with this slightly slow deployment, the operator low cost made the decision to offer speed 5g only to customers with its maximum data envelope, namely 130 GB. Thus, Red by SFR can best satisfy the largest consumers of mobile data, for which Internet navigation will be even more fluid with loading times of reduced pages. For example, loading an HD film about 5 GB will only take 2 minutes, against almost 17 minutes with the 4G network.

What is the RED by SFR mobile network is worth ?

Red by SFR’s 4G mobile network

Excellent 3G and 4G mobile coverage in France

Having many options and manipulating your package as you wish is good. But enjoying an optimal coverage no matter where we live is better. For that, Red relies on the solid SFR network infrastructure which is none other than the second French operator behind Orange.

The entire French territory is covered by 4G and 4G+antennas, or at least by 3G. The company’s branches of the company thus cover the needs in 4G and 4G+ of 98.7 % of the population, which places the red operator in first position according to the ZD net barometer. For 3G, SFR provides 99 % coverage.

The offer low cost Red thus benefits from a very solid infrastructure. Unless you reside in a very remote area in the countryside or in the mountains, you will therefore perfectly capture the network in all circumstances. A huge advantage against other less well -off operators or the MVNOs that juggle between operators to provide services.

What is the 5G RED by SFR coverage worth ?

As we have seen above, Red takes advantage of the SFR infrastructure, which is none other than the second French operator. Very reliable and secure, this network not only covers the entire territory in 3G and 4G, but also ensures a high level of performance for calls, as well as SMS/MMS. GSM coverage thus extends to 99.6 % of the French population.

Good European and global coverage thanks to the Vodafone network

Forgive the bad word game that will follow, but SFR does not hesitate to draw the blanket towards him when it comes to. network coverage. To ensure its pre -eminence on its competitors, the French operator relies on a partnership with Vodafone. You can use your package in a classic way when you travel to Europe, without having to pay supplement. Calls, messages and 4G data will therefore cost you nothing more than usual as long as you stay within the limits of your envelope.

Customers who travel the Globe de Lanst will be able to enjoy many stay packs specially adapted to many areas of the world such as Asia, the United States or even the Middle East. These packs include the essentials to communicate easily abroad.

Box and fiber: What to think of Red by SFR boxes and fiber ?

What is the Red by SFR Internet box is worth ?

With its non -binding Red Box, the operator low cost offers a complete experience through an easy -to -hand and intuitive interface on all home devices, whether smartphones, tablets or computers. Of course, the Red by SFR offer allows access to the wired Internet as well as Wi-Fi, but it also opens access to a large online storage space of 10 GB, or more for the same price during the various promotions of the operator throughout the year.

On the side of telephony, the Red Box allows unlimited calls to fixes in mainland France and the DOM TOM, as well as to more than 100 countries. A paid option, but regularly free, also allows unlimited calls to mobiles. In the same spirit as its customizable mobile subscription, the Red Box offers the possibility of refusing the TV decoder, which all FAI do not do. However, Red by SFR still offers access to 35 TV channels and 8 hours of recording, even without decoder, via its Red TV mobile application and TV dedicated.

What to think of Red by SFR fiber offers ?

In France, the number of housing eligible for very high speed of SFR is 24.6 million. And the top cities where these offers are available is Paris, Marseille, Nantes, Lyon, Lille and Bordeaux. Among the three different technologies that allow very high speed performance, we find SFR optical fiber, up to 50 times faster than ADSL.

It thus makes it possible to reach a maximum download speed (or downward speed) of 1 GB per second. Conversely, the amount amount can reach 500 Mbit per second. In short, the French leader in very high speed by cable guarantees you fast and fluid internet access.

And this, even with your mobile devices, since the fiber offer of Red by SFR is accompanied, as an option, with Wi-Fi 6 access which is three times more powerful and allows to reach 2 Gbit per second in download and 500 Mbit per second in upload. What to benefit even more easily from your favorite films and series streaming, without consuming your mobile package.

Customer service: can we trust the Red by Sfr after-sales service ?

The transition to after -sales service is often a test fear by many users. It must be admitted that it is never pleasant to deal with automated servers often heavy and very off -putting. Red by SFR fortunately sets up many ways to avoid this obstacle course.

A digital customer service accessible 24/7

Despite solid experience and an infrastructure with small onions, an incident can always happen. In this case, it is important to be able to quickly attach customer service. Red by SFR provides you with several ways to settle your concerns as quickly as possible or simply answer your questions.

The first is a large FAQ full of the main questions you could ask yourself, from the simple functioning of your line to solving more thorny problems. If you cannot find a suitable response, then Red by SFR provides you with a forum. This puts the brand’s customers in contact with advisers. Questions and answers are accessible to everyone, which allows you to take advantage of everyone’s experiences.

Like many brands low cost competitors, Red also relies on digital to facilitate contact. The brand’s teams can thus be reached 24/7 via Twitter and Facebook, but also by cat. Customer service is therefore easily accessible via your favorite means of communication !

How to get in touch with Red by SFR customer service ?

To go further, you can consult the Red by SFR forum led by brand professionals. Many concerns are resolved there on a daily basis, making this place an essential place to go further than the classic Fair.

If despite this you do not have an answer to your problem, it is still possible to reach customer service thanks to the cat integrated in the Red & me application. Social networks, accessible 24/7, are also a good way to resolve most concerns. By going through digital services, you should save yourself, in most cases, the headache of the automated servers.

If you want to know in more detail how to do it, we support you during this process in our dedicated article “How to contact Red by SFR customer service”.

How to reach Red by SFR customer service on the phone ?

Red by SFR sets up a solid digital aid service. The latter is therefore to be favored, advisers that can answer you by cat all week from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

If, despite everything, you do not find any answers to your questions – which seems highly improbable – then you can contact customer service on 0 809 400 243. This phone number is dedicated to monitoring your mobile order only. It will only work within two months after your registration.

Reviews Red by SFR: Answers to all your questions

What 4G, 3G and 2G flows for Red by SFR ?

Taking advantage of the second largest telephone network in France, Red offers great performances throughout the national territory. Our article will nevertheless give you the various flows offered in 2G, 3G and 4G at Red by SFR.

What is the RED by SFR telephone cover in France is worth ?

With more than 98 % of the population covered, SFR is placed as the second mobile operator in France. We give you all the details in our file “What is the Red by SFR telephone cover in France worth ? »».

How to terminate its Red by SFR package ?

Need a change of scenery ? Like many of its competitors, Red offers movable non -binding packages. Follow our guide to find out how to easily terminate your Red by SFR package and go to competition.

How to activate your Red by SFR SIM card ?

That’s it, your brand new SIM card has arrived. Thanks to our tutorial, you will see how to activate your Red by SFR SIM card from the RED site or the Red & Me smartphone application.

How to recover your Rio Red by SFR code ?

You want to change operator but without modifying your current phone number ? It is possible thanks to the Rio device. Our article “How to recover your Rio code at Red Bu Sfr ? »Will give you the procedure to obtain the code which allows the portability of the number.

How to migrate from SFR to Red by SFR ?

As a SFR customer, you may have the desire to go to the modular package offered by Red. The steps are simplified and find a complete explanation in our tutorial to migrate from SFR to Red by SFR.

How to connect to your Red by SFR customer area and manage your account ?

Red by SFR puts everything on digital. In this perspective of the 100 % dematerialized, your personal space will be the nerve center to manage your account. Our article “How to connect to your RED customer area and manage your account ? »Will give you all the strings to connect and manage your account from the Internet.

How to configure your answering machine red by sfr ?

Did you know that the answering machine Red by SFR is customizable long and wide ? From the reception message to the various more advanced options, we give you all the tips to make the most of your SFR answering machine in our guide “How to configure its answering machine red by SFR ? »».

How to configure the APN Red by SFR on its smartphone ?

If, in most cases, your smartphone knows how to manage all the parameters of the Name Access point, it happens that it should be adjusted manually. Without the right configuration, you will not be able to take advantage of MMS or even 4G. We tell you in our configuration tutorial how to configure the APN Red by SFR on its smartphone.

How to unlock a smartphone at Red by SFR ?

You bought a smartphone from Red, but it is blocked by the operator ? No problem, our article gives you all the keys to understand how to unlock a smartphone at Red by SFR.

How to activate Wi-Fi calls at Red by SFR ?

4G does not pass ? You have access to a Wi-Fi network ? So you can make calls, surf the web and send text messages as if nothing had happened. In our devoted tutorial, we tell you how to activate Wi-Fi calls at Red by SFR.

How to activate call transfer to Red by SFR ?

Depending on your needs, you may be brought in the future to want to transfer calls from your mobile to another phone or vice versa. This very simple to manage call transfer option is detailed in our article “How to activate the call transfer to Red by SFR ? »».

How the Red by SFR sponsorship program works ?

Sponsorship is another way of making big savings, since we are talking about several months of free package. Red by Sfr Dame, moreover, the pawn to its competitors on this ground since it is one of the only ones not to set a limit to the number of godchildren that you can sponsor.

The operation is very simple. When subscribing to a Mobile or Box Red by SFR package, you will receive a sponsorship code to be transmitted to your friends and family. When a godson registers with the operator, he only has to enter this code when asked. As soon as his subscription is confirmed, he will benefit from a free month, just like you as a sponsor.

Be careful however: even if the number of godchildren is unlimited, some conditions must be respected. First of all, the godson must have no active subscription at Red by SFR in the last three months. Second, the sponsorship code is only valid for three months from the moment you send it to a godson. And finally, you should know that the offer is only valid once per godson.

One of your loved ones is interested in going to Red by SFR ? We explain to you in more detail, in our dedicated tutorial, how to sponsor someone at Red by SFR !

Red by SFR package: the best offers without commitment

With its conquest strategy and a very aggressive price policy, Red has managed to make its offer one of the most understandable and competitive market on the market. Its non -binding package, in our view, offers the best compromise between price and performance. The multiple promotions that punctuate the RED campaigns are really great opportunities to change their packages.

  • 4G packages without commitment and without price which doubles after a year
  • The possibility of adding to many options at will
  • Offers without duration of duration
  • Excellent network coverage in France
  • Always € 10 SIM card costs
  • The cost of exceeding data: € 2 for 1 GB (four maximum recharging per month)
  • 4G packages without commitment and without price which doubles after a year
  • The possibility of adding to many options at will
  • Offers without duration of duration
  • Excellent network coverage in France
  • Always € 10 SIM card costs
  • The cost of exceeding data: € 2 for 1 GB (four maximum recharging per month)

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Rocked too close to video game consoles and highly subject to the waves of high tech gadgets, I developed a passion for these areas that would make violent / distracted / depressive / check the adjective adequate or add a new. I like cats, Harry Potter and I think the Lord of the Rings, it’s better than Star Wars. I assume, and I’m not even afraid to say it !

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Comments (23)

Good morning.
Watch out for the confusion of the RED mobile packages for life, which have just taken up to 60 % without any other choice than: either accept or leave ! (on 01/01/2021)
They are apparently customary because. Consult the petitions on the web to react
Therefore to be not recommended

SFR are dishonest professionals they charge you supplements without telling you change of subscription add an option, illegal things. They practice it regularly see the forums to be run away.

Indeed the scams are common and well mastered. They went master to charge you more without telling you about it!

I was at SFR and I totally agree with the comments on the fact that SFR only thinks of swinding these customers
Increased packages without notifying the customer, customer service to absent subscribers and network not so at the top that it rather in the last years for several years and that does not improve I suffered with several resumed (call and sms which do not end !!))

It’s been more or less a year since I am at home, both mobile and the Internet (fiber for qq weeks), and I have had nothing to complain about, no concern for coverage, customer service reachable by cat, we can even ask to be recalled on your phone, which is almost immediate.

I’ve been with them for 4 years … The coverage is good, works rather well in France and Europe.
I just switched from 60GB/13 € on the € 5/5GB … it’s perfect for me.

I have been at Red since the end of 2019, when they released Black Friday plans.
I have 100 GB per month of data at 12 € per month.
Because I have family in Europe, and also so as not to take me out of the package via SMS/MMS to friends who would be outside France in Europe briefly too, I added the option to 1 € for Unlimited SMS/MMS in Europe.
Plus the free red list, I have a nice package at € 13 per month.
And it’s cheaper than the current packages, the very good deal for me so !!

Johan, the assertion of the article “The operator retains however what made its success, namely a price that does not increase, even if you benefit from a limited promotion. ” is false.
Like others we already undergo, + 60% the mobile package ‹For life› not rejected on 01/01/2021 in exchange for 30GB of data which I had nothing to do with my previous 30GB and + 30% per year on the broadband package in recent years (while the provided modem does not allow the flow announced), only the last increase was refused.

My sentence may have been poorly turned, I should have clarified that the price does not increase after the first year. Which does not prevent the operator from practicing increases when he wishes after this period. I myself paid the price at the start of the year. It is unfortunately legal and all operators have the right to operate such practices.

How can you note Red by SFR 9 and Sosh 8.
There is no objectivity on these quantifications I would like to know your rating criteria because it is enough to take a look at the forums to judge the quality of service.
For my personal experience in my entourage Several fucked SFR because of various concerns to join Free and Bouygues.
So explain your notation criteria.
These are sponsored links not indicated?

These are sponsored links not indicated?
You have to read to the bottom of the article.

It is unfortunately legal and all operators have the right to operate such practices.
Whether legal or not does not change the fact that we can find certain painful practices.
I have been at “Red by SFR” for about a year (12 €/100gig). And already an attempted increase which is applied automatically if I do not do an action on their site to refuse it.
However, I understood that the price was not supposed to increase after a year.
Even if this may be perfectly legal, I find it questionable on the commercial level. As a customer it tires me, and it makes me waste time.
I quote the text of the email I received a few days ago, everyone will judge what they think:
SFR continues its investments and accelerates the deployment of its network to offer you the best customer experience, in all your new uses and needs.
To allow you to take full advantage of it, you will benefit from a new mobile offer comprising more gigas: a total of 130GB /month in your package, for only 3 € more /month (1) .
And that’s not all: this new mobile offer is compatible with the 5G (2) of SFR, already available in nearly 300 municipalities in France. If you are in an area covered by SFR 5G, you just have to have a compatible smartphone to live the 5G experience !
To take advantage of it, you have nothing to do, we take care of everything. You will benefit automatically and without commitment in a month, on the date of your next invoice.
Of course, you keep all the possible options currently held.
You prefer to stay on your current offer ? Pas de souci, dites-le nous avant votre facture d’août 2021 (3) en vous connectant sur xxxxxxxxxxxx
See you soon,
The Red by SFR team

Good morning
No problem for several years, I had 20GB for 4 then 50GB for € 5 with unlimited YouTube in Europe, so on the bus, it was good but after having noticed several times that there was never better Packages (for my means, very low (0) and my intensive use), I was entitled to the increase of € 3 like everyone else. Those who paid more expensive, could cancel the increase but not the others.
I went to NRJ. I was wrong, I had canceled the code. The promotion was finished but I still had the promotion. For everything, such insurance etc if you are told that it is not possible to lower a price, it is false. It is the same principle as to increase it and there will be no problems (you will lose guarantees etc, this is normal)
What bother me with NRJ and others cheap is that often is the SFR network but now NRJ is Bouygue.
5th/6m after 13 so I will have to spare.

Be careful with Red by SFR, this operator attracts new customers and then unilaterally decides to increase the packages. Customers suffer or leave. These are the only possible choices.

Good morning,
SFR and its subsidiaries are crooks. I had subscribed to a package for my daughter at € 12 per month all the time. However, it turns out that at the end of more than one, without asking me for my authorization (no mail communication or information mail) SFR to modify my passage for 3 € more per month.
Despite my written requests on the application, the SFR service does not respond. In addition I am not the only one in this case … I admit that I have never encountered this problem with other operators, fortunately.
Disillusioned by the practice of these hazardous trade policies, I was forced to change operators. I strongly advise against SFR and all its subsidiaries for the management of its customers and the lack of consideration
To flee because even if we can change the package elements there are always termination costs ..

Indeed, if you opt for a RED by SFR package, you must check the amount of your monthly direct debits they can double the amount of your direct debit when they consider that their offer is not profitable for them while you think you have subscribed An offer with a “life” rate … Be very vigilant about Red by SFR

A hell…
A technician has passed 3 days ago and my line has not been working since “the report is not available in their systems”. However, it was sent to me by email and is therefore available. So it’s a bug on their side. The customer service watch “wait”, hoping that their computer bug resolved as if by magic. They wait to activate my line a report that will not happen to them.
So I am without solution, without the internet, and … I pay in a vacuum. No idea when it will be resolved. I pass you the fact that an advisor told me that my file was going to be tagged as a priority. I then had another person from this service to such who tells me that there is no status on the files. A shame and a scam.

Red by SFR SUR-FATORY Its customers by imposing unreaded options, by modifying the packages without agreement and without respecting the article L224-33. This is not a singular problem, it is repeated. The chatbot is unmanageable and the only way to potentially get the case: Twitter and waste your time. I’m waiting for next month to check refund and respect for my initial choices. I am looking for a new operator in parallel. I don’t recommend.

Hello, so your article is so false and false that I created a clubic account to be able to post a message, because we cannot let this get across.
I was a RED customer for several years, I do not understand how their practices can be legal is really incredible, you subscribe to an offer at € 10 and they always find a way to pay more, their rules in terms of International calls is just a joke, they tell you “international calls included in the package no problem” and then you call from France in Greece and you have 10 € out of package and explains you “Ah yes but you know C ‘is normal, it is in the other direction that it is understood in your package ”.
And then after a year you are not careful and you realize when you control that you are charged 13 € per month and you contact them and there we tell you “Ah yes but it’s normal, we have you Sent an email to warn you, we added an option to you, it’s normal you know “and you tell them” No, but I never asked to add options what is this mess ? “And they answer you” Ah but it’s normal, we put the option for you and it’s up to you, it’s normal you know “.
And then you resound the option and you control your next invoice and there it is always 13 € that are taken from you so you are calm you contact them and there they answer you “Ah but that’s normal I explain: you have Subscribed to an offer at 10 €, then we added an option at 3 €, so it’s € 13, then you terminated it, but your offer at 10 € it no longer exists, it was a promotional offer , now the equivalent offer that exists it is no longer at € 10 it is € 13, you see it’s normal “.
They play on holes, loopholes as they say, French law is really impressive.
In short, flee.

It’s m.rde
At my request for termination, offers 1 month of subscription offered while to find a tenant who would possibly be interested in taking up the line and thus avoiding termination fees. The telecheorde tells me that an email will be sent to confirm the month offered. I do not receive anything. The tenant is not interested. I ask for a termination, I am told that the month is not offered because the offer was subject to a condition: the tenant had to resume the line. In the end, they managed to make me pay for 1 month for nothing. As a bonus, termination is 10 days after the request + 50 euros in termination fees. All this is done orally without any writing to defend themselves, the words fly away the writings remain, on the other hand them record conversations. Like the Nazis, employees do not feel responsible for anything, they are simply under orders.

Forced sale – No customer service – blocking negative opinions ..
After several on a lifetime package, I had the unpleasant surprise to see my package increase suddenly. So -called for my property they have changed my package into a so -called better but of course more expensive … I rolled up, so I went back to the old package that still exists but in passing Red SFR is kept for 3 € per month sold Without my realization, i.e. € 6 in total in my pocket ..
Red SFR customer service is nonexistent: impossible to reach them by phone, email answers are standardized and you do not provide you !
The prices however guaranteed blocked are not: without warning you (although they defend themselves) they pass you to the upper package by telling you that it is much better (while the previous one still exists), obviously it is more expensive ! You can always return to the old package when you realize it but in all ways you lose at least 3 € while they have the regular, or even more (3 € per month) if you do not react quickly …
Finally, they block the negative comments against them as soon as they realize it and/or you leave several … when we see that they are not even recommended by half of the customers we may wonder that It would be if all the opinions were really authorized ..

It’s been 2 months since Red-By-Sfr must send me an installer for fiber, but “there are no slots” !! I have been poiped for 2 months without connections, is still today, they tell me that “there are no slots” available to make an appointment with the installer, and promise to remember next week, but without success !!

Do not agree with the quality of the SFR network. Call cuts, catastrophic flows are the daily lot in the 4th City of France. To the point that I had to subscribe to another package at Orange
But an old SFR package very interesting abroad that must be negotiated each year.