Red eligibility test: what is my eligibility?, Red fiber eligibility: how to test its red by sfr eligibility?

Red fiber eligibility: how to test its red by sfr eligibility

You want to take out a Red by SFR Internet offer ?

What Red by SFR offers are you eligible ?

Red eligibility test: definition and operation

As its name suggests, a eligibility test Allows you to identify your eligibility for an internet offer. Eligibility means that your telephone line can receive the internet technology offered. Housing is eligible or not according to its physical characteristics, the distance which separates it from the telephone central but also from the Equipment installed inside. It is indeed possible that your accommodation is eligible for FTTH fiber but that the connection node closest to you is not equipped to. Your home may also be in an area not covered by one or more Internet access providers. We then speak of white zone or Low flow zone. The only solution to benefit from the internet in wifi in this case is to take out a 4G offer that uses the mobile network of an operator. You must have a 4G cover very good quality. Make a Red eligibility test therefore evaluates your telephone line in order to obtain your Maximum theoretical flows as well as your real flows and to discover what are the compatible offers with your accommodation. Eligibility corresponds in other words to the ability of your line to support internet technology, that is to say the ADSL, VDSL2 or FTTLA/FTTH fiber. Depending on these results, you will know if you can subscribe to the offer Red Box Fiber Very high speed or the Red Box Adsl. To discover all current internet packages, Available in high speed or with fiber depending on your eligibility, you can consult our online internet offer comparator. Very easy to use, this internet comparator allows you to target your needs and sort the existing subscriptions depending on.

Why is the RED eligibility test useful ?

Making an adsl or fiber eligibility test is useful, or even essential since it allows you to know what the Internet technology supported by your accommodation is. It is notably used before subscribing a Red Fiber offer Since it is he who determines if you can turn to a fiber subscription or if you have to subscribe to a broadband offer. Indeed, a Fiber eligibility test Red evaluates the telephone line of your home, allowing you to know whether or not you can subscribe to an offer with fiber and thus benefit from a much faster and qualitative flow rate.

Good to know

If the ADSL allows an average flow between 1 and 20mbits/s, the Red fiber allows a connection Up to 4 times faster, since it allows a flow of up to 200mbits/s. A Red Debit test will allow you to know your exact internet flows and try to optimize your internet connection as well as possible.

The different ways of testing its Red eligibility

The RED eligibility test by phone

  1. Visit the Red by SFR website.
  2. On your home page, you will find a box in several places “Test your eligibility“”.
  3. Click on it to be redirected on the page Red SFR Eligibility Test.
  4. The option “My fixed line“is selected by default, simply enter your fixed phone number in the box provided for this purpose.
  5. Click on “To validate“To get your results.

The RED eligibility test by Internet

  1. Click on one of the boxes “Test your eligibility“, on the operator’s website home page.
  2. Select the option “My address“”.
  3. Enter your postal code then click on “To validate“”.

What a choice after my RED eligibility test ?

Red fiber offers

  • For 2 €/month, You can access 35 television channels, available on the Red Fourni decoder.
  • For 4 €/month, You benefit from 100 television channels, also on the Red Fourned Decoder.
  • A 2h Algeria package at € 7.50/month to attach fixed and mobiles in Algeria.
  • THE SFR Safety Pass + Password Multi at € 5/month including the first month at € 1/month. It allows you to protect 5 equipment with SFR Security and up to 10 equipment with SFR PASWORD.
  • SFR Cloud at 3 €/month to benefit up to 100GB additional storage. You can save all your personal documents and access it from any of your devices.
  • SFR Family at € 5/month including the first month at € 1/month. This parental control allows you to protect your children and control their use of the Internet.

Adsl Red offers

  • Internet in high speed (your internet flow depends on the distance between your accommodation and the connection knot which is generally in your street),
  • Unlimited calls to the fixes of Metropolitan France, DOM and more than 100 destinations, including Europe, from your box,
  • of a television offer, Optional available at 2 or 4 €/month depending on the chosen package.

Good to know

With the Red Box High Speed ​​offer as with the Red Box Fiber offer, you also benefit from the“Red List” option for free, To keep your contact details.

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Red fiber eligibility: how to test its red by sfr eligibility ?

RED is an internet operator that offers box offers for a very accessible and non -binding price. However, before you can take advantage of it, it is compulsory to test your eligibility for these box offers. Discover our guide to test your Red Fiber and ADSL eligibility !

  • The essential :
  • It is necessary to test your Red fiber or red adsl eligibility Before having the opportunity to take out a Red Internet offer.
  • Red uses Fiber and ADSL Internet networks of SFR, His parent company.
  • You can Test your Red eligibility By phone, online, by contacting an advisor or thanks to our tools.
  • Red offers a unique offer for each technology, but customizable with several options.

What Internet technologies are used by Red ?

Red offers two types of Internet boxes: the Red Box Fiber and the Red Box Fiber Adsl. Each uses different internet technology, with a Distinct eligibility.

Red Box

If the optical fiber allows you to benefit from a higher flow that with ADSL, offers are often more expensive and fewer homes can subscribe to it.

Red offers both offers FTTH fiber (Fiber to the home) and offers FTTLA fiber (Fiber to the Last amplifier), also called Very high speed red box.

Unlike FTTH fiber offers, FTTLA offers do not bring fiber to the subscriber’s home but to the nearest optical node: the home is then connected using a coaxial cable. The very high speed red boxes offer a lower flow that the fiber red boxes, but always much higher than ADSL flows.

You will be directed to a fiber red box or a very high speed red box according to your Red fiber eligibility.

Fiber tends to become the most widespread Internet technology in France: with the very high speed France plan, almost the whole territory of Metropolitan France can benefit from fiber by 2025.

Eligibility lets you know if your home is able to be connected to the chosen technology. Testing your Red SFR eligibility is therefore a compulsory step before you can subscribe to the Red by SFR offer of your choice, whether in ADSL or fiber.

If your home is eligible for both fiber and ADSL, The operator will favor fiber, This internet network being the most modern.

Red uses SFR’s Internet infrastructure, belonging to the latter: being eligible to Red therefore means to be eligible for SFR offers. You can therefore also be interested in the internet packages of this operator, which are however subject to a 12 -month commitment, Unlike Red.

Testing its Red by SFR fiber eligibility

Optical fiber is an internet technology that uses an extremely fine thread to circulate data at full speed, via light.

The Red Box Fiber can allow you to benefit from a maximum downward flow between 500MBIT/S And 500MBIT/S.

Fiber is still being deployed on French territory: more than 75% of French households can currently benefit.

You want to test your Red SFR fiber eligibility ?

There are many ways to Testing its Red SFR fiber eligibility. You can in particular:

  • You can go to the operator’s website To perform the Red Fiber eligibility test online.
  • If Red does not have a physical store, you can still get in touch with a brand advisor via social networks (especially Twitter and Facebook). The latter will help you pass a red fiber test.

In any case, to test your fiber eligibility, you just have to indicate the exact address from your home.

The arcep (regulatory authority for electronic communications, posts and distribution of the press) also made available to Internet users a interactive card, which allows you to check the fiber operators available at your address:

To find out with this card if the SFR fiber (used by RED) is available at home, here is the method to follow:

  1. Click on the 4 horizontal bars, at the top right of the card.
  2. Select “Flows to address“”.
  3. Enter the name of your town in the field that appears.
  4. Enter your exact address in the field below.
  5. The list of operators and flows offered at your address appears: check if SFR is indicated.

In the event that the Red by SFR fiber eligibility test is negative, you have two options:

  • You can Test your fiber eligibility in other operators, to determine the best internet supplier by fiber at your address.
  • You can Turn to ADSL Red offers, If you wish to benefit from the advantages offered by this operator, even if it means benefiting from a lesser speed.

ADSL eligibility at Red

Currently, More than 95% of French households are already eligible for ADSL at SFR. It is therefore very likely that you are too and can subscribe to a Red Box Adsl package at your home.

In ADSL, the maximum Red flow which you can claim is to 20mb/s. The real flow will nevertheless often be lower, depending on the distance between your home and the nearest connection knot.

Test your Adsl Red eligibility with an advisor

You can test your Red SFR ADSL eligibility In the same way as for optical fiber: you can thus Wear on the website of the operator, contact a RED advisor on social networks, or directly attach an advisor to 01 86 65 26 84 that will help you in your efforts.

In addition to your address, you will also need to indicate the name or telephone number of the former tenant to be able to Test your adsl Red eligibility.

If you are not eligible for fiber or ADSL, there are still technologies to access the Internet, such as 4G, satellite, or Wimax. However, these solutions are not available at RED: other operators, such as Nordnet, have specialized in these less widespread internet technologies.

Red by SFR Internet offers

It exists Two Red Box packages, a fiber offer and an ADSL offer, which you can subscribe according to your Red by SFR eligibility. These two subscriptions are offered without obligation:

The first month’s subscription to Red is free, This allows you to test the offer and the flows offered at your home.

Many options are offered by Red to complete your Internet offer:

  • For television, you can enjoy 100 channels Instead of 35 initially including € 3/additional month. A TV decoder is available for purchase for € 29, in order to access TV on your TV screen.
  • For telephony, calls to mobiles in France and DOM You will come back to € 5/additional month. This option is currently offered by the operator for any new subscription.
  • At the level of the flow, you can take advantage with the fiber, but also in ADSL, of the Wifi 6 For 7 €/month. This new WiFi standard is better optimized to offer the best possible internet connection throughout your home. In very high speed, your maximum drop -down flow will increase until 2GB/s.

Frequent questions about RED fiber eligibility

How to test your Red Fiber Eligibility ?

It is possible to test your eligibility by phone, on the operator’s website, or via social networks.

What if you are not eligible for Red Fiber ?

It is possible to test your fiber eligibility in other operators, or to choose a RED ADSL offer.

What is the SFR network coverage ?

Currently, more than 95% of French households are eligible for ADSL at SFR.

You want to take out a Red by SFR Internet offer ?

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