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And if you drive in electric car

electric \e.lɛk.tʁik \ feminine


(1678) Latin electricus , himself derived from electrum (“Amber”) with the suffix -icus , Created by the English doctor William Gilbert in 1600.

Common name modify

Singular Plural
electric electric
\e.lɛk.tʁik \

electric \e.lɛk.tʁik \ feminine

  1. (Automobile)(By ellipse)Electric car.
    • And this sound, we hear it both inside and outside, the updates are perfectly granted. Childish ? Yes, but it’s good ! Even in a electric. – (Christian, “Auto test: Abarth 500 E, a real electric battery ! », July 5, 2023, on the site of The New Republic of the Pyrenees (www.nrpyrenees.Fr))
    • Ride electric.

Adjective Modify

Singular Plural
and feminine
electric electric
\e.lɛk.tʁik \

electric \e.lɛk.tʁik \ Men’s and feminine identical

  1. Which relates to electricity; that uses electrical energy.
    • To solve all atmospheric emission problems, the ideal glass oven would be the oven electric cold -sized. – (James Barton and Claude Guillemet, Glass, science and technology, Page 217, EDP Sciences, 2005)
    • Then he took a thread electric Finished with crocodile pliers, fixed the pliers at the rim of the container and branched the wire in a power outlet. – (Max Hainer, Old navy!, Publibook editions, 2016, page 135)
    • A stork nest was moved by a few meters. Installed on a post electric For four or five years, the nest had become dangerous for its occupants. – (” The stork nest moved at Prix-lès-Mézières », On 02/02/2019, on the Ardennes website (https:/Subscribe.Lardennais.Fr/))
    • Magnetic flow densities reaching 0.05 Mt are common in workplaces close to airlines, in stations and power plants electric operating at 16, 67, 50 or 60 Hz (Krause, 1986). – (Occupational safety and health encyclopedia, Volume 2, directed by Jeanne Mager Stellman, 3rd edition, Geneva: International Labor Office, 2000)
  2. ( By analogy ) Qualifies an extremelythnergic person.
    • Singapore continues to seek its path in the middle of a multitude of inheritances, “explains theelectric And Jovial Tan Boon Hu, artistic director of the Singapore festival in France […] – (Jean Claude Raspiegeas, In Singapore, art and culture in forced march, Journal La Croix, March 26, 2015, page 24)
  3. ( Figuratively ) Very sudden qualifies.
    • This admirable speech, where Louvet renews the quousque tandem of Cicero, produces an effect electric on the assembly. He descends from the tribune to the noise of the applaudes of his colleagues. – (Auguste AMIC and Étienne MOUTTET, Fruits of the mountain and the Gironde, chapter 2 : Robespierre accusation, In Political speakers: French tribune, choice of speeches and the most remarkable relationships pronounced in our parliamentary assemblies, Volume 2, Paris: Chez Mairet & Fournier, 1841, page 34)
    • The coalition, he fought it and pushed it back by mass levees; []; The weak and the pusillanimous, he threw them one of these harangues electric who thundered from one end to the other of France, like the trumpets of the judgment of which the sacred writer speaks, […]. – (Albert Maurin, Historical gallery of the French Revolution (1787-1799), Volume 2, Paris: at P. AMIC L’Aîné, 1843, page 220)
  4. Qualifies the color of certain electricity events. #2C75ff
    • There was a cabin at the corner of Shaftesbury Avenue. A white-may wearing a blue suit electric was screaming in the apparatus. – (Robert Ludlum, The Blue Circle of Matarèse, Translated from English by Michel Courtois-Fourcy, Le Livre de Poche, 2013)
    • He hugged a green pool fried electric As if to shift it while Jimmy, kneeling on the ground, pressed the other end against his face. – (Robyn Schneider, Broken hearts, cut heads, Translated from English by Nathalie Peronny, Gallimard Jeunesse, 2015, Chapter 1)

Derivatives Modify

  • electric eel
  • electric arc
  • electric billiards
  • electric blue
  • electrical capacity
  • electric chair
  • electrical charge
  • electrical circuit
  • electric zit
  • electrical crisis
  • electrical fence
  • electrical conductance
  • Electric power
  • alternating electric current
  • continuous electric current
  • electrically
  • electric wire
  • electric oven
  • electric gas
  • Electric consumption managementOrGce(Automobile)
  • Optimized management of electricity consumptionOrGce(Automobile)
  • electrical inflator
  • electrical authorization
  • electric locomotive
  • electric malapter
  • electric motor
  • electric fishing
  • electric battery
  • electric post
  • electric
  • Nile electric fish
  • electrical outlet
  • Apparent electrical power
  • electric line
  • Marbled electric line
  • electrical resistance
  • electrical catfish
  • Electric Subsidiary
  • electric tension
  • Tribo-electric, triboelectric
  • Hydrogen electric vehicle
  • electric car

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