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Where to find free WC in New York

public publishes the first map of the distribution of public toilets in France. Discover.


It is necessary to accept geolocation, and to geolocate yourself, in order to access the toilets closest to your position. If you don’t want to, you can use the card to find sanitary facilities where you wish.

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public publishes the first map of the distribution of public toilets in France. Discover.

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Where to find free WC in New York ?

WC New York toilet

Finding public toilets in New York is not necessarily the easiest. Now when a pressing need is felt, it is better to have some addresses in mind ! You will obviously find public toilets in all museums, bars and restaurants in New York. But if you are walking in the streets of New York and the break is urgent, here are other solutions to find free toilets in New York:

1/ Starbucks cafes

  • The American channel is a good solution in an emergency. The toilets are generally free, even if some Midtown coffees have condemned their toilets because of the crowd. In the other cafes of the channel, no problem: the toilets remain accessible and free.
  • At Starbucks, no need to order anything to use the toilets, contrary to what is done in other channels where you must most often ask for the key by presenting your receipt.

2/ The Department Stores

Department Stores are New York department stores. And, inevitably, they all have free public toilets for their visitors, whether or not you buy something.
Go to the full list of department stores in New York, including these 3 practical and essential addresses:

  • Macy’s, on Herald Square, a stone’s throw from the State Building Empire. The address: 151 West 34th Street, between 7th and 6th avenue.
  • Bloomingdale’s, with a store in Midtown and another in Soho. Addresses: 59th Street/Lexington Avenue and 504 Broadway in Soho.

3/ Public libraries

Libraries are among the best plans to find free toilets in New York: it’s always well maintained and it’s peaceful because few people. I recommend the New York Public Library in particular, at the corner of the 5th avenue and the 42nd Street, in the heart of Midtown.
Know that there are 88 public libraries in New York and therefore as many toilets. Some addresses:

  • Financial District: Battery Park City Library, in Battery Park. 175 North End Avenue, a stone’s throw from the One World Trade Center tower.
  • Midtow: Large Central Library. 135 East 46th Street, between Lexington avenue and 3rd avenue.
  • Roosevelt Island: Roosevelt Island Library. 524 Main Street, on Roosevelt Island. A stone’s throw from the Roosevelt Island cable car.
  • Greenwich Village: Jefferson Market Library. I recommend the detour too for the architecture of the place ! 425 avenue of the Americas (6th avenue), between 9th and 10th streets.
  • East Village: Tompkins Square Library. 331 East 10th Street, between avenue A and avenue B, opposite the Tompkins Square Park.

4/ Lobbies of luxury hotels

  • Luxury hotels very often have bars, restaurants and conference rooms. It is therefore very easy to find WC accessible for free. To use them, I advise you, however, not to land in a group in the hotel: be sure of yourself and behave like a customer.
  • I advise you to opt for large international channels like Marriott, Hilton, Intercontinental … The larger the hotel, the more unnoticed you will go ! However, avoid the shop hotels where a receptionist will welcome you from the Port of the Porte crossed.

5/ Churches

As surprising as it may seem, several New York churches have free public toilets. This is particularly the case for these 3 very touristy churches:

  • The very pretty Trinity Church, on Broadway, facing Wall Street, in the Financial District.
  • st. Paul’s Chapel, the chapel used by help during the September 11, 2001 attack. In addition to the fact that this chapel really deserves the visit, you will also find free toilets. The address: 209 Broadway, between Vesey Street and Fulton Street.
  • Riverside Church, a large church by the Hudson River, in the Upper West Side. The address: 490 Riverside Drive, between 120th and 122nd Street.

6/ Toilets in Central Park

There remains one last place in New York where you may be quickly bothered if you do not know where to find the toilets: Central Park ! Rest assured: the largest New York park has 20 public toilets. They are indicated on the park maps but here are already 5 locations to know:

  • Tennis House: In the middle of the park, at the level of the 94th Street. Open all year.
  • Model Boathouse (Kerbs) Cafe: at the angle of Conservatory Water and the 74th Street. Open all year.
  • Sheep Meadow Cafe: In the middle of the park, at the level of the 69th Street. Winter in winter.
  • Bethesda Terrace: in the middle of the park, at the level of the 72nd Street. Winter in winter.
  • Robert Bendheim Playground: at the corner of the 100th Street and the 5th avenue. Winter in winter.