Promo electric scooter at Carrefour, from Hamburg to Berlin, my Odyssey in electric scooter

From Hamburg to Berlin, my Odyssey in electric scooters


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Electric scooter

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From Hamburg to Berlin, my Odyssey in electric scooters

A German journalist launched a challenge: to join Berlin from Hamburg to electric scooter. Three hundred six kilometers, four days of journey, five Länder to cross. He tells this pioneer trip.

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The driver stops at the limit of the city of Hamburg, near a bush of mulberry trees. We take out the white van scooter. She overturned during the trip. It doesn’t matter, said the driver. They see much worse.

What could happen to me in the coming days ? I passed the scenarios in my head: rupture of the axle, fracture, permanent rain, road accident. My mother sends me a last message: be careful, let me know every night. I have five layers of clothes at the top, a long pants and two socks at each foot.


The scooter is there, standing. Ten kilos of luggage hang from the handlebars. Fixed with tensioners and ribbons for gifts. We examine EFY 045 (this is what is written on the license plate) one last time. “MY OLD, if you put it on Tiktok, it will become viral”, declares the driver. Then he goes up in the van and leaves us, Efy 045 and me. We have a long way in front of us: 306 kilometers, four days, five Länder to cross. An adventure. A pioneer trip. Hamburg’s first trip to Berlin in electric scooter.

I had the idea by reading this info recently: a 24 -year -old was seen on the motorway in scooter. He rolled quietly at 20 km/h from Bielefeld-Sud in Bielefeld-Ouest before being arrested by the police. He said he simply wanted to test the scope of his machine.

Of course, it’s completely crazy. But also a little visionary. Wouldn’t it be time for the electric scooter to become a long distance vehicle ? In the cities, they clutter the tracks, we stumble on it or we are overturned in the evening by drunk adolescents. On long distances, they could show their advantages: less emissions than the car or the bus, more punctual than the train, more “swag” than the electric bike.

I contacted two rental of electric scooters whose devices work with a rechargeable battery. The American manufacturer with the lime has accepted.

Such a journey has never been tempted with a rental machine-I learned it in the meantime. The average route of a scooter user is two kilometers. I plan to do 80 kilometers per day. That is to say two battery recharging. So I have two heavy reserve batteries in the bicycle bag which is hung on the handlebars. I still tighten the tensioners hoping that they will hold. Backpack on the shoulders, thumb on the accelerator, my trip begins.

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Kilometer 1: OK.

Kilometer 3: First feeling of euphoria. The morning dew sparkling in the sun, houses parade, the city disappears. The scooter purrs, I sing.

Kilometer 5: Review of passers -by. Street sweepers stop sweeping, landscape gardeners stop gardening, retirees make room. Looks: amused, skeptical.

Kilometer 13: Carrefour in Geesthacht. An electric bike woman stops next to me. “So we also drive electric ?» I told her in a flute voice. She laughs and spins.

Kilometer 17: A woman with a sound bun pushes her bike next to the road to Lauenburg. She examines my scooter. “You have to stand up all the time – it’s null, I wouldn’t.» Then she adds: “You will have a revelation on the way”, And “Do you believe in Jesus ?» Unfortunately, I have to go.

Kilometer 22: The acorns crack, the leaves rustle, the puddles splash. First stop at Stand. Battery change by hand: thirty seconds.

Kilometer 40: I take a break in Boizenburg, on the left bank [of the Elbe, which crosses the town]. Old town with cobblestones hostile to the scooter. On the market square, I go to a coffee and branch my batteries in the sector. Perplexity among customers. A man asks if they are mouse traps.

To kill time, I have a social experience: I park the scooter in the middle of the market place. Will people try to connect ? To mow it ? Respect, admiration or fear, the Boizenbourgers keep their distances. An old man reviews the machine as if it were a monolith. No one looks on his laptop if he is available.

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Kilometer 50: dike, dike, dike, as far as looks. What is fun: slowly exceed cyclists who fight against the wind. Overcoming can take five minutes. Singling look to the right: Sorry, I really can’t go faster !

Kilometer 60: The river sparkles under the setting sun. Another twenty kilometers before Hitzacker, the objective of the day, another hour before the start of the last bac [to cross the Elbe]. I only catch it because I begged the passer by phone to wait for me. I jump on the deck like James Bond. Once I got on, the smuggler looks at my scooter. “Well then ! How far we’re going to go ?» Electric scooter, he doesn’t have that on his list of prices. I go as a cyclist, for 2.80 euros.

Kilometer 82: Very covered start of the day. Health check-up on the scooter: shoulders, ok; back, ok; inch, reacts to pressure. After all, he keeps pressing the accelerator, that is to say the button on the handlebars. Now is the time to use a tip: I wrap a hair elastic on the handle. My artisanal cruise control keeps the machine at maximum speed allowed 20 km/h. The autonomous electric scooter is in sight.

Kilometer 92: Sensation in Klein Gusborn. I meet a man with a black electric scooter. She’s his, he didn’t rented her. Overwhelmingly, Ralf has the middle of his forties, and he wears a T-shirt with the mention Germany [“Germany”, in English] and a neck chain with a silver penis. It designates my handlebars: “All that is dismantled, in five minutes you have more bikes”, he said. He was repairing scooters at a Berlin operator. His is up to 40 km/h “Thanks to a software update”. It’s allowed, that, Ralf ? “Not really.»

Kilometer 107: Break in Gorleben, recharging the battery at the Bundesgesellschaft für endlagerung information center [the federal company responsible for storing nuclear waste]. Who informs us about his “Provisional storage sites”. The second school class of Gartow high school, at school outing, looks at the cup view of a Castor container. A Geiger Couine counter in the background. I can recharge my batteries with ecological current, here ? “I do not believe”, declares the director.

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Kilometer 124: An advertisement panel “Border-zone zone by nature”. The landscape becomes more austere [the journalist is on the layout of the old east-west border, returned to large portions to vegetation]. I ride for half an hour alone on concrete plates. I pass an old watchtower, hostels sentenced to coating that crumbles. Shepherd dogs follow me by barking behind the fences.

Kilometer 146: A white electric golf course is at a recharging terminal in front of a natural stone point of sale. Inside, a man listens to music, stirring his head in cadence. I hit the window, the window descends. He explains to me that he recharges his battery in forty-five minutes, for a range of 230 kilometers. I tell him how much I do with my scooter battery. He offers to take me with him.

Kilometer 161: A last end of the way on the dike, then turn towards Werben. “Say, what is that, that ?» launches the employee of the Biedermeier pension. She opens me and leaves. I am the only customer of this old half -timbered house on the floor who cracks. It’s horrible. I would like to have my knottinette lying next to me in the room.

Mountain range, provisional assessment. By crossing Pisselberg or Nienwalde, I feel like I was an envoy of the future. People interrupt their conversation and look at me. When they learn my big goal, they laugh, some sliced. “In Berlin ? But not with this thing ?» Some would like to have an electric scooter – because there is too little buses, because it’s cool. In the countryside, the scooter has the right to respect that it has long lost in town.

Kilometer 169: Second crossing of the Elbe, in Räbel. The passer has playmates naked in his cabin. My scooter, “Well, let’s say it’s a bike”. A bird takes off from the water. “It’s a big egret – it’s the love season right now.»

Kilometer 172: Havelberg ! Soon more than 100 kilometers to Berlin. Euphoric, I arrive on the market square and I go around the grilled sausage stand.

Kilometer 187: For the story, it would be good now that I end up with the batteries almost flat and that I have to ask for electricity from a family. It doesn’t happen. But in the morning, it rains as a cow that pisses. I get back into the Garz octagonal half -timbered church and recharge the batteries with the altar in sight. For more tension, go to kilometer 241.

Kilometer 199: Friday afternoon at the Zur Linde restaurant in Schollene. German cuisine, Bauernfrühstück [“Farm breakfast”: roasted potatoes, scrambled eggs and bacon] with pickles. We smoke. Men dressed in jackets covered with dust enter for a “Preheating” [An anticipated aperitif]. I divide my batteries into the room and ask the boss if it would be ready to make Linde a nice restaurant for electric scooters. She looks at the chargers who flash. “Why not ? After all, you just need normal sockets.»

Kilometer 233: The wonderful village of Kotzen [whose name means “Gerber”].

Kilometer 241: The moon is there, but my accommodation is still 10 kilometers away. Google Maps offers me to pass a mesh portal on which it wrote “no Trespassing”. The path is covered with grass and leads to a ruin. I prefer to make a detour. I cross a piece of forest, it is dark, the trees form a ghostly vault above the path. I arrive at a national road without cycle path. It is completely dark, the headlight of my scooter does not light up to a meter. First thrill. The road to my accommodation is closed by a site entrance. I pass anyway. I finally arrive at the Kinderbauerhof in Ribbeck [an educational farm] and I collapse in the last free bed of the city.

The disadvantage of children in accommodation is that they wake up very early. Max and will argue for a bucket in front of my room. At the breakfast table, we discuss whether to put the rain pants. I wonder what I’m going to put for my triumphant entry through the Brandenburg door.

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Kilometer 244: “Herr von Ribbeck Auf Ribbeck Im Havelland / Ein Scooter in Seinem Garten Stand” [“Monsieur de Ribbeck on Ribbeck in Havelland / There is an electric scooter in his garden”]. The pear of the poem by Theodor Fontane [a Prussian poet of the 19th century] disappeared from the garden. His successor still looks very puny.

Kilometer 268: Direction Bredow. On a bump track, with puff-of-gads filled with Gadoue. I crouched up like a skier. Now is not the time to break the axle.

Kilometer 270: “In Berlin ? Scooter ? How long will that take ? The station is there behind, you will have arrived at the same time thirty minutes.»

Kilometer 274: I slide, I float, I surf on the asphalt.

Kilometer 277: I meet Paul, 18, and Lars, 17 years old. They take a break under a tree with their bikes. We compare the details of our trip. They are also from Hamburg. They also want to go to Berlin, go under the door of Brandenburg, like me. They left four days ago, like me. This is proof that the electric scooter can make an equal game with the bicycle.

Kilometer 282: Falkensee, Parkstadt district. I pass walkers, Nordic walking practitioners. People recognize the scooter of the scooter now. “But there are only in Berlin, no ?»

Kilometer 289: I just passed the “Berlin” sign when I see them, just in front of me, on a grassy extent: electric scooters of the competition, thrown there, like that.

Kilometer 291: Spandau, it is urbanized. In a park, I go through a halfpipe. Young people in skateboarding shoes remain speechless. I can’t climb the ramp with my luggage.

Kilometer 293: I miss overthrowing a man, he jumped out, frightened. Did I become one of these thugs in scooter ? I remove my hair elastic, my artisanal cruise control.

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Kilometer 303: Employees of the company of my scooter send me messages with flags of the finish line, victorious fists – “You’ve made it !” [“You succeeded”].

Kilometer 306: Zoological Garden. Victory column. Banish in my ears.

Under the gateway to Brandenburg are actually held Lars and Paul of Hamburg. They prepare to leave when I arrive. We take souvenir photos, then I go on the eastern side of the door. I tumble in a marriage proposal: a man in jogging pants and cap asks for the hand of his girlfriend. Young people play football, tourists make selfies. A carriage passes, a group protests by meditating against the Chinese government, four Swiss take two scooters. I tell them my trip, “No way ! [“Not possible !”]”, they exclaim.

I undress my scooter, remove the bag with the batteries, defeat the Bolducs. EFY 045 is now naked. It testifies to the tests of our trip: the handlebars of the handlebars has scailed, the platform is full of earth, the wheels covered with mud. I stay a moment without moving. Then I leave it there. The track is open.