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Dott: We tested the electric scooters made in France

The simple creation of an account on your application will allow you to take advantage of our service and our vehicles. Click here to download.

Dott – Operator of self -service electric scooters

The simple creation of an account on your application will allow you to take advantage of our service and our vehicles. Click here to download.

2. Find a dott
Open the application and consult the card to find a dott nearby.

2. Equip yourself
We recommend that you wear a helmet to protect you as well as reflective equipment at night and by low visibility.

3. Unlock and start
Scan the QR code on top of the scooter and press “Unlock” to start your journey.
Place one foot on the tray and take momentum with the other to start rolling. Then put the two feet on the scooter.

4. Need a break ?
Press the brake with both hands to slow down. Avoid braking suddenly, especially when driving on smooth and slippery surfaces.

5. Finish
Finally route, you must find a parking area indicated by a “P” in the application. Once on this area, click on “end of the journey” and take a photo of your scooter.

Dott – Operator of self -service electric scooters
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Dott: We tested the electric scooters made in France

Dott // Source scooters: Léopold Mason

Dott is one of the latest self -service electric scooters to have landed in Paris, but she still manages to stand out. Here is our test.

After a few months of testing in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, the French startup Dott officially launched its scooter throughout the capital on April 9, 2019. The firm therefore landed very late on the free-floating vehicle market. Arrived in tenth position, it had to face a rough competition and in particular the giants that are Lime, Bird and Bolt. In this crowded market, Dott had to stand out to hope to survive. Here is our opinion.

Application and prices

If Dott seeks to stand out from its competitors, it is not with its prices or with its application, very basic. The price system is indeed the same as for all other scooters: 1 euro to unlock the vehicle and 15 cents per minute of use. We will still remember that a 50% reduction is offered for the first three races.

The Dott application. // Source: dott

The Dott application has neither an asset nor a real problem. The software operates without latency, the driver level level is indicated, and geolocation is relatively precise (but less than at the time of tests in the 13th). However, he misses several features to become really interesting. The app does not reserve your scooter or locate the fastest path to the selected vehicle, for example. Capacities that are found in several competitors and which offer real comfort of use to customers. Without being problematic, this lack of innovation does not play in favor of the French brand.

Design and maneuverability

The design of the Dott scooter is moving away from what is usually. While competition uses Xiaomi or Ninebot-Segway models, the startup has decided to create an original vehicle. We first retain its large wheels which reduce the vibrations felt when driving. If the tremors are still present, especially on the cobblestones, they do not make the journeys unpleasant. On the comfort side, there is also a large footrest and pleasant handles to hand (which is rare enough to be underlined).

The wheels of the Dott scooter are one of its best assets. // Source: Léopold Mason

The wheels of the Dott scooter are one of its best assets.

The significant weight of the dott may interfere with some, but this is an undeniable asset for driving. Its mass makes the scooter very stable and absolutely does not lead its handling, even when turns. Braking is also of a very good level. Effective without being too abrupt, the system also has a lever rather than a simple button. It may be a detail for some, but it makes the grip of the vehicle much more pleasant in the long term.

It is rather in terms of speed that the weight is problematic. In a straight line, the dott reaches 25 km/h, but the slightest slope can drop it well below its cruising speed. It is also not recommended to try to start in a (even light) coast as the dott is in difficulty in this kind of situation.

Comparison between a dott scooter and a Voi scooter. // Source: Léopold Mason

Comparison between a dott scooter and a scooter.

Number and availability

Compared to some competitors, Dott is a small startup and this is felt in the availability of its scooters. A few hundred vehicles have been deployed in the capital (against thousands of lime or Bird), but their distribution leaves something to be desired. While certain areas are filled with scooters, especially on the right bank of the capital, others have only one handle (like the 19th arrondissement). So it happens that we walk very long before seeing the shadow of a dott (but when we see certain streets invaded with electric scooters, is it really a problem?)).