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– Quick courteous and Professionel (Mr with almost bald skull. Mehdi.

How to contact a pound in Strasbourg 67000 ?

You need to contact a pound today in the city of Strasbourg 67000 in the department of 67.
You can be put in touch here with a pound or towing. You will also find a list of stuffing of different companies
Contact us to get the phone number or be put in touch with a pound.

For example, if your vehicle has disappeared and you want to know if it is in a pound close to Strasbourg or if an embarrassment vehicle and you want a tow by the city of Strasbourg.

Information and connection service: The Contact-Fourriere site.Com is a paying private service of information and intelligence separate from the pounds and public services unattached to the latter.

Call a pound, 24/24 for Strasbourg

*Availability: 7 days a week and 24 hours a day

* This list on Contact-Fourriere.com with the heights is not exhaustive. This list of pounds, towing or services linked little to include gaps or errors. The display on the site or the classification does not in any case reflect the best services of a pound, the best prices etc … This display is only for information thanks to the addition of users or to contact Fourrierere.com. thank you for your understanding.

Why contact a pound or towing in Strasbourg ?

  • Your car is no longer on the location where you parked it. It is possible that the Strasbourg pound made a towing of your vehicle.
  • An embarrassment vehicle and you want to request a tow by the city of Strasbourg.
  • Your vehicle is broken down or mobilized in Strasbourg, you can call a towing service.

List of a few pounds or service linked to this activity such as the pound at, 67,000.

There are 42 fur in Strasbourg:

Garage Alsace 67

  • Address : 29 Route de la Federation, 67100 Strasbourg
  • Neighborhood : Meinau
  • Phone : +33651894822
  • Website : https: // strasbourg.autozen.Fr/
  • Alsace 67 at home garage doctor: not specified
  • Alsace Garage doctor 67 open on Sunday: not specified

Doctor’s comments list Garage Alsace 67 ::

– If you are looking for good advice, distribution with appointment, calm, a job well done … well a little tour at the Garage Alsace 67 … it’s the second time I have passed and it’s ok.

Auto h

Category : Mechanic

  • Address : Rue Nungesser et Coli, 67100 Strasbourg
  • Neighborhood :
  • Phone : No added phone
  • Website : https: // www.auto-H.com/
  • Home car at home: not specified
  • Auto doctor H Open Sunday: not specified

No comment for this doctor.


Category : Towing service

  • Address : 36 rue de Geroldseck, 67200 Strasbourg
  • Neighborhood : Koenigshoffen
  • Phone : +33676381021
  • Website : https: // fr-fr.Facebook.com/Depanalsace/
  • MoDER TRAVALSACE at home: not specified
  • Décécalsace doctor open on Sunday: not specified

Doctor’s comments list Exhausted ::

– I called out to ToutalSace for a round trip from home to customs, then customs at home. Arrived at customs to pay the taxes due to my vehicle, big payment concerns due to my card ceiling. The tug accepted without flinching for a second to bring me back to a ticket distributor, then to bring me back to customs and was patient for the time of procedures which can sometimes prove rather long … in short, superb very nice experience and tug , I recommend !

– Very quick and effective I highly advise.

– Personally, it is the convenience store that would come to the end of the world to help you, it was my case with him … Sympathy, service, seriousness, and availability that give hope and comfort to people who are in breakdowns. In short, well done and thank you Maestro ..

– Very good, fast, time, effective.

– Converted this morning, I had imperatives in terms of schedules but I did not have to make the convenience store was completely punctual per minute and very very pleasant in the morning. I recommend.

– Hyper fast and efficient, punctuality at the top, cheap price at all for the day I recommend them really. !

– Very nice home.

– Unfortunately I had to call on a convenience store for my car broke down in Cronenbourg. The person on the phone was pleasant and immediately announced the price, correct, was respected. The very nice convenience store supported the vehicle correctly and helped me push it in my courtyard on arrival. I recommend.

– Immediate response, correct person.

– Thank you for any helpful and kind staff nothing to say go for it if you ever have a problem with your car.

Electron Motors Troubleshooting

Category : Towing service

  • Address : 17 rue Montesquieu, 67200 Strasbourg
  • Neighborhood : Hautepierre
  • Phone : +33641705070
  • Website : https: // electron-motors.business.site/
  • Doctor Electron Motors Troubleshooting at home: not specified
  • Doctor Electron Motors Breakdown Open Sunday: not specified

Doctor’s comments list Electron Motors Troubleshooting ::

– Fast service, always available, nice tret.

– I liked the service and their efficiency.

Strasbourg Green Mountain Strasbourg Technical Control

Category : Technical control center

  • Address : 271 Route de Schirmeck, 67200 Strasbourg
  • Neighborhood : Mountain-green
  • Phone : +33388778778
  • Website : http: // www.self -vision.FR/CENTER/670007-CTAI-MONTAGNE-VERTE-STRASBOURG
  • Doctor Autovision Technical Control Strasbourg Green Mountain at home: not specified
  • Doctor Autovision Technical Control Strasbourg Green Mountain Open Sunday: not specified

Doctor’s comments list Strasbourg Green Mountain Strasbourg Technical Control ::

– Very good super welcome technical control a real professional I highly recommend.

– Professional and fast. Thank you for the welcome and the advice. I recommend.

– You were both pros and effective thank you ��

– It’s a little more expensive than another center but it’s really worth it. Very pro and conciliatory.

– Welcome, nice and professional. The Autovision Center is accessible. The technical control that I passed, A was very fast and effective. The tariffs are affordable. I recommend !

– Very nice welcome and efficiency of control. Serious and correct in terms of price.

– Very friendly welcome and well done work.

– The controller is very friendly and professional.

– Very pro and welcoming.

Strasbourg technical control self -control

Category : Technical control center

  • Address : Parc des Forges, 4 rue Madeleine Reberioux, 67200 Strasbourg
  • Neighborhood : Koenigshoffen
  • Phone : +33388277228
  • Website : http: // www.moncontroletechnique.FR/Center/Autovisit
  • Doctor Selfisit Strasbourg Technical Control at home: not specified
  • Doctor Selfisit Technical Control Strasbourg Open Sunday: not specified

Doctor’s comments list Strasbourg technical control self -control ::

– The control went very well, the controller was courteous and very professional in his explanations, I recommend without hesitation !

– Practical (RD. V online, parking), fast and efficient.

– Book online it’s cheaper about ten euros.

– Very low prices, welcoming staff, fast and quality visit, really satisfied ! I recommend.

– Very pro and very simple ! It’s really nice to be welcome. Go for it !

– Meeting made by phone very fast. Telephone reception and on site, very friendly. I was ahead and I was treated to a coffee. Bachir super professional, explained everything to me the few lines of the report. Small advice, book by internet, there is a special rate. But if you don’t have the internet, it will surely be a real pleasure to apply it to you … I highly recommend.

– Efficient and very welcome. To recommend.

– Welcome very well. Technical competence up to the requirements of the specifications imposed by the administration. Optimized value for money. Few better placed competitors.

Kiper Technics Autos

Category : Car dealer

  • Address : 12 rue d’Altkirch, 67100 Strasbourg
  • Neighborhood : Neudorf
  • Phone : +33388434982
  • Website : No known website
  • Kiper Technics Autos Doctor at home: not specified
  • Kiper Technics Autos Doctor open on Sunday: not specified

No comment for this doctor.

CTA67 Autosecuriplus technical control Strasbourg Neudorf

Category : Technical control center

  • Address : 6 Rue d’Altkirch Za du Neudorf, 67100 Strasbourg
  • Neighborhood :
  • Phone : +33388791148
  • Website : https: // www.CTA67.FR/Control-Technique-Strasbourg-autosecuriplus.html
  • Doctor CTA67 Autosecuriplus Strasbourg Neudorf technical control at home: not specified
  • Doctor CTA67 Autosecuriplus technical control Strasbourg Neudorf open on Sunday: not specified

Doctor’s comments list CTA67 Autosecuriplus technical control Strasbourg Neudorf ::

– Excellent welcome. Very nice. Otherwise a CT is a CT.

– RV held. Correct price. Friendly and serious advice. Competent and available staff.

– Very welcome, very polite and professional. In the top.

– Good team of professionals in the field who give advice to customers in road safety.

– Very good competent and professional controller center to highly recommend.

– A very serious and frankly very nice technician I highly recommend it.

– Friendly and very professional welcome.

– Quick courteous and Professionel (Mr with almost bald skull. Mehdi.

Autovision PL Strasbourg

Category : Technical control center

  • Address : Rue de Calais Port Autonome, 67100 Strasbourg
  • Neighborhood :
  • Phone : +33388557125
  • Website : http: // pl.appointment.FR/79-Strasbourg
  • Doctor Autovision PL Strasbourg at home: not specified
  • Doctor Autovision PL Strasbourg open on Sunday: not specified

Doctor’s comments list Autovision PL Strasbourg ::

– Very good technical control center. Top team !

Automobile technical control security

Category : Technical control center

  • Address : 35 rue de la Ganzau, 67100 Strasbourg
  • Neighborhood : Stockfeld
  • Phone : +33390404850
  • Website : https: // control-technique-sttrasbourg.securitiset.Fr/
  • Doctor Securitates Technical Control Automobile at home: not specified
  • Doctor Securitét Technical Automobile Control Open Sunday: not specified

Doctor’s comments list Automobile technical control security ::

– I’ve been coming here for years. Super service.

– Fast appointment. Very professional and smiling staff. I highly recommend for all your technical controls.

– Very professional and rigorous. Perfectly respect the schedules of the appointments and is very good advice.

– Quick and efficient service to advise for your automotive technical control.

– Very good center.

– In the top. Pedagogue, human and rigorous. Since I control my vehicles there, the CT has become a pleasant meeting. Not to mention the coffee and the pleasant welcome, it is the advice on the maintenance of the vehicle and the exchange with the control that convinced me. See you next visit.

Topstar Auto

Category : Car workshop

  • Address : Parc des Forges, 34 rue Jacobi-Netter, 67200 Strasbourg
  • Neighborhood : Koenigshoffen
  • Phone : +33981429514
  • Website : https: // www.Topstar-Auto.Fr/
  • Home -to -home car topstar doctor: not specified
  • Doctor Topstar Auto Open Sunday: not specified

Doctor’s comments list Topstar Auto ::

– Great work from the team for a super pro transparency clutch they show the worn parts I have absolute confidence I would come back with pleasure finally if I can avoid it would be good but they are really great to pay in several times In addition they offer super nice coffee.

– Thank you to the honest people who leave comments that reflect the garage work. The 2, 3 bad isolated comments do not testify to the quality of their work. All positive comments, satisfied customers proves it.

– Very professional, the quality of the service is at the top, I recommend my eyes closed.

– Very nice coffee reception offered by employees for a very professional change of clutch very decent really nothing to say advantage of paying in several times despite having passed through the vrommly service normally I should have paid the entire boss in Watch that its employees show the pieces change for all transparency and I have absolute confidence and I will come back with pleasure.

– The garage where to go. Competent and honest people as well as a very good welcome. I will undoubtedly come back to it !

– I put my car there to revise. Super performance, the boss shows you the pieces that were changed. Absolute confidence.

Ad Carrosserie Winling Automobiles

Category : Automobile repair workshop

  • Address : 18 rue du chemin de rail, 67200 Strasbourg
  • Neighborhood : Koenigshoffen
  • Phone : +33388200120
  • Website : http: // www.ad-auto.FR/Garage/Ad-Carrosserie-Winling-Automobiles
  • Doctorate Ad Carrosserie Winling Automobiles at home: not specified
  • Doctorate Ad Carrosserie Winling Automobiles open on Sunday: not specified

Doctor’s comments list Ad Carrosserie Winling Automobiles ::

– Listening and very professional team. They deserve all our confidence, fast management, friendly and very serious team. For a breakdown on the highway at night, I was more than served and advised. I recommend 100% !

– Small discovery last week when my car did not wish to restart 45 minutes from my home … This garage deserves our confidence. Very fast support, open, pro and friendly team. Affordable rates, only positive.

– Very friendly and professional team. Quick support. I recommend this garage.

– Warm welcome, fast care, work carried out for replacing the distribution belt. Upon receipt of the vehicle, too bad that the workshop manager does not show the wear parts, cars will allow to see how the engine behaves as for the driver and does not present the p test either. H of the liquid, it will also allow the technician to see if he did the rinsing of the circuit. My vase is dirty again.

– Sympathetic team, impeccable welcome ! All employees are very professional, listening and always available. The care times are very fast. I highly recommend this garage !

– Professional garage, listening and looking for the best value for money for their customers.

– I highly recommend !

– In addition to being very friendly, their welcome is flawless ! They are real listening and very educational professionals. They will always find you the most suitable solution to your needs. While more than reasonable prices, and never without unpleasant surprises, the price announced is the one will pay you … I recommend more than ever, congratulations to you to you !

– I changed my belt at the Winling garage last month. The staff was very welcoming, and the work well done. I am super satisfied. I highly recommend this garage.

– Draft made by a super mechanic. You can go with your eyes closed. Excellent value.

– They are very serious and very professional and meticulous they know their trades very well, whether in mechanics or bodywork.


Vroomly is the all-in-one platform that Revolutionize the experience of auto interview to make it simple and reliable. We allow motorists to compare garages near them according to the price, opinions and availability and then make an appointment directly online after obtaining a specific quote. For garage owners, our Vroomly Pro solution allows you to Manage and optimize their business from A to Z: appointment, purchase of parts, quote and invoice … and this is only the start ! ��

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What they are looking for

With them, it is not the diplomas or the labels that count. Above all, they are looking for passionate people and experts in their field: if you are:

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  • Ready to work in a team but more than anything, if you adhere to our values ​​- expertise, transparency and proximity.

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Good to know

If you don’t know anything about mechanics, don’t worry, it’s normal ! There are even some who do not have the license ..

Each member of the team benefits from a workshop training in the workshop on their working time. You will see, it’s super complete and super practical. In a few weeks you will know everything you need to be a shock web mechanic !