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How to include images in visual studio html code

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“Emmet.triggerexpensionontab “: True,
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“Editor.Defaultformatter “:” esbenp.Prettier-VSCODE “,
“Editor.Formatonsave “: True,
“Editor.FormatonPaste “: True,

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setings.JSON #127216

FireGueur71 Opened this Issue Jun 26, 2021 · 4 Comments

setings.JSON #127216

FireGueur71 Opened this Issue Jun 26, 2021 · 4 Comments

*English-please Issue Not Using English Info-Needed Due Require More Information from Poster Translation-Required-French


Firegue71 Commented Jun 26, 2021

We wrote the necessary data in your clipboard, as it was too large to send. Please stick them.

Type result: Bug

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“Workbench.statusbar.Visible “: False,
“Emmet.triggerexpensionontab “: True,
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“Editor.Defaultformatter “:” esbenp.Prettier-VSCODE “,
“Editor.Formatonsave “: True,
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VS Code Version: Code 1.57.1 (507ce72, 2021-06-17T13: 28: 07.755Z)
OS version: Windows_nt X64 10.0.19042
Restricted mode: no

System Info

Item Value
Cpus Intel (R) Pentium (R) CPU 4405U @ 2.10GHz (4 x 2112)
GPU Status 2d_canvas: Enabled
GPU_Composing: Enabled
multiple_ster_threads: enabled_on
oop_rasterization: enabled
OpenGL: Enabled_on
Rasserization: Enabled
skia_render: enabled_on
Video_decode: Enabled
Vulkan: disabled_off
Webgl: Enabled
Webgl2: Enabled
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Memory (System) 3.89GB (0.62gb free)
Argv process –Crash-Reporter-ID 900CA596-0F14-44AC-AE5F-9AC799214073
Screen Reader no
VM 0%

Extensions (23)

Extension Author (Truncated) Version
better-comments aar 2.1.0
VSCODE-Standardjs-SNIPPETS cap 0.8.15
Empery because 1.0.0
Turbo-Console-Log Cha 2.1.6
VSCODE-Standardjs che 1.4.1
Cart-Code Dar 3.23.1
flutter Dar 3.23.0
Moxer-icons Equ 5.8.0
Prettier-VSCODE bunch 8.0.1
Mithril-Emmet Fal 0.7.6
auto-rename-tag for 0.1.6
terminal for 0.0.10
Getcodingknowledge-Pack nox 0.14.0
live-sass laughter 3.0.0
Liver laughter 5.6.1
errorlens worn 3.2.7

(1 Theme Extensions Excluded)

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How to include images in visual studio html code

Hi! Recently, i finished the video looking “adding images to the page” in the html section of treehouse. I Went Onto My Editor (Visual Studio Code), Though, To Try It On My Own, and I Couldn’t Figure Out How To Move A picture from my computer onto the Practice Website I was trying to build. Can anyone offered any suggestions? Thanks!

1 yearswer

Tarran Prior

Tarran Prior

Student 3,155 points

Tarran Prior

Student 3,155 points
August 17, 2019 11:36 am

Hey Jeff! So Assuming You’ve Created A .HTML Document in Visual Studio Code With the Necessary Markup, you can add images to your own practical page by using the tag. You can then define the rental of the image using the “src” attribute within that tag. For Example, if you have a folder named “images” and the image you want to display is named “myimage.jpg ” – you would simply add the following.

html> head> title>My Practice Page!title> head>  body> img src="Images/Myimage.JPG ">  body> html> 

Keep in mind that in this instance, the .HTML Document Should be located in the parent directory of the “images” folder. If the image is located in the same folder as the .HTML Document, You WOULD SIMPLY USE.

img src="myimage.JPG "> 

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions. 🙂

Jeff Jones
Jeff Jones

August 17, 2019 3:53 pm

Thanks, Tarran! I really apprecate it. I’ll give it a try and get back to you later if i have any more questions. Really Helps! 🙂

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