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GeForce RTX SERIES 40 laptops

Images captured on a pre -production laptop with a GPIFORCE RTX 4090 GPU to a resolution of 2560×1440. The performance of laptop models can vary. Check the specifications of each product with its manufacturer.

RTX 30 series laptops

Revisit your favorite games with the range of RTX Series 30 laptops on material.net. With Ampere, the second generation of RTX architecture, Nvidia electrifies the world of nomadic gaming. Ampere benefits from greater engraving than the previous generation (Turing), and an assertive mastery of DLSS or Ray Tracing technologies. Laptop manufacturers are therefore all on the ranks to offer you powerful and efficient configurations welcoming this new generation of graphics cards. Supported by a Ryzen 7 or Core i7 processor, the RTX 30 series laptops will allow you to benefit from exceptional fluidity during your gaming sessions or in the use of your graphic software ! From portables asus rog to msi gs, via Asus Tuf, MSI GE and MSI GP, the choice is big so that you can find the gaming laptop of your dreams.

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MSI GF63 Thin 11uc-629xfr

Gamer, 15.6 “, IPS, Full HD, 144 Hz, Core i7-11800h, RTX 3050 Max-q, RAM 8 GB, SSD 512 GB, Sans OS, 1.86 kg

Acer nitro 5 year517-54-53a2

Gamer, 17 “, IPS, Full HD, Core i5-11400h, RTX 3050, RAM 16 GB, SSD 512 GB, Windows 11, 2.70 kg

Asus VivoBook Pro 15 OLED S3500QC-L1295W

Office automation, 15.6 “, OLED, FULL HD, RYZEN 7 5800H, RTX 3050, RAM 16 GB, SSD 512 GB, Windows 11, 1.65 kg

Asus Tuf Gaming F15-TUF506HC-HIV011

Gamer, 15.6 “, IPS, Full HD, 144 Hz, Core i5-11400h, RTX 3050, RAM 8 GB, SSD 512 GB, OS-free, 2.30 kg

MSI Katana GF76 12UC-426FR

Gamer, 17.3 “, IPS, Full HD, 144 Hz, Core i5-12450h, RTX 3050 Max-Q, RAM 16 GB, SSD 512 GB, Windows 11, 2.30 kg

GeForce RTX laptops
40 Series

NVIDIA® GeForce RTX ™ GPU 40 Series equip the fastest laptops in the world for players and creators. Based on NVIDIA Ada Lovelace ultra-effective architecture, these GPUs transcend the performance of laptops thanks to DLSS 3 optimized by AI and give life to virtual worlds more real than life with the full Ray Tracing. In addition, the maximum technologies suite optimizes performance, consumption, autonomy and the acoustic level of the system for maximum efficiency.

Nvidia gpu with ada lovelace architecture

NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture

A step ahead, on his time as on the game.

New flow multiprocesses

Up to 2 times more performance and energy efficiency

Fourth generation tensor hearts

Up to 4 times more performance with
The DLSS 3 compared to rendering by brute force

Third generation RT hearts

Up to 2 times more performance from Ray Tracing

Only on RTX

The ultimate platform for gamers and creators.

Architecture NVIDIA ADA Lovelace an Icon Depting A Graphics Processing Unit Created by NVIDIA.

Ray Tracing Cores An Icon Depting Ray-Tracing As Light Rays Bouncing off a sphere Into a Virtual Camera for Realistic Computer Graphics.

NVIDIA DLSS 3 year Icon Depting An Artical Intelligence Accelerated Software Stack USING NVIDIA Technologies.

NVIDIA Platform Reflex Low Latence An Icon Depting Accuracy As An Archery Arrow Hitting The Center of A Target.

Nvidia encoder an icon depicting nvenc video encoders.

Consumption and optimized performance in an icon depicting technologies nvidia max-q

NVIDIA Studio An Icon Depting A 3D Manipulator of X Y Z Coordinates in Creative Software.

Pilots Game Ready and Studio An Icon of A Downward-Facing Arrow Typically Used To Download Nvidia Drivers.

Peak GPU for laptops

NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture

Accelerated performance by AI

Optimized consumption and performance

NVIDIA MAX-Q technologies

Realistic and immersive graphics

Dedicated ray tracing hearts

Accelerate your creativity

Decisive reactivity

Low latency Nvidia Reflex Platform

Direct streaming design

NVIDIA encoder and NVIDIA Broadcast application

Performance and reliability

Game Ready and studio pilots


1440p, Highest Game Settings, DLSS Super Resolution Quality Mode and Dlss Frame Generation on When Available. 150W GPU TGP, Win11 X64. Cyberpunk 2077 With New Ray Tracing: Overdrive Mode Based on Pre-Release Build. Blender 3.2.1 open data benchmark, with optix render engine. Performance Will Vary by Laptop Model; Check with the Manufacturer for Their Particular Model and Specifications.

Extreme performance for a fraction of the power

GeForce RTX 40 Series and DLSS 3 Transforms Laptops Through Process, Design, and Technologies. The result is up to a massive two thirds reduction in power for the same performance. Put Another Way, 40 Series Gpus Along With Dlss 3 Beats the Previous Generation With Just One Third Of The Power.

1440p Ultra Settings, Ray Tracing on. 40 LAPTOP GPU WITH DLSS 3 series. 30 serials laptop gpu with dlss 2.


The performance multiplier, optimized by AI

Revolutionary innovation in the field of graphic rendering on AI, the DLSS is largely accelerating play performance. Optimized by fourth generation tensor cores and the GPUROCE RTX ™ Optical Flow accelerator, DLSS 3 operates AI to generate additional high -quality images.

Images captured on a pre -production laptop with a GPIFORCE RTX 4090 GPU to a resolution of 2560×1440. The performance of laptop models can vary. Check the specifications of each product with its manufacturer.

Ray Tracing

Hyperrealistic. Hyperpass.

ADA architecture exploits all the power of Ray Tracing, which simulates the behavior of light in the real world. Thanks to the power of the 40 -generation RTX RTX RTX RTX MANAGERs, you benefit from more detailed virtual worlds than ever.

Portal RTX OFF

Portal RTX on


Optimized consumption and performance

Nvidia max-q* brings together a set of AI-based technologies that optimize laptops to deliver significantly higher performance in less bulky configurations.

Key technologies:

Dynamic Boost Take advantage of the AI ​​to automatically provide optimal power perfectly distributed between the GPU, the GPU memory and the CPU in order to improve play performance.

Battery Boost Preserves battery autonomy by automatically balancing the load of GPU and CPU, system consumption, visual quality and image frequency.

L’Quick adaptation of GPU cores Activates the optimal number of GPU cores to operate at higher frequencies, thus offering more performance in creation and stim.

L’CPU optimization allows you to optimize the performance, temperature and consumption of the CPU.

Whispermode Use algorithms optimized by AI to manage ventilation speed, CPU and GPU load as well as system temperature in order to provide optimal acoustic and graphics performance.

THE DLSS 3 is based on AI to provide significant performance gains.

Advanced Optimus Extend the autonomy of the laptop while guaranteeing an ultra-fluid game experience with G-Sync.

Bass Allows the CPU to instantly access the entire GPU memory, thus improving the performance of a wide variety of games.

The option of Optimal game settings Defines the optimal balance between performance and image quality, then automatically configures the playing parameters according to the GPU, the CPU and the laptop screen.