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NVIDIA RTX 3080 laptop

Gamer, 17 “, IPS, Full HD, 360 Hz, Core i7-12700h, RTX 3080, RAM 32 GB, SSD 1 TO, Windows 11 Pro, 2.90 kg

RTX 3080 laptop pc

Dope your performance in play with a laptop equipped with a RTX 3080 Among the selection of materials.net. Building on the AMPERE architecture, the NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 3080 graphics card is hosted by 8704 CODA hearts, 272 Tensor hearts and 68 RT hearts, all to deliver a firepower. With a basic frequency of 1440 MHz, it reaches 1710 MHz in Boost mode. A minimum 10 GB gddr6x memory completes the table. Coming to build gaming laptops of a new kind, this graphics card is accompanied by a high -end processor of the Intel Core i7 type or Ryzen equivalent. Without counting on the slabs of RTX 3080 laptops, Often with IPS technology and displaying a high refresh rate, even up to 360 MHz. You will understand, these latest generation laptops play in the upper category and do not do in the lace.

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MSI Creator Z17 A12UHT-012FR

MSI Creator Z17 A12UHT-012FR

Professional, 17 “, IPS, QHD+, 16:10, Core i9-12900h, RTX 3080 Max-q, RAM 32 GB, SSD 2 TO, Windows 11 Pro, 2.49 kg

Take advantage of our telephone assistance on 02 40 92 91 91



Gamer, 17 “, IPS, Full HD, 360 Hz, Core i7-12700h, RTX 3080, RAM 32 GB, SSD 1 TO, Windows 11 Pro, 2.90 kg

Take advantage of our telephone assistance on 02 40 92 91 91

MSI Vector GP66 12UH-204FR

MSI Vector GP66 12UH-204FR

Gamer, 15.6 “, IPS, QHD, 165 Hz, Core i7-12700h, RTX 3080, RAM 16 GB, SSD 1 TO, Windows 11, 2.38 kg
Take advantage of our telephone assistance on 02 40 92 91 91

MSI Creator 17 B11UH-453FR

MSI Creator 17 B11UH-453FR

Professional, 17 “, Ultra HD, 120 Hz, Core i7-11800h, RTX 3080, RAM 32 GB, SSD 2 TO, Windows 10 Pro, 2.50 kg

Take advantage of our telephone assistance on 02 40 92 91 91



Gamer, 17 “, IPS, Ultra HD, 120 Hz, Core i9-11980hk, RTX 3080, RAM 64 GB, SSD 2 TO, Windows 10 Pro, 2.90 kg

Take advantage of our telephone assistance on 02 40 92 91 91
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Laptops equipped with the new RTX generation: Ampère

Thanks to its AMPERE architecture, NVIDIA propels laptops to the summit of performance. The old generation is quickly forgotten thanks to its new RTX technology which ceases to improve. Then Nvidia did not stop there. With her Ampère technology, The graphics card manufacturer increases the yield and the number of RT and tensor hearts, dedicated calculation units respectively to Ray Tracing and assistance to 3D graphics rendering. This graphic rendering is improved via the Deep Learning Super Sample (DLSS). This NVIDIA DLSS neural network improves the frequency of images in order to obtain clear images for gamers’ eyes. So what are the benefits of the new Ampère technology ? More fluidity and a reduction in the impact of Ray-Tracing on the number of frames.

Our selection of PC RTX 3080

THE MSI RTX 3080 laptops have been designed to provide a very real control feeling: typing comfort, responsiveness, keys size as well as their location. MSI continues to impress us with its laptops designed for gamers and displaying a very modern design. Then, MSI integrates on its PC RTX 3080 perfect components for intense game experiences: IPS Ultra HD slab, Intel i9 Comet Lake processor, RAM 64 GO. THE Gigabyte Laptops RTX 3080 Take up the ingredients that made the success of its predecessors: I9 processor, SSD 2 TO, sleek design. Its configurations provide you with excellent performance, whatever your use. In order to lack reactivity or space, Gigabyte has chosen a quick storage solution on its RTX 3080 laptops. Thus, you benefit from an excellent fluidity of your operating system.

PC laptop RTX3080

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