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4G box comparison: which 4G internet offer select

The main points on the technical elements of the 4G box of free ::

4G key packages

With our 4G key packages, you surf everywhere in mainland France from a computer or tablet. Yes yes, even when there is no wi-fi.

20 GB package without obligation
40 GB package without obligation
60 GB package without obligation

With a 4G key package
12 -month commitment

A perfect network for your 4G key in town or in the countryside, in the sea as in the mountains:
Our network covers 99% of the population.

The advantages of the 4G key package

Why choose a 4G key ?

You easily manage your consumption you follow your consumption on your customer area. We warn you when your envelope will soon be exhausted.

You can recharge your package if necessary you have used all of your data envelope ? You can easily recharge it from your customer area.

You can watch over 70 TV channels thanks to our B application.TV, you can watch over 70 HD TV channels live.

Questions about our 4G key packages ?

What is a 4G key for ?

We’re going to be short. Choosing a 4G key is the perfect solution to connect to the Internet from a computer, tablet or game console, when you don’t have a Wi-Fi network on hand. And in addition, it allows you to surf very high speed, up to ten times faster than via an ADSL connection ! Not bad huh ?

How a 4G key works ?

There too, it’s very simple. A 4G key is in the form of a small case, capable of connecting to the 4G mobile network, such as your smartphone. Both a receiver and transmitter, the Wi-Fi rebroadcast box the Internet signal that it receives. To access the Internet from your computer, tablet or game console for example, you just need to log into the Wi-Fi network issued by your 4G key. Quite simply. The little extra ? You can connect up to 32 simultaneous devices. No jealous: the whole family can enjoy it !

What a 4G key package to choose ?

There you have the choice. 20 GB, 40 GB or 60 GB ? The higher your internet envelope, the more you can use your 4G key. You may already know, but not all uses consume as much data. Watch TV or videos, share photos or download a series, for example, ask for many more data than opening your mailbox, looking for an address on a plan or consult the weather. You must therefore choose a mobile plan according to your needs. And if you ever consume all of your data envelope, you can continue to use your 4G key in reduced debit, or choose an internet recharge from your customer area. Practical !

How to install a 4G key ?

By subscribing to a package for 4G key, you can buy the Huawei Hotspot Mobile case at 59.90 euros without commitment, or at 9.90 euros with a 12 -month commitment. You will receive it with a SIM card. To use your 4G key, simply open the case, note the name of the Wi-Fi network (SSID) and the password (Wi-Fi Key), and insert the SIM card at the location meant for that purpose. You just have to turn on the 4G key, select the Wi-Fi network from your equipment and enter the password. And here you are, you are connected to the Internet in 4G ! You just have to take advantage of it. Everywhere, when you want. And if you want even more help, our assistance is there just for you.

Communication (excluding short & special n °) for private use between 2 individuals. Internet: Beyond the Internet envelope, flow rates are reduced to 128kb/s maximum. See conditions in “Prices”.

Bouygues Telecom packages Bouygues Telecom packages with 12 or 24 months commitment are only accessible in mainland France. Recommended hands -free kit.

4G box comparison: which 4G internet offer select ?

4G Box Internet subscription

For accommodation not eligible for ADSL or fiber, Internet access providers have found a solution with 4G boxes. These Internet subscriptions work with the 4G network Hence the importance of consulting network cover cards before choosing an operator for its 4G box.

  • 4G boxes allow you to enjoy the internet at home without going through ADSL or fiber optics.
  • To take advantage of it, you must first do an eligibility test.
  • Generally, 4G boxes offer a limited internet quantity each month, except that of Bouygues Telecom.
  • The quality of the internet connection at home obviously depends on the 4G network coverage of the operator.

List and comparison of all 4G boxes

Search Criteria

  • Without engagement
  • 12 -month commitment
  • 24 -month commitment
  • Bouygues Telecom
  • Free mobile
  • Northnet
  • Mobile NRJ
  • Orange
  • Red by SFR
  • SFR
  • Sosh
  • Fiber
  • ADSL
  • Satellite
  • 4G / 5G
  • Calls to fixed
  • Calls to fixed + mobile
  • TV decoder
  • Android TV
  • Multi TV
  • WiFi repeater
  • Wifi 6
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Channel+
  • Disney+
  • Netflix
  • Ocs
  • RMC Sport

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Optical fiber takes time to be well developed and implemented. In order to make access to very high speed fixed as easy as possible, alternative solutions to optical fiber have been put in place with 4G boxes.

Internet access providers in particular use their mobile network to compensate for the absence of fiber. They have thus set up 4G Internet box offers. The latter offer between 100 and 300 Mb/s of download debit and a latency in general around 50 ms. Performances that allow any type of use, almost.

Comparison 4G Box Internet offer

To access the Internet without being eligible for fiber or ADSL, the 4G box solution is effective.

Who are operators who offer a 4G internet box ?

Several operators offer 4G Internet box subscriptions. This is the case for four main operators in France: Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom and Free. However, some MVNOs also offer a subscription of this kind. This is the case of mobile NRJ, but also of Afone Mobile. Most of these 4G box offers are non -term, and some offer additional options related to fixed telephony and television.

Nordnet and its range of 4G boxes with full options

In addition to its satellite and fiber internet boxes, Nordnet also markets a full range of 4G boxes. The Internet access provider much more than internet access via the 4G Orange network. Indeed, all offers include, at least, fixed telephony and parental control. Then the customer can add several other options or, if he prefers, simply go to the upper model.

Regarding the technical characteristics of the Nordnet 4G boxes, you should know that Theoretical flows are 150 Mb/s in reception and up to 30 Mb/s in broadcast. Please note, it is important to note that Nordnet’s 4G subscriptions do not give unlimited internet access.

Here is the detail of the full range of Nordnet 4G boxes:

  • Vital offer : displayed at € 29.90/month (excluding promo), this 4G box is equipped with Wi-Fi 5. It gives access to 50 GB of internet per month and includes fixed telephony. Parental control is also included. Note that this offer is without obligation.
  • The ideal offer : fully equipped with Wi-Fi 5, the second 4G offer from Nordnet this time includes 90 GB of data every month. Displayed at a price of € 44.90 monthly (excluding promo), the Internet box offers unlimited calls to fixed, parental control, and a 30 -Go mobile package. This subscription is subject to one year of commitment.
  • Ultra offer : The best 4G box in Nordnet costs € 69.90/month (excluding promo). This price is justified by the fact that a 100 GB package is included in the offer. In addition, the Internet box is equipped with Wi-Fi 6 and the Wi-Fi coach option. This time, 140 GB of Internet per month is understood and unlimited telephony to fixed and always part. Finally, TV is even included in the offer. One year of engagement is also required.

To take advantage of a 4G internet subscription from Nordnet, the required equipment is the 4G box and a 4G router. The latter, to be placed outside, is small and discreet and settle down very easily. Customers can take care of the installation themselves, but a installation service is available from the Internet access provider. Billed € 249, It can be funded by the State, if the customer is eligible for the “Digital Cohesion of the Territories” program.

from € 29.90 4G boxes+

SFR: a 4G+ box at 35 € with the first month satisfied or reimbursed

A 4G+ SFR internet subscription costs 34.99 euros per month. For new offer subscribers, ISP offers a “satisfied or reimbursed” guarantee. So, if during the first month, the subscriber is not satisfied, he can simply ask for the Reimbursement of the subscription subscription. In any case, the termination of the SFR box is simple since it is without obligation.

In terms of services, SFR indicates that 200 GB are included each month in its 4G Box subscription With a maximum announced flow of 260 Mb/s. The subscription does not provide for possible exceeding, but allows you to take out data refills of 50 or 100 GB from its customer area. To complete these services, fixed telephony is included unlimited in the subscription, and the user benefits from 10 GB of storage on SFR Cloud.

The SFR 4G+ box is a Huawei brand box and is equipped with several connection modes. Wireless connections are provided by Wi-Fi 5 with a range of 250 meters around the box. Four wired connections are possible for various RJ45 peripherals, and an RJ11 port allows plug. The box also has a USB port.

The key services of the SFR 4G+ box+ are therefore ::

  • 200 GB of data to download each month;
  • unlimited calls to fixed;
  • 10 GB of SFR Cloud storage space;
  • 1st month “satisfied or reimbursed”.

The technical characteristics of the SFR 4G+ box+ are ::

  • Wi-Fi 5 bi-band wireless connection up to 64 devices (32 per band);
  • 4 RJ45 Ethernet ports for wired connections;
  • 1 RJ11 port for a fixed phone;
  • A USB port.

from 34.99 € 4G box+

The France THD plan and state aid on 4G boxes

Since 2020, the government provides that all French people have a good broadband connection, namely a connection of at least 8 Mb/s for download. In order to facilitate this objective, the State offers financial assistance up to € 150 on the price of equipment, installation and the commissioning of any wireless internet solution retained by people who are not eligible for an internet connection going beyond 8 Mb/s.

Free: a 4G+ box from € 29.99/month

Free also offers a 4G internet subscription. This subscription is at the cost of € 29.99 per month, without planned price development. This subscription is, like that of competitors, without commitment to duration. In addition, the first month of the offer is guaranteed satisfied or reimbursed by the mobile operator.

Regarding the services included, the offer allows Take advantage of a connection up to 320 Mb/s. A 250 GB data envelope is allocated and renewed each month to take advantage of this connection with the 4G box of Free. No other service is available by default in this offer, neither for television, nor for telephony.

Regarding the purely material aspect of the 4G box of Free, it is a Wi-Fi 5 case allowing to connect up to 64 devices simultaneously, 32 for each of the two bands (2.4 and 5 GHz) used. In addition to the Wi-Fi connection, the free 4G box has 4 Ethernet ports for wired connections, An RJ11 phone port, and a USB port.

The major elements of the 4G Box subscription of Free ::

  • 250 GB of usable mobile data;
  • No TV service or telephony;
  • 1st month satisfied or refunded.

The main points on the technical elements of the 4G box of free ::

  • Wi-Fi 5 bi-band up to 32 aircraft per band;
  • 4 Ethernet ports;
  • 1 RJ11 telephone port;
  • A USB port.

from € 29.99 4G boxes+

NRJ Mobile offers a 4G 250 GB box at € 29.99/month

Virtual telephony operators also offer, for only some, their 4G internet box subscription. This is particularly the case of mobile NRJ whose4G box offer is available at a price of € 29.99 per month, With 12 months commitment. Despite this commitment, NRJ Mobile also offers the 1st month of subscription satisfied or reimbursed for all subscribers.

Regarding the services offered for the price of € 29.99 per month, subscribers here have 250 GB of mobile data on the 4G NRJ Mobile network. This network is borrowed from Bouygues Telecom whose MVNO is an exclusive partner. Regarding flows, NRJ Mobile provides up to 1500 Mb/s for download. On the other hand, there is no TV or telephony included in this subscription.

Regarding technical characteristics, the NRJ 4G box offers a Wi-Fi 5 connection to cover up to 32 simultaneous devices. The NRJ 4G box has a Ethernet port for wired connection, as well as an RJ11 port and a USB port.

The services included with the 4G mobile 4G box ::

  • 250 GB of mobile data with the Bouygues Telecom network;
  • Neither TV nor telephony included;
  • 12 -month commitment;
  • 1st month satisfied or refunded.

The great technical characteristics of the 4G box of Mobile NRJ ::

  • Wi-Fi 5 up to 32 devices at the same time;
  • 1 Ethernet port;
  • 1 RJ11 telephone port;
  • 1 USB port.

from € 29.99 4G Box

No link to the personal address

The 4G boxes of the different ISPs are generally linked to the subscriber’s subscription address, and can only be used to the latter. They must therefore be differentiated from 4G keys, which allow you to benefit from an internet connection in a nomadic manner, also passing through the mobile network.

The 4G Home Orange offer: a 4G 300 Mb/s box with optional TV

The 4G Orange Internet Box Subscription, the 4G Home box, is offered at € 38.99 per month by the operator. This price is fixed and does not increase after the first months of the subscription. In addition, the subscription is without a commitment of duration, and the first month of subscription is offered. If this first month is not suitable, Equipment purchase costs are reimbursed.

In terms of services included, the Orange 4G box can offer up to 300 GB of data every month by activating the option in the customer area. However, The starting envelope of the offer is 200 GB. The maximum speed announced by the operator is 300 Mb/s. Finally, a TV service is offered with the Orange TV app with 70 optional TV channels. Orange offers this € 5 TV key to access this app from a phone, tablet or computer.

Regarding the material aspect, the 4G+ version of the orange flybox (the 4G Home subscription case) allows Connections in 2.4 GHz as in 5 GHz, Up to 32 devices at the same time. 4 Ethernet ports are also present for wired connections.

The key elements of the 4G Home of Orange subscription ::

  • 200 GB of data every month;
  • 70 channels accessible with the Orange TV app with the option at € 5;
  • 1st month offered with reimbursed equipment if the offer does not satisfy.

The major technical characteristics of the orange Flybox 4G+ ::

  • Wi-Fi 5 bi-band (2.4 and 5 GHz) up to 32 devices at the same time;
  • 4 Ethernet ports.

from € 38.99 4G Home

100 GB offered on request + other paid refills

On request from Orange Customer Service, the 4G box subscribers of this operator can take advantage of 100 GB of more data, free. This allows Orange’s subscription to offer no less than 300 GB of mobile data and thus be the richest of the available 4G box subscriptions available. In addition to this, subscribers can still access additional envelopes this time paying.

How to have unlimited 4G internet thanks to the Bouygues Telecom box ?

Bouygues Telecom’s 4G box offer is available at € 36.99. This is a Subscription without commitment of duration and also equipped a 30 -day “satisfied or reimbursed” guarantee.

Regarding the services included, the Bouygues Telecom’s 4G Box Internet offer offers unlimited data and announces a theoretical maximum speed of 220 Mb/s. In addition to internet access, this box subscription allows you to enjoy a TV service on smartphone and tablet thanks to the 70 channels of application B.TV.

Regarding the purely material aspect of the Bouygues Telecom 4G box, it allows you to enjoy Wi-Fi 5 on the frequencies 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. It is also possible to connect an ethernet device on the box. Although fixed telephony is not included, an RJ11 port is available.

from € 36.99 4G Box

The summary of services included on the Bouygues Telecom 4G box ::

  • Unlimited internet access on the 4G network of Bouygues Telecom;
  • App B.TV on tablet and smartphone, or even TV on certain compatible models;
  • 1ᵉʳ month of the “satisfied or reimbursed” subscription.

The main technical characteristics of the 4G box by Bouygues Telecom ::

  • Wi-Fi connections 5 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz (up to 64 devices at the same time);
  • 1 RJ45 Ethernet port;
  • 1 RJ11 port.

Bouygues Telecom also offers a 5g box

Bouygues Telecom is the only operator and internet access provider to offer a 5G box. The latter appears at € 40.99/month. Much more efficient than the 4G boxes, the Bouygues Telecom 5G box offers internet flows in 5g up to 1.1 Gb/s for download and up to 58 Mb/s in sending. The icing on the cake, the 5G box offer is even equipped with Wi-Fi 6.

The 4G mobile 4G box: from € 14.95 per month with 100 GB

The other MVNO which offers one of the most important 4G boxes is Afone Mobile. This internet box subscription exists in two versions: 100 GB at € 14.95 per month or 250 GB at € 29.95 per month. This makes it the most accessible offer of 4G boxes currently available. These two offers are Without a commitment of duration. The subscription does not have any other reimbursement offer here than the right of withdrawal.

In terms of services, consumers can choose between 100 or 250 GB of data, depending on their needs. The network used by the 4G mobile 4G box is the SFR network, which ensures 99% of the population coverage. About the Download flows, the ISP announces up to 187.5 Mb/s.

Regarding the technical part of the 4G mobile 4G box, users have Wi-Fi connection and can Connect up to 32 devices at the same time. No information is however available on possible Ethernet and USB ports, but a USB cable is provided with this Internet box in 4G.

What to remember from the 4G box offers of Afone Mobile ::

  • 100 GB at € 14.95/month;
  • 250 GB at € 29.95/month;
  • SFR mobile network;
  • No TV or fixed telephony;
  • Without a commitment of duration.

The known technical characteristics of the 4G mobile 4G box are ::

  • up to 32 devices connected with Wi-Fi 5;
  • A USB cable supplied with the 4G box;
  • No doubt no ethernet port or RJ11.

Internet subscriptions for students

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Why choose an internet box in 4G ?

Choosing a 4G Internet box is not always the most obvious. The first reason that pushes to choose a 4G box is the need. These offers are above all offered to compensate for an absence or poor internet connection at home, especially when fiber optics is not available. However, a 4G internet box can also allow you to enjoy other advantages: these are excellent extra offers, easy to terminate and often with very good flows.

Improve a bad connection in ADSL with a 4G box

The primary objective of a 4G internet box subscription is to overcome a poor fixed internet connection. This happens when the subscriber must use an little efficient ADSL line. 4G box offers are generally recommended as soon as the connection flow never exceeds 8 Mb/s download. In this case, 4G boxes are directly recommended by ISP once an eligibility test has been performed.

In rare cases, an ADSL box can be equipped with a 4G router that takes over as soon as the classic connection becomes too bad. This is for example the case with the Freebox Delta ADSL which includes 250 GB of data for the copper line days does not work, or that the fixed connection is broken down.

Improve the flows of its internet box

In the case of an internet connection that seems low, there are some solutions to improve its connection. As soon as possible, it is recommended to connect with an RJ45 cable. Otherwise, in Wi-Fi, you must favor 5 GHz connections, faster and more stable. Finally, you must make sure that the Internet box is in an ventilated and clear environment.

Opt for an easy -to -terminate auxiliary box

Sometimes Internet users need a second simple internet subscription to cover other places than their main accommodation. Thus, 4G boxes are excellent internet offers to be able to Take advantage of a quality Wi-Fi in its secondary residence If the latter is in a place badly covered by ADSL.

In this case, 4G box takes the place of a connection smartphone and allows you to separate the data from its mobile package to save them. Before Subscribe the 4G Internet box, It is therefore recommended to assess which solution between the 4G box and connection sharing is the most interesting. It depends on the expected consumption of data as well as the price that everyone is ready to put in addition.

Cost termination of an internet subscription

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What are the possible flows of a 4G Internet box ?

A big question that everyone is asking before subscribing: What are the flows of the 4G boxes of operators ? Each of the operators gives maximum speed, but the latter is purely theoretical and indicative. Box flow is always subject to the quality of the mobile network available at home. A good way to estimate the flow before subscribing is thus to carry out a 4G flow test with your smartphone. The 4G box should be able to offer a little more than what the mobile indicates.

However, you must always have in mind that connection flows with a 4G box can vary over the day. Several elements influence more or less strongly on the connection flows of a 4G box, including:

  • the number of devices connected at the same time;
  • network occupancy rate;
  • weather ;
  • the frequencies of the antennas available;
  • Services of the services used.

No 4G box in mobile white areas

The 4G boxes of operators are good alternatives for consumers who live in an area not covered in ADSL or fiber optics. However, it should be noted that these subscriptions depend entirely on the deployment of the mobile network of operators. To take advantage of a 4G box, it is therefore necessary that at least one operator has developed its 4G network in its region. To find out, the best solution is to perform an eligibility test.

What services are accessible with an internet box in 4G ?

A 4G box allows you to take advantage of the exact same services as a conventional internet subscription, with a few more limits. These limits are those imposed by the data limit that it is possible to use each month with its subscription. The only exception is Bouygues Telecom’s offer here, the only 4G box subscription to have no usable data limit.

However, 4G box offers from all ISPs offer data limits high enough to allow you to take advantage of all conventional services without difficulties. Only downloads must be made with caution, by monitoring the data envelope still usable.

Navigate the Internet with a 4G box

L’basic use of an internet connection, This is web navigation. This is simply to do internet research to access various types of information. Other current uses may be included: consultation and sending email, navigation on social networks, reading items. These are all the uses that are neither streaming nor downloads.

Simple navigation, excluding streaming and download, consumes very little data. Even by sailing a lot every day, it takes more than a few GOs each month. Thus, for simple services, all 4G Internet offers are suitable in terms of data volume. As for the flow, there again, all the current offers are suitable. For daily navigation, a few Mb/s of flow are enough to enjoy a quick and fluid internet. It is enough, once connected, to carry out a flow test to check the quality of the connection. Even with 10 or 20 Mb/s, navigation should be comfortable.

Perform an ADSL or fiber eligibility test

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Listen to music with a 4G box

Access to music has greatly dematerialized. Applications like Spotify, Napster, Deezer or Apple Music have become one of the most common solutions to listen to its favorite artists. However, this consumes internet data, although music remains a little data. For listening in quality 320 kbps, the most common quality with the subscriptions mentioned above, it takes about 1 GB for 7 hours of listening. In a month, with 2 hours of music every day, The subscriber thus does not consume more than a dozen gigas.

Here again, all the 4G box offers of operators are suitable. Data envelopes are more than enough to cover streaming music as well as web browsing and several other current uses of Internet connection. The same goes for flows since even 1 Mb/s is enough to listen to a radio or a playlist without interruption.

Connected devices: watch out for data consumption

Music can go through a connected speaker. In the event that many connected devices are used jointly with the 4G box, you must be very careful: they can cause a large consumption of mobile data and quickly exhaust the data envelope included in the 4G box subscription.

What data consumption for 4G telephony ?

Fixed telephony is accessible with part of the 4G box subscriptions, and the majority of the boxes have an RJ11 port to give access to telephone calls. Even if today mobile telephony is favored, a fixed position remains appreciated by many consumers. But what consume fixed communications on a 4G box ?

THE Fixed calls on a 4G box are volta, or Voice Over LTE, lte being the standard used to designate the 4G network. Thus, calls consume, with good quality, about 1 GB every 7h, the same amount of data as music streaming. This volume increases sharply with visio calls. Here, it takes 1 GB for 1 hour with high definition calls.

How to have TV and SVOD with an internet box in 4G ?

Music is not the only entertainment to go through the Internet to be appreciated today. This is also the case for television and video in general. Faced with Netflix, Video Prime or Disney+, Even traditional channels like TF1 or France Télévé. In this case, we are talking about IPTV, namely television by Internet protocol.

Video streaming is One of the most gourmet data in data. For an hour of high definition program, it takes approximately 1 to 3 GB of data depending on the platform. It is generally Netflix who consumes the most to ensure high image quality and stability in the diffusion. This grows quickly by increasing the quality of the image. Thus, these values ​​must be quadruple by going to 4K.

The majority of 4G boxes can completely manage the video streaming. However, it is necessary Make sure you have good network coverage and a good connection. Better to check the quality of the latter with a flow test before embarking on daily streaming.

How to watch TV with a 4G box ?

To take advantage of television with a 4G internet box, there are several solutions. The user can access various applications installed directly on a Smart TV, use an Android TV, Apple TV or other similar services. Apart from that, it is also possible to caster the programs, to connect a computer to the TV or, if the operator offers it, to use a TV key.

How to enjoy gaming with an internet box in 4G ?

There are two elements to take into account for gaming with a 4G box: Online game and downloading games. Online game does not require much flow and consume little. 1 GB thus allows you to play for 6 to 7 hours without problem. On the other hand, the Latence time offered by the 4G box remaining pretty low. At most, you should not exceed 80 milliseconds, which is already high for optimal use. A 4G box must ideally offer latency less than 50 milliseconds. This is possible, but it is better to turn to the offers of the best operators.

Outside the online game, there is also the question of downloads. If the player buys his online games and must download them, he can quickly face the problem of the weight of the latter. Apart from the Nintendo Switch games whose weight is reduced, the most important games are increasingly around 100 GB, when they do not exceed them. The 4G box limits, Apart from that of Bouygues Telecom, are quickly reached.

All cumulative uses can quickly lead to High consumption of 4G data Included in the box subscription, especially if there are several users at the same time in the home. It is therefore recommended to follow your internet consumption carefully.

Internet offer with Netflix

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