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Box Bouygues without obligation: what are the offers

The offers can therefore be terminated at any time, Without any variable costs.

The offers of Bouygues Telecom

Bouygues Telecom is a subsidiary of the Bouygues group with its own mobile telephony network. It was launched commercially in 1994, and it was then the third operator in France, after France Telecom and its competitor SFR.

The operator is at the origin of several technical and commercial innovations, with in particular the creation of the first “package” in 1996 (communications were then deducted per minute), the answering machine function a year later, and the launch of The first offer comprising unlimited calls in the early 2000s.

Shortly before the arrival of Free Mobile on the market in 2012, Bouygues Telecom launches its brand “B & You” offering mobile packages without commitment exclusively marketed on the Internet.

With its more than twenty years of experience the operator with three colors continues to offer a full range of mobile plans and internet boxes to cover all of the uses of its customers.

Bouygues mobile packages

Without engagement

5 GB France and Europe

From Canada: 5 GB
Unlimited calls and SMS

Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS

SIM card : 1 € only

Box Bouygues without obligation: what are the offers ?

Looking for an internet service with a boosted and without commitment period ? Good news, two bouygues non -binding boxes are available ! In parallel, the operator also offers a 4G key allowing access to its network, everywhere in France. Detail of offers, prices, competition, termination costs … In this guide, we go around the Bouygues Internet offers without obligation.

  • The essential
  • The operator offers two bouygues boxes without obligation With a boosted flow: the 4G box at € 34.99/month and the 5g box at € 40.99/month.
  • To be able to take out one of the two offers, you must be covered by the 4G or 5G network of the operator and do not be eligible for fiber.
  • There Bouygues 4G key is also without engagement, It allows you to subscribe to a data package corresponding to your needs, then to connect your 4G network devices where you are.
  • Bouygues allows its subscribers to be fully Refunded within 30 days Depending on their subscription if they are not satisfied with the Internet box services.
  • 4G and 5G box offers are without engagement, but require fixed termination costs up to 19 €.

What are the Bouygues boxes without obligation ?

Are Bouygues Bboxes without obligation ?

Unfortunately the Bbox Fit, Must and Ultym of Bouygues Telecom are not without commitment. Indeed, they are subject to a 12 -month commitment.

If you still want to subscribe to a Bbox offer, here is a summary table of subscriptions:

If you absolutely want an internet offer without obligation, You can turn to a 4G/5G Box or one 4G key package that we detail after in this article.

Bouygues 4G boxes and 5g boxes without obligation

The Bouygues internet packages without obligation are presented as part of two Bbox Bouygues: 4G 4G box and 5gbox.

Unlike Bbox must and Bbox Ultym which offer an offer triple play (Internet, telephone, TV), the two ready -to -use boxes incorporate a Internet offer alone. They rely on a network of relay antennas deployed by the operator and allow access to an internet speed, all without commitment.

The offers can therefore be terminated at any time, Without any variable costs.

To consult these subscriptions and their price in detail, here is a summary table of two Bouygues Internet packages without obligation ::

Bouygues Telecom key packages 4G

In the same principle, Bouygues also offers an offer 4G internet key. In the form of a small box, it connects to 4G mobile network of the operator. It allows access to the Internet thanks to a receiver/transmitter function which distributes in WiFi the internet signal that it receives.

It can then be used on different devices such as a computer, tablet, smartphone or a game console. The 4G Bouygues key is integrated into Three Bouygues packages which offer respectively 20 GB, 40 GB or 60 GB of data.

  • Internet 20 GB 4G/4G+
  • HD TV + 70 channels
  • Hotspot Huawei from € 59.90
  • Internet 40 GB 4G/4G+
  • HD TV + 70 channels
  • Hotspot Huawei from € 59.90
  • Internet 60 GB 4G/4G+
  • HD TV + 70 channels
  • Hotspot Huawei from € 59.90

What are the advantages of a non -binding Bouygues box and a 4G key ?

Opt for a Bbox Bouygues without obligation has a major advantage, that of power terminate your offer when you want.

With the same principle as Bouygues mobile packages without obligation, Internet boxes are distinguished by their flexibility. Even after a few months of use, it is possible to disengage without paying exorbitant termination costs, which brings you as a certain freedom.

Subscribe one of the Internet boxes also demonstrates other advantages ::

  • If you have a ADSL flow, 4G box can give you a speed until 10 times more powerful. Indeed, the download speed can reach up to 220 Mb/s and the rate rising until 38 Mb/s. The 5G box benefits from the new WiFi 6 technology with an ultra-fast speed up to 1.1 Gb/s for download and 58 Mb/s sending. The two boxes are thus an excellent choice for fluid connection needs, in particular for use as part of the telework.
  • For varied needs in the use of the Internet in the same home, the two boxes are optimal. These allow until 64 devices connected at the same time. Playing online, surfing the internet and watching a movie are all online activities that it is possible to perform simultaneously with a fluid and fast speed.
  • Thanks to application B.TV, it is possible to access the Bouygues TV bouquet. To do so, just connect your Smartphone, tablet or computer to the WiFi network issued by 4G or 5G box. Through the application you then have the choice between 70 unlimited channels, but also access to 25 in replay. If your TV is equipped with the option Chromecast, It is even possible to duplicate the screen directly on your TV. This then allows you to view your favorite programs on the big screen.

And the disadvantages ? Although without obligation, there will still be € 19 termination fees of your 4G/5G box beyond the period ” satisfied or refunded »Settled a little higher in our article. To date, there are 11 cases force majeure which give rise to an exemption from costs. You can find them on the Bouygues site in the ” assistance ” -” Case of force majeors »».

On the side of 4G key, The major point of interest lies in its portable appearance. Thanks to the 4G network widely deployed in the territory, the 4G Bouygues key allows an internet connection everywhere in France.

With a quality connection network, you can then connect to 32 devices At any time, at high speed. Just like the 4G box, it allows an internet speed until ten times higher than that of ADSL. Wherever you are, you have the opportunity to watch streaming videos or TV channels, make videoconferences, surf the internet or even exchange emails.

What are the other Internet boxes available on the market ?

Although internet boxes are not as widespread as mobile packages without commitment on the market, they are more and more successful among subscribers.

It is also for this reason that the other three main internet access providers, namely Orange, Free and SFR have also launched their non -binding offers.

here is a comparative the most complete offers of each operator in the table below.

Although making a slightly higher rate than these competitors, Bouygues remains the big winner in terms of speed of its flow and unlimited data offer. Indeed, the operator remains the only one to have a 5g box offer with a flow 5g until 1.1 Gb/s for download.

Price side, Free remains the lower with a price of € 29.99/month. However, you will have to take care to take into account your consumption needs since the operator does not offer No TV bouquet included, Unlike Orange or Bouygues.

In terms of advantages, the 4 suppliers all offer an offer ” satisfied or refunded »Allowing the equipment without cost of the equipment after 30 days.

In parallel, it is interesting to keep in mind that they also all offer combinations with Mobile package + box that can be more profitable. For example, you can benefit from a discount on four orange mobile plans by subscribing 4G Home.

How to terminate your Bouygues Internet offer without obligation ?

When you want to terminate your Bouygues Internet offer without obligation, two options are available :

  • You can go directly through your Customer Area By selecting the section ” my offer “Corresponding to your 4G or 5G box line, then click at the bottom of the page on the tabs” You no longer need your line ” -” terminate »To launch the termination course.
  • Since your mobile app, Go to the section ” line “, Then click on the option” You no longer need your line »After selecting the corresponding line.

When the termination is scheduled, Bouygues send you a Sms and a confirmation email To inform you of taking into account your request. Your box services will remain active until the desired termination date. In the event that this takes place as part of the 30-day trial period, it will be carried out at J+1 from taking into account the request.

As stated a little higher in our article, termination fees in the amount of € 19 will still be expected. These correspond to fixed termination fees (unlike variable termination costs that are calculated according to the date of end of engagement).

Finally, to restore your box to Bouygues, you have a one -month period from the reception of the confirmation email. The operator sets up Three options To make your equipment:

  • Go directly to one of the 500 Bouygues stores and drop it off for free;
  • Send it by post at your expense to the address Electronics cord – 11, rue du Nouette, Quai Bâtiment A6 – Zi de Quavert – 22977 – Dinan
  • Place the package (box + connection) in a box within a Relay point free of charge and scan the QR code Received in the confirmation email (or available within your customer area) to send the label with label.

Updated on 08/30/2023

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