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OMIO: Train tickets, bus and plane in Europe

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Top review: 8/10 Morane, The 10.02.2021

train ticket

I bought a train ticket for Normandy on 06/02/2021. The process went well, it was simple, well detailed and secure. Unfortunately I did not have an omio promo code, I hadn’t thought about it and in my opinion there was not. After purchase via Paypal, I directly received my ticket by email. Unfortunately, the same day of departure I met a lot of concerns with the agency itself which is called “Nomad” which forced me to buy a new ticket. I had two choices of presentation of tickets, either in scan on an electronic device is printed and I admit that the ticket in the form of a scan is much more practical and handy than in paper form.

8/10 Caroline, the 15th.09.2023

As always very responsive, everything goes as planned, the application also works very well, thank you Omio and Ebuy Club. This is my 3rd purchase on omio for my bus trips during weekends or holidays. No complaints, my purchase and waiting for validity for the prize pool but quickly validated afterwards later. I go again and again by Ebuy Club for my purchase on the Internet but not only in stores also. For all that is hotel transport always going through EbuyClub very quickly for a next reservation or purchase

8/10 Elisabeth, 07.09.2023

I bought my care tickets to go on vacation this summer on this site was the first time and I really enjoyed because it was very fast. The process of my online order went very well and I highly recommend. I was able to benefit from a promotional code for this purchase which allowed me to make this purchase. The delivery time was respected and the shipment was fast. The purchase was according to what I had ordered. No I did not have a constraint during this purchase.


10/10 ssanabes, 26.08.2023

I would like to share my positive opinion on my experience with Omio during my trip to Belgium. From the start, the platform turned out to be friendly and easy to use. The many transport options offered allowed me to choose the most suitable way to my trip to Belgium. The purchase of tickets via OMIO went without a hitch, and I was delighted to see that the prices were competitive. My trip to Belgium turned out to be pleasant and practical. The detailed information provided by OMIO helped me to navigate in peace, and I was able to fully enjoy my stay. The schedules were respected, which was crucial to maximize my time in Belgium. I also appreciated the possibility of booking tickets for different modes of transport in a single transaction. It simplified the process and made my trip to Belgium even more pleasant. In summary, my experience with Omio for my trip to Belgium was positive and without problem. I highly recommend omio to all those looking for a practical and economical means of reserving their trips. My trip was a success thanks to the simplicity and efficiency of OMIO.

8/10 Ahmad, the 21.07.2023

Excellent taking into account my problem following a cancellation linked to the delay of a Ryanair flight (company on the other hand,) . In addition Maria, the charming person who took care of my file was extremely sympathetic. I even was offered, in addition to the reimbursement of 80 % of my ticket, a voucher for a future trip to go beyond the price of the ticket I had to cancel. So really hat ! . It may be anxiety-provoking not to find an OMIO agency in its region, when you want to be reimbursed for a train ticket. However via the website there is always a way to contact your agency via a form. The answer is immediate and our uncertainties are lifted. Everything is therefore going in the sense of the customer’s interest and their satisfaction .

10/10 Fatah, 28.06.2023

Intercity train ticket

I bought a train ticket, everything went well I recommend omio. At first I had access to the OMIO site via the mobile application. Then with a link we land on their site, more than to accept the cookies to be sure that the cashback was taken into account. Then you have to choose your type of trip (round trip, first-time, stay, etc. ), the dates that suit us for destinations etc. And finally we provide information on our personal data to validate the order and ke payment and in stride we receive a confirmation email.

10/10 Valentine, the 13th.06.2023

First purchase at the top !

I discovered this partner of EbuyClub by browsing companies in the travel part. Omio brings together a very large number of rail networks across Europe allowing one and the same application to manage the purchase of train tickets in several countries. I used it to borrow a regional train in the Netherlands and I had no problem. Even with a canceled train, the partner was responsive and reimbursed me very quickly. The purchase was also made very quickly.

10/10 Nelli, 30.05.2023

Travel booking

I bought a ticket for a bus The trip went very well the bus was on time and the driver very pleasant. I recommend using this application for the purchase of your tickets for bus trips throughout France at a lower cost. This is not the first time that I have devoted this company and that I go through this application, everything has always been very well going so do not hesitate. I guarantee you that you will not be disappointed. Thanks to this bus trip I was able to take my flight on time.

10/10 Creeper, 16.05.2023

Top booking platform !

Very practical site to find the right means of transport (plane, train, bus) according to its dates, prices, duration of the trip and especially the right price. I was able to find tickets at very competitive prices for my trips. Customer service is also excellent, with fast and useful assistance for all my questions. I highly recommend this platform to all those looking to book tickets in a simple and reliable way. You can also take advantage of an important cashback with EbuyClub !

7/10 Gael, the 22nd.04.2023

Really good when the train tickets were at the same price

I really appreciated omio, finding their interface very pleasant and the search for very practical train or plane tickets, and above all easy. The possibility of comparing in 2 clicks the prices by train, bus and plane is really top. But unfortunately for a few years, train tickets have been surcharged (and not just a little) . For example, a train ticket at € 100 normally will be charged € 106. It’s a shame because suddenly I no longer use Omio, but one of his competitors, with great regrets.

10/10 Isabelle, the 14th.04.2022

easy and practical

Really very easy to take tickets everywhere in Europe. I took train tickets from Gatwick Airport to London. I did not know the course to take, Omio takes care of everything. Once, the journeys validated, it goes very quickly ! I used a sponsorship code, suddenly it pays the case costs. The site compares different journeys, gives you the prices, the durations . The prices offered are very interesting ! A site to remember for the next departures in Europe !

9/10 Antoine, the 23.02.2022

First long journey by very suitable train

Order from my first long TGV train route to go from Nantes to Paris. Order carried out about two months in advance in order to benefit from a more affordable price, which was the case, with a round trip to less than € 70. The Omio site is quite ergonomic and rather well designed: the space to search for its journey is at first glance and we can easily and quickly enter our requests for the journey (departure place, destination, dates) . I reuse the Omio site for each train trip I want to make.

7/10 giulia, the 22nd.12.2020

Simple and fast platform but some downside

This is the second time that I have reserved on Omio, but the first time via Ebuy Club, and Bizzarare my ticket did not appear on the application platform, despite the order numbers, it is impossible to access it. While the first time it was enough to access my account and there were no problems. But apart from that no worries, the ticket was valid, I preferably asked to be placed near the window and it was applied. I plan to come back soon, especially since the platform offers prices and companies that are not offered elsewhere so it’s perfect! I recommend!

10/10 moumniwajdi06, the 27th.07.2020

Train notice

I mache a freiburg train ticket to Cologne and really the train was fast and comfortable Etruskisch. Everyone has respected the rules especially the wearing of the mask. The train was air conditioning I am satisfied with my order and I recommend the sie and especially through you ebayclub to earn more money. And the most interesting that the cashback verification relay was 2 hours the I am waiting for my awards but frankly I find it great thank you also for the dama nada mohsni what my speaks of the cite and my sponsor already thanks to her I won 5 euro

5/10 Matthew, 18.05.2020

Good search engine but what interest to pay on this site ?

I wanted to use Omio for the first time to travel by train. The search engine is at the top and extremely fast ! The prices displayed, in my case, were the same as on the SNCF site but when booking: € 3 service costs. So I stopped the use of the site and I went back to the official SNCF website. In the future, I would continue to use Omio but only the search engine. Once the ticket is found, I would always compare with the “official” company.

10/10 Laurent, 07.02.2020

Good alternative to yes

Very good alternative to the site yes. SNCF. fr because you buy tickets at the same price as on the official website but you accumulate much more cash back (and there are often offers) which makes the purchase even more interesting. The app is also quite easy to use. I recommend the managated to always have the tickets with you during the trip. Omio also offers aircraft tickets; I have not yet tested the relevance of this site for the plane but to see during a future purchase.

7/10 Steve, 28.01.2020

Very good site but.

Omio offers a very wide choice of train and bus mobility across Europe. A little confusing at first, it is still super easy to use. On the other hand, in certain regions, many trains do not exist on the site or are offered at rates much higher at the price practiced directly by the SNCF and its site yes. SNCF. Imperative to compare suddenly ! Very large plus, the traveling card can be added when paying to add its points directly to its loyalty card. Truly practical !

10/10 Elodie, The 29th.11.2019

I recommend omio to 100%

A very practical ticket purchase site. I used it to buy train tickets and I am satisfied with the order. The tickets are sent instantly to my mailbox. The best train search is easy. The cash back is very interesting. In any case much more than the SNCF site. A small defect anyway, it is not possible to receive a receipt or an invoice, for reimbursement of costs note is not cool. I recommend this serious merchant without hesitation !

8/10 Chadia, the 19.09.2019

I bought a train ticket Paris Lyon A / R Purchase made on 18/09/2019 not bad, I had a promo code with a value of 10 euro for any first purchase made on omio from 40 Euro The ticket came back to me at 42 euros instead of 52 euros, a good deal. The app is easily usable, there are tickets at a good price . Practical because I received my instant ticket by instant email after making my purchase. conclusion a good site I recommend it because attractive price with reduction vouchers when we register.

8/10 Elsa, 02.04.2019

This site is extremely practical for planning trips to Europe or simple escapades, in the sense that it allows a global view of three different offers: plane, train and bus. We can sort in order of price, schedule, or even speed, which is very appreciable. On the other hand, it should be known that the site seems to take a small commission because if we reserve directly on the sites of airlines, rail or bus, the prices are sometimes slightly cheaper.

6/10 Thiébaud, 04.01.2019

SNCF train ticket

Go through this site to buy my train ticket go back with a go-euro reduction voucher. But otherwise I find it very attractive for train tickets in France because in the end the prices are exactly the same as on the SNCF site so have no more if you do not have a promo code it is a shame. After you can easily compare flight and train ticket in Europe it is worth it and it is cheaper indeed as well as on the Goeuro application. Otherwise everything, ordering and paying fairly easy to use and cashback well received on my account.

10/10 Lena, The 31st.10.2018

The ticket prices was cheaper than elsewhere, the site was very simple to use . several payment methods available, bank card, paypal etc . Electronic ticket available immediately and ready to print . I often use this site for my short and long lasted trips. Otherwise he offers a casheback, so a way to earn a little money by buying a ticket . So I highly recommend Goeuro for all who want to pay cheaper and travel comfortably . codially

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OMIO: Train tickets, bus and plane in Europe

Omio is an application for obtaining transport tickets.

  • Android
  • iOS iPhone / iPad
  • Online service


Omio is an application to facilitate trips by plane, train and bus.

In a clear and intuitive interface, OMIO brings together all the features in order to prepare its trips in Europe faster and to save money.
The service works with more than 800 different companies and regularly offers promotional offers.
The user can seek and compare the prices of trains, buses and planes.

The application allows you to display your tickets in the form of e-trains so as not to have to print them.
It is possible to pay in a bank card, with Paypal and many others.

It incorporates a travel planner to help the user.
In addition, it is possible to record and use your reduction cards

A notification system prevents the user in real time and gives him updates and information on the journey, the quay number and the time of departure.

It provides customer service, in French, available 24/7 in the event of a problem.

Omio opinion

I first canceled for health reasons Michel Ceruti

I first canceled for health reasons my trip to the SNCF after having gone to your site to confirm I called and had at the end of the wage Maria with a delicious Spanish accent. We have exchanged the essential elements to achieve full reimbursement of reservations. I just received this refund on my account. Thank you Maria for a benevolent answer … You send him I hope
Michel Ceruti

Date of experience: September 14, 2023

Hello M. Ceruti,

Thank you for your comment.

We are happy to hear that the professional service of our team has resolved your request quickly and effectively, we really appreciate that you also took the time to leave a pleasant comment on this subject.

We wish you a good recovery and we are delighted to accompany you during your future trips.

Best regards,
The Omio team

Our 2022 transparency report is available

Very reactive and understanding

Very reactive and understanding ! Thank you customer service omio we do not realize the difficulty of this work congratulations to the people who do it it is not easy every day

Date of experience: September 20, 2023

Awesome after -sales service !

I was in contact with Bobi at the Savo of Omio which was adorable and super effective !
I recommend for the quality of service rendered !

Date of experience: September 20, 2023

Total efficiency of the sales department

Following my request for a commercial gesture on an Emr Sheffield London train deleted due to a rail strike, which strongly disturbed my return trip to France because this train was only a link in all my correspondence, I was immediately reimbursed , barely 72 hours after my email
Competent, kind, efficient and fast service.. Perfect

Date of experience: September 11, 2023

Thank you for your comment.

We are happy to hear that the professional service of our team has resolved your request quickly and effectively, we really appreciate that you also took the time to leave a pleasant comment on this subject.

We are delighted to accompany you during your future trips.

Best regards,
The Omio team

I was very satisfied with your ..

I was very satisfied with your service for your patience and your welcome by message really I am satisfied with your service thank you very much to help me the cancellation of my ticket

Date of experience: September 19, 2023

Is a Incredible Experience !

Is a Incredible Experience ! Thank You, is awesome ! I love this website ! Thank You Very Much !!

Date of experience: September 22, 2023

Adapted and quick response to our need

We needed to change the schedule for our reservation for a Lisbon Porto route. We have requested Rede Expresso from their website. The instructions were communicated to us in French and we were able to exchange our ticket without problem.

Date of experience: September 11, 2023

Thank you for your comment.

We are happy to learn that you appreciated our platform and we are grateful to have taken care to share this very good return.

We are delighted to accompany you during your future trips.

Best regards,
The Omio team

Perfect service

I had a little doubt about the reservation because I had not had a message for the location of the appointment but I contacted customer service and they did everything to inform me and reassure me. So everything was perfect. My trip went well.

Date of experience: September 20, 2023

At the top, a company that looks very correct

Very fast and efficient to book a train ticket for my part. I had a little problem with my email address so not received a ticket confirmation and they quickly solved the problem.

Date of experience: September 14, 2023

Thank you for your comment.

We are happy to learn that you appreciated our platform as well as the professional service of our team and we are grateful to have taken care to share this very good return.

We are delighted to accompany you during your future trips.

Best regards,
The Omio team

Very customer service agent ..

Very responsive and efficient customer service agent.

Date of experience: September 24, 2023

Good morning,

I was satisfied with the OMIO service insofar as it is possible to make last minute changes, free cancellation and full reimbursement, to this are reductions that the service offers, during my exchange with an omio advisor , I was able to get a quick and clear response. I appreciate

Date of experience: August 26, 2023

Thank you for your comment.

We are happy to learn that you appreciated our platform and we are grateful to have taken care to share this very good return.

We are delighted to accompany you during your future trips.

Best regards,
The Omio team

Updated on August 28, 2023

To flee

So to start, forget about the number numbered on your ticket, the instruction given by the driver is: sit where you want. which gives rise to many arguments. non -functional toilets. A child vomited and the driver made scandal indicating that she was not Madame Cleané. The seats are uncomfortable, now a week that I have back and cervical pain, thank you Omio. Take fewer people and think about comfort, it wouldn’t be a luxury. Air conditioning thoroughly we have been sick my partner and I for a week too.

PS: that’s what I said, you are useful, even with your travel number you do not find . great.

Date of experience: August 19, 2023

Thank you for taking the time to tell us about your experience.

We are sorry to read the problems encountered during your trip.