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Small bamboo: test & opinion of the application to meditate


Spoiler: and I don’t regret it !

My experience of meditation and my free opinion on Petit Bambou

My experience of meditation and my free opinion on Petit Bambou

Edit of 2023 🙂 The practice of meditation for sensitive hypers, hyper thinkers and all those who know nothing about it.

Non -sponsored article = free opinion

I was interested in the practice of meditation when I was young, attracted by the Buddhism and Keanu Reeves in “Little Buddha”. You yourself, a young teenager from the 90s, you know. I saw meditation as something magical of which I did not understand the method or the culmination. I was convinced that it was necessary to settle in position of the lotus, not to make a single movement and pronounce a kind of rare with the throat, “OOOOOMMMMM” throughout. To complicate the story, as soon as my eyes closed, twelve million thoughts fell on me, in a burst, and itching were massing en masse on my skin, like a light network. I have deduced that meditation was a matter of Eastern, Mystical Wise, Tribal Witches, and therefore that the Marseille little city dweller that I was simply not able to meditate.

via Giphy after reading the autobiographical novel “Eat Pray Love“d’Elizabeth Gilbert, I wanted to get my share of”divine response“”. There is no reason ! Liz is more western than I would never be. She was a Newyork, if she got there, why not me ? Even if I never screwed up in India or Bali – As for Rome and pizzas, it has been done for a long time. What was I really looking for ? I do not know. A well-being, A link to the beyond, a response in me, THE Grail, THE calm To avoid eating chocolate, divine communication, floating in the air,experience . ? Maybe all that.

My first meditation:

I selected a guided session on YouTube – a musical trip with a request to the universe. As I was lying on the bed, I fell asleep. I started again several times later, but rebelote. I was getting out of a session always disappointed, because ultimately, I had no idea what to do or what goal I had to get. A bit like when you hear about orgasm but you don’t understand how to catch it or what it really looks like. You imagine. You conceptualized. And as you are in your head, you are not in the present moment. When you managed, a few seconds, sudden awareness brings you back to your thoughts. And nothing happens. R, as young people say.

First almost successful experience . What a terrible moment !

After a few sessions, I finally managed to repel the flocking ideas but inevitably a leg, an arm or a cheek itching me. I had to get out of my state of “stone statue” all frozen, to scratch myself.

I created a fight against my body, or is it my body that created a fight against me ? I was determined to remember to move and simply to “observe” the feeling of gratouees without answering it.

Good advice: don’t do it. Never fight against your body. We are never smarter than him. Finally, it is my experience, and I do not wish it to anyone.

Because after having resisted – in sweaty – to several waves of spontaneous itching then repressed, My body has completely paralyzed.

I had to contain my muscles so hard not to give in that I was taken from great intensity spasms. Anxiety not helping, it has multiplied the effect. I felt my arms and legs vibrate literally and my chest tighten and explode in waves. Getting me out of this physically trying moment was a torture and an hour later, I still felt the pain in my whole body.

Frankly, I was afraid. I wondered if it was normal, if I had known one of these famous “Chakras unblocking“(I read that in a book and in 2023, it’s almost a common place on Tiktok).

If meditating in a room including a real rock wall, in the hill, had influenced the energy of the room (My room is mid-troglodyte)).

If I was just not very gifted.

And of course, whether or not I had to start this horrible experience again.

I took more than two months before daring to meditate again.

Spoiler: and I don’t regret it !

Guided meditation experience: with small bamboo

I downloaded little bamboo.

It seems that it is very “Parisian”, to download little bamboo. In any case, that was at that time, today the choice of app is colossal.

We move away from the real oriental practice, there is no OM or Vom. Only the sound of a metallic gong that one strikes at the beginning and at the end of a session gives in orientalism. But I needed to be guided “to the western”, with words, a line of file and a story that looks like a goal to be achieved.

Thanks to their program ofFree initiation, I started to understand what to do, how to do it and above all, no longer expect or fear a mystical response.

I was able to use the voice that guided me as a bulwark against the flood of my thoughts. After a few sessions (they last a few minutes), I became aware:

  1. That I had nothing to wait
  2. That I relaxed in more and more deeply
  3. That meditating during the day was a life facilitator: I saw more clearly.

The sessions quickly became too short.

Before detailing my experience as a small bamboo, I take a break (a little) advertising but so effective for you.

Advice: write your meditation sessions in a monitoring journal

In a notebook dedicated to your practice, or in your beautiful planner Shirley Chiche 🙂 Take the time to note: the date of meditation, in what state you were before, what happened and your state of mind Next. This summary of your session is very useful because:

  1. You have before you your progression line, sometimes fluctuating, always progressing by putting it back on the temporality of three years.
  2. You note Interior messages that you stand. Admit, you also hear it, this little voice who is not the ego ?
  3. You collect the type of programs or free sessions that help you, give you an answer to situations where you are weakened.e. You don’t feel the same thing twice, so have no expectations, leave the freedom of a new interpretation.

The 10×21 cm carnets of the traveler or the A5 mediation pages in your organizer allow you to write and retain your meditation sessions, separately from your usual newspaper.

Be a collection of fine notebooks, rich in your notes and your experiences. Your tailor -made traveler will no longer leave you.

Organizer A5 and personalized and craft rechargeable notebooks in Dragon and Silver Turquoise Falquoise Leather

Observe your evolution is essential not to have the feeling of stagnating. Like this tray phase in a diet where you end up depressing. By holding your follow -up on a few separate sheets, in your organizer, you maintain your regularity and you also forgive yourself your moments without.

And obviously, a good big notebook with pleasant to write pages will also be perfect.

I can completely sew a book cover, a traveler or an organizer, tailor -made and personalized, and prepare the original stationery you want 🙂

Handmade and personalized carnet cover in vegan cork

Continuation of the experience of guided meditation:

Every morning, sometimes even in the evening, in a tailor position on the bed, I meditated in peace and serenity. Yes, just that. And I tell you with detachment (Correction 2023))

If I had to scratch myself, I moved my hand By placing my attention on the movement. I did it without exaggerating slowness, aware of feeling the action in my body. Nothing for you, but this peace with the gratoue of meditation sessions to change my perception of my physical sensitivity.

2023: I was able to put a word: hypersensitive.

No, I didn’t do any tests, I don’t need it. You know when something is your constitution.

I don’t know how much I am on the hypersensitivity scale, but it is part of my daily life.

If it was a source of misunderstandings and difficulties throughout my life course, with others as with myself, it is also what nourished my resilience capacity: no forgive, but understand.

Meditation has been fully part of a healing process.

That of my body, especially, which I had completely divest. And I’m not talking about makeup or fashion, but feeling human body.

We can quite have an impeccable representation and be completely disconnected from your body.

Meditation had the effect of making me meet this incredible vehicle who knows how to communicate invisible information so well.

Learn to listen to the pain of your spasms and other contractures,
decrypt what is hiding there. In this knot, this tension, this precise place.

I discovered that it was possible to locate the emotion that is there, to seek the place it has invested. To let it speak, to listen to it, so I am able to understand, and perhaps provide an answer and to act.

I identified love, When he mistreats my heart and he beat so hard that my rib cage hurts me. I hear my heart with my ears, it’s deafening. He also knows how to do it wonderfully vibrate
Good. Heart chakra, logic.

I identified injustice, which is one of my basic injuries. Delivered all options. It is right in the solar chakra, and this one is a high sophistication torture. When I am faced with an unfair situation, the whole region . I would say the stomach / liver . gives me the feeling of forming a ball, more and more dense, which contracts and radiates navel at the coast, a little more as I remain in inaction instead of expressing my refusal of the situation.

To free myself, I confront, to let it save space, I flee (yellow laughs).
But I know how to identify it and put specific words.

I have identified still insoluble knots in the hollow of my sex. Tensions, walls, sadness. But also the peaks where my libido (thirst for life) overflows with creativity, inspiration and expiration . The sacred chakra or root chakra ? I still have a lot of trouble to untangle all this mess at the first levels.

Meditation, once again, gave me the reconnection tools.

I really liked the various paid programs of Petit Bambou.

Men and women, their voice is hot, reassuring and natural.

Halfway between the traditional meditation and the sophrology, where we follow an established path. This program for Western city dweller suited me perfectly for a year.

With the ” Bodysmith »I review each part of my body, from the toes to the root of the hair. I am attentive to each deaf pain to be able to release tensions in my muscles, adapt a better position, appreciate a particular vibration .

I started to feel and visualize At the same time my body, its weight, its shape, the places in contact with the mattress. Besides at the end of each session, after having stretched myself, I feel completely declined.

But the most spectacular, in my own story, is how much My breathing has opened.

By observing my inspirations and my expirations, certain blocking points have decreased considerably.

My breathing no longer stops at my lungs or my chest. My throat tight, my solar plexus blocked and even my uterus have resulted in. I can push the air to inflate a completely imaginary ball in my sexual organs. I did not even know that it could be possible to open this place from the top.

Since then, I have read a lot on the subject of the breath. This will be the occasion for a future article.

Brief, grace With a little bamboo, I learned to collaborate with my body and not try to take control.

And that changes everything.

Meditating allows us to place our focus where we wish it. This may be on the sounds that surround us and then will disappear behind the body’s observation or on the contrary be considerably amplified if we pay attention. Or the smells that float around us, light, heat .

I learned that I could also meditate – or rather be in conscience – by walking or doing the dishes. Observe colors, landscape, soap mousse, carefully. I only close my eyes if my focal should be directed to my mind.

Today, I meditate when I sew and manufacture the planers and other intimate newspapers of adults you order me.

I know they are even more loaded with good vibes and I always find mind -blowing when you came to tell me that you feel it 🙂

There machine seam, But also like knitting or manual activities, allows me to focus all my attention on the movements and, a way making it, to recreate a bubble.

I don’t know if talking about mind is correct.

I get lost a little between mental, spirit, thought and all the abstract part of our being. I see meditation as the function cleaning / re-reinforcement hard drive from my mental computer.

It allows me a deep connection with my real desires and needs.

I tell you immediately: you will think.

It is impossible for someone human to think of nothing, although I noticed that by moving my eyes towards the corner at the top, on the left, I create a kind of “Jambler with thoughts”. Do not ask me how or why, it is a personal observation of which I do not find the explanation. If you have it I expect your explanation: [email protected]

By placing myself from the emotions of the moment, I am simply a spectator of the thoughts that come and go. I simply breathe. I learn to hear them without leaving them me to impregnate, to permeate. I visualize them like soap bubbles inside which floats a thought, once I observed the bubble, I push it with my imaginary hand gently. And she disappears.

  • Sometimes the bubbles are too numerous, so I calm the hubbub by refusing them all until they get into line.
  • Sometimes a successful thought of me capture And train with her elsewhere. It can have a good time before I realize it ! When I realize it, I go back to the observation of my breath, without blaming it for having been distracted.

I want to say that the purpose of all this is to Connect fully with my interior messenger: my heart. I observe without judging my emotions. I am the attentive and benevolent spectator.

It is for this reason that I subscribed to the paid version of Petit Bambou. By the way: I do not have a promo code to give you, nor any partnership, I just give you my opinion as a user.

What I appreciate with the full program of this application is The panel of meditations proposals : mind, stress, letting go, authentic presence, relationships, various fears, work, inspiration, detox, health, pregnancy . There is something for everyone, even children and adolescents. As I said, we are far from Buddhist spiritual meditations, in silence and sacred sounds. But This approach makes it possible to understand how the spirit behaves And gives tools for, perhaps one day, approach even more of the sacred.

Following a guided path on a particular theme Allows me to connect with my heart. I answer with spontaneity and accuracy to the questions addressed. Some answers surprise me myself, but I have no doubt about their sincerity. They come from there, from the heart, from the soul and are absolute answers, not negotiable on their truth. Afterwards, follow them or not, it is the human who decides;)

The different guides that I was able to follow on Petit Bambou all had a pleasant phrasing, easy to follow. I appreciate kindness that they push us to adopt towards ourselves, whatever our level or whatever the success or failure of the session.

Each program is a real lesson in life. Some have transformed my way of seeing things, like the program “positive” or “Decisions and creativity“”. You should know that the sessions include between 10 and 22 sessions, of memory, which gives time to immerse themselves in a subject.

Despite the extremely positive effects that meditation has on me, I do not practice regularly. Between personal sabotage And Need to come back to my comfort zone, It can happen for a few weeks before I meditate again. You know the thing: you know that you will do good, but you don’t do it. Conscious self-sabotage.

That said, knowing that we pay the application, we come back more easily: p

Despite everything, once crossed a number of sessions – I would say about thirty visibly – You continue to be deeply impacted by meditation. You know the path. The rest is only a human case.

In the moments when my brain gets carried away but not enough to do a session, I’m backing for 5 minutes of breathing in cardiac coherence.

It is magic !

Small bamboo: test & opinion of the application to meditate

Small Bamboo Review

We have all heard opinions on the Petit Bamboo meditation application, whether with friends or family meals. The meditation and well-being application made such a boom that she spares no one.

So to go further than traditional articles, it seemed to us essential to take a complete tour of what is proposed. Here you will find a review of all the features and some tips and tricks on this application !

  • Summary of our review
  • Small bamboo: general presentation
  • Question to ask before downloading little bamboo
    • Application ergonomics
    • Meditation speakers
    • Meditation programs
    • Application compatibility
    • Little bamboo subscriptions and prices
    • 1 – Many meditation programs
    • 2 – Christophe André
    • 3 – Adapted for children
    • 3 – Heart consistency
    • 4 – Crisis of calm
    • 5 – Audio player – Ambient sounds
    • 6 – Sophrology
    • Bonus – Offline mode
    • 1 – HEADSPACE
    • 2 – Calm
    • 3 – Mind
    • Who is behind little bamboo ?
    • What is the best position to meditate ?
    • Do you have to meditate every day ?
    • Are the effects of meditation proven ?

    Summary of our review

    Application : Bamboo

    Global mark : 5/5

    Availability : All browsers, iOS, Android

    Price : Between 4.17 and 7.99 euros per month.

    Good points :

    • Suitable for everyone
    • high quality program
    • great diversity of programs
    • many additional features
    • Easy to use

    Negative points :

    • Few free programs
    • Unable to buy à la carte programs

    Small bamboo: general presentation

    Small bamboo is a mobile application that allows you to guide you in the discovery of mindfulness meditation. Through different thematic programs and more than 900 accompanied meditation sessions, you can choose your work areas: emotions, concentration, well-being, mindfulness.

    When some American applications faced a growing success, the startup arrived the first on the French market (in January 2015) and made it possible to largely democratize the practice of a mindfulness meditation which was already on all mouths.

    With more than 4 million registered users and averages of 4.7/5 for iPhone (iOS) and 4.6/5 for Android We cannot doubt the quality of these guided guided meditation programs. Besides, the application now exists in 4 languages ​​(French, German, Spanish and English)

    Question to ask before downloading little bamboo

    Meditation is no longer debated, it is a precious help to go through life serenely, to reduce stress, in emotional pain or simply take care of its mental health. This ancestral practice is always more acclaimed by sports or health professionals as an important vector for personal development. Thus, learning to meditate is a way among others for a large number of adults and children to live better.

    Petit bamboo is a revolutionary application in the sense that it has democratized access to mindfulness meditation which was previously quite confidential. You had to be able to learn through books, at the risk of making mistakes, or paying lessons with a teacher, sometimes very expensive.

    Today for a few euros per month, the app takes you by the hand and accompanies you in the discovery of this practice. Although free trials can help you, it is essential to ask yourself the question: am I ready to be diligent ?

    Far from wanting to discourage the simple curious, it must be accepted that to succeed in the initiation to meditation the motivation and the desire to succeed are essential factors.

    However, when choosing the application, it is essential to be interested in everything that will allow you to make your experience optimal. This is counted in several points:

    Application ergonomics

    Ergonomics and user experience fundamentally concern how the application is built, the design that composes it and the way of navigating. Thus, the path or user route must be as fluid as possible. When you take the application in hand, you shouldn’t need a notice or instructions to achieve your ends.

    Meditation speakers

    Often, the voice that will guide you is a major point in the performance of the experience, so it is important to make sure that it is pleasant to you, wherever it is changing. Sometimes you will be surprised to be able to relax completely, while a too familiar voice could for example make you think of a friend and often distract you.

    Meditation programs

    Major point in choosing a meditation application, the programs that are offered must imperatively correspond to your needs, but also your desires. Doing exercises in a setting that motivates you allows you to stay concentrated longer. More than that, you can also give yourself goals that will have a direct impact on your life. By quantifying this you can better follow your progress in practice and its benefits.

    Application compatibility

    Make sure that compatibility of the app corresponds well with the uses you want to make of it. If you only use your phone then the question does not arise. However, you must be more attentive to the parameters if you intend to access it in a multi -platform (app and browser for example)

    Little bamboo subscriptions and prices

    The price is a real discriminating factor for mediation applications that arrive on a market that did not exist and are therefore felt as an additional expenditure more than a replacement.

    The features of the Petit Bambou application

    Here are the different features that make the difference between small bamboo and competition:

    1 – Many meditation programs

    Obviously, the main functionality of the application is due to meditation programs because they are the heart of the value. Whether in their diversity and their quality, these are the moments that help you create the meditation experience.

    Petit bamboo offers more than 70 programs that may suit all needs: here are some for example:

    • Serene sleep
    • Wake up creativity
    • Positive resources
    • Mourning and mindfulness
    • “In the transports”

    We therefore notice that there are some that allow you to discover yourself, when others target a specific objective or period of life.

    The exercises that make up the sessions are quite varied, not only in the content, but also in the form, the idea being to avoid weariness. You can find sessions from 5 minutes to 30 minutes.

    2 – Christophe André

    We cannot speak of mindfulness meditation in France without mentioning Christophe André. He had himself launched a mobile mediation application, before joining Petit Bambou to share his wisdom as possible. The psychiatrist with multiple works therefore offers his own program on rather wide themes such as “living in full conscience” or “meditating in the face of difficulties”.

    3 – Adapted for children

    In view of touching the greatest number and raising awareness of the widest, the application offers programs dedicated to various age groups: for children 5-12 years old, teens 12-18 and even especially for students.

    3 – Heart consistency

    Heart consistency is a relaxation technique based on the regulation of heart rate. In this sense the application offers an additional tool which will allow you to practice in a supported manner. Unlike guided meditation, here the tool helps you just what it takes to adjust your breathing.

    4 – Crisis of calm

    A little too much stress and the machine is racing. With this small bamboo feature helps you to face emergency situation, in just 3 minutes !

    5 – Audio player – Ambient sounds

    For those that silence disturbs or anxiety, the application offers to listen to room sounds that are pleasant to you during guided meditations.

    Dan the same time, it is still not possible to change the voice that guides the session, even if the company says it will happen in the coming months. So if the voice bothers you, you will have to change the program.

    6 – Sophrology

    As the application expands its customer base, it also goes further in the content it offers, the latest opening concerns Sophrology. Unlike the meditation that is interested in the present moment, this technique makes the user work on his past and his future, a way to project himself differently.

    Bonus – Offline mode

    This is a feature that is always in great demand, and Petit bamboo has set it up very quickly: it is possible to download your sessions to practice them offline.

    In addition, Petit Bambou also released a book that allows you to learn more about mediation, whether it is concepts or history. The book, full of ideas, very playful is like the app: accessible to all. So exit philosophical developments, the book will be able to help you know better the means of putting a little more meditation in his life. It is a good complement to the exercises of the application.

    Users are delighted

    In addition to its superb notes on Apple and Google’s application blinds, we notice that Petit Bambou has managed to create a very solid community of followers.

    First there are those who were initiated into meditation and who found a good way to continue their practice in the best conditions.

    Apple little bamboo comment

    Others like Charles had a real shock when they discovered that they could have more control over their lives thanks to these new practices. This user discovered mediation with the application, apparently for their greatest good.

    Comment Apple Small Bamboo 2

    Finally, users like Gigi have been trying for a while to get into meditation without success. Despite her motivation, it was only by discovering the application that she managed to stick.

    Apple little bamboo comment

    Thus with these three testimonies, chosen among an equally complimentary large number, we could see that there is no rule when the average user and that it is a tool that can correspond to everyone.

    How to get small bamboo ?

    You can download Small Bamboo to all mobile download platforms, whether it is the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android).

    Via applications, you can subscribe to a half -year subscription of 29.99 euros.

    However, if you go the Petitbambou Prices, new offers are offered to you. In addition to a lifetime subscription (200 euros) you can choose to pay during the month (7.99 euros) or year -round (49.99 euros) which allows you to pay only 4.17 euros per month. A great deal if you are convinced by the application.

    Surprise ! Remember that for a birthday, a subscription to the application can please, the application offers gift cards directly on the website.

    Please note the small bamboo model is an automatic extension subscription. So it is essential to think about terminating before the end of your subscription if you do not want to continue using the application for a month, semester or additional year.

    The best alternatives with small bamboo

    The application has many alternatives, which have rushed into the furrows of American blockbuster.


    Headspace is the application that invented the concept and it is not available in France. Created by a former Buddhist monk returned to Silicon Valley, Headspace won all the tech gratin and Hollywood stars. With Mindfulness ambassadors like Gwyneth Paltrow, and partnerships with Google or LinkedIn who make it available to their employees, success was to be expected. The proposal of values ​​is immense, with more than 550 hours of lessons and guides.

    At the same time there is a desire to bring the user back to the application through notifications that do not make very zen. We regret having the feeling that she is fighting with Facebook for our available brain time.

    2 – Calm

    American too, the CALM application is available from around the world, and it is the most downloaded. In addition to courses and meditation programs that are based on daily rehearsal through a theme every day different, it offers stories to fall asleep. Its particularity being to offer programs and exercises that are more widely interested than its competitors with mental health which is closer to personal therapy.

    Created in San Francisco, it is the 19th company with the fastest growth in the United States. It is possible to try 7 days free before paying 49.99 euros per year.

    3 – Mind

    Back in France, the app is also fashionable. More refined than its opponents, the design is perfectly thought out, close to all “cool” standards, the idea is to focus on urban young people.

    The force of the application is also to have a panel of high quality partners like Fabrice Midal, Beryl Marjolin or Sébastien Henry, who integrate in the 220 sessions offered. Less public, it focuses on its target heart, for example by creating a special partnership with Air France, which has been listened to more than 2 million times “On Board”.

    As with Petit Bambou, you will have access to a free initiation program. Then, you will have to pay 6.99 euros per month to access the many special programs.


    As we have seen, mindfulness meditation is a subject of society that is more and more followers. Even if this technique has long been reserved for the most motivated the Petit bamboo application largely demolishes the practice and allows everyone to be guided simply, at their own pace.

    What seduced us at Petit Bambou is first of all the simplicity of use. Everything has been thought of so that everyone can quickly test or continue their practice as quickly as possible, without incomprehension.

    Then, the quality of the programs offered, be it themes or partnerships, are absolutely stunning. There is something for all ages, all tastes and all problems. You will also note their effort to be as generally as possible.

    We were widely convinced by the product, even if the competitors are not bad, the little Frenchman managed to get out of the game by being very attentive to his community. We recommend ! 5/5 !


    Who is behind little bamboo ?

    The application was launched in January 2015 by Benjamin Blasco Polytechnician passed by Paypal and BearingPoint and Ludovic Dujardin Diplée de l’Isen who was technical director of several startups.

    What is the best position to meditate ?

    There is no compulsory position to meditate. Sitting in a suit, on a chair or bedtime, everything is possible: the important thing is that you feel good. Then each session does not have the same goal and you can without problem changing position between two programs.

    Do you have to meditate every day ?

    Nothing compulsory, but installing this routine in your life will make progress quickly. The app recommends doing it as regularly as possible, you will be able to feel all the benefits.

    Are the effects of meditation proven ?

    Many studies like that “stress and medatitation” of the CNRS have proven the benefits of meditation on the body The spirit, well -being and productivity.