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The Ultimate Guide – How to Download for free from 9anime

But before going to the list, be careful, because this kind of site abuse all kind advertising, pop-up, automatic videos, intrusive advertising, etc. This can expose your PC to viruses and malware ! Remember to use a web browser as brave, and activate your antivirus, antimalware and an ad blocker to have a quiet mind.

Our top 5 free anime download sites in 2021

In 2020, we have published a list of iOS and Android applications that allow you to watch the animates in streaming and also another list of the 5 best torrent sites to download the animes via a torrent customer. In 2021, we offer this list of sites to watch your favorite anime online or to download it directly to your computer.

But before going to the list, be careful, because this kind of site abuse all kind advertising, pop-up, automatic videos, intrusive advertising, etc. This can expose your PC to viruses and malware ! Remember to use a web browser as brave, and activate your antivirus, antimalware and an ad blocker to have a quiet mind.

And to be clear with you, torrent sites, streaming sites and direct download sites, in most cases are illegal sites and therefore they are neither reliable nor stable in time, that’s for that after A certain moment the links can stop working. If you bother you, a legal Netflix subscription, Amazon Prime, Disney+, DNA or Rakuten TV are good alternatives to legally watch manga and animes.

TOP 5 Free Animes Download Sites in 2021

The sites we are going to list here are the best known in 2021 and the most popular.

#1. The 9anime site
With a huge anime database, accessible with or without registration, the 9anime site is a site that can be qualified as reliable compared to other similar sites.

The site offers a fairly large catalog of anime and content (subtitled or doubled in English) currently broadcast on streaming platforms and television channels. You can sort the online catalog by categories, or by gender, and also by the release date.

The advantage of this site is that it gives you the choice between watching the content online streaming or downloading it to your computer to look at it later without the need for an internet connection.

#2. The Kissanime site
Another site cleaner than 9 years old with less intrusive advertising, and which seems correct and clear to me. It is simple in navigation with its interface and its menu with four tabs: Home, Anime List, Trending, Schected.

The tab that is more interested in us is Anime List, And this is where you should start your browsing to browse the enormous anime catalog that this site offers thanks to a filter by alphabet, new and update. The site also offers its catalog by kind of anime: action, comedy, drama … etc.

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#3. The Soul Anime site
You must have a VPN to access it because the site is blocked in certain regions, if this is the case, try our VPN partner in purevpn affiliation for a week’s test at 0.99 €.

Soul Anime is a very popular platform with a wide catalog of anime and manga of which One Pieace, Naruto Shippuden, Bleach And Fairy Tail are part of the list. The site allows you to look at your favorite series without the need for registration and account creation and just like the first two Kissanime and 9animes site, in addition to watching the anime online, it is also possible to Download on your PC in high quality 720p or 1028p.

I let you discover Soul animates on this link (which works when writing this article): http: // ww9.Soul-Anime.US/

#4. The Anime-Planet site
The site is very clean with an easy and well -organized interface to browse a catalog that brings together more than 45.000 episodes of anime, manga and characters (characters) legally ! And yes The Anime-Planet site is a reliable and legal site to watch streaming.

The site gives you the opportunity to look at your anime without registration, but to keep your reading history, to create playlists to look at like on Netflix and other streaming platforms and to have notifications and recommendations, it is preferable to Creating an account with them is free and it’s worth it !

Anime-planet is also a forum that brings together a whole community of young addicts to anime and manga, in this section you can for example interact with people who share the same passion as you and also it is the best corner where you can make requests for ‘Adding anime and manga series on the site.

#5. The Master site.One
The layout of the site is good, the interface that looks like that of the Netflix site gives us the impression of being on a legal streaming site but this is false because the site offers illegal content.

It is one of the most popular and interesting sites on the web in 2021 to stream anime and manga. The quality of its content (1080p/720p/480p) is very appreciable and its menu allows you to browse animes and manga by gender, by the release date or in alphabetical order. It is even possible to make requests for adding anime series if you do not find what you are looking for in the catalog.

The Ultimate Guide – How to Download for free from 9anime

If you like anime, you’ve heard of 9anime, one of the best anime streaming sites. It is a great platform where you can find and look for free anime in high quality. Sometimes you will probably want to download videos from 9 years old to watch them offline? How to download from 9anime? Here are 3 methods.

As one of the most popular anime streaming platforms, 9anime offers a huge anime content library and allows you to look at them in high quality for free. It works on the phone, tablet and office. But 9anime has no official application for Android or iOS.

To download from 9anime, you must first know the official website. When you are looking for 9anime in Google, you will find many results, but many of them are false. It is best to go to the site 9anime.me To check the real areas.

How to download anime from 9anime? Let’s examine the following methods. If you want to create a GIF from your favorite anime, Minitool Moviemaker is recommended here.

Noticed: The methods below are used to download videos from 9 years old on your desktop. These methods are only intended for equitable personal use and we do not recommend the download of content protected by copyright from 9anime.

Method 1. Download directly from 9anime

When you look at an anime episode on 9 years, you will find that there is no direct download button. But you can really download videos from 9 years old. How to download an anime directly from 9anime? Follow the steps below.

Step 1. Go to the official 9anime website, find the animated series or the film you want to download.

2nd step. Click on it to open the viewing page, then click the button Mp4upload, You will then see the button Download in the lower right corner of the reader.

Activate the download button

Step 3. Push the button Download To open the MP4Upload download page, then click the button Download.

Click on the Pophe on the download button

Step 4. You will then see information on the episode or the animated film waiting for download. Click on the button Download To start downloading the anime in MP4 format.

Start download L

Method 2. Use video downloadhelper

Video DownloadHelper is an extension for the Chrome web browser and the Firefox web browser which allows you to download videos from many sites that stream videos via http in http. Now let’s learn how to download an anime from 9anime using video downloadhelper.

Step 1. Go to this site Downloadhelper Video, click on Add to Chrome > Add an extension, You will find a new icon in the browser toolbar.

2nd step. Open the 9anime website, find and play the anime you want to download, then you will see the Downloadhelper Video icon becomes colorful. Press this icon, then click the icon next to the title of the anime.

Click on video downloadhelper become

Step 3. Then press the button Fast download from the drop -down menu, then click the button Use the browser To download the anime in MP4.

Method 3. Use the Cococut video downloader

Cococut is an M3U8 downloader for the Chrome web browser, allowing you to download streaming and http live streaming in MP4. It is also a reliable 9anime downloader. Now follow the steps below to learn how to download 9anime.

Step 1. Add the extension Cococut video downloader, and pin it at the extension toolbar.

2nd step. Open 9anime and read the anime you want to download. Wait until the color of the cococut icon changes, and that it indicates the number of files to download.

Step 3. Click on the Cococut video download icon, then the button Download To start downloading the anime.

Download from 9anime via Cococut Video Downloader


This post shows you how to download from 9 years old using 3 free methods, including 2 9anime download extensions. You can also try other extensions like Live Stream Downloader. Now it’s your turn. Follow these methods to download your favorite anime from 9anime to watch it offline.

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