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Tiktok for Android

The new phenomenon that mixes social network, fun and, above all music with friends !


Tiktok is a social network for sharing video clips which quickly established itself as a leader in this field, available in mobile application, you can take it everywhere with you.

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Why use Tiktok ?

What are the news of the latest version of Tiktok ?

With which bones is tiktok compatible ?

What are the best alternatives to Tiktok ?


Tiktok is a social network for sharing video clips launched in 2016 and which quickly established itself as a leader in this field. In just a few years, the platform has become a global phenomenon.

Like Twitter, The famous social network exchange network, Tiktok invites you to create musical videos of 15 seconds maximum and to share them with other users. You can also browse the millions of videos from other members of the community, and an intelligent search engine is able to find the content that suits you the most.

You can download the free application for Android or iOS to always have it on you and be able to film the important, or fun moments, of your life and share them with your friends and users around the world.

Why use Tiktok ?

Tiktok is a global social network. If you like to view, or share, short, or instructive videos, then the service is done for you. The major interest is the length of the videos: only short videos of a few seconds. You can see as much as you want, and there are millions ! A bit like you would with image and photo on Instagram.

To reach the platform, you can register from your account Twitter, Facebook, Google or choose to register with your email address or phone number. The application allows you to follow the publications of other members, and the home page presents the most popular clips organized by Hashtag (sort of keywords).

Then the application will get to know you, depending on the videos you have loved and shared, it will offer you others of the same type. The more active you are, the more the videos that will be offered to you will suit you.

You can also be creative and publish your own videos. The first step is to choose music, then launch the recording. You can put your favorite music and sounds in the background of your videos. All audio files offered to enhance the videos are free and all genres are represented: pop, rock, country, electro, rap, etc.

Once your video is finished you can decorate it at all times ! The application has a wide range of 3D masks, filters and quality effects to improve your creations. You can add stickers, emoticons, face filters, etc. The service also has basic edition tools: cutting a video, merge two videos, duplicating a video, all this is possible with the publisher included in the application.

But that’s not all, you love to film yourself live ? No problem since Tiktok allows the streaming of live videos. And to go even further this type of video is even entitled to its own specific filters that you can apply while you turn !

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What are the news of the latest version of Tiktok ?

The August 2020 update now provides the possibility of applying effects on the votes of videos: echo, vibrato, electro, etc., and new transition effects have appeared.

In general, the application is updated regularly to bring new products to users.

Tiktok has been under the fire of the ramp since the beginning of the 2020, but not for good reasons. Indeed, the Chinese application is attacked from all sides. It is first prohibited in India, then begins to undergo pressures in the USA.

Since January 13, 2021, the accounts of the people aged 13 to 15 will automatically pass to private mode by default, which means that only subscribers approved by the user account will have the possibility of viewing videos. The purpose of this new parameter is to protect minors more. Likewise, for these minor accounts, comments are reserved for authorized friends and members and downloading videos is disabled.

New feature is now deployed on the Tiktok mobile application: automatic subtitles. For the moment only in English and Japanese, it should soon be available in French also. It is the creator of the video who must activate it from the video modification page.

Since June 2021, video creators on Tiktok can add links at the bottom of their video to content from other applications and third -party services. Called Jump, this new feature offers links to pages from the following services: Breathwrk, Quizlet, Statmuse, Tabelog, Wikipedia and Whisk. This feature has not yet been deployed for everyone.

New feature that will be talked about a lot in the coming months: Tiktok Resumes. Deployed only in the United States since July 2021, this new feature allows users to apply for job offers by indicating the hashtag #tiktokresumes. Partner companies will receive these video CVs and will thus be able to recruit their future employees.

If you were fed up with only being able to make videos of a minute, know that the July 2021 update invites you to make videos for up to 3 minutes ! But it seems that the platform does not wish to stop there and according to information given at the end of August it could be that in a fairly close future the videos go to 5 (test in progress since October 2021), or even 10 minutes, in follow.

December 2021 Appearance of a streaming module with Tiktok Live Studio: Tiktok to the Twitch Assault ? The platform tests a PC streaming option

That’s it, it’s done, Tiktok officially goes to videos of 10 minutes maximum in March 2022.

For this summer 2022, here are some nice surprises: animated avatars ! Go to the camera’s selfie mode and choose the Avatar effect. Predefined models are offered, but it is possible to personalize them.

Another novelty of this summer 2022, you can create images from text. Go to the “Green AI” effect and let the artificial intelligence generate an image from a few keywords. It will then be possible to use it in the background for your videos.

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With which bones is tiktok compatible ?

You can download and install Tiktok for Android for free from version 4.1. For tablet and smartphone.

Regarding iOS, the application is available for download on the IOS App Store from version 9.3. For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Finally, you can also connect to your account from your Internet browser on your computer (Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook, etc.)).

What are the best alternatives to Tiktok ?

All these social media applications are free for download, and offer targeted advertising (or not depending on your settings).

To share videos and also edit them, as in Tiktok, you can try Like. It is a social network based solely on sharing videos. Here no limitation of the duration of the videos, and the publisher included is ultra powerful and full of features. Live broadcast (or live) is also possible.

You love to share short videos, but would like them to be temporary ? So try Snapchat. On this platform you will be able to share photos and videos with your friends and contacts and they will be self -destructive after a certain time (chosen by you). To download for Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad).

In the world of social networks where you can share what you want, the best known remains Facebook. Videos, photos, images, texts, share whatever you want with your friends or the whole world ! You can even live live video streaming. To download for Android and iOS or to use via your Internet browser.

If this is the sharing of video that you are looking for in priority, but short videos do not suit you, then turn to Youtube, This giant video sharing network led by the no less giant Google. You will find everything there, and can share your personal videos there. Accessible from any internet browser. Also available for download for Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad). Youtube Shorts in the elbow with tiktok.

Tiktok for Android

The new phenomenon that mixes social network, fun and, above all music with friends !

Android, iOS, web

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After marking the field with musical.Ly Lite, the Chinese publisher strikes hard with Tik Tok which is already a global phenomenon ! This application is intended for those – young and old – who like to dance on viral choreographies, stage and have the gallery !

  • Why use Tiktok ?
  • What are the news for Tiktok ?
  • What are the features of Tiktok ?
  • Tutorials: how to use Tiktok ?
  • What are the best alternatives to Tiktok ?

Why use Tiktok ?

Tik Tok is a mobile application available for free download for Android smartphones and tablets and iOS . This social network adulated by generation Z allows everyone to film themselves on chosen music – among the large catalog offered – and to enhance its creations of filters and special effects.

The idea is to make a small choreography or a playback, alone or with others, and then share the short video (60 seconds maximum). If Tiktok is a real phenomenon among young people for its friendly and musical side, it quickly gains ground with a more mature audience. After all, there is no age limit to stage !

What are the news for Tiktok ?

Strengthened by immense success, the application continues to intrigue and frequently talks about it. Her algorithm was recently pierced up to date by an anonymous informant and reveals amazing information. Tiktok would indeed optimize two parameters, that are retention and time spent on each video, in order to refine its results and make people ever more dependent. An observation that divides specialists but which allows us to better understand how the application so easily manages to target the interests of its users.

The firm also distinguished – this time with no more noble intentions – via its last Cyber-harassment awareness campaign . It is in partnership with a childhood assistance association that she imagined a security quiz (accessible from the application) to raise awareness among users and learn to react better during critical situations. An initiative that undeniably echoes its crusade launched against inappropriate content.

In a lighter beautiful context, Tiktok also unveiled in December 2021 his most consulted videos of videos throughout the year. With more than a billion active visitors recorded in September, the platform now garnishes millions of views on certain musical and humorous videos.

What are the features of Tiktok ?

Video feed

To use Tiktok just install the mobile application and then start the application. It will suffice for an account on Twitter, Facebook, Google or Instagram To be able to use it, otherwise the user can also register by e-mail or with his phone number.

When the application is opened, an endless flow of trendy and recent videos is offered. These are classified by a hashtag system. Tiktok offers another possibility to discover relevant content: that of carrying out a search in your catalog tab.

Offering multiple features to bring your community to life, the application also allows you to follow your favorite tiktokers (including celebrities !) to leave likes and comments, to exchange with other members and to share all the videos with his loved ones.

Creation of Tiktok

In order to create his own tiktok (name given to the videos of the platform), the user must first select a musical title. The choice is given among the trendiest titles or the rest of the catalog.

He or she can then select filters as well as original visual effects in order to embellish its content and make it even more attractive. The choice is certainly not always ideal, but remains very varied and regulars always end up finding their happiness.

Tiktok recording and sharing

Recording a tiktok is child’s play. To proceed, just press the recording button. When it is sunk, it turns, and when it is released, it takes a break. In the manner of fire Vine , Tiktok allows you to make assemblies easily and quickly. These are also legion on the network.

Once the video is finalized, it will be high time to share it. It is good to note that all the recorded videos and then published by users are not necessarily visible on the social network. Indeed, the application allows you to record tiktok in private mode to make your first testing.

Proud users of their creations can also gain visibility by sharing them on all popular networks as Facebook Or Twitter .