Orange review: what customers think of it in 2022, Orange fiber review: what customers think in 2023?

Orange fiber review: what customers of orange fiber boxes think

For users who want higher services such as a flow rate up to 2 GB/s, a WiFi repeater, a 2nd ultra high definition TV decoder, a TV recorder or unlimited calls from the box to mobiles, L ‘Livebox Up Orange Fiber meets these expectations.

Summary of opinions on the Livebox Orange 2022

Livebox is the Internet box offered by Orange. It allows you to enjoy the Fiber or ADSL of the historic operator. You will have the choice between three offers Fiber Livebox and three adsl livebox offers. You wish to subscribe to one of these offers ? Before validating your choice, it is still advisable to be interested in customer opinions on this box. This will allow you to get an idea on certain points, such as the flows offered or even the operator’s customer service. In general, customers are satisfied with Livebox and Orange services, although some have expressed their dissatisfaction, in particular concerning customer advisers. Focus !

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Livebox reviews

Being the oldest operator on the telecommunications market, Orange certainly benefits from a big advantage in terms of image on others. He has the best network in France. Indeed, the Orange fiber covers more than 31 million households at present.

For its private customers, the operator offers Livebox to allow them to access the Internet. This internet box supports adsl and fiber offers from the brand. It is placed in the category of Triple play offers entry -level.

The Livebox rivals very well with the boxes of other large operators. Its more is that it allows you to call the Tunisia fixed and also 10 hours of appeal to the fixeds of Algeria. To take advantage of it, know that all its offers are only on request.

Characteristic of the Livebox Orange

Livebox is above all a modem provided when subscribing to an internet offer at Orange. It is available in three versions: the Livebox 4, 5 and 6, depending on the offer chosen. It offers a good connection that has satisfied the operator’s customers.

“New Orange Livebox client after several years of nightmare at Free. Like other comments, I am satisfied with the Orange services. After several months of hell at Free to install fiber at home, Orange intervened in less than a week to install it for free. My livebox has no worries (some rare disconnections), everything works correctly. It’s day and night compared to Free in terms of wifi quality, customer service, after -sales service. »»

Zomoha, January 10, 2022, Trustpilot

The Livebox proposed by Orange has continued to evolve over the years. Today, modern and highly technological boxes have taken the place.

Livebox 4: a more efficient wifi

Appeared in 2016, the Livebox 4 allows you to benefit from an ultra-performance WiFi connection, with fiber flows still unmatched. Its design is more compact. It is compatible with the orange wifi 6 repeater. A disruption reduction system has been put in place to further stabilize the connection.

Livebox 5: improved flows and smart wifi

The Livebox 5 was launched on October 10, 2019. It enjoys more advanced features:

  • a descending flow of 2 GB/s, and up to 600 Mb/s in updated flow;
  • A stable and efficient connection thanks to intelligent wifi;
  • Compatible with the orange WiFi 6 repeater;
  • Compatibility with connected home applications and equipment.
  • lighter and compact design.

Livebox 6: 6th WiFi compatibility and vertical design

The Livebox 6 is the most recent since it was launched in April 2022. This is an improved version compared to the Livebox 5:

  • Descending flow of up to 2.5 gbit/s, and 800 Mbit/s in updated flow;
  • compatibility with 6th WiFi;
  • Compatibility with the orange WiFi 6 repeater;
  • Compatibility with connected home applications and equipment.

Moreover, for Orange customers, this new box brings together several qualities, especially in terms of the flows offered, although the price is a little higher.

“I have the livebox 6 (delivered and activated in less than 3 weeks) for July 2022 and really not the slightest cloud everything is perfect except the price. What do you want the quality is paid (…) Configuration: livebox 6 max, 1 TV decoder on ports 1 Gb/s, 1 TV decoder on WiFi, a PC on 2.5 GB/S measured at 2.2 Gb/s And 1 pc on wifi measured at 380 Mbps so on 2.4 GHz in the garden more than 100 m from the box. »»

Pierre, October 17, 2022, Trustpilot

Orange ADSL and fiber reviews

Depending on your eligibility, you can take out an ADSL offer or a fiber offer from Orange. Besides, the networks of the historic operator are very extensive.

ADSL offers

If you are not eligible for orange fiber, you will always have the choice between three ADSL offers offered by the historic operator:

  • The Livebox in ADSL or VDSL2: it allows you to have orange TV, with 140 TV channels and unlimited calls to fixed in mainland France and the French overseas departments;
  • The Livebox Up in ADSL or VDSL2: in addition to the TV and unlimited calls to the fixes, you take advantage of a WiFi 6 repeater to have better coverage in your accommodation;
  • The Livebox Max in ADSL or VDSL2: you can receive up to 3 WiFi 6 repeaters. You also benefit from the airbox 20 GB to have a very high speed internet in mobility, as well as the WiFi Serenity service. With the latter, you can be accompanied by an Orange WiFi specialist to improve connectivity in your home.

It should be noted that all these offers are provided with the Livebox 4. As for the connection, the ADSL allows you to have a flow between 1 and 15 Mb/s when descending and 1 Mb/s or less by rising.

The positive opinions of customers on the Orange ADSL offer

Whether for the quality of the network, or for that of the services offered, several Orange customers have expressed their satisfaction with the operator.

“Several years customer at Orange No network concern Top Prix of Package Correct compared to the competitive reactive customer service I think stays very long at home. »»

Jefferson, November 6, 2022, Trustpilot

“Orange, is a reliable operator. Maybe expensive, but I know why I have a contract with them. Efficiency, speed. Orange takes care of customers with great after-sales service. I recommend. A unhappy person will speak about it at 10. A happy person will not talk about it, typically French ! Force to Orange ! »»

Morgane Belquin, October 28, 2022, Trustpilot

Customer negative opinions on the Orange ADSL offer

Although some customers are satisfied with the Orange Internet offers, others have expressed their dissatisfaction, especially on the various disconnections.

“Nothing works in ADSL: since the arrival of fiber in my town, nothing works in ADSL, as if by chance. Random connections ranging from 40mbs in the best of 3 or 4MB cases, but the worst is regular network disconnections, every 10 to 15 minutes. After 3 interventions, nothing has changed.»»

Claudine, April 2021, selectra

“Hello, we are in ADSL. Since our move 5 years ago, we have problems on the line and do not count the number of times called Orange so that the Sogetrel intervenes (. ) At the beginning, the fault was rejected on my house installation. (. ) All that to make you pay. Crook!»»

Sylvain Duez, October 29, 2022, Trustpilot


At the start of 2022, the Orange Internet service provider has no less than 6 million fiber optics. This technology allows faster access to internet, with a speed reaching up to 2 GB/s in upward speed and 800 MB/s descending. This will depend in particular on the offer for which you want to subscribe.

By opting for the Livebox Fiber, you can also enjoy a new generation livebox with smart WiFi. Always subject to a 12 -month commitment, this triple play offer allows you to benefit from unlimited fixed calls and a TV bouquet including 140 channels.

Customer feedback concerning the Orange fiber offer

As with ADSL offers, Orange customers are more than satisfied with the flows offered by fiber, but also the performance of the box.

“I have an orange fiber box subscription 2 GB/S. The service is very stable, the flows are also in the internet. The box is silent and efficient. We also have very few cuts. The only time I needed the after -sales service was the box that was dead. We were offered an immediate exchange in store the next day in less than 24 hours (it was evening). In 1 hour, I went to the store, I exchanged the box, I came back and everything was walking again. »»

Cocox, October 23, 2022, Trustpilot

“3 or 4 years that I have fiber at Orange and no problem, a connection without a single cut and 10 times more efficient than all its competitors. I see all the disastrous opinions posted by other users, which I do not understand. »»

Hoki, March 11, 2022, Trustpilot

“I have been at Orange Fiber since 2016, very frankly, it works very well. I have no worries, the fiber is very stable, and turns around 430 mega to a few variations, but we never go down, it is true that it is much more expensive than the others, but at Less, we have no bored, no image freezing, no harassment of the drives, nothing ! »»

Gérard, April 24, 2020, Trustpilot

Livebox price: what do Orange customers think ?

Like any other operator, Orange offers fairly varied prices both for its mobile packages, and for the Internet. For Internet offers, prices range from € 22.99/month to € 34.99/month, the first year, depending on the subscription you choose.

Regarding these prices, Orange customer opinions remain very mixed. Most opinions point out that orange prices are too high. This does not prevent that for some, it is completely normal to pay more expensive given the good quality of services.

Positive opinions on the price of Livebox Orange

“A little expensive, but great service: orange is expensive, that’s clear. On the other hand, if I do not change operator, it is because everything works wonderfully. I never had any problems on my package. In addition, the network is nickel at home. »»

Kevin, March 1, 2022, Touslesforfaits.Fr

“Really the best. The price may be higher than competition, but it is certainly no coincidence. Top of the top in communication before the sale, after the sale. Always present on the cat and very professional. In short, it’s really the best. »»

O.MOH, March 6, 2021, Trustpilot

Negative feedback on the Livebox Orange price

Jun Jessica, June 2022, Selectra:

“Incompetent customer service: to sell packages at fairly high prices they are number 1. To repair damaged lines, there is no one left. Do not ensure their mistakes. 1 month without internet and still nothing today. »»

Jun Jessica, June 2022, selectra

“(…) I think I’m going to stop all my subscriptions at home it becomes anything. (Before it was expensive, but it worked well. Now it’s very expensive and it doesn’t work anymore. ) »»

Thomas Rignon, August 29, 2022, Trustpilot

Customer service is reliable ?

Orange sets up a customer service dedicated to better support its customers and facilitate exchanges between the brand and its customers. This service is accessible via various means of communication, in particular:

  • by telephone ;
  • in store;
  • online, whether by cat from the site or on social networks.

Positive opinions concerning the reliability of Orange customer service

For most operator customers, Orange customer service is both responsive, listening and competent. Several of them particularly congratulate the kindness of advisers and their responsiveness.

” Excellent. Whenever I call them, very friendly and effective people. In addition, no endless waiting time. »»

Christine B, July 19, 2022, Trustpilot

“Thank you to the two people from Orange. They helped me on the phone find a solution to my problem. It took us time, but it was settled. It’s perfect. »»

Capricorn, July 14, 2022, Trustpilot

Negative feedback regarding the reliability of Orange Customer Service

Some Orange customers have said they had not been satisfied with the answers they have had from customer service. Others have pointed out the lack of courtesy of the advisers.

“Catastrophic service, operator not hesitating to hang up on the nose. Unacceptable after waiting all this time on the phone. Very disappointed. »»

Benjamin, November 8, 2022, Trustpilot

“Detestable sales service. Client for almost 20 years for several contracts, following a dispute over invoicing, I wrote to the customer service who asked me to contact the telephone assistance. I came across an unpleasant character who didn’t want to hear anything. I changed operator, unthinkable to stay client under these conditions. »»

Karine M, November 7, 2022, Trustpilot

Orange fiber review: what customers of orange fiber boxes think

The Historic Orange operator markets three Livebox Optical Fiberbox offers: the Fiber Livebox, the Livebox Up Fiber, and the Livebox Max Fiber. Customers who benefit from very high speed at Orange satisfied with their livebox fiber offer ? What are the positive and negative opinions on orange fiber in 2023 ? Find customer reviews here on Orange fiber offers.

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Summary of Orange fiber reviews in 2023

  • Efficient customer service
  • Equipment and network quality
  • Effective flows
  • Repeating offered
  • Various advantages and promotional offers
  • Complete and high -end offers
  • Promotional prize in the first year
  • Technicians’ delays or repoussed installation
  • High price after the 1st year of engagement
  • Difficulty reaching customer service
  • Network breakdowns and occasional boxes
  • Limited TV service

What are the positive opinions on orange fiber ?

Regarding 2023 customer reviews on orange fiber, the historic operator retains its image of quality with an orange customer service easily reachable, the ease of subscription orange fiber, and a Large network of shops throughout the territory.

THE available services as well as equipment Provided with Livebox Fiber offers are also appreciated by Orange users. The Livebox 6 available with the Livebox Max Fiber offer is generally highlighted as a positive point in Orange customer reviews, just like some Options offered on request Like multi-TV, WiFi repeater or calls from boxes to certain destinations (10h/month offered to Algerian fixed).

Another positive aspect that emerges from customer reviews on orange fiber, monthly discounts valid for the first 12 months as well as Internet + Mobile Packs which make it possible to achieve great savings each month on all the mobile subscriptions of the household.

The offers are very interesting, I recommend watching the offers regularly in order to benefit from the best prices. Orange is also very responsive and has competent customer service.

Sonia L. IGRAAL, 08/06/2023

Perfect, the arrival of the fiber was eagerly awaited ! The flow is nickel, much better than with the ADSL, it really changes their life for the whole family, thank you Orange for the quality of service ! I really recommend.

Bonnard D. IGRAAL, 08/03/2023

The Internet services of this ISP operator are incredible. We have known orange for years but had not tested. I highly recommend their fiber packages (with their flow> 2 Gbts /s)

Hugo D. IGRAAL, 07/28/2023

The orange box is a quality box with an effective after -sales service. A full service for fiber access, telephony and TV. To recommend for any purchase of box / internet service.

Yannick L. IGRAAL, 07/14/2023

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What are the negative opinions on orange fiber ?

Like several Internet access providers, the Historic Orange operator applies attractive promotional prices only the first year subscription. Orange customers are therefore unhappy with the prices applied by this operator Outside promotional period. Indeed, customers posting negative opinions on orange fiber multiply as soon as the livebox invoice increases At the end of the promotional period.

And to continue with negative opinions concerning orange prices, some activation fees Applied by the operator in the context of options make subscribers grow.

For example, if you request the orange multi-TV option, you will have to pay activation fees of € 10, as for the ultra high definition TV recorder or even 40 for the Activation of TV decoder.

Finally, other customers complain of Problems encountered with their boxes or relatively limited TV service.

The orange fiber network is efficient. But I am disappointed by the box that regularly broke out, the batteries of the remote control to change every month. All this with a more expensive subscription than in competitors. Beyond the first year, it is no longer very profitable ..

Christophe L. IGRAAL, 08/07/2023

I am quite disappointed with orange. By going to them I thought I would no longer have a connection problem, well this is not the case. A technician intervened by phone but nothing has changed. That said the after -sales service is listening and available.

Nadia k. IGRAAL, 06/22/2023

Ease of navigation on the website. Subscription to the simple and effective package. However, remains rather expensive, and despite compliance with the conditions, the discount mentioned has not been applied.

Diouma k. IGRAAL, 05/19/2023

The network is not terrible despite the transition to fiber. The cost of the subscription is expensive and the interesting channels are paying while they are free for other operators such as RTL9, Teva for example. I am only moderately satisfied.

Sandrine P. Trustpilot, 07/07/2023

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Orange fiber installation: which opinions ?

Overall, the opinions concerning the orange fiber installation are rather positive, highlighting speed and ease of installation.

On the other hand, others deplore delays from the technician or Rendezvous.

I changed my internet box to go to Orange, and for that it is necessary to make an appointment with a technician. Following this appointment, I received a message telling me that my appointment was shifted by a month without explanation, I had to call customer service myself to find out ! But otherwise no problem with use, very good flow.

Jordan B. IGRAAL, 04/07/2023

Very satisfied with the orange service, I have the fiber and the technicians were very professional. Customer service is also competent and very kind. They explain everything and give very good advice. I recommend.

Sophie M. IGRAAL, 04/24/2023

Internet offer quickly make the site directly and guided step by step if necessary help. Quick fiber installation + reliable connection. Flowing respect what to say more ?

Nicolas C. IGRAAL, 02/21/2023

Interesting promotion for new installation of Orange Internet fiber. Intervention period of the technician respected with reminder of the date and time of the appointment by SMS and Mail. On the other hand on the flow side I do not note any particular performance.

Bernard M. IGRAAL, 08/02/2023

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Orange fiber: the opinion of your expert fiber optic

With its vast FTTH fiber network (“Fiber to the Home”, or fiber to the home), many users can now take advantage of Livebox Fiber from Orange offers.

Very high speed livebox offers offer many services Orange subscribers at attractive prices for 12 months. Beyond the first year of subscription, the prices of orange fiber are a little less affordable. Your Livebox Fiber invoice will indeed increase by € 18 per month At the end of this promotional period.

In addition, if you want to benefit from a Flow rate up to 2GB/s, You must turn to Livebox Up Fiber offers Or Livebox Max Fiber, more expensive than the Livebox Fiber offer, offering a theoretical speed going Up to 500 Mb/s, Already amply sufficient for normal use of the Internet. You can test your orange fiber flow on our dedicated page.

Thus, when we compare Orange to competition, he always appears as the operator to highest market price : its entry -level offer is aligned with the mid -range offers of other operators. However, the Fiber network quality and livebox as well as many advantages and services included (repeaters offered, airbox, orange TV. ) manage to make the difference compared to other operators, with Ultra -efficient flows and latest generation equipment. L’Customer service efficiency is also a significant advantage.

You are looking for an Orange fiber internet package ?

What are the opinions on orange fiber in 2023 ?

With its fiber optic network in France, the Historic Orange operator offers two fiber Livebox offers. Want to know a little more about the fiber offers of this Internet operator ? Discover the feedback from Orange customers in 2023 and the advice of your Jechange expert !

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What are the positive opinions ?

Positive customer reviews on the fiber of the Orange operator first underline the quality of the network of this supplier. Subscribers to a fiber orange box offer highlight A quick connection without cutting.

With orange fiber the opinions are therefore mainly satisfactory with regard to Sweets obtained.

Orange fiber reviews also reveal the performance of the latest generation box; The Livebox 5 available with the Livebox Up Fiber offer. This livebox is indeed thought of to promote the quality of the WiFi connection in each room of your accommodation. And this thanks to a disruption reduction system.

Other favorable orange fiber reviews concern Promotional offers proposed by this operator. The latter allow users to benefit from adapted offers according to their needs and especially their budgets.

Orange logo

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Most often, with a promo box orange, you benefit from a Monthly discount ranging from 9 to 14 euros for a period of 12 months. You can also save even more on your invoices by opting for an offer Orange Box + Mobile.

And finally, for a large part of the users equipped with an orange fiber box The Orange box reviews reveal their satisfaction in terms of services included with their livebox subscription.

Recall that this is not an Orange Internet package alone or an Orange student internet offer. Indeed, these are indeed Triple Play box offers with Internet, telephony and television services.

Fiber orange: offers and prices

This orange fiber subscription is subject to a minimum period of engagement of 12 months. The termination fees are € 50 after the commitment period.

This livebox fiber offer brings together:

  • an internet line with up to 400 Mb/s in downward flow and 400 Mb/s in cut debit with the Livebox Play;
  • Orange TV with 160 channels and an ultra high definition TV decoder;
  • the landlines with unlimited calls to fixed.

If your accommodation is not yet eligible for very high speed, you can opt for this box in ADSL/VDSL version.

The Livebox Up Fiber Orange offer is also subject to a 12 -month commitment. Orange termination fees are € 50 after the commitment period.

On the service side, this livebox up fiber subscription brings together:

  • an internet line with up to 2 Gb/s shared in downward flow and 600 Mb/s in speed up with the new Livebox 5;
  • the fixed telephone with unlimited calls to the fixed and mobiles of mainland France, Europe, DOM, USA and Canada;
  • Orange TV with 160 channels and ultra high definition TV decoder;
  • A second TV decoder with the Multi-TV option (offered on request);
  • A TV recorder (on request);
  • a wifi repeater to extend the cover throughout the house (on request);
  • Connected house service to manage compatible connected objects (on activation).

If your home is not yet eligible for fiber orange, you can choose this subscription in Adsl version.

You can find on our internet offer comparator, all the box offers available to this operator, namely The Orange 4G box, ADSL Internet Orange offers as well as orange fiber boxes. You will also find the other fiber offers on the market.

What are the negative opinions ?

Despite a quality network and many services available with Orange fiber offers, some orange fiber optics opinions are negative.

To get a little more into the details, we note that some orange subscribers denounce through several orange fiber reviews the prices applied by this operator outside the promotional period. Orange subscribers must pay € 19 more per month at the end of the first year of subscription.

Orange logo

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Consumer dissatisfaction is also felt in Orange Fiber Reviews at the level of the various activation costs invoiced as part of the services offered on request such as the TV decoder or the Multi-TV Orange option. These additional costs amount to between € 10 and 40 € depending on the services.

And finally, as with many Internet suppliers, some negative customer reviews on orange fiber point to the customer service of this operator. For the orange fiber optic part, them notably emphasize difficulties in solving certain problems related to the subscription or in the context of technical concerns.

Some negative opinions also indicate problems related to an orange box termination or following an orange moving request.

Orange Fiber: The opinion of your Jechange expert

The Orange operator offers two complete livebox fiber offers to meet the different needs of consumers.

For smaller budgets, the Livebox Fiber Orange offer is a completely honorable offer with the Internet up to 400 Mb/s, orange TV as well as unlimited fixed telephony to fixed.

For users who want higher services such as a flow rate up to 2 GB/s, a WiFi repeater, a 2nd ultra high definition TV decoder, a TV recorder or unlimited calls from the box to mobiles, L ‘Livebox Up Orange Fiber meets these expectations.

Another advantage to opt for an orange fiber offer, the coverage of termination costs and the lifelong month subscription billed by your old supplier up to € 150.

Orange fiber services

The Orange supplier also offers services to support subscribers. First of all, with regard to The connection of the orange fiber, The connection of the latter to you is Included when subscribing to your fiber subscription. A technician connects your accommodation on the date of your choice and installs the orange fiber socket in your accommodation. Orange fiber installation opinions are globally positive.

Another service included with an orange fiber offer, the “24 -hour guaranteed service” which allows in the event of a breakdown on your Internet, TV or telephone services, to take advantage a waiting solution in less than 24 hours after handling the breakdown.

As a bonus with an Orange Box TV offer, you also benefit every Tuesday from a cinema place offered for a place purchased.

And finally, with Orange, technical advisers are available by phone 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. In addition to the phone, you can also contact Orange customer service by session e-chat, email or by making a free recall request by an advisor.


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