Red SFR box reviews: what do Red Box customers think in 2023?, Red by SFR Red Box test: Notice and characteristics

Red by SFR Red Box test: Notice and characteristics

Attractive price “Very easy to order for a box and with Very attractive price.”” VIANNEY T verified reviews – February 2023.

Red SFR box reviews: what do Red Box customers think in 2023 ?

You want to take out a Red SFR box offer ? Discover the opinions of the Red by SFR subscribers to find out what the positive points and the negative points of the operator’s internet offers. Red by SFR, the brand created by SFR, markets mobile and internet offers low-cost without obligation from 19.99 €/month. The Red Box is an offer available in high speed (ADSL/VDSL), fiber or THD. It adapts according to your needs. What are the Red Box SFR reviews ? What do Red Box users think in 2023 ? And what about the opinion of the expert Jechange ?

Red logo

Take advantage of 1 month offered on RED fiber from € 19.99/month

Red logo

Take advantage of 1 month offered on RED fiber from € 19.99/month

Red logo

Take advantage of 1 month offered on RED fiber from € 19.99/month

Red logo

Take advantage of 1 month offered on RED fiber from € 19.99/month

Red SFR box: Reminder of the Internet offer

Red by SFR markets a unique internet box offer available in Fiber, THD or ADSL. From 19.99 €/month the first year then 29.99 €/month, the Red Box offer is fully customizable. Discover in detail the characteristics of the Red by SFR box.

Promo ! At the moment, the Red Box offer is offered with One month of subscription offered so that you can test the Red Services. Take advantage of it !

The Red Box offer is an offer tripleplay which includes a Internet subscription and the unlimited calls towards the fixed to metropolitan France, DOMs and more than 100 destinations.

Red also offers a TV service with 35 TV channels Available only from the Red TV application on PC, smartphone and tablet. Red also allows to enrich this TV offer with options:

  • The Red TV offer with Connect TV decoder has € 3 per month which gives you access to 35 channels from your television.
  • The offer TV Red Plus has € 2 per month which gives you access to 100 TV channels.

Before subscribing to a Red Box offer, it is necessary to carry out a Red eligibility test. You can do this test by going to the Red by SFR website and by clicking on “Test your eligibility”. You will then be asked to provide your fixed line number or your postal address. Another option is to Contact a Red Advisor, which will be able to carry out the eligibility test in a few seconds and offer you the adapted offers according to the result.

ADSL, THD or fiber ? Test your eligibility for simple, fast and free red test boxes.

Good to know : There Red Adsl Box is an offer with Guaranteed price for life , unconditional. In other words, its price remains fixed and does not increase after the first year.

You are looking for an internet box offer ? Our online internet comparator allows you to enter your internet needs and discover what is the best offer for you.

What is the general opinion of customers about the Red SFR box ?

THE Reviews on the Red SFR box are overall positive, with customers who appreciate attractive price, there Simplicity of subscription, there Customer service responsiveness and the flow rate performance. However, some customers express their dissatisfaction with customer service, in particular with regard to monitoring of subscription and online assistance. There are also customer reviews reporting frequent network problems.

Here is a synthesis of Positive and negative opinion customers on Red by SFR box.

  • Attractive price, economic offer.
  • Simplicity and speed of subscription.
  • Fast delivery and installation.
  • Efficient fiber, THD and ADSL speeds.
  • Divsersity of options.
  • Reactive customer service and competent technicians.
  • Absence of telephone customer service
  • Online assistance not efficient enough.
  • Network instability.
  • Box dysfunction.

Red logo

Take advantage of 1 month offered on RED fiber from € 19.99/month

Red logo

Take advantage of 1 month offered on RED fiber from € 19.99/month

Red logo

Take advantage of 1 month offered on RED fiber from € 19.99/month

Red logo

Take advantage of 1 month offered on RED fiber from € 19.99/month

Reviews on the Red SFR box: what are the positive reviews of Red customers ?

On the site Verified opinion, RED customers have awarded their operator a Average note of 4.3/5 , Which is a very good score for a “low-cost” operator. THE Satisfied subscribers of their Red box underline in particular Red price attractiveness , there Simplicity of subscription of a box , there Customer service responsiveness as well as flow rate performance .

We come back in detail to the positive customers concerning their Red by SFR box.

Red Box Reviews: A low-cost and attractive offer

THE affordable price Internet offers is the first advantage that can be read in Box Red SFR reviews.

Indeed, the SFR digital brand has been created in order to overcome the arrival of free offers on the French market. Red by SFR thus offers low -cost internet offers, from 19.99 €/month Depending on your eligibility and added options.

Very satisfied ! “Very satisfied with Red by Sfr. Economic, reliable, without limitation of duration, Competent and professional after -sales service…. What more…. I really recommend.”” Alain Massot Trustpilot reviews – January 2023.

Attractive price “Very easy to order for a box and with Very attractive price.”” VIANNEY T verified reviews – February 2023.

An attractive operator “I recommend Red by SFR for his attractive prices And attention paid to customers, both for telephony and internet boxes.”” Verified reviews of an anonymous client – March 2023.

Red Box reviews: a simple and efficient service

Many opinions mention ease and speed with which they have subscribed to their BOX RED offer from the operator’s website. Indeed, as100% digital operator, Red has compensated for the absence of a telephone service by a website Complete, intuitive and easy to use.

Customers then congratulate themselves on having ordered their boxes in a few clicks and without difficulties, and received their equipment as soon as possible. Some subscribers also thank the skills Red by SFR technical service who takes care of the installation of home box equipment.

Simple and quick command “Easy, fast, intuitive website. I took less than 5 minutes to order my new box and the appointment for installation is faster than at competitors.”” Tony G verified reviews – March 2023.

No complaints ! “Hello, I appreciated the fact that the technician delivers and installs the box without any internet access, very courteous and professional technician. WELL DONE ! Use of services and access to settings of the clear box and without difficulties. Congratulations ! A very satisfied customer in every way. PS: provided it lasts. “” Verified reviews of Jean -Claude D – February 2023.

You prefer to contact Red SFR by phone ? Contact our Red advisers at ☎️ 01 82 88 24 15 to find out more about the Red Box Internet offer and Take advantage of current promotions.

Customer reviews on Red Box flows

Whether for the Red Fiber/THD or ADSL box, Customers seem to appreciate performance of their boxes both in terms of services offered only flows provided.

Red being the SFR Low-Cost subsidiary, customers have the advantage of benefiting from SFR network, one of the suppliers who offers the largest network coverage, behind orange. In addition, it is the Only French operator to offer an alternative to optical fiber More powerful than ADSL thanks to Coaxial network known as very high speed (THD). SFR therefore benefits RED subscribers in order to allow millions of homes to access fiber.

ADSL speed at the top ! “Order recorded Monday, appointment taken on Wednesday, Internet services activated the same day! The old ADSL contract was terminated in stride with the request for portability of the number. The technician is stamped SFR and very serious. THE Ethernet flow on the box 7 corresponds to that announced : 495.5 Mb/s in Download, 50.3 Mb/s in upload, with a ping of 9ms. Good alternative For those whose building is not yet fiber. Fast, efficient and efficient : I recommend !”” Michel B verified reviews – May 2023.

Exceptional flow ! “3 years at Red and I am fully satisfied. For the price, I have a exceptional flow which meets my professional and personal expectations. I had 2 or 3 connection concerns in 3 years and Everything was quickly solved by the online technician who remained until the total concern of the concern.[. ] I have a Very high speed option. After comparing, I decided to put an opinion because it is a service that I am fully satisfied, and for several years now. With a Price always guaranteed. Perfect !”” Cyrille Martin Trustpilot reviews – September 2022.

Another advantage to take out an internet offer at Red by SFR is the Free loan from a 4G flashbox When your box is broken down. Thanks to the 4G Red box, you can Continue to enjoy the internet at home While waiting for your case to be repaired, and customers are delighted !

ADSL connection problem solved “Customer service fast and attentive. The time for solving the problem: invoicing stopped + Free loan from a 4G modem.Very professional !”” Trustpilot review of Regh01 – September 2022.


Take advantage of the best speeds thanks to the Red Box Fiber/ADSL/THD
From 19.99 €/month
01 82 88 24 15

Negative opinions on the Red SFR box

It is normal that all customers are not completely satisfied with their experience With Red by SFR. Like other operators, Red is not immune to criticism made by certain subscribers. However, it should be noted that these criticisms are often linked to individual situations and cannot be generalized.

Red SFR assistance to improve

If most customers do not encounter major problems with their internet box, their dissatisfaction is generally linked to Red customer service. Some express their frustration as to the Follow -up of their subscription, to commissioning and installation deadlines after subscription, as well as Online assistance which according to them, does not bring them any concrete help. It is important to take these feedback into account while keeping in mind that Each customer experience is unique.

No care “We cancel my fiber connection appointment the day before while RDV has been set for 10 days and confirmed yesterday. No explanation. By recalling the installation service, the person does not try to help me. No care.”” Véronique D verified reviews – April 2023.

Non -existent customer service “Two stars because they are currently the cheapest on the market.[. ] But it’s been 24 hours since I broke the internet, 24 hours that I come across a stupid recording reporting a generalized failure and no way to contact a human.”” Frédérique Clément Trustpilot reviews – May 2023.

Red by SFR: variable connectivity

Some customers have expressed their dissatisfaction with a Unstable network connection in their accommodation as well as frequent breakdowns on the SFR network. However, it should be noted that these problems are specific to individual and certain geographic areas. Internet network performance may vary depending on the location, This means that all users do not necessarily benefit from the same flow rates and the same internet connection quality.

Degradation of quality “Red client for several years, I have noticed a degradation of the service for 2 years: random 4G coverage, white area, frequent update of the box and a not terrible speed (while I am 800m from the NRA). Since the fiber, it’s even worse (I have a better image quality, including my hertzian antenna than by fiber). Finally, it is a galley to contact customer service (very little intuitive).”” Trustpilot review of Fabrice Maicel – April 2023.

⭐ What is the opinion of our Jechange expert on the Red Box ?

  • Jechange expert note: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Cheapest market box on the market
  • Reliable and fast connection
  • Box available on the Fiber Thd network
  • Unlimited calls to the Fixes de France and more than 110 countries
  • Customizable offer to pay only what we need
  • Very complete FAQ BOX on the Red website

Looking for an efficient, flexible and affordable internet box ? Look no longer, the Red by SFR box is there to meet all your expectations ! With a price of only 19.99 €/month , This combined offer Quality, choice and simplicity.

Stable and efficient flows

That you are eligible for fiber, THD or ADSL, The Red by SFR box adapts to your situation to offer you Quick and stable Internet connections . With a downward flow of 500MBIT/S and an upward flow of 500MBIT/S , You can surf, watch high definition streaming videos, play online or download large files without interruption. With the Red by SFR box, you benefit from a Fluid and efficient connection, Whatever your type of connection.

�� A customizable offer

The Red by SFR box is a unique offer designed for Adapt to specific uses of its users. So you only pay what You really need without having to pay services that do not interest you.

Red offers a Variety of additional options To personalize your offer and take advantage of additional services. Need more TV channels ? Opt for the option Red TV only € 2 € In addition per month and access a selection of 100 TV channels To watch your favorite programs. And for even more programs, you can take out a TV bouquet According to the theme of your choice among many sport, cinema, youth bouquets.

☎️ A complete telephone service

Within The Tripleplay Red Box offer , You benefit from unlimited calls towards fixed in France and towards more than 100 international destinations. For the Unlimited calls to mobiles, You have to take out an additional option which is currently Offered by Red (instead of € 5/month). Thus, you remain connected with your loved ones, whether they are at the other end of the country or abroad, Without worrying about additional costs. With the Red by SFR box, the calls are included in your package, thus offering you total peace of mind.

In conclusion, the Red by SFR box is the perfect solution for all those looking for a affordable, flexible and efficient internet offer. In addition, the Red Box is Free the first month For any new subscription, it’s time to take advantage of it !

You are convinced by the Red by SFR box offer ? Contact a Red advisor To learn more about the offer and benefit from the promotion “A month offered” ::

All about Red by SFR

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  • Cheap packages at Red
  • Terminate a Red offer

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Red by SFR Red Box test: Notice and characteristics

Red Box Adsl and Fiber by Red by SFR

Thanks to a non -binding box, Red by SFR has been able to make a name for itself in the world of French access providers. In order to facilitate consumer experience more and more, the firm only offers one internet box, available both in ADSL and fiber optics. Consumers therefore do not need to peel a long and wide catalog to be able to stop their choice. They also have the possibility of personalize their offer according to their needs thanks to the different options highlighted by the Internet access provider.

In order to always simplify its proposal, Red by SFR also displays in its catalog a fixed price. This means that in practice, subscribers do not have to fear an increase in the price At the end of the first year of subscription. In the event of dissatisfaction, the termination of the Red Box remains possible, at any time, without having additional termination fees to pay. In terms of services, this box focuses on the essentials with only internet access and a fixed telephony line For the basic price. The latter is also set at € 25 for optical fiber and € 20 for access to ADSL.

The main thing to know about the Red Box ADSL and Optical Fiber:

  • This is a non -binding box;
  • The price displayed in the catalog is fixed and does not tend to increase;
  • The basic internet box is an offer Dual Play, Without TV bouquet;
  • The initial price is € 25 for optical fiber and € 20 for ADSL.

The content of this page was verified by an editorial expert on the date of 09/28/2022

The Red Box in short

The Red Box of Red by SFR is particularly popular among consumers, and in particular to those who wish Save money on their daily bills. In order to position itself as attractive, the firm puts in particular on non -binding subscriptions. This means that all subscribers in this Internet box have the opportunity to terminate their contract when they wish, without having to anticipate additional costs.

The Red by SFR Internet box

The Red Box is one of the rare non -binding boxes available at the moment.

In addition to this without commitment, this internet box is also distinguished with an attractive price. Home -eligible optical households must indeed pay € 25 per month while those who are still satisfied with ADSL must pay € 20 monthly. Note that this is not a promotional price. Fact, No increase is to be expected at the end of the first year subscription. For this rate, all users, on the other hand, only access the essential services of an internet box, is access to the network as well as a fixed telephone line.

What are the main services put forward by the Red Box ?

  • Internet access in fiber optics, ADSL or VDSL with a theoretical flow of up to 1 GB/s with option.
  • Unlimited calls to fixed to more than 110 international destinations.

What are the main positive reviews of subscribers on the adsl/fiber red box ?

The Red Box is The only internet subscription offered by the SFR without branch. With this offer, the firm intends to seduce consumers more and more. They are much to have been tempted by this non -binding box and its attractive prices. It is therefore possible to find many customer reviews about this internet offer. In order to get more attractive to users, the access provider offers, and this regularly, options offered free of charge.

Notices about the Red Box

Many customer reviews are available about the Red Box of Red by SFR.

Among the main advantages of this box Dual Play, We find the fact that it is a subscription without obligation. Many consumers appreciate power Take advantage of a terminable internet box at any time, and this at no additional cost. Note that the access provider is also not stingy with good plans. Throughout the year, promotional offers follow one or more options offered. In summary, the advantages of the Red Box are:

  • a non -binding box;
  • Good deals available at different times of the year;
  • Many options available to personalize your offer;
  • an internet box available both in ADSL and fiber optics.

Advantage n ° 1: a red by SFR box without commitment

The non -binding boxes are starting to boom in the catalog of internet service providers. Some firms have also specialized in this type of proposal. This is the case of Red by SFR which is concretely the non -binding branch of SFR. This type of internet box is particularly popular with consumers who wish Take advantage of the different good deals available from access providers online. In practice, as soon as a better offer comes elsewhere, it is enough to terminate at no additional cost to be able to change your subscription.

When terminating its Red by SFR subscription, only fixed costs will be paid. Often, These termination fees can be covered by the new access provider online. In the same way, Red by SFR offers to help each new customer to pay part of the costs relating to line closure with the previous internet service provider.

€ 49 of fixed line closing costs with Red by SFR

Although a box is without commitment and this does not involve any additional termination costs, fixed costs are to be taken into account. In the case of the Red Box of Red by SFR, it is necessary to provide a total of € 49 when terminating its subscription. This sum corresponds concretely to the line closure costs. As mentioned earlier, it is possible to be reimbursed for these costs by its new Internet access provider.

Advantage n ° 2: good deals available throughout the year

Consumers in perpetual search for good deals may have noticed that Red by SFR regularly offered promotional offers. Unlike its competitors, the firm, however, does not offer boxes properly speaking. SFR’s homeless branch is rather based on options offered free. Depending on the period of the year, consumers can for example benefit from boosted flows with optical fiber, with in particular connection speeds of up to 1 GB/s for download. In another register, it is not rare either to see the option on unlimited calls to the mobiles offered.

In general, these options offered are throughout the life of the contract. Consumers pay only the basic price of the Internet box, or € 25 for optical fiber or € 20 for ADSL. No increase is to be expected at the end of the first and subscription, and even if several options have been offered for free.

The options most regularly offered by Red by SFR:

  • The boosted flow option giving access to a theoretical speed of 1 GB/s for download;
  • The option making unlimited calls available to metropolitan mobiles and DOM.

Red by SFR BOX performance

Also read how to perform a red by SFR flow test ?

Advantage n ° 3: different options to adapt to all needs

Although options on boosted flows and calls to mobiles are the best known, there are Many other options to customize its Red by SFR offer. Thanks to these possibilities, the access provider intends to meet the demand of all consumers. One of the most popular options is that concerning access to a TV decoder. It is indeed necessary to keep a spirit that, at the base, it is only an offer Dual Play. In fact, all consumers who do not subscribe to an additional option will not be able to access a decoder.

To benefit from television, subscribers must watch two of the operator’s options a little closer. The first deal with access to 35 television channels for only € 2 more each month. For a slightly more supplied TV bouquet, or 100 television channels, you have to be ready to pay € 4 more each month.

Subscribe new options via its RED by SFR customer area

When a subscriber wishes to benefit from new options on his Red by SFR subscription, he can subscribe directly via his subscriber space available online. It is therefore not necessary to stop your choice when subscribing to the Internet box. For example, if a consumer finds that he finally wants to access television, it will be enough for him to request it. To get an idea of ​​all the possibilities, just connect to your Red by SFR customer area.

Advantage n ° 4: a red box available both in fiber optics and in ADSL

Unlike some access providers, there is not an ADSL box catalog and a fiber optic box catalog at Red by SFR. The one and only internet box offered is The Red Box, available via these different access technologies. You have to keep in mind that a HOP automatically grants the best network available to its subscribers. It is therefore not possible for a person benefiting from an optical fiber connection to subscribe only the Red by SFR ADSL offer.

Thanks to optical fiber, it is possible to benefit from particularly interesting connection speeds. As mentioned above, there is an option that allows you to boost the flows even more. This is the Plus Debit option, available normally at € 5 more each month. The latter allows Hope out of speeds of up to 1 GB/s for download. Note that, depending on the period of the year, this option can be offered to all new Red by SFR subscribers.

Netflix packages at Red

Also read how to take advantage of Netflix on its red box ?

The main negative returns about the Red Box of Red by SFR

Although the Red Box has been able to make a place for itself in the daily life of a good number of French people, it still exists Some negative feedback that emerges from the various customer reviews About the firm. Some subscribers indeed point to a few inconveniences. The main negative points noted by consumers are notably the absence of physical customer service, the lack of Box + Red by SFR package or even the lack of services included in the supply of.

Weak point n ° 1: a customer service available only from a distance

For some people, it may be complicated not to find a physical point of sale of Red by SFR. In practice, With this operator, everything is going online. It is not concretely possible to go to an SFR store to subscribe to a new Internet box or to get help.

The weak points of the Red Box

For some users, not being able to go to a physical shop is a real weak point.

Some subscribers have also noted that Red by SFR customer service was sometimes not very responsive, especially due to too many requests. The Internet access provider, however, tries to solve this problem by implementing adequate devices. For example, he is possible to chat directly online with an advisor. Note that certain solutions can also be found on the Red by SFR customer area.

Advice from mySmallBox

In the event of a breakdown on its internet box, you must always check the condition of its connections. It is possible that the breakdown is due to a folded thread or a bad impact. Note that there is also advisable to restart your equipment before trying to contact customer service. At times, this simple manipulation makes it possible to solve the problem.

Weak point n ° 2: no advantages for a box + Red by SFR package

Some users deplore Also the lack of combined internet box offer and mobile packages. It is true that other operators are trying to distinguish themselves with such proposals. However, it should be kept in mind that promotions on Red by SFR packages are numerous in the SFR non -binding catalog. In fact, it remains possible to save interesting savings by subscribing both a mobile offer and a fixed offer, without having to go through a combined offer.

To always reduce the price of his invoice, he can also be attractive to wait for the best offers from Red by SFR. Depending on the period, it is not uncommon to see the access provider offer up to three options for free, and this without duration of duration of duration of duration of duration of duration of duration of duration of duration of duration of. This can in particular save up to € 15 per month.

Weak point n ° 3: few services available in the basic offer of the Red Box

Although the prices displayed in the Red by SFR catalog then seem to be attractive, we must not forget thatIt is only an offer Dual Play proposed. Consumers wishing for example to benefit from television should expect to pay more than € 25 per month. For example, with the option for 100 TV channels, the internet box rate is reduced to € 29 per month. If we add more options, the monthly price is always higher.

On the other hand, keep in mind that This price is totally devoid of condition of duration. In practice, no increase in price is not to be expected after one year of subscription. When a consumer compares the different internet boxes on the market, he must therefore keep this in mind. The other operators have indeed more attractive prices, but with a substantial increase at the end of the first twelve months.

Everything to break Red by SFR contract

Read also termination of a Red by SFR Internet box

Test and final review regarding the ADSL Red Box and Optical Fiber

In summary, the Red Box of Red by SFR is positioned as Ideal for all consumers looking for a non -binding box. This internet box is all the more attractive for those who do not seek a particularly exhaustive offer and who want to focus on the essentials, the Internet connection and, if necessary, a fixed telephone line.

Red by SFR’s basic offer promises Access to the SFR fixed network. To know the adequate access technology, it is imperative to carry out an eligibility test beforehand. Note that, regardless of the access technology used, the proposal in terms of telephony remains the same with unlimited calls to fixes of more than a hundred international destinations.

The main positive and negative opinions about the Red Box
Positive opinions Negative opinions
A non -binding box An unusual basic proposal
A fixed rate, which does not increase after a year The absence of a physical point of sale for Red by SFR
Different options to compose its offer according to its needs No good plans packages + internet box
Different good deals offered during the year Customer service sometimes difficult to reach

In summary, the Red Box of Red by SFR is positioned as attractive because:

  • This is a non -binding box;
  • The price tends to remain fixed throughout the subscription;
  • It exists as well in fiber optics as in ADSL version.