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Before subscribing to Orange, Jechange details the orange mobile offers available at low prices here.

Orange packages: all mobile offers

Orange has the number 1 mobile network in France according to ARCEP. The operator offers many different mobile packages, suitable for user profiles.

Some Orange mobile packages are now without obligation, allowing you to terminate at any time at no cost. You also have three offers that are compatible 5G.

Here are Orange’s mobile packages in detail.

Orange’s without obligation packages

Package 2h 100 MB 2h 20 GB 100 GB 5G 170 GB 5G
5g No Yes
Metropolitan France
Calls 2h 2h + 3 unlimited n ° Unlimited Unlimited
SMS/MMS Unlimited
Data 100 MB 20 GB 100 GB 170 GB
Calls 2 hours 2 hours Unlimited Unlimited
SMS/MMS Unlimited
Data Like in France 100 GB
Promo price
(until 04/10)
€ 2.99 € 16.99 € 16.99 € 22.99
Standard price € 8.99 € 19.99 € 31.99 € 34.99
Open Customer Promotion Price (12 months) 0 € € 11.99 € 11.99 € 16.99
Standard customer open price € 5.99 € 14.99 € 26.99 € 28.99
Offer sheet See See See See

Promotions are valid Until October 04, 2023.

Packages with 24 months of orange commitment

40 GB – Limited series 200 GB 240 GB
5g No Yes Yes
Metropolitan France
Calls Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
SMS/MMS Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Data 40 GB 200 GB 240 GB
Calls Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
SMS/MMS Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Data 40 GB 120 GB 140 GB
Promo price
(until 04/10)
€ 28.99 € 32.99
(12 months)
€ 64.99
Standard price € 44.99
Open customer promo price
(12 months)
€ 21.99 € 24.99
(12 months)
€ 49.99
Standard customer open price € 36.99
Offer sheet See See See

The 240 GB package also benefits from unlimited calls to fixes of more than 100 destinations and to mobiles in the United States and Canada.

Learn more about orange packages:

Open: the mobile offer + full internet box

Orange open offers include both all equipment to access the Internet or receive Orange TV at home, but also one or more mobile lines.

The main line is included in the open package, and you can add open multi-line offers to benefit from advantageous rates. The open packages are built on the model of Livebox and Mobile ranges with three bases: Livebox, Livebox Up and Livebox Max.

To find out more, consult our guide on open offers:

SOSH: Plans at low prices from orange

Orange now offers non -binding packages. However, you can take advantage of the Orange network with the non -binding packages of its Sosh brand at a more attractive price. In addition, the Lowcost operator finally offers 5G !

Mobicarte: Orange’s prepaid offer

Mobicarte has the advantage of simplicity: you buy a box with a SIM card and then recharge your package according to your needs.

The operator offers conventional recharging but also special calls for calls, SMS, unlimited MMS, communications abroad or even more mobile internet.

Packages for 4G tablets or keys

Mobile broadband is now accessible even on the move, which makes it interesting to subscribe to an offer for tablet or 4G key. The latter will allow you to connect several devices in wifi, during your vacation for example.

Orange offers a prepaid offer where you recharge according to your needs. Ideal for occasional use, on vacation for example.

In the event of regular use throughout the year, consider the packages Let’s Go which include 10, 40 or 80 GB of mobile internet each month.

€ 18.99
€ 18.99
€ 27.99
€ 31.99
See “
€ 19.99
€ 19.99
€ 19.99
€ 29.99
See “
€ 19.99
€ 19.99
€ 44.99
€ 44.99
See “
€ 20.99
€ 20.99
€ 20.99
€ 30.99
See “
€ 20.99
€ 20.99
€ 34.99
€ 34.99
See “
€ 24.99
€ 24.99
€ 37.99
€ 42.99
See “

Promo b & you

  • Packages 2h 100 MB and 2h 20 GB
  • 10 GB package
  • 40 GB package
  • 5G 100, 170, 200 and 240 GB packages
  • Mobicarte
  • Ready-to-surfer
  • Let’s Go
  • Initial

Promo b & you

150 GB € 12.99 € 12.99 See “
100 GB € 9.99 € 9.99 See “
30 GB € 7.99 € 7.99 See “
20 GB € 6.99 € 6.99 See “
5 GB € 4.99 € 4.99 See “

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(7 votes. Note : 4.29/5)
Habhoub Omar September 25, 2020 at 9:21

Good morning
Currently having an orange package at 9.99 €, I would like to have more internet.
what package can I danner please

Dred August 22, 2020 at 5:46 PM

The best is orange quality level and after -sales service .

Armand December 3, 2019 at 6:39 PM

Good evening.I’m in Lomé in Togo.Then I use the Orange network in Lomé ?

Mireille November 24, 2019 at 5:53 PM

I often travel to Morocco so outside Europe .Which subscription to subscribe to mobile and a little internet ?
If I change server to come to Orange is what I can keep my current number ?

André June 7, 2019 at 4:38

I am often close to Switzerland and I systematically go outside the package, I am looking for the best offer.In addition I leave at the end of the year in Il Maurice which package would be best suited ?I use the Internet and very little SMS

Denis April 5, 2019 at 2:37 PM

already subscribed to open orange what to do

Alain December 13, 2018 at 9:55 am

Hello I live 4 BC from Burgundy in Saint Yrieix Le Perche 87500 I can be connected to the fiber at the start of next week. Tonight we have a meeting with a dozen of your competitors but there is not orange why? I am a customer at Sosh. and can see on the site www who gives you the eligibility of my house which is 4 avenue de Bourgogne 87500 Saint Yrieix La Perche.When you click on it you will have the list of operators.Waiting to read you have a good day.

Bernard October 28, 2018 at 10:49 am

We have me and my wife
Me at sohs she at orange
Me Mobile Portable Package Tel Fixed Live Box TV 50 €
She portable 20 €
Can we have a grouping for both of us

Jocelyne April 22, 2018 at 10:49 am

I would have liked to have some information.I live in New Caledonia and I come to Europe for three months.
Arrived in Paris Roissy Charles de Gaulle, I would like to take a SIM card with 4G for my phone which is a Samsung Galaxy J7 and pay a phone package.I’m going to travel to Eastern Germany, Poland … And then return to France via Italy.
What can you offer me as a package with the possibility of access to Sent and the possibility of calling around the world. I do not want to take a subscription because I stay too little time on the metrpole.

Janique November 16, 2017 at 11:47

Bjr would need an unlimited sms call packages with a phone to a euro pouriey contact me thank you

Welcome to Orange Jobs

Sport and digital: Immersion at the heart of the biggest events

In this latest edition of Orange magazine, discover behind the scenes, interviews and points of view with our employees who prepare the 2023 rugby world cup and the Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games 2024.

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In a first life I was a cup in a casino. I resumed work -study studies in the cybersecurity field.

Sandrine always wanted to work in the technique. “I wanted to be a computer scientist and that’s what guided me.””

To integrate research at Orange means contributing to useful projects, as here to improve liver transplantation.

Become technician.Do not enterprise intervention is to integrate technical excellence at Orange.

A placed and voluntary voice is Bochra, TRANSPORT DEPARTMENT and Data CHEFERNE of the Orange Tunisia network.

Having a remote job interview has become common practice. And not only because of the current epidemic.

Chloé returns to the keys to successfully a distance internship with his advice so that he takes place at best.

Richard, 23 years old is alternating at Orange as an engineer in the development of Big Data applications.

The adventure of Letmehelp, a mutual aid application in the company born in full confinement

Is the master’s degree in publication art becoming an essential component for a successful career?

24 hours with .

Hello, my name is Emmanuel and I am data engineer. I develop applications with a focus on data treatment.

Hello, My name is Kumkum and I am a process manager in Gurgaon, India in India.

Hello, my name is dina. I am an architect management service at Orange Business, in Cairo in Egypt. My work is very dynamic and tends to take place in cycles.

Hello, I am a mia slopes at Orange Cyberdefense in Oslo. My job is to test the security of websites, applications or information systems.

Hello, my name is reham. I am responsible for commercial operations and the transition of services for the EEMEA region at Orange Business, Cairo, Egypt in Egypt.

Antoine is a developer in Lannion. He works on the front-end and the back-end of a web application allowing analysts to identify scam patterns.

Hello, I am Adam, an intervention technician for 5 years in the 93.

Hello, my name is meera. I am data scientist for orange business services – major player in the cloud – in Oslo. I work on several cloud projects in parallel.

Samia, 25 years old has been working for 3 years at Orange as a customer advisor in stores in the Paris region.

Hello, My name is Loredana. I am data analyst as part of the graduate orange program in Mougins. My work revolves around everything related to data.


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Quite tempo and removed for a wide variety of missions

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Make the machine work (in the right direction …)

Contribute to the mutation of networks and uses


Bridge, the group’s headquarters

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What are the cheap mobile packages at Orange at the moment ?

Looking for a cheap orange mobile plan ? Jechange has selected for you the least expensive mobile subscriptions available with the historic operator.

Orange logo

Subscribe to a package + Orange Internet box

Free Jechange Service – Orange partner

Orange logo

Subscribe to an Orange mobile plan

Orange logo

Subscribe to a package + Orange Internet box

Free Jechange Service – Orange partner

Orange logo

Subscribe to an Orange mobile plan

What are the cheapest orange mobile plans ?

Like its competitors, the historic mobile operator markets a range of inexpensive and non -commitment mobile subscriptions. You can indeed benefit from Orange from a package within 5 or 10 € per month (see also the promotions and good orange deals). Orange is an operator whose promo mobile packages have a good network value for money and price. To benefit from the number one network in France at mini prices, you also have the opportunity to turn to a cheap package offered with its Sosh subsidiary.

Before subscribing to Orange, Jechange details the orange mobile offers available at low prices here.

2h 100 MB package at 2.99 €/month

Orange’s cheapest mobile plan is 2 hours 100 MB offered at 2.99 €/month per 1st year then 8.99 €/month. The offer includes 2 hours of calls from France and the Europe, DOM, Switzerland and Andorra areas. To avoid off-form beyond these 2 hours, you can Block this Orange package for free.

In addition, the subscriber has 100 MB of mobile internet which allows access to his emails, for example. However, the envelope is not not sufficient for regular use of the Internet (social networks, GPS, etc.))

The 2h 100 MB package is without a commitment of duration and therefore terminated at any time, without costs or reason.

80 GB package at 16.99 €/month

The 80 GB of Orange package is also one of the cheapest thanks to the promotion applied the first year. The price of this offer is 16.99 €/month for twelve months, then 31.99 €/month. Again, this is a subscription without commitment of duration. However, it takes 10 € for activation costs of the SIM card.

For this package, Orange guarantees Unlimited calls to the fixed and mobiles of France and an envelope of 80 GB of Internet. The user will be able to calmly use their smartphone daily without risking going into reduced flow. In addition, the entire Internet quota can be used in France as in the Europe, Dom, Switzerland and Andorra areas (Roaming principle).

2h 20 GB package at 16.99 €/month

To close our top 3 of the cheapest mobile packages from Orange, we find the 2H 20 GB package offered to 16.99 €/month for twelve months, then 19.99 €/month. This package, available in a free blocked version, includes 2 hours of calls per month as well as 3 numbers to call unlimited.

The subscriber can use the Internet on his mobile at the rate of 20 GB per month. Beyond that, he will have to buy a pass to continue to take advantage of 3G/4G networks or connect only to WiFi.

Cheap packages of Sosh by Orange

On the other hand, you can subscribe to one of the economic packages offered by Sosh, the orange subsidiary. All offers are Without a commitment of duration and therefore terminable at any time. We find among the cheapest:

  • The 2h 100 MB package at 5.99 €/month
  • The 100 Mo unlimited call for 9.99 €/month (Reserved for Orange and Sosh customers – Cf Migration from Orange to Sosh)

To find the Orange mobile plan that meets your needs and your budget, do not hesitate to use our mobile package comparator to compare all the packages available at this operator.

Cheap packages with Open Orange packs

Customers of an internet offer at Orange can associate a mobile plan in order to pay for their cheaper package. This is called Open Orange packs. In addition, it is possible to add up to 4 additional packages And to take advantage of discounts on each of them.

Indeed, subscribers of an Orange pack benefit from a customer advantage giving up to € 15 reduction on additional mobile packages. Here are some examples :

Why subscribe to a cheap orange package ?

Subscribing to a cheap mobile subscription at Orange allows you to save good on your budget each month, without cutting it up on essential services. With Orange, you especially enjoy the Mobile network number one in France With 4G coverage reaching 99% of the population to date and expanding 5G coverage.

Livebox fiber + 5G 100GB mobile package

instead of € 69.98/month at
I take advantage

Terms and conditions

On the other hand, you enjoy the 24 -hour service guaranteed to obtain a loan phone in 24 hours when yours breaks down or is lost. You also have access to a large network of physical stores and a customer service reachable by Internet and by phone.

Indeed, in most low-cost operators, such as SOSH, customer service is 100% online, which involves carrying out all of the procedures yourself by internet.

  • The 2h 100 MB package goes to 0 €/month instead of 2.99 €/month (the 1st year)
  • The 80 GB package goes to 9.99 €/month instead of 16.99 €/month (the 1st year)
  • The 140 GB 5G package goes to 14.99 €/month instead of 22.99 €/month (the 1st year)


Everything about Orange

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  • Orange customer service
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